I was very excited today morning because I was going to test drive the legendary Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme. On the first look, I was really astonished! The bike looked really cool! It was in fiery red colour and not many bikes in India have this colour.

Hero Honda CBZ XTreme

How does it look?

The bike has very little resemblance to the old CBZ, the headlights got a completely new design. However this is a small disappointment to CBZ lovers because the new ones do not look as good as the old one and also looks a little small for a bike of this size. The first thing that one would notice in this bike is the indicator lights.

Both the back and front indicators merge with the main lights and it looks really nice and unique. The side part of the bike also got a significant face lift. The coloured body part connects as a single line from the tank to the tail lights and is very nicely contoured. Another feature which adds to its cool looks is the grip handle bars for the pillion rider… standing out as two individual horn like bars, it adds to the uniqueness of CBZ. Also the silencer is new and improved.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

How does it perform?

When I took the bike for a test drive, the first thought that came up in my mind was ‘wow! this bike feels just like the Hero Honda Hunk’, then after checking the specifications, I noticed that both Hunk and CBZ have the exact same 149.2 cc Engine. So you can see Hero Honda Hunk Review for more information about performace of CBZ because both hae the same engine! The old CBZ had a 156 cc engine, but did not have the pickup and mileage as that of the present engine. Definitely Hero Honda has made some improvement in the engine for this new CBZ Xtreme. It is also claimed that this new model gives a better mileage than the old one, but I cannot be sure of that unless I hear from a real user of CBZ.

Features: The dash board has 3 dials, one for the speedometer, one for the rpm indicator and another for the fuel indicator… all of them descend in the order of the size… looks nice doesn’t it? The shock absorbers do not have the Gas shock absorber unit as it is advertised in Hunk and other bikes, but I would confidently say that it does not make the slightest difference in ride quality.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

How does it stand out?

One of the biggest advantages that this bike has is the CBZ brand name. CBZ has been one of most passionate bikes for a very long time… the name alone is worth a price tag. CBZ was adopted from CBR, which is a very famous 600cc bike in foreign countries. The indicator lights and rear grip bars also make it unique because no other bike in the country has such a feature.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme comes in 5 great colours: Sports Red, Candy Blazing Red, Boon Silver Metallic, Black and Vibrant Blue Metallic.


Engine: Aircooled single cylinder 4 stroke OHC
Displacement: 149.2 cc
Maximum Power: 10.6 KW (14.4 PS) @ 8500 RPM
Maximal Torque: 12.8 N-m @ 6500 RPM
Gear Box: 5 Speed
Brakes: 240mm Front Disc and 130 mm Rear Drum
Tires: Front: 2.75 x 18 – 42P, Rear: 100/90 x 18 – 56P
Fuel Capacity: 12.3 Litres (+ 1.5 Ltrs Reserve)

To see more pictures of the Hero Honda CBZ, visit Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Photo Gallery. To download the offical brouchure Click Here (Right click and click ‘Save link as’ to save the brouchure to your PC)

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  • shabeer

    Basically I hate this new bike I owned the legendary HH CBZ and I mean the real CBZ . In my opinion its the most GOOD LOOKING bike they ever produced and if bajaj or any other manufacturer had that design they would have made a top seller

  • nitin

    i hav my CBZ since one year… n i m really happy wid my bike.. the good think in CBZ is its handling even in 80 – 90 kmph.. the negative part in my bike is its fuel efficency.. i get only 35 k/l …but according to my way of driving its affordable as i always kkep my bikes RPM more than 5.. so the bike got the power which i need.. its the best bike in 150cc segment

    • arjun

      hai nitin………………… i had read your review about cbz xtreme……… really happy to hear this bike is more comfortable .


    • Aaron

      Hi, I am really happy with the CBZs pick-up. No other Bike matches its pick up. The new Yamaha FZ matches it sometimes. However, I am not satisfied with its handling once the speedometer goes above 80 Km/h. It starts vibrating and sometimes act as if I am riding a horse. The Pulzar’s and Yamaha were able to overtake me at this speed. I even enquired with my colleagues and they also agreed with this defect. It is a 150 CC bike but dont know why it is happening. Any help.

  • Jitendra

    I am really confused after reading the review of CBZ Xtreme . According to the review its written after the launch of HUNK. So please clearify me that the Engine used in hunk(150cc) is the same as that of CBZ Xtreme that was launched 2-3 years ago, or the engine of CBZ Xtreme has been changed after the launch of HUNK (The dealer says that the engine of CBZ has been used in HUNK).
    Plz clearify it soon as I have to choose one amongst these for me .Also mention the mileage of both .

  • Deepak

    The engine used in CBZ was used in Hunk. But I reviewed Hunk first and then tested the CBZ, so I wrote it that it was same as Hunk. Both have theoretically the same mileage.

    • Savio

      hi deepak

      i have a cbz extreme i have done 3rd free servicings and clocked 5200 kms. i have a problem with my bike. there are too much vibrations in my bike after i cross 50 kms per hr mark which are more compared to normal vibrations in any bike.i had shown a good hero honda mecanic he told me to check my engine valves as they are not set properly. my bike engine is smooth till 40 kms per hr mark and then i feel as if the engine suffocates ( becomes rough ride with vibrations ) when i speedup my bike above 50 km per hr mark. if u have any solution to my problem then plz advise me.

      • mothi

        u r rite ,the same problem i had but now its solved…increase ur speed to 80 or 90 ,ride atleast 15 km in smooth road 🙂

  • Uday

    I have my CBZ extreme from past 1 year 8 months. Its an awesome bike I ever tried. Its giving me a good mileage and it has got a nice pickup. I treet my bike as my buddy. I reached 110 in my bike. never failed on road. I happy with my bike. No bike is better than CBZzzzzz… Ha ha ha

  • gautam

    hey.. guys… i have to buy any 150cc bikes. can anyone gimme an idea of chosing one from the options cbz xtreme atft, pulsar 150, unicorn and apache 160 rtr…

    • rakesh

      Go for cbz xtreme only

    • Hardik

      Dude go fr cbz i own it frm 3 years nt atft,it is giving me milage of 50-55 n yes if u wnt to win in drag than fourth geare can reach upto 97km/hr.IT IS SAID TO B D BIKE BT REMEMBER TREATE UR BIKE AS UR GIRLFRIEND DAN SE HW IT WORKS:-D

    • Javeed Pahsa

      I want to buy CBZ Xreme 150 cc bike but still not satisfy with bike’s tank size( I need big size or tank covers like hunk), some times I think Pulsar is Ok, but My dream bike is CBZ. so please advise me . . . and tell me will Hero Honda company launch CBZ with digital meter and Tank covers like hunk or any new desieng. . Please I am very much confused to buy my bike. . .

      • balaji

        hey go for cbz xtreme

      • Aaron

        Go for Honda Unicorn, though little higher on the cost, it is better than CBZ. CBZ has awesome looks and pick up, apart from that other features are nothing better than a Honda, Pulzar, or an Apache. Honda Unicorn gives you better mileage, drive control while overtaking, better road grip. After a year, the CBZ struggles once the speed goes beyond 80 Km/h, lot of vibration, struggles for air, and the competitior bikes were able to overtake easily. Mileage is also just 39 – 40 per litre.

    • pravin

      go to the apache

    • Tousif

      Go for Unicorn… its better in handling and better milleage as well…

      More over its almost maintanance free bike….

      Just keep riding it… Honda is Japanese technology…

      • etti

        s your right i like honda

  • Ketan

    go for cbz xtreme new one my frnd….bike with ATFT engine…it is much beter than others…

  • dinessh

    hey dear,
    i m using new cbx extr……. with atft technology itis aewsome bike
    its all features are better
    the new bike of 150cc segment cannot compete it in any features

  • Riffat beg

    Hey hi…..
    I am one of the owner of CBZ xtreme
    This is one of the most amazing bike of my country
    and this bike is more better than KARIZMA>>>>

    • PAVAN

      how to mileage CBZ

      • suresh

        ride the bike within 45kmspeed

  • saravanan

    CBZ is better 150cc bike but confirm the ATFT engine or not. other things are same when u compared with other 150 cc bike.

