Honda CBR150R Bikeadvice review

Hi bikers. On 27th June, I tested the all new Honda CBR150R here in Bangalore. Let me begin with speaking about Planet Honda. When the BikeAdvice team was striving hard to get the new CBR150R, I being a CBR250R owner contacted Planet Honda, a very reputed HONDA dealer in Bangalore and told them about the blog and our interest in reviewing the bike. They being very enthusiastic agreed to it and were very happy to offer the bike to us. But then, formalities..!! So I had to wait till the bike was registered to the dealer’s name for it to be tested.

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Honda CBR150R rear seatHonda CBR150R rear seat space

Speaking about the bike, Honda launched it at the time when the whole of India wanted a sporty 150cc bike, whose segment was widely dominated the gorgeous Yamaha YZF R15. So when Honda launched the CBR150R, It knew how good the R15 is and the reasons why it was ruling the sporty 150cc segment which no other producers dared to enter. So now, entering that segment means, competing against the already well settled R15 in the Indian market. So let’s see how successful Honda is in doing so.

Honda CBR150R  Design

Honda CBR150R motorcycle 2012

Honda CBR150R exhaust pic

At the first look, no doubt it looks very similar to its bigger brother CBR250R, which in turn is designed after the monstrous HONDA flagship VFR. But just remove the fairing and you will be shocked to know that it is completely different from the 250R. It comes with a Diamond type frame. It has a new 150cc engine which is not on any other Honda or Hero Honda bikes. It’s a completely new PGM-Fi engine, but let me save it for the engine department.

Honda CBR150R frontHonda CBR150R top view

Honda CBR150R tank Honda CBR150R indicator

Honda CBR150R headlights

And speaking about the looks of the bike, I would say, it’s not a 150cc beast; it’s the angelic beauty which attracts me with that layered fairings, Y-shaped headlights, short-exhaust, Racing stripes, brilliantly finished console and black alloys. It looks very sporty and is surely a head turner in the city or on the highways. The short exhaust technique has worked very well in both mass centralization and also to provide that killer looks, and as looks being a very subjective topic, will leave this for you to decide on it.

BikeAdvice RATING-  4/5

Honda CBR150R  Engine and performance

Honda CBR150R Engine Honda CBR150R engine 2

As I said earlier, it comes with an all-new 150cc engine designed specifically for this bike, which does wonders. Honda has built a very smooth and an impressive engine which doesn’t vibrate at any speed. It comes with a liquid cooled, 4 stroke, DOHC 4-valves engine, which shells out 17.58BHP at a very high 10,800RPM and also it produce about 12.66Nm of torque at 8,500RPM which is enough to easily conclude it as a very rev-friendly machine.

Its power band lies hugely at higher RPMs and the best part is, it loves to rev hard and stay in higher RPMs for quite a long time very comfortably than you actually want it to be. It has a 6 speed Manual gear box and I personally loved the gear ratios which is quite very long to bring out the power within her. It doesn’t mean you can’t shift early, for those who want to cruise comfortably; you can shift her up to higher gears and relax.
And also speaking about the liquid cooled engine, it has a huge radiator in front which does its job very well that, I did not find any heat being dissipated or poking my legs in the city riding when I was pushing her harder.
Bike Advice Rating – 4.5/5

Honda CBR150R  Handling and brakes Honda CBR150R handlebar

Honda CBR150R rear disk brakeHonda CBR150R disk brak

Honda CBR150R tyre and chain

This is one of such things in which the bike does its best. The mass centralization process of shorter exhaust has ended up very well, giving it great handling and cornering ability. The suspension settings are right to attack any corner at any speed and all you notice is the baby CBR just glides and brings the ROSSI within you. Though it is not as sharp as its competitor, the R15, which you know is the best handler of all the small bikes, there is nothing you can complain about. The MRF Zapper Q tyres does well enough to stick to the ground and offer enough contact. But with a better rubber, I am sure it could do wonders. (I am not saying the MRF is not good, but the rubber gives up before the bike gives up)

It Comes with a MRF Zapper-Q tyres in Bangalore. It also comes with a TVWS ATT 230 tyres in some places. Its 17 inch alloys and 130mm wide tyres provide good ground contact and grip.

It has both front and rear disk brakes. The Nissin brakes are just the perfect combination for the bike and does its job perfectly. The response is very good and is quite sharp. I did try breaking hard at triple digit speeds to check out if the bike skids, and to my surprise, it just came to a halt without any drama (Slides or skids). But what’s lacking is the C-ABS technology which they have it in the 250R.  But is that really necessary for the 150R??

