Yamaha and Suzuki have had more exposure than any other bike company in India because of the launch of FZ16 and R15 from Yamaha and GS150R from Suzuki. But Hero Honda and Honda are busy stickering up their bikes. New CBZ Xtreme, New Passion Pro are both just sticker upgrades and has no change in the engine or performance, which seems to be quite lame. And many Indian bikers got disappointed with the launch of Honda Unicorn Grand Prix edition, another sticker work, which is not so good looking and gives an idea that Honda is just trying to catch up in the two-wheeler market.

Will Honda susprise us in 2009? I am also a fan of Honda cars and I feel that Honda is not intimidated by the bike launches from Yamaha and Suzuki. The people at Hondas may have something bigger in store for us and are waiting for the right time, I guess. Now, Introduce yourself to Honda CBR 150R!

Honda CBR 150R

The CBR series of bikes from Honda is more than just a famous brand name. Now with the launch of Yamaha R15, India is in need for competing sports bikes with latest technology. This may lead to Honda bringing the CBR 150R to India. This bike is far more technologically advanced than the R15 and is a real sports bike, not a sporty looking bike! Anyway this is not a news, but just a speculation. Stay tuned for more bike news.

Honda CBR 150 Technical Specifications:

Engine : liquid cooled DOHC 4 Valve
Displacement : 149.9cc
Bore x Stroke : 63.5×47.2mm
Compression Ratio : 11.0:1
Power : 17.1PS@10500rpm
Toruque: 13.06Nm@8500rpm
Ignition: CDI Direct System
Fuel System : CV type Carburetor
Transmission : 6 Speed
Frame : Twin Spar
Weight: 124kg (Dry)

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  • Hi,
    Honda aint getting the bike to India – they are using the bike only for the races down south

  • The biggest flaw with this bike is it does not have FI. Nowadays FI is in and i am sure Honda won’t launch this bike without FI, so they need to do something.

  • mahesh

    one of my cousin working at honda said they r gona launch cbr 150 in 2009,he dont have the idea whether it wil be an all new one or the current model

  • kishore

    when will the bike launch in India and wat’s the cost of bike and mileage of the bike please inform me i am trying towards it

  • mateshwar

    when will the bike launch in India and wat’s the cost of bike and mileage of the bike please inform me i am trying towards it

  • kishore kumar

    when will the bike launch in India and wat’s the cost of bike and mileage of the bike please inform me i am trying towards it plzzz inform me about it



  • kittu

    wats the fuel consumtion of honda cbr 150 please inform me


    i dont think dis bike will be a success…
    because,in india looks are being more considered than the performance…

    secondly,it doeSNT have the fuel injection dat means a lot of vibrations in the upper powerband..


  • hi. now honda needs to improve as it is cheating us by providing lower qualities bikes. as per my opinian cbr 150 must have fi, digital speedo, max speed 160 kmph and avg abt 40 km./ltr

  • ji1021

    honda cbr150r isnt cheating bout lowering the quality..we got that bike like 6 yrs ago and thats still the same model w/ different decals but consider that this baby is 6 yrs old and have to beat most of 150cc bikes here. however honda needs a new model for the cbr 150r line-up

  • pranav

    what is the price of HONDA CBR 150R in india?

  • pranav

    when lanch CBR in india? what is the price of HONDA CBR 150R in india?

  • Dal

    please lounge honda cbr soon in nepal beacuse i am big fan

  • sathish

    can any one tell me the approximate date of CBR 150 Launch in Chennai

  • Riju h das

    The picture is the old model. We want the 2009 model..

  • saurabh

    any fixed date as yet? are they even releasing d bike?

  • Prasad

    wow… cbr hit the indian road’s….. it’s great………

  • ankur

    Please launch honda cbr150r,I am waiting since 2 years for it ……..rrrrrrrrrrrr

  • aslam

    iam crazyyyy about honda bikes,
    & i so exited with the stunner,
    & iam having hondashine, wheen iam full charged i ride like a sports bike i fill that much powerd is there in honda, i like to ride a sports bike in honda of atlest1000cc
    plz relese soon i am so much drem of honda1000cc
    thank u

  • zaif

    i want to knw wen dis bike will launch n wat will b the price 4 it

  • bhuvanesh sharma

    i want to knw wen dis bike will launch n wat will b the price 4 it

  • harsimran

    hi I work in the company which is a IT vendor for HMSI so I got new news from there that new 150cc bike production is going to start in 1 sep 2009. I hope this will be bike which u r talking abt


    Harsimran !

    they cant come in new 150cc bike yaar.
    Check out your info again and check name again for Bike



  • Rakesh Dodwani

    I want to be touch with Honda Bikes & I want to become the Dealer for Shahdol (Madhya Pradesh) very frequently.
    I can sell & promote the sales in honda bikes

    Please confirm the person & mail address with phone no. to contact.