  • bryan andrades

    i have cbz frm 4 years its an amazing bike but the extreme i tried is excellent than old cbz.it has a good pick pu in all 150 cc bike n i can tell u it is the bike wit good millage

  • durga prasad


    Friends,i am planning to purchase a new bike, My budget is 68000.00, but i am in a big big dialoma,Can any one suggest me which bike i have to take in the below mentioned,

    Bajaj Pulsar
    CBZ Xtream
    Honda Unicorn

    and i am mre concerned about mailage, ihave to travel 45km in a day to my office…….. replay urgenttttttttttttttt pleaseeeeeeeeee friends

    • stranger

      go for ct 100

    • pravin

      i think you should go through the honda unicorn bcoz unicorn have good millage .

    • Swami

      Go for yamaha SZ – R it is good one

    • Akash

      go for cbz xtreme… perfect bike. i also biking 40kms for attend my office,mileage 45kh/lt

    • suresh

      unicorn is best than cbz
      also in milage

    • Well known

      i think XL is better it gives good milage to travel and best comfort no one will catch U good luck beta.

    • rohan

      go surely for cb dazzler if you are concerned for mileage,it surely gives 50+ mileage but be careful for the speed to be within 50kms,otherwise your mileage decreaces as the laws of physics suggests.you can go for cbz also which has 45+ mileage but the speed conditions apply.i have the experience of both the bikes.

    • Jostal monteiro

      You man buy pulsar 220
      super bike ever seen
      i have

    • sandeep

      cbz xtreme

  • Ketan

    go for cbz xtreme dude…it’s very comfortable…else go for pulsar 150…

  • Kuruvilla

    Unicorn: safest bet in 150cc, Avg. performance, long termer, at times shoddy aftersales, avg styling, Mileage 45 to 55, good highway; reliable

    CBZ/Hunk : Looks personal, excellent performance,milege 45 to 50; excellent aftersales service, 3 years warranty ; good for highway as well as city; reliable.

    Bajaj Pulsar : Unrefined engine; poor reliability; digital dashboard not accurate; poor highway bike; poor ergonomics; mileage 45 to 55 (not consistent)

    Best of all world : Achiever; Uniron engine, 5 kmpl more mileage than Unicorn, 10 kilos lighter than Unicorn, 0-100 fastest at 17.5 secs; nervous ride after 90 kmph; excellent reliability; BIKE MAY NOT BE AVIALABLE.

    GSR : Long termer; mileage similar to Unicorn, reliable, commuter tourer. No performance, GOOD Bike

    • anil

      I agrred with your all points & shred reviews.
      i am also fan of HH achiever & i am planning to buy new 2010 achiever.
      i used HH splendour for last six years.

      • Tousif

        All points are True..

        One can Try with Yamaha bike like FZS & Fazer .. they are also very good in 150cc Segement…

  • abinash

    durga ,oviously you must be prefer HERO HONDA XTREME…..according to your budget it is THE outmost preferable for you…out of this u should look for HERO HONDA HUNK..the most affordable bike..MILEAGE IS BETTER IN HUNK

  • srini

    Go for either Unicorn/Hunk or Xtreme, totally proven 150cc bikes. GSR is good too, FZ has less mileage, r15 is for track racing, not good for normal commuting. I would have gone for Xtreme !!

  • cbzowner

    i own the NEW cbz xtreme with atft sticker pasted.i had done 6500kms on the bike.this bikes disc brake is not up to the mark the old xtremes disk were made by nissan(very good).the pick up is good to beat a UNICORN.but dont race with an rtr cbz is no match for the rtr be it the initial pickup or the top end rtr rules.the mileage never drops below 40km/lt.if u drive under 6000rpm u would easily get 48km/lt,even 50.i would advice people to go for a rtr rather than this bike

    • savio

      check your disk brakes at service center as my disk brakes are working fine.

  • — Ajay

    guyz even i m going to get a bike soon ,plz suggest me between CBZ extreme , pulsor 150 n apache , Unicon

    • Manishankar

      Hi dude…..Go for CBZ Xtreme….its really gud………

  • ullas sharma

    unless and until you are fine with the low fuel efficiency figures , dont go for CBZ Extreme.

    i dont see any significant advantages over the other bikes. looks ? huh , the older one looked better to me. and performance , how can there be improvement when the engine is all same? and , HH are very notorious for using the same engine for everything everywhere , to start with HH has just 2 engines , same engines are bored to different cubic centimeters and you get different bike each time!!

    and the more interesting part is , when they face a little competition in the market , what they do is just change the color of the stickers on one of the bikes and call it a new one!! Its game Simple for folks at HH.

    and as for the CBZX , the fuel efficiency is very low , if you ride with ‘josh’ ; u may end up with 35kmpl figure at hand.

    what would i suggest? Unicorn . i hail honda for making their independent venture.

    and , yes , i own a P150 so that proves am not biased about Honda. 🙂 🙂

  • Xxx

    Cbz Xtrm is way better than rtr.
    Its all your riding skill. Pick up and top speed greater than bullshit rtr.

  • Pratyush

    after going through lots of reviews, some test drives(HUNK, CBZ XTREME, UNICORN, GS150, PULSAR 150, 180) and after numerous consultations to all friends who own these bikes… i finally came to a verdict: I will own a CBZ Xtreme… I am getting my bike tomorrow. 🙂 And believe me, just a test ride is enough to woo you…. CBZ Xtreme rocks…

  • Gurpal

    hi deepak…can u say which bike would be the best amongst cbz xtreme and hunk?

  • Deepak

    Gurpal, just decide on the looks coz both bikes have the same engine.

  • Gurpal

    its ok then…but what is your opinion?

  • Deepak

    I would buy CBZ because it has a better brand recognition that Junk.. I mean Hunk 🙂

    • Hiten Rathod

      Can you tell me the real milege of CBZ xtreme.

    • suhan

      hiiiii deepak plzz tell me which bike i want to buy CBz oR UNICOn plzzzzzzzzz tell me i am booking my bike tomorrow

  • Gurpal

    thanks dude for the advice

  • Pratyush

    I got a mettalic black CBZ…. and believe me… Hunk is no where close….
    Gurpal, go ahead and be a proud owner of a CBZ Xtreme….

  • Pratyush

    ah…i forgot to say….Yes, Hunk & Xtreme have the same engines,….but ride both of ’em….and u’ll know the difference…
    Xtreme responds to the slightest of twist u give to the accelerator…
    and in a 150 cc bike if there is no quick response to the turn of the accelerator…i think money is going waste….

  • Gurpal

    i had no doubt about cbz..actually my brother wanted to know the best bike among these two…i have for sure told him to buy a cbz…thanks pratayush for ur advice

  • Prashant

    Hi , I have got new CBZ extreme this month only.. after driving for about 400 KMS, i am having some problems…..
    1> Front disc brake makes some noise….. like noise of friction……
    2> left side unit below seat vibrates more……..
    3> driving at 60 + engine make some noise.. like ghhh…. ghh….. not that smooth..

    I hope that all this get rectified after first service.

  • Jitendra

    Hello Prashant,

    First of all , don’t speed up ur bike above 50 for first 1000 kms if u want the best performance from the Engine.

    The friction noise is a common prob in the HH bikes as I am having the same with my hunk & at the time of service they don’t resolve it (check it immediatly after the service & get it done)

    For the left side , the rubber pad of the fixture must be loose.

  • i want to know about rpm meter.
    i dont understand its usase.
    this meter shos what……..





    • Jeevan Bhatt

      hay sunny dude……..could tell me the average of cbz extreme….how much are you getting now………i am about to purchase this





  • danny

    cbz ok but passion and hunk are stupid bike..its better can go for fuck..
    no digital meter,no broad tyres at back[even with this small tyres this fuck is giving only 45 mileage] think with 120/80 tyres….we get only 20 mileage..is its comes under maruthi car segment…poor invention by hero honda….karisma totaly dame waste bike……….