BikeAdvice Rating- 4/5

Honda CBR150R  Riding and pillion comfort

Honda CBR150 riding position

Honda CBR150R shock absorber

The riding posture is sporty and not too tracks oriented nor up-right. Just the perfect blend which doesn’t strain you even in the highways or even city limits. I rode the bike for enough time and distance and did not find any back or wrist pain. And there was no strain or fatigue which kicked in over any point of time during my test.

Honda CBR150R back seat

The bike could easily cruise at 95Kmph at 7000 RPM in the top gear with a pillion, on a windy day and it felt as the sweetest point of the bike. I could go up to 132kmph with a pillion without any vibrations very comfortably. On a dry sunny day, without a pillion I am sure those figures would go up. Pillion comfort is way better than its competitor and is good enough to sit for hours without any back or leg problems.

BikeAdvice Rating – 4/5

Honda CBR150R  Electricals

Honda CBR150R key

Honda CBR150R left handle Honda CBR150R right handle

It has a 12V 6Ah, Maintenance free battery. The ignition is a Digital ECU based and the computer takes care of everything. The headlight assembly is very similar to the 250R which is very good and has a 12V 60/55W bulb which is very powerful and good enough for night highway riding. Its pilot lamps just need a mentioning which looks like projector lamps and are brilliant. The indicators are cool and the Honey-comb tail lights again a replica of the 250R is bright and is clearly visible from long distances.

But if there is anything to complain against, you have the switch gear which comes directly out from the stunner. Not just it gives a feeling of un-premiumness, it also doesn’t have a pass-Light button or the engine kill switch, which is pretty much shocking for this price tag.

BikeAdvice Rating – 3/5

Honda CBR150R Mileage

Well, coming to the India’s most admired question, “ Kitna Deti Hai?”
It would give about 45-50kmpl depending on the riding styles, which is very good for a sporty 150cc bike.

BikeAdvice Rating 4/5

Pros and Cons

What is so cool about the Honda CBR150R bike?

  • A very high Ground Clearance of 190mm.
  • Very Low weight of 138kgs
  • Flickability- Well I know there is no such word in English, but in biking terms, you all will be able to understand it.
  • Beautiful full Cowling gives the bike the sporty look.
  • Utility Space is provided under the rear seat which is enough to store small rain jacket or such utilities.
  • Shorter Exhaust looks good and also helps in mass centralization.
  • Powerful Headlamps which is comfortable for all type of riding.
  • Sporty Black alloys which enhances the look of the beauty.
  • Looks similar to its elder siblings which put a smile on everyone’s face.
  • The riding posture is comfortable for long hours and high speed riding.
  • The exhaust note also sounds very cool.

What’s not cool?

  • Switchgears- the oldest type with not much functions.
  • Chain is link type, which doubts me of its durability.
  • Fit and finish could have been better.
  • Foot pegs looks too huge, the small metal pegs would have looked cool.

Honda CBR150R Pricing

There are two models, standard and Delux which are priced at Rs.1,23,001 and Rs.1,21,968 Ex-Showroom Bangalore. While On-Road pricing is Rs.1,41,539 and Rs.1,40,356 respectively.
Feel it is quite expensive? Well in that case you are wrong. It has the Honda designed DOHC Technology engine, The  best in class Nissin brakes, the sporty body design which looks gorgeous, Liquid cooled powerful 150cc engine…Well, the list goes on and on specifying about each and every part of the bike.

Honda CBR150R  Colors

It comes with 4 colors. The Sports Red (which is the combination of White and red), Black (Combination of Black and Pearl Sunbeam White) are the standard colors while, Vibrant Orange (Combination of White and Orange) and Black (Combination of Black and Candy Palm Green) are the deluxe versions of the bike.

Honda CBR150R Booking and delivery period

As of now in Bangalore the waiting period is about 1 month for both the versions and the booking price is Rs.5000. The deliveries have started and about 30+ bikes are on road in Bangalore alone.

Honda CBR150R Technical Specs – at official website.

BikeAdvice Verdict:

Honda CBR150R rating india

Being frank with you guys, let me tell you something. The moment I sat on the bike and started moving, the 1st question that passed my mind was, “Is this all you got?”, but the baby said, “Have patience my dear” and as the revs climbed, the baby was getting aggressive and it did 75kmph @ 11000RPM in the 2nd gear and 95Kmph at the same RPM in the 3rd gear. As the power band lies up so high, it’s very easy to guess, the engine is a track oriented engine. But with lower power in the lower RPMs mean, better economy within the city. This makes it a very practical bike which is an all-rounder rather than a purpose built machine.

I don’t see any reason why the bike won’t suit you. It’s a track oriented bike with a sporty posture, which is a very good commuter both in city and highway. What else could you expect from a bike?

Over All BikeAdvice Honda CBR150R Rating – 4/5

I would like to thank Planet Honda for arranging the Honda CBR150R for BikeAdvice road test, and to our long time reader Diwagar for being an enthusiast supporter during the road test helping in the photos and the review.