  • Briarreos

    If only it’d be better looking…. by the way its dry weight is 115 kg . its kerb weight is 124 kg ! and it kicks the r15’s ass.

  • samrat

    it is hot

  • SiD

    It is highly unlikely that honda will launch in India immediately. first of all the design look outdated considering the current 150 cc bikes available in India, its direct competitor will be YZF R15 and Pulsar series. compared to both this machine would look outdated without a serious revamping.

    Apart from this the current waiting period of unicorn is running close to 3 months!,instead of increasing production capacity and tapping the full potential of that bike it would be unlikely for honda to invest in a new production line and produce another 150 cc bike and confuse their own potential customers

    This is what i feel..anyway big companies may have totally different plans! u never know

  • gurwinder

    when is this bike going 2 launch i wana know itz rate………..

    • ram

      This bike will never be launched in India and if being launched, the price will be close to 3 lakhs.

  • Taufique

    Plz launch the bike soon as we all friends r bored of riding the pulser 150 we all want to have a change but plz update the model.as i will love to have the white colour cbr & many of the people have the same opinion plz launch it soon

  • sandeep

    when its going 2 launch????

  • prithvi

    when will the cbr 150 released in india

  • biker

    Guys, I live in Indonesia, here we are very happy bcoz honda sell their CBR150, and other manufacturer also sell a similar bike like Suzuki FXR150 (DOHC, 21PS) Kawasaki Ninja 150RR (30PS) Yamaha Vixion 150 (15PS). here engine capacity is not the only aspect on performance, Indonesian biker are provided some racing parts, such CDI aftermarket, exhaust tube, valve, etc by local suplier. so its easy to upgrade a 125cc 4 stroke for gain 21PS. For CBR150 also, there are racing parts to upgrade engine performance, so it can head to head with Kawak N250R on road.

  • shiva

    we wating for this surprize it very nice all young people wating for honda’s new bick

  • vedant

    launching in sep 2010…..price around 94000 in mumbai…..!!!

  • Sam

    Dudes, this bike is already in india since a year but its going track race tests down the south. Expected to launch in sep 2010…

    • ram

      Editor Note: Yes, this bike is in India for almost an year and can see burning the tracks of Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. But, mind that these bikes have brought down by Honda only for racing purposes and definitely not for sale nor testing purposes, and this was confirmed by a Top most Honda official who i know personally. If at all this bikes comes to India at a later stage, the price expected by Honda is a whooping 3.2 Lakhs and not a mere 1 Lakh price tagged bike.

  • hariharan

    hi guys, the price of the bike ll surely exceed 1lakh and i don know y der is a delay in the bike to come?? 🙁 🙁

  • rince

    This bike does not beat R15.R15 still rocks………………..

  • sachin Tapkir

    What is a CBR 150R prize & mileage?
    & when it is available in pune.

  • naveen

    tell me will the cbr150 is going to launch in tamil nadu

  • arun

    What is a CBR 150R prize & mileage? & when it is available in kerala

  • zaheer

    im a big fan of this bike i wan know the price of this bike.

  • Shaan

    Hi i have seen cbr150 on inrnet i m happy ? I just want to knw wen u will launch cbr150 i m also waiting to last year ? Plsss do fasttttt .

  • Pranshu

    What a bike . I like that But inform me about his mileage . it overly looks very good

  • uday kumar

    What is a CBR 150R prize & mileage? & when it is available inhyderabad


  • honda bike is the must popular bike

  • ashok vengala

    i want to buy cbr 150cc new model..i want to know whether it is launched or not?..plz plz tell

  • shashi

    its look good but the price was very high.
    it is available in Karnataka,Bangalore???????

  • akbar khan

    hai, guyz i like very much hondas bike and i have activa and yamaha fz.
    but i dont like my fz and i want to sold it and the all new honda cbr 150
    it is too cool bikeeeeeeeeeeee