  • danny

    dont invest in getting HH karishma bike..its better to buy gold jewels by spending 85,000 for that bike..or we can go for NANO which is mileaged to 20kmpl..even the karishma do the same under petrol engine…\

  • sunny

    i think this cbz have 1 negetive aspect which is its silence

    • preethamcanutepinto

      i enjoy alot to drive this out whn i am on a driv


    hi i am looking for a 150 cc bike with good ergonomics as i have to move avg 120 km daily. My concern is to have a bike which releavs me from back pain.Please guide me.Unicorn, CBZ, shine are the bikes i would like to know more about the comfort levels after a continious drive for an hour.

  • Ujjal

    I wanna buy a 150 cc bike.I am 5’10.I am fuel concerned too.Is Extreme is ok for me.Is it comfortable for long rides.How it reacts after 2/3 years.Does everything go well with d bike or i’ll start facing problems.Is Cbz extreme is ok?

  • My cbz is of red colour, which is my favourate colour .
    good pick-up, best mileage in all 150cc M.C.
    good performance,and no noise at any speed.

    this my favourate bike in all 100-225cc bikes.

  • Shashank Goswami

    Hi All:

    I am a DIE hard Fan of a CBZXtreme.. I was real confused before going for the RED Devil. But after all the reviews and good help from my friends I OWN my LOVE! Now it’s almost two year m riding my DEVIL and believe me ~ This Dare Devil never let me down ~ Great Pick Up.. Superb Handling.. Extreme Power, you only need to twist your throttle and it Vroooommsssssssssssss like a lightning speed.

    My experience of CBZ is awesome. We have a Bikers group called Highway Huns.. and we once had a 5 days trip to CHAMBA, believe me that first time I really felt the POWER and AGGRESSION @ xtreme of Xtreme. 🙂

    So if any planning to buy HH CBZx. I would strongly recommend to go for it! And Njoy your ride..

    ~But Always Be safe~

  • Balaji PK

    Hi , am balaji writing from chennai.I have bought CBX xtreme on dec 12 2007 and am still experiencing the same freshness in my bike after these many days.
    I have done 4 voyages (560 km)non stop and it is still in its good position on roads.
    I like the most in my bike is the racing look and the initial power it has with smoothness.
    I love my CBZ. 🙂

  • ksa chowdary

    hi.. freinds i am planning to buyt the bike cbz extreme after taking the test drives of each and evry bike….i suggest you all to go with cbz..because it has got good mileage and excellent performance and stylish looks….and cost is less than pulsar 150..what else is needed to question this

  • P.R.Suresh Samuel

    Hi, I was planning to buy a CBZ Extreme this week & hence have been surfing to get an overview of the experience. Reading the above messages, I am more confused than clear. Could some one throw more light.

  • Suraj

    I have bought CBZ Xtreme on 8th june 2009.I am very happy with my decision of buying this bike.I choosed it in place of pulsar 2009 edition.This bike realllly rockkks man!!

  • suri

    danny: cbz ok but passion and hunk are stupid bike..its better can go for fuck..no digital meter,no broad tyres at back[even with this small tyres this fuck is giving only 45 mileage] think with 120/80 tyres….we get only 20 mileage..is its comes under maruthi car segment…poor invention by hero honda….karisma totaly dame waste bike……….

    then according to u which byk is best da

  • Bansal

    hello all ,
    yaar i am planning for 150cc bike which bike should i go for my fav is CBZ xtreme but i am bit confused whether i should go for it or should i go for pulsar………so ……….friends guide me …….

  • Syed

    Hii Guysssss….
    I am 5’6 in height…
    i am thinking of buying this bike…
    will it suitable with my for my height????????

  • Pratyush

    with no disrespect, I would suggest CBZ extreme for 5’10” and above….
    It’s a big bike, u can go for a bajaj, that is low on height, but CBZ will bring u some handling problems if u are 5’6″.

    don’t take it otherwise.

  • hello frnds im planning to buy a bike.i saw thousands of review of cbz extreme.but im concerned about mileage.can anyone clear my doughts and tell me which bike should i buy??plzzzzzzzzz

  • well dudes. finally i got a black pantherous cbz extreme..
    trust it performs but i wud not suggest this if you re Mileage oriented..
    go for splendor +. or the best 4 mileage in 150 cc wud be Unicorn…

  • Bansal: hello all ,yaar i am planning for 150cc bike which bike should i go for my fav is CBZ xtreme but i am bit confused whether i should go for it or should i go for pulsar………so ……….friends guide me …….

    dude trust me pulsar is pathetic interms of performance and safety…
    xtreme rocks on all regards.. xcept 4 milage but it compensates on safety.. so bettr be safe..

    • Yes , I agree with your comments about mileage of CBZ compare with pulsar, But spare parts we need to change frequently for pulsar compare to CBX extreme, Hence spending money for Pulsar spare parts replacement, we can go for CBZ extreme to save more money.

  • Syed: Hii Guysssss….I am 5′6 in height…i am thinking of buying this bike…will it suitable with my for my height????????

    pls don do that.. xtreme is a damn devil for yur height,
    go for yamaha fz.. or pulsar 150….
    happy biking

  • shaju

    sunny: i think this cbz have 1 negetive aspect which is its silence

    empty vessels make more noise ,my friend….cbz is silent cuz its not an empty vessel!

  • Ebin

    I’m 5’7 and have a unicorn. So you shd be good for Xtreme.

    Syed: Unicorn

  • aditya

    I own a CBZ extreeme Feb 2007 model. It rocks …. i have done 28K Kms til data and gives mileage around 45-48.Max speed i have done is 115Kmph and handles well at that speed. I have not even spend a single rupee as of date …. other the oil change prices… really happy

  • Cloud

    I got the new cbz xtreme 3 days backkk.. Its too comfortable and really great fun to drive… Overall i loved the machine…
    But i am facing a prob that whenever i am near 60 bike starts to vibrate. I know cbzx shouldnt do that.. But m feeling like too much pressure is being put on bike.. is this normal??
    Also one more thing?? which petrol should i use?? normal one or branded like power, shell etc???

  • murali

    Hi all ,

    yaar i am planning for 150cc bike, which bike should i go for my fav is CBZ xtreme,but i am bit confused whether i should go for it or should i go for Hunk or FZ Fazer ……so ……….friends guide me …….

  • Anoop

    I am planning to buy between hunk/CBZ/ApacheRTR160.
    please advice me which should I buy?
    Is there any new release of Hunk /CBZ from herohonda ?

  • Dhaneesh

    Is any new model for CBZ Xtreme is releasing this year ……….please give me reply……..

  • vinjamuri ramesh

    can you make cbz extrem white bike? with gray stickring

  • shailesh

    My friend is the owner of HH Showroom…he said no new model is coming this year.

  • amit ghadshi

    its very good bike,i had used splendor first. power and control of the bike is very good,but just improve the quality of the stickers use on the bike.

  • Rajesh

    I am bit confused between Yamaha Gladiator SS and HH CBZ extreme
    Whats my criteria is
    1) Descent Mielage
    2) Descent Maintenance costs

    3) Re-sale value (i dont want to compare between these in this aspect as HH will take an upper hand).


  • Pramod Tupe

    CBZ Xtreme are extremly well in 150 cc. that bike are allrounder Milleage, Speed, life, So, if u bought any 150 cc bike so CBZ are best choice

  • farabee

    is xreme ok for 5’8″.and which bike is better for wheele

  • Akshay

    CBZX, pulsar180 or apache rtr160?????

  • jimmy

    cbz xtrem excellent bike in 150cc bike nice,comfortable,good avrg in between 45-55 kmph speed i got 100 km in 1.2 ltr
    best bike ever in looks.

  • subham

    this is coolest bike that i have ever rode in my life. this is my new cbz and hoping to go with it years. this proved really useful in racing in college and eventually it also defeated pulser 220 who was the defending champions .really it is the fastest bike.life off the edge

  • pradeep



    I am planning to buy a pulsar,RTR,Hunk,CBZ.
    Which one is best especially i amlookinf for mileage and style plz reply soon friends.since to buy in another 2 days

    • Naresh

      Ya u.r request nice but u take to CBZ this is gives u super mil an nice condition k

  • sathya

    hello guys

    am planning to buy a 150cc segment bike.. please suggest me from
    1)HH CBZX
    2)yamaha FZ-16
    3)yamaha FZ-S

    i am milage concerned and also ride comfor n ergonomics.. i am 6’2″ tall.. plz share ur experience n suggest me good bike..