More Pics of Honda CBR150R:


Honda CBR150R rear tyre

Honda CBR150R head

Honda CBR150R pics3

Honda CBR150R pics1

Honda CBR150R pics2

Honda CBR150R handle3

Honda CBR150R rear seat pic

Honda CBR150R review by sharat aryan

Let us know your views about the bike in comments below.

Honda CBR150R Review by Sharat Aryan.

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  • rajiv

    great review and awesome pics of the bike, I feel it to be a bit pricey at 1.4 lakhs, should be around 1.2 lakhs, btw which place and track is this…

    • Bikerr

      @rajiv i think its NICE road in Bangalore..

  • Anand

    when compared against KTM Duke, price looks pretty high.

    • achiever

      These bikes are for real sports bike enthusiasts.
      bajaj is going to introduce pulsar 200 for 70,000 rs for those who complain about pricing and mileage,

      • true

        CBR150R rear swingarm is like ordinary 150cc bike swingwarm.

        Also, CBR150r rear monosuspension is ordinary one like in unicorn.

        R15 has link-type rear monosuspension, which stiffness varies dynamically with weight.

        CBR150r switches are ordinary like stunner.

        Torque is also less in CBR150r.

        The only good things in CBR150r are the looks and the flat pillion seat.

  • viraj

    Kindly compare with R15 on apple to apple. U have missed many imp things like: type of piston, Balance tech at corners, Instrument cluster details, warranty, Rear wheel road grip (as issue resolved in R15 V2.0), 132 kmph (?) is it a typ0 mistake? Request is to throw light on these details.

  • mahesh

    Awesome review….. yeah.. they could have changed the switchgears

  • Navaneeth

    Well R15 provides more features in less price….they provide quality fit and finish,linked type monocross,forged piston and so on for just 1.20…..

    Honda should have provided better finish and switch gears for 1.40….i know many guys who switched to KTM 200 just for the fact that it doesnt have pass light…

    Engine of the bike is a performer…So many people complain about low torque…But it is a wonderfully designed engine…It is a short stroke engine…it can produce high rev in less fuel consumption…It uses DOHC(Dual overhead cam shaft) which performs well in high rpm and perform bad in low mid range…In order to fully utilize DOHC the vehicle have to quickly rev to 8000-13000 rpm….It performs well in high speed and at low speed it has a slightly greater gear ration than R15….which increases torque in low gears…also it can handle a wider speed than R15 in a gear because it can produce 13000 rpm 🙂

  • Navaneeth

    It looks like a cute wolf

  • Sanjay

    I want to buy a bike.

    CBR 150R or RI5 ??
    which is better.

    • achiever

      Definitely, CBR 150 R.

      • honeysingh

        r15 is better anytime….

    • tapas

      R15 is far better both in price, quality and torque!!!

  • fas

    No matter what people say, this bike is surely a good alternative to the R15, but pricing needs a little correction as the CBR250R is not much far.

  • vj

    very biased review..the reviewer even said the lack of low-end performance as an advantage..only good thing about the review are the pics and the camera..
    R15 which is cheaper is anyday a better purchase..and not to mention KTM duke..which is in another league is priced shockingly similar..what is honda thinking..??

  • Emothic

    I feel the price is a little bit high , provided the DOHC , brakes , pillon comfort etc … This is a awesome bike better than R15 .

  • kaushal

    Good Bike but prised too high was at right at 1.2 lacs……………

  • shyam

    but with this price, we can buy royal enfield…
    Royality better thatn cheap 150..
    so worthless..

    • tapas

      Don’t compare two different category bikes. I don’t know how you said CBR 150 is cheap, It’s renowned Japanese brand with good technology which comes from lots of RnD.

  • Niraj n

    I don’t feel that the review is biased…..i just liked the way how everything was put up and concluded in the end……btw i feel this is a great buy in the 150cc segment.

  • luq

    not as composed as the Yamaha r15.v2.0 ..YES YAMAHA.

  • Ganesh Kumar D

    Pricely possession but based on the honda standards it is acceptable. It’s a new addittion to indian racing enthusiast . But slightly less price would have been better.

  • aniketh

    A very biased review..:( Except for the DOHC
    and pillion comfort the r15 v2 is better in every
    Other way…

  • sachin

    except for its wrong pricing and poor switch gear……its a great all rounder. Now this also means that if Honda is to bring more 250cc bike such as CRF250L then Honda will price it between CBR150 and CBR250.

  • Reeto

    The CBR150R will definitely kill the R15 in terms of top end performance. Both the bikes are sluggish to ride within city limits unless revved hard. Honda has a tendency of over-pricing its products, to justify its a Honda. The KTM Duke 200 and the Pulsar 200 NS is a far better bet and great bang for buck as compared to CBR150R and R15 V2.