  • vishal

    My head is blocked after all you guys reviews !!!!!!!!!
    Juss tell me one of you OR all of you :::::::::: which bike shud i opt for ? CBZ or The new Pulsar150CC . . ?

  • vijay

    Hi friends
    I am looking for an byke in 100-150cc which one is better

  • naved alam

    yes,this was my dream bike i ever had as my birthday gift,now i can fully rely on it with 150 cc engine,i can fully afford its mileage(40 kmpl).thanks

  • Uttam

    I am going to buy a 150 cc bike with in next 10 days.I am cofisued between pulsar 150 dtsi,tvs apache rtr,HH cbz xtreme,suzuki gs 150r .Could any one please help me in finding the right bike .I am looking for mileage and riding control/comfort.
    Could any one tell me the prices of these bikes in kolkata.

  • aero

    I’m 5′ 9″ and I like the CBZ-X over the Hunk. Should I go for it? I want to ride daily for around 50km on highways. Is it sutiable for my height.

  • Bunty

    Hi, all I own a Xtreme, its rocking. After much of research in 150cc segment, only 2 bikes stood out top. One is Xtreme and the other Yamaha FZ16. If your budget is 75K then u can go for yamaha, but mind you xtreme is value for money. I owned this bike for 65k, and its mileage is better than FZ16. So guys better go with this bike

  • Sumit

    old module of CBZ XTREAM is looking good but new module of CBZ multi colour is not looking good

    both megwheel are same is very good & different tipe of megwheel are looking very bed….so changes the CBZ XTREAM…..

  • saad mirza

    gautam: hey.. guys… i have to buy any 150cc bikes. can anyone gimme an idea of chosing one from the options cbz xtreme atft, pulsar 150, unicorn and apache 160 rtr…

    its da same here …. i too need a bike of 150cc ….. thought of CBZ xtreem .. jus wanted to know the its fuel efficiency…….. the bike has really a nice look …

  • Aditya

    CBZ is a good bike. Ppl who go for P150 are fooled by bajaj marketing that have crap technology, just naming engines as dtsi and dtsi 2.0 doesn’t make sublime technology.
    CBZ has got engine refinement, smooth gearbox, ultimate vibration isolation and low engine noise. Other bike I would suggest is Unicorn. That is also very good bike.
    Only thing to consider is your height and look of bike. CBZ is good for ppl with height more than 5’8”.

  • Richy

    Hi Guys,
    I’m planning to get a second hand CBZ Xtreme (2007 FEB). Guy is asking a rate of 42K. What do you think is the best price I can quote. It has run 28K kilometers. Please advice.

  • Jayant Nikam

    I Like CBZ Xtreme .I purches New cbz Xtreme Milage 40-45 Km Pickup very good,look very good.

  • ash

    o.k guys!!! hi every 1 . i am a proud owner of the cbz, i owned 3 cbz’z overall . 2 the legendary ones , 1st the silver and then the black , and now i have an extreme in silver as well.
    in my opinion , if you are that mileage cautious about cbz , after getting your bike tuned for that perfect throttle and the exactly needed mileage i think cbz is the 1 u need ..
    go for it , i bet u , you wont regret for buying this awesome ride , “one of a kind”, a real chick magnet , perfect handeling , hits 110-115 without any kinda issues , feels like you rule the road with those twists and tilts , far better from any other bike in its class . out of all the 3 i owned , never did i have any major fall , it grips the road very well ,
    mileage as usual is a issue but if you know it inside out like me im sure u can pull it up to 40 or 45 , thats a decent mileage for this monster .
    maintainance is a small issue as the spares are a little expensive , but then again if u get the bike checked every month and take care of the minor problems , that issue is also solved.

    guys if u want to go in for this bike and exprience the thrill go 4 it!!!!!!!! no regrets , other then my customized royal enfield , which i take it out only on the weekends , this bike is worth every last rupee that u spend for/on it…

    adios have fun

  • Indika

    My CBZ X-trim has some problems. Some times it has a engine miss and I have tried changing the air filter & spark plug.But the problem is still there.The bike is only giving 32 – 38 km per liter.my average speed is around 45 to 65. The biggest problem is i cannot go faster than 80 kmph. At 80 I feel the engine is noisy like it is working ower 100 or 120.The bike has done only 21000 Km.
    Can any one give a solution????
    I have already gone for 2 mechanics.



  • amarj

    hi guys,
    im thinking of buying a 150cc bike. but im worried whthr ill b able to handle it bcos all 150cc bikes are big and heavy.im about 6ft tall with a slender frame. would u suggest cbz xtreme fr me..?i tried riding unicorn and felt it was a bit big for me….

  • Indika

    Hi amarj,
    Hunk is lill bit low in hight so feels little bit comfortable.Try it out. If u a 6 ft x-trim also would be ok for u.Can any 1 answer my problam too pls??????

  • gurmukh singh

    hi,,,,guys i also having cbz xterme for past 4 years its amazing ……i challlenge every one nothing is better than cbzzzzzzzz,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Hey.. guys… i have to buy any 150cc bikes. can anyone gimme an idea of chosing one from the options cbz xtreme atft, pulsar 150, unicorn and apache 160 rtr…

  • Sagar

    Which one is better Cbz or rtr180 or Fzs !

  • Nawal kishore

    I purchased a new CBZ just a few days back.running fine at the moment but not sure how much does the bike drink fuel if driving at 40 Kmph? Taking care as the bike is in running-in-period.

  • Vignesh

    I think of buyin a 150cc… which l’b my 1st byk,for a beginner lyk me.Can u help me n getin one.i prefer CBZ-Xtreme,Unicorn… mileage (abt 50) n performance is a concern 4 me…n im 6.ft ht…

  • Ranjeet

    Please tell me which bike is more heighted(Considering the seat height) between:

    1) CBZ Xtreme
    2) Hunk

  • prashant

    Apache rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nash

    hi guyz,
    i need some clarifications on cbz…
    i am lookin for a bike which can do the best at long drive and in city roads..
    i knw i can take cbz for long rides but wat do u think will be the mileage wen i drive at 100kmph speed consstantly for more than 200kms and do u think this wld affect the engine..??

  • Vijay

    Which is the best bike between CBZ XTREME & HONDA UNICORN

    please guide me!

    1. Should be no vibration & no noice while riding
    2. Which is the fastest byke between 2 & which
    is suitable for long ride?
    3. Which bike is very good in its quality for maintainance?

    Are there below qualities in this?:::–

    Can you please suggest me?

    The following are my requests,:-

    1. Bike should be comfortable in City & for long ride!

    2. Bike should not be noicy

    3. Bike should be smooth while riding,

    4. Quality of the bike should be excellent.

    5. Should be helpful for longterm usage.

    6. Which is fastest bike betwen Extreme and Unicorn?

    7. Is CBZ Extreme old bike is better than
    New version(incase of perfomance, mileage)?

    8. Will CBZx vibrate more than Unicorn while on high speed?

    9. What is the Mileage of both? Is mileage of CBZ Ex
    decreasing bcoz of its speed?

    10. How about the light settings on both for night riding?

    11.What about the weight of these two bikes?

    12.Overal which performs well? *both ( CBZ Xtr & Honda Unicor)

    Please Suggest!

    • Overall CBZ xtreme 2011 is best, pls go for it , it having satisfy all of your above needs

  • fazil

    hi guys
    i was in doubt i couldnt decide

  • karthi

    all good with this bike, pl the mileage for this bike………….

  • Noel

    Due to bad road I fell of my bike and had a fracture on my hand. My bike got damaged. Is is possible for me to claim insurance in Delhi if I’ve bought my CBZ from Haryana?.My bike is one month old.

  • Deepak


    I purchased cbz 2007Nov bike avrg, Pcup, Look very good
    CBZ best bike


    here i’ll give u a comparison between two top most bikes in 150 cc segment.
    2.PICKUP – slightly lower lil higher but dsnt mke ny dfrnce
    3. Mileage- 52km/l 50km/l
    on highway
    4.hgst speed- 127km/h 125km/h
    note: don’t try to achieve 125 km/h on bajaj pulsar…it is dangerous…u’ll not be there anymore in this world if in emergency, breaks r applied. WHY? read the strongest point below:
    5. SAFETY/Controlling at high speed:
    BAJAJ PULSAR is worst at this issue…technical reason behind this is tht the C.G. OF THIS BIKE IS NOT AT THE GEOMETRIC CENTER OF THIS BIKE..which makes it DIS BALANCED WHILE BREAKING IN EMERGENCY AT SLIGHTLY HIGHER SPEEDS(90..100..KM/H OR ABOVE)..its CG is oriented more towards the front wheel which tends to skidding of the bike.

    whereas if v talk abt HH CBZ XTREME.. this bike is far safer than BAJAJ PULSAR at the above issue bcoz itS complete weight is distributed throughout means CG of XTREME is almost at the GMETRIC CENTER OF THE BIKE…
    you can experience this safety/efficient controlling on CBZ XTREME by breaking it suddenly at higher speeds also…but PLZ DO NOT TRY THIS AT PULSAR….your lover ones r waiting for u at your home. ride safely be safe.

    6.next comes RELIABILITY:(hoping tht reader knows this word)
    Material used and the manufacturing accuracy n precision maintained in manufacturing the engines of both the bikes is entirely of distinguished quality know how:
    Bajaj Pulsar’s engine material can not sustain creep and fatigue both after a limited period of usage..tht is why pulsar’s engine starts making dirty noise and vibrations which leads it to a worst mileage n pickup….
    whereas XTEREME is reliable at the above point being japnese technology..more accuracy n precision, good quality of material and m/f methods.
    no doubt pulsar has better electrical technology as compared to XTREME but it’s again not reliable…it’s not a proved technology. in many bajaj bikes one can find lighting failure…automatic choke failure…battery problems ..starting problems..n many more…
    these new technologies r still awaited in HH BIKES..may be due to non authenticity of these new technologies ..

    BAJAJ engineers…plz do better and try get rid of all these flaws….I hope our indigenised product will rise above all..we r waiting…
    for your safety:
    plz follow the traffic rules n make use of indicators properly, use of breaks properly, and yes dont try unexperienced styles of riding the bikes…rest u all know
    tht’s all dear readers and riders
    keep in touch……

  • Ron

    @Mr. JANGID
    Thanks for the valuable advice. The differences you mentioned are very clear. Now its easy to choose between the two. I am a die hard fan of CBZ extreme. Enjoy its ride. Cheers!!!

  • zzzzz

    ->CBZ xtreme any day better than pulsar in all aspects…..
    ->Though fz is LITTLE faster.. xtreme beats it on economy basis(mileage and price)…..
    ->Unicorn is better than xtreme in smoothness but xtreme beats unicorn in performance……..

    ->As for r15….bleh…..too xpensive…..low mileage….no comfort for long riders…..jus made for those havin a heavy

  • anurag singh

    cbzextreme is outstanding in mine opinion as compared to pulsar150cc.the only drawback of cbz is that of visor what we call.it’s too weak dat it can’t tolerate the jerks of the road nd gets damaged.it’s just in mine opinion.i don’t know anyone wold get agree by my statement.overall it’s obsolutely rocking.


    CBZ is a good bike. Ppl who go for P150 are fooled by bajaj marketing that have crap technology, just naming engines as dtsi and dtsi 2.0 doesn’t make sublime technology.
    CBZ has got engine refinement, smooth gearbox, ultimate vibration isolation and low engine noise. Other bike I would suggest is Unicorn. That is also very good bike.
    Only thing to consider is your height and look of bike. CBZ is good for ppl with height more than 5′8”.

  • raj singhaniya

    i wanna to purchase a 150cc byke..n am lil bit confuse between unicorn n CBZ xtreme…can ny1 suggest me which is best for me…i m 6’2tall…..i had a passion+…bt now i m moving to power byke…is cbz is good byke for me?

  • Hello Every one! I see lots of confusion with the new buyers.so am I.
    I am concerning unicorn or cbz .
    i like the style of cbz .
    But the only concern is mileage.
    how much unicorn would give and how much cbz will?

    I have seen lots of complaints about mileage in cbz is it reliable?
    does is gives poor mileage like less than 40 kmpl.?

  • saroj

    I experienced, CBZ xtreme has mileage 39.2 only in Kathmandu city.

  • muthu

    iam going to buy cbzx after seeing all the
    commands because cbzx always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Arindam

    Can any budy tell me which one is better between CBZ150 and PULSAR135??I prefer Pulsar135.Furthermore,Pulser135 has the problem of its sinenser???Plz,inform me soon,bcoz I’m hurring.



    I M 5′4 & 45 KGS.

  • Rizvi Meraz

    i m looking to buy cbzzzz xtm but surely i m confused due to milage . i want minimum milage of 50km/let.
    so can i go for this Bike

    • bijay

      no, cbz ex. is not for good mailage. it gives 40 to 45km/l

  • mit shah

    hey frds……
    i want milage of 50 km/l……..
    so plz tell me which bike i wil buy???
    i like cbz xtm…

  • Hi guys,
    im totally confused abt these reviews of p150, p180,p220,CBZ Xtrm and KARIZMA. Actually Im a big fan of pulsar bt people are get bored to see as many pulsars are on our roads. I think KARIZMA is better than any bike in indian market. Im verymuch interested in PULSAR, KARIZMA, RTR AND XTRME
    Im about 5.8 feet height with a weight of 60 kilo. You guys please suggest me which model is suitable for me. email me at spiderman_sundeep786@yahoo.co.in

  • Can u tel me d exact mileage of KARIZMA

  • Bhaskar

    I am 5’8″, planning to buy a motorcycle,for daily usage. For my work,I have to ride bad roads, please advise and suggession.

  • Hi bhaskar,
    go to test ride p150 n cbz

  • Bhaskar do u knw d accurate mileage of KARIZMA R?

  • Bhaskar

    Thanks Sundeep, sorry unable to tale u d accurate milleage.

  • Sundeep

    Hai Bhaskar
    Same Engine is used in CBZ Xtreme and HUNK.
    in my view old CBZ is better than the New one.


    Is any new model for CBZ Xtreme is releasing this year ……….please give me reply……..


    Is any new model for CBZ Xtreme is releasing this year //

    please give me reply


    Is any new model for CBZ Xtreme is releasing this year //please please reply me At—-r


    buz i buy a cbz…this month…so plz plz reply me

  • karthikeyan

    hi all!
    for the past 3~4 months i have been making analysis on 150 cc bikes to be bought,which i like to share here…

    first i thought of getting fazer bt the bike is costly(82k),second seat is short,mileage is 40kmpl,height is smaller.

    personally i didnt like apache and pulsar.

    suzuki gs 150r —- suzuki not so familiar in India for bike.

    finally cbz xtreme or unicorn.

    I am just 22 yrs old. so i mind look of ma bike.

    * mileage in unicorn is 50 kmpl. u cn expect 45kmpl in cbzxtreme.
    * engine is smoother in unicorn(i hve ride),i mean comparatively.
    * both are almost same in height and length

    so all together … both bike are same since look cbz xtreme is a modern bike, but except for the large tank the unicorn is just a performance item….

    bike is more than a traveling vehicle…..

    so final choice of mine is cbz xtreme…
    i will report here after 30 days from now i.e once i get ma bike….
    c u soon… 🙂

  • karthik

    hi, i got my extreme today, and i love my bike like anything……………………….
    ll post the performance after a month……

  • Prashant

    Hi all,
    my hight is 5.8′. Please let me know, CBZ xtreme is ok for me… I m crazy about this bike in any other aspect….. 🙂

  • jitto

    hi guys . can any tell me which is the best bike in 150cc.

  • karthikeyan

    hi again.
    Today i went to two showrooms one 4 hh-vcbz xtreme & one 4 h- unicorn

    I am 6.1″. and ma legs are too lengthy.so when i sit in unicorn i need to sit at mid of first & second seat to reach the gear lever as well as break.but in cbz there is no issue.

    when i place my self in cbz for the first time today.. i felt like wow!