    • Navaneeth

      Very nice review….Hondas 3rd plant in banglore will start functioning from 2013….All honda buyers better wait for 2013 after that honda will cut cost there bike and include more features…Honda have less plant capacity and there bikes(except twister) are all well demanded….so they overprice every high demanded bikes to fully utilize it….

  • avs

    Thanks honda for making this bike for making comfortable seating posture. R15 and KTM lacks comfort . The pillion seat of R15 is rude. Also in KTM the back portion of driver rubs every time at the pillion seat.

  • CBR150R is powerful but less in features than R15 and the cost is also high.It’s not a competitor to R15.

  • santanu

    me i’m happy with the R15’s forged piston, diasil cylinder, deltabox frame and the all new long aluminium swingarm. The square engine makes the R15 ideal for city rides as well as highway blasts.
    CBR150R has no such features, only good thing is that it has DOHC. Oversquare engine will be a pain in traffic. And moreover the Clip-ons, foot pegs, switchgear looks so CHEAP! It might have a high revving motor but other features disappoint a lot. I think it was ok if Honda would have priced it below the R15. Honda CBR150R lacks the premium-ness. In terms of build quality and finish, Yamaha dominates this segment.

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  • maddy

    except for da price factor n ofcourse R15 loverz ……..this bike is a mean machine as far as i know 😉

  • pradeep

    I Relay Like My CBR 150r Just 10 days before i bough the bile.. already i have yamaha Fazer and i like Fazer too very comfort for raid… but now My New CBR also like very nice to raid But i did’t like Yamaha R15.. (i like only Fazer) R15 is so pity.. i go 120 km speed in R15 suddenly have to put break R15 got wobbling and am feel down 🙁 ,… and now My new CBR Go on 130km speed its not wobbling and its very safe brake… so i like my CBR and my Fazer ….. ( i never like R15 and am not recommend my friends to buy the R15….)

  • mirza

    Hi guys i owned a r15 v1 and with a pillion rider behind got a speed of 128 kmph my brother whu still owns r15 v1 his bike i rode at 138 kmph… and now i m a proud owner of my new r15 v2 which feels even better and stable thanmy older bike … And no one can say r15 has a top speed of 120 absolutely not… Maine yaha aap sab ko apni r15 ki tareef karne k liye post nhi kia naahi main yeh keh raha hun k cbr bekaar h i ws jst telling u d trund its up to u to blieve me or not…:)


      r15 is worst bike ever


        hero splendor is far better than ur r15


    Hi guys i owned cbr 150R and its a great bike getting fuel efficiency of 52 kmpl overall and bikes are not judged by top speeds and acceleration, there are many other thing to be noted . what i say is think about your needs, think what is your requirement and ride the bike first before making any decision.And rest every product no matter to which company it belongs not left u unsatisfied. both cbr 150r and r15 are different and both are better but the thing is which of these fit best in ur routine…..

  • lajay roy

    hola ta interesante la moto me gustaria tenerla pero quero saber si ya esta ese modelo aca en peru y cual es su precio o costo .. o para ke mes estara por aca por peru traiganla ke se bendera muy bien

  • Harish

    Yamaha R15 is already well set and here all the proud owners of the R15 just displayin their own machines pride. But not all days yu ride alone. I always ride with a pillion. The R15 n d Duke is a pain in the ass. Am satisfied with the performance and d comfort.

  • Pynshai

    I had honda cbr 150r it is very interesting to ride and i love it. Handling is quite good but went i bent on a sharp corner the rear Tyre slip and when i sit with my friend it is good even when i bent on a sharp corner.

  • darryl

    guys please help me , i am travelling 30km (one way) everyday. 40% city and 60% main road with lesser traffic. I am a newbie in biking. And won’t be hitting the top rpms normally so r15 vs cbr150r which is for me.please help……..

  • syam

    am the owner of cbr 150r but it dissapointed me it is strugling to reach 90kmph in top gears am not using in highways and the first servce is not yet these are the reasons for poor performance?? will it give more power in future??

  • jadhav praveen

    there is no chance to compare yamaha r15 with cbr150r.r15 is eqal to cbr”s leg finger

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  • Arnab Sarkar

    Can I replace the switch gear with that of CBR250 or FZ or R15v2? The Switch Gear really looks cheap…every time I ride on the bike I feel like….”urghhhhh!!!What had stopped Honda to give a better Switch Gear?? >:(” So is there any way to change it?Thanx in advance for your reply…!!

  • K.K.VinayKumar

    Why is Honda being so cheap with switch gears? Can’t they put switch gears that are found in Unicorn or Dazzler?


    Engine and performance->SMOOTH SILENT KILLER