    And the price onroad (chennai) march 2010 is 66100/-

  • karthikeyan

    hi jitto

    accord to me best in 150 go for unicorn.. if u need style next in line is cbz xtreme.
    dont thnk that its forun for cbz xtreme so definetly ot will be recmted.

    I hv been searching for good bike for past 5 mnths. its my exp.

  • karthikeyan

    hi Prashant.

    i dnt thnk that there wl be a prb reg. height.
    what i wl recommend is go to a hh showroom and ask for a test ride r at least a chance to get seated on the bike if u c’ld get a cbz for just a look at ur home place

  • karthikeyan

    hi again i heard that cbz xtreme mileage is improved for now….. giving a mileage 43 n above

  • Vijay

    Thanks for your valuable feedbacks dear Karthikeyan!

  • Prashant

    Hi Kartikeyan,

    thanks a lot for a suggestion…..i m closer to the decision to buy xtreme 🙂

  • Prashant

    My friend’s Xtreme gives mileage 55 km…..Even i have used that xtreme for a month….it really gives 55 km avg…..

  • Karthikeyan M

    WOW nice to hear such a mileage from cbz

  • umesh ingle

    this bike is very good purches in 28 feb 2010

  • karthik

    hi i got my xtreme 5 days back and its really awesome to drive this bike……..
    i love the most

  • Prashant


    What is the on road price(@what place)??

  • Mohit bharat

    In May or June 2010 hero honda will give face light to its two bike Hero honda Extreme and Hunk…..I heard in Extreme HH going to incorporate the long waiting Digital Meter and thick front telescopic forks (Both even my preference). In hunk Digital meter, read disk brake, step up seat, LED tail light and rear fat tyre…. Im sure this will bring a neck to neck competition in both bikes… But Mates…. It’s all customer advantage… undoubtedly this will increase the price as well……
    Roll up your sleeves Guys….. HH is ON!!

  • Mohit bharat

    In May or June 2010 hero honda will give face lift to its two bike Hero honda Extreme and Hunk…..I heard in Extreme HH going to incorporate the long waiting Digital Meter and thick front telescopic forks (Both even my preference). In hunk Digital meter, read disk brake, step up seat, LED tail light and rear fat tyre…. Im sure this will bring a neck to neck competition in both bikes… But Mates…. It’s all customer advantage… undoubtedly this will increase the price as well……
    Roll up your sleeves Guys….. HH is ON!!

  • kranthi

    hi am kranthi…i bought cbz extreme red and black combination…and this is gud but mileage is giving only 40 to 43km per litre…though i drive in normal speed 45 to 60 speed..wats the reason…can i get above 48 mileage..? i drove till now 7300kms and 4 services over till now…

  • kranthi

    hi i hav cbz extreme bike and till now 7300kms over and 4 services over…my engine is noisy sometimes and even not giving mileage above 48kmpl…???

  • kranthi

    I have cbz extreme bike and while driving in bad roads from bak it gives sum sound in my bike..i thinl sumthing like shock obsorbers or sum pushing sounds near chains… till now 7300kms over and 4 services over…my engine is noisy sometimes and even not giving mileage above 48kmpl…???

  • Santosh

    Hi Friends
    I have purchased a new bike CBZ Xtreme red & black combination in the month of February-2010.Actually, CBZ Xtreme looking is very good & mileage more than 50km to 55km (not bad)…..I LOVE CBZ XTREME……

  • karthikeyan

    Hi Mohit bharat !

    Just today march 13 i booked cbz xtreme….
    I was wondering
    Y dnt i get digital spedometer in cbz.

    Is ur info true? where u got the info?

    i hve bookd the bike when they deliver, will they deliver new one r the bike that outdated as on march 13(the date at which i boooked)

  • Divyanshu Shekhar

    I own the new edition of CBZ Xtreme and it rocks.

    From rider’s comfort to looks … ..From silent engine to smooth pickup .. .it thrills

    One thing is true that due to over sales of bikes, HH service stations are overloaded and ur bike might become a victim of neglection . . .u can c loads of servicing related complains

    Mileage varies from 48 – 57 km/l . If u ride oftenly at 60+- km/h

    u would definitely get above 50 mileage . . . . On highway it goes 57 +-

    I have achieved 57 and a minimum of 48(rough riding)

    Most people don’t read the user manual.

    It states that before 2nd servicing it’s recommended not have triple ride and go above 70 km/h

    Moreover, we don care about tyres’ pressure …just leave it at the carelessness of air filling provider.

    Even a strong bike needs am love and care . . .then she will pay u off . . . .Need 4 Speed …ha


    I have CBZ XTREME, and it is giving me he mileage of 65-66 km/ltr, do you believe?? i am also shocked after testing my bike. GREAT CBZ by GREAT HERO HONDA, CBZ is the HERO of hero HONDA !! N INDIA YA YA YA YA YA YA!!! its a EXTREME BIKE.

  • Karan SIngh

    I know where the Xtreme stands. I have in a black colour, which is look damn attractive, and iam the only one who can cross it above 120km/h and this is not fake i have done so many times, the handling is awesome and you can turn ur bike at 80km/h its amazing.

  • mangesh

    hi frnds im planning to bye my 1st bike but dam confused in CBZ extrem, apache RTR 180, hunk ,new unicorn & in new pulser please guide mi on the basis of performance & looks

  • Divyanshu

    Since, bike is generally 1 time investment .

    I suggest u to go for reliable engine like Hero Honda . Pulsor is okay too.

    I would rather not recommend u the bike I didn’t mention (though it has short height and tight looks, but engine sounds too much and mileage …..forget it)

    If ur city is not conjusted .. .I would blindly say CBZ else Pulsor or yamaha fz series

    I am a collegian, so I have rode multiple bikes from my batchmates and personally own CBZ

    Believe it or not servicing remains a main concern coz no 1 understands the feeling attached with ur bike oder than u !!!

  • rahul sugur

    hero honda xtrem is bike was the very heavy compremise the pulser and apache and overall very efitiuntly bike for avrage
    and this bike is maintenance free i like the cbz xtrem
    the all above is the right word suitable for cbz xtrem

  • rohit

    well to tell abt ma byk.. its the most comfortable and best bike i hav eva rode … the speed and initial pick up is damm gud compared to pulsar 180 and 200…it goes to a rpm of 10000-11000 and to a speed of 135km/hr….and more ever i use filter of k n n .. it suits the bike… and the mileage is also gud..35-40..

  • rohit

    hello friend…. i stand 5feet 6 inches tall…. does extreme suits me?????????

  • Mohit bharat


    Divyanshu Shekhar on March 14, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    My information for xtreme and Hunk is 100% correct, one of HH top shot is very good friend of mine so there is no doubt on that.

    Even yesterday i saw the prototype of digital meter, which is quite impressive and comes with Amber backlit color… digital meter consist Speedo, 2 trip meters, real clock and average.
    The digital meter color is quite light (like in Apache) as compare to Pulsar DM.
    No backlit switch option available in Xtreme and Hunk (Quite bleak) + the bike will be 2~3K more expensive as compare to current price tag!!

    Bikes will be available by the end of July or August but company is planning to introduce before Deepawali.

    For sure I’m eager to book one for myself and undoubtedly it will be HUNK.

  • karthikeyan

    hi Mohit bharat….

    Thx for ur confirmation…

    but the news that cbz with digital meter will be launched in deepavali is disappointment to me.

    Bcoz i am going to take the bike in month of april….!

    Is there any chances for me to get with Digital speedometer @ april itself….

    Kindly let me known

  • Mohit bharat

    Hi karthikeyan on March 21, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    I don’t think that you’ll get the face-lifted bike. The production is not been started yet and will start in April~May 2010. Soon i’ll post you the HH Digital Meter and step-up seat pics.

  • karthikeyan

    Thanks … Mohit bharat
    Eagerly waiting for your posting

  • Nash

    hey huyz wer did u get the info abt cbz cumin with digital speedometer…??
    r u sure pls reply wen r they gona release it…

  • rehan

    Every one! I see lots of confusion with the new buyers.so am I.
    I am concerning unicorn or cbz or pulsar .
    i like the style of pulsar n cbz .
    But the only concern is mileage.
    how much unicorn would give and how much cbz will n pulsar?

    I have seen lots of complaints about mileage in cbz is it reliable?
    does is gives poor mileage like less than 40 kmpl.?

  • karthikeyan

    hi rehan

    No confusing needed,

    # pulsar 150 cc gives mileage around 40-50 but the bike is no so reliable…. usual pulsar comments, if u trust in pulsar then u cn go for it.

    #unicorn best in mileage among 150 cc bt no style, n sporty look

    # cbz xtreme good look(depends on person taste)
    reg, mileage hh has improved the cbz xtreme , nw the new bikes are giving around 45.
    those comments which bothered you might be due the bit older bike

  • sat

    cbz is have a nice bike

  • kamalraj k

    Dear all,

    I got a CBZ Extreme on feb’09 at Hosur Tamilnadu from RAO & KHAN Motors PVT LTD.The vehicle starting pick up is very very good. I proud my CBZ Xtreme.But nowadays the following problem is coming.

    1. When i purchased after the 2 nd day rear wheel drum was changed.
    2. After the 07 days front wheel disk break was changed.
    3. After the 20 days rear wheel alignment is gone. (Due to wheel bend is happen).
    4. After the o6 months I have found engine abnormal noise.
    5. After 1 year pick up is very very worst performance. Regarding In our hosur place is hills area. My vehicle moving toward a higher place not smoothly. I was reduce the gear up to 2 nd gear.i did not get any positive result.

    Very very important.

    1. Hosur RAO & KHAN Motors PVT LTD service is very very worst.
    2. Every service they have done just water service and oil cleaning. Many times I was fight with the dealer MD also. No result.

  • Ankur

    Hi Mohit Bharat … No updates from long time… we r waiting 4 more news of hunk and CBZ. Has been the production started or not ?

  • Mohit bharat

    Hi Guys,

    Even my patience meter is also pumping very high to post the pic’s of new HH Hunk and CBZ, I’m still waiting for the prototype pic’s.

    surely post it soon… You’ll also find fat rear MRF Q tread tires in both bikes, it’s give macho look to rear end and much better than the present Y tread MRF tires. I am sure you guys must be having the same opinion on this?

    Those who are going to buy new HH specially HUNK and Extreme, please halt your deal for time being if you want to be a proud owner of Super Jazzy HH bikes….

  • kali

    hunk is much better than other 150 cc bikes it is good in peformance, camfort I have tried it it is far better than any other 150cc bikes if you are buying any 150cc bikes it is far better to buy hunk it also has good looks

  • Ankur

    Thanx Mohit for your instant reply… yes i was about to buy HH Hunk but now i think its better to wait for 3 months more. Thanx for informing before. we r waiting for pics

  • Hiten

    hey guys,
    i m planning to buy a new bike
    my first preference if CBZ Xtreme
    can any body help me with this and pls can anybody tell me whats its current price ?????? pls

  • Hiten

    hey guys,
    i m planning to buy a new bike,
    my first preference is CBZ Xtreme..
    can anybody help me with this ??
    and can pls anybody tell me what will be its current market price ?? pls

  • karthikeyan

    Hi All !

    I got a chance to have conversation with a HH guy, he said that currently HH has stopped supply and delaying the same due to remodeling of bikes….He adds that life time maintenance battery,outlook changes, digital speedometer etc are to be added!

    I have already booked cbz extreme at 13th march !
    Very much excited to see the new one and if possible own it too.

    By the way in Chennai by march Cbz extreme cost 67,000 on road.hope Mr.Hiten got his answers!

  • yashas

    i am thinking of purchasing a 150cc bike.i am
    happy with looks n other things.but i am
    doubtful about the road grip of cbz,bcoz tyres r
    very slim.

  • chandru

    actullay when cbz extreme new digi meter come…
    i already booked on 25 feb 2010, but the sales man told it will cum on 5th may….it true wa…

  • joell

    abe digital meter skzz itzz meant for kidss HH please dont do that

  • mohit bharat

    Everyone query related with HH Hunk and CBZ will come to end very soon!
    First of all they bikes will hits the showroom in end of September but of course before Deepawali….

    The digital meter prototype has been designed and rest modifications like step up seat, wide tires, clip on handle bars, rear LED lights for Hunk etc. also been finalized with HH.

    I’m trying to get the SPY images and will share with you guys very soon without any malice..

    Apart from this TVS is going to launch 220~250cc bike (85k~95K) which might give clear competition to HH ZMR.

  • Nash

    Divyanshu Shekhar
    thx for those infos abt the digi speedo stuff…
    u said u had a peek at them rite….try to post some pics can ya..?

  • manoj

    Hi ,
    is the step up seat for hunk alone or for cbz xtreme also.

  • mohit bharat

    forsure for Hunk but not sure about xtreme.

  • Prashant


    Now I m with my new CBZ xtreme!!!!.

    it rocks…..

  • Karthikeyan M

    Hi prashant.
    It nice to hear that you bought the Bike.
    continue to post ur opinion,mileage on this forum.
    Did ur cbz is equiped with digital speedo meter and all?

    By the way have safe and plesant riding exp.

  • Prashant

    yehhh, i will let you know the mileage within two days….

    going to travel 250 kms on NH4…… 🙂

    no man it doesnt have degital speedo meter…

  • Sunny

    i want to buy 150-160 cc bikes this week but i am badly confused between Yamaha FZ16, Hero honda HUNK,CBZ extreme and apache rtr-160…please mail me your expert views at milestocover@gmail.com

  • Rancho

    I own a CBZ Xtreme ATFT model.
    Its a great bike smooth and silent.But, I am Facing a problem of very mild vbrations from foot pedal and right handle bar grip after crossing 50kmph only. Though these vibration donot increase even when at 80kmph. Can someone plese help over the issue.

  • vishal


    i buy this black new ccbbz xtreme
    its owwwwsome bike
    its pick up is great and really it s goto 0-60 in just 5 sec really its greatest bike ever

  • joell

    hi gyzz i am planning to buy a new cbz xtreme on june 2010………but my brother is asking me to buy KARIZMA(second handed of his friend) which has run only 7000 kms nd he sells it for 55,000……no scratches no damage..shiny yellow colour……….gyzzzz plzz suggest me wat to do PLZZZZZZZZZ

  • karthikeyan

    REPLY TO: joell

    My suggestion would be go for new bike cbz xtreme
    coz xtreme gives more mileage than karizma
    and karizma is going to be second hand bike, which will not give you full satisfaction and happiness as when u buya new bike.

    My strong recmentation is cbz xtreme.put 11,000 rs more and get new cbz xtreme .

  • shaik

    i want to buy 150-160cc bike iam confused with yamahafz cbz extrem, apache,and unicorn so plese help me and mail me imediatley

  • joell

    tnxx karthikeyan tnx dude i am going for xtreme

  • Monu sharma


    Any idea about Yamaha Fazer, I have seen this bike several times and must say it has macho look, the only thing that disappointed me was the rear tail piece, No LED tail light, rear tinny stop light which looks ugly!!

    Apart from that rest of all features are exceptionally good.

    Does anyone has the bike and if someone has than kindly through your exp. and comments here on this blog please.

    Last quick question- Whether can we consider long time reliability with the bike without kick start mechanism and totally dependable on electric start.

    Do let me know please…


  • karthikeyan M

    No confusing needed, Shaik

    # FZ: if ur are short the fz will be preferable,mileage 40 kmpl,yamaha brand great resale value, nice color and design available,bit costlier 75k/- RS.Major drawbach is ,second seat is short, if u dnt mind it you can go for fz

    #apache:if ur are short the apache will be preferable,best in range,68k/- rs,the front part is bit slope if ur are ok with it,go for apache…..best look,sporty and stylish

    #unicorn best in mileage among 150 cc bt no style, n sporty look

    # cbz xtreme good look(depends on person taste)
    reg, mileage hh has improved the cbz xtreme , nw the new bikes are giving around 45.
    those comments which bothered you might be due the bit older bike

    Alltogether if ur short go for apache if ur tall go for cbz xtreme!

  • hemachandar`

    when did cbz xtreme speedometer cum 2 chennai……

  • Arun

    Hi Prasanth Are you travel that 250 km’s in NH4 , if it over plz share your feedback’s. I am a cbz lover since from the very first model (old 156 cc) and still for its all variants .But one thing is that notorious for its mileage drops ,specially above average speeds(more than 60kmph) ,it is natural that cbz like bikes cross average speed frequently because its used by young’s like us.Was ATFT made any difference ??? Is this technology equivalent to F.I in new Glamour 125cc??so i waiting for your response after that long ride of 250 kms.if it give 50 km/liter i book it very soon so plz let me know ….

  • anand

    hai…i like cbz xtreme…but my height is 164 cm or 5 4′..will it diffficult for me to ride the bike.?/?pls help

  • anand

    hai…i like cbz xtreme…but my height is 164 cm or 5 4′..will it diffficult for me to ride the bike.?/?pls help…..my email id id anandmohanc@gmail.com

  • Vijay

    Get a surgery!

  • Prashant

    Hi Arun,

    I completed by journey of 250km on NH4….. But I took care not to go ahead 60kmph speed, as its brand new and not yet completed even single servicing.
    It gave 57 mileage.
    I heard it will be definately increased after first some servicings. Even 57 mileage is not bad….

    Now I m using in City, will let you know how much mileage it gives in city. 🙂

  • joell

    gyz i am gonna book xtreme within 15 days but a thing confuses me itz about the colour which i must choose??? HOT PURE RED OR black with reddish alloy nd stickerss??pllzzz can some help me …………according to me the pure red is astonishing////

  • karthikeyan M

    i would prefer black with red alloy.thats actually fast moving color(info from HH show room)

  • Prashant


    It just gave me 43 kmpl mileage in city while it had given 57 on NH4……

    Please let me know about ur experience about mileage????

  • Sanak

    Hey guys, m usin my cbz since last 1.5 years, in normal conditions givin me a mileage of 52-54 kmpl. Its rocking. Cbz is incomparable to any other bikes.

  • adithya

    hey guys i hav bought cbz extreme new model both black alloy wheels just 30 kms done smooth engine and nice pickup

  • AKG

    Hi All

    I’m planning to buy cbz xtreme next month…but after hearing ‘bt new model coming up….which my have digital speedometer and wider rear tyre’s,etc…

    Can anyone tell till when it ‘ll be launched???…b’cse ‘ll wait 4r new model…

    reply asap…

    Thanx in advance

  • Amber

    Hi Bikers…

    I have own CBZ extreme and very happy with bike performance and pick up…Superb bike….great riding ….MUST Buy CBZ Extreme

    ENjoy Riding …

  • Ankur

    Hi Mohit Bharat, What happened dear….. have u got some pics of new digital meter or of bike.

  • mohit bharat

    Hi Ankur,

    Its taking time brother and trust me leaking HH product in advance is not a easy GAME. but im sure I’ll get one for all of you very soon!

    Thanks of the patience…..

  • Nash

    hey Mohit has been tellin is 100% true cos wen i checked wit the herohonda show room they hav been tat they have ceized the production of CBZ for the realease of the nxt version….

  • ankit sahay

    i have cbz xtreem.the bike is good but the milage of bike only 35 km/litre. and i am not satisfied with this.

  • ankit sahay

    pleas send me mail “ankitsahay123@rediffmail.com” and tell what is the exat milage of cbz xtreem euro II version

  • AKG


    Till when we may expect d next launch??

    Nash please mention d name of showroom and place…

  • tubai

    hey guys,
    happy biking wid xtreme

  • joell

    hii all…. i have booked xtreme on 24.05.2010…the show room person says it ill take 1 month to deliver…..after getting my bike ill share my reviews with u gyzz byeeee

  • abbas

    hey frnd i m totaly confused to buy bike.
    so pls sgstn me k which one be the best.

  • Prashant


    if ur hight less than 5 8’……
    think for avanger..

    Else CBZ xtreme is best….

    BTW…there is much difference in both?? right??

  • Prashant

    BTW…there is much difference in in prices of both?? right??

  • Arun

    Hi Prasanth ,
    Thanks a lot for your reply . See your 2 posts , in first you said that highway it gives 57/liter .But in second post you give city mileage. Its only 43 , its not a good figure. even that you ride below 60 kmph .Are you satisfy with that ? I expect around 50 km/liter ,is that attain after 1st service .so plz let me know your opinions and reviews .And what about the overall performance you feel?

  • Arun

    HiPrasanth ,
    Thanks a lot for your reply . See your 2 posts , in first you said that highway it gives 57/liter .But in second post you give city mileage. Its only 43 , its not a good figure. even that you ride below 60 kmph .Are you satisfy with that ? I expect around 50 km/liter ,is that attain after 1st service .so plz let me know your opinions and reviews .And what about the overall performance you feel?

  • DEV

    Planning to take Unicorn or CBZ Extreme. Can someone suggest me to take best bike in this two.

  • srinivas

    Hi.. I bought a CBZ Xtreme at Sai Ram Mototrs, Bangalore…The bike’s performance and riding comfort is good, but the mileage is really pathetic. It is giving me just around 32-35 KMPL.My bike already underwent 3 free services, but the showroom guys are unable to tune the mileage further…if some one knew any performance tips..please help me out here..some times I feel like I have been doomed by this pathetic mileage of this bike.

  • karthikeyan

    Hi guys i have been posting here frequently all know abt cbz !

    I booked a cbz xtreme and got the bike in hands by may 15th 2010

    the bike is extraordinary in all aspects except the mileage.

    Till now i have reached 120 kms .
    I get only 33 km per litre(constant speed 40km/hr). its too low. What shall i do?
    will the mileage be increased after first service?
    Is for every one the mileage was so when you bought the new bike?

  • Nitin

    when will HH launched CBZ X-Tream with digital speed meter please tell me if anybody has surety

  • Prashant

    Hi Arun,kartikeyan,sriniwas

    i bought xtreme on 24th april.
    It had given me mileage 57 kmpl on highway…and 43 kmpl in city.

    i am expecting mileage around 50 kmpl in city. Lets see if it will give after 1st servicing.

    I liked this bike very much in all other aspect. best pickup, smoothness, suspension……..

    As i read the manual, the bike should be drove less than 60 kmph and it should not be accelerated quickly at least up to first 500km…and try to drive as smooth as possible, if you expect better mileage later.

  • Mohit Bharat


    Quick update for all of you – fully loaded CBZ extreme will hit the showroom on first week of July. Its loaded with Digital meter with light amber color with rectangular shape along with tachometer, step up seat,
    rear disk brakes (still have doubt on it), front bezel.

    On road price will be 70K in Delhi.

    Honda also introduced CB UNICORN DAZZLER but i personally don’t like it.

    But trust me Mates HH not gonna break you hearts….

    Games has been started……

  • AKG

    Hi Mohan

    Thanks for your info…..nw eagerly waiting for first pics of new CBZ xtreme….from ur side…hope u get them before d launch.
    Have high hopes from HH …..n waiting to buy d new bike.

  • Hiten

    Hey r u sure about the new version of CBZ

  • sanat

    Syed: Hii Guysssss….I am 5′6 in height…i am thinking of buying this bike…will it suitable with my for my height????????
    dear frnd..i’m 5.7’in height n won CBZ extreme..handling is perfect..designed 4 all..u’ll hav better confidence while riding it thn others…

  • Ambuja Panda

    Hi Friends,

    I am planning to buy CBZ extreme but getting confused because I am quite thin, height is 5’9” but weight is 52. So can’t decide wheather this bike will be suitable for me or not, but very much interested for extreme. Please suggest me whether I ll go for it or any alternate will be good for me………

    Thanks in advance

  • ravi

    do all know that cbz xtreme bike is giving mileage upto 55 kms
    after completing the servicing,while servicing it gives around 45 kms…………..

  • rakesh

    i want 2 buy a bike ranging 4m 125cc-150cc.i was attracted much 2 cbf stunner.but i learned bike riding recently.as it has no bumper guard n paints my go out soon i was afraid of buying it.my next option is cbz but it has no sporty look,not so attractive as stunner n everything is k.i was very much concerned about look .i cant decide. wat 2 do? please reply me soon

  • karthikeyan M

    Thanks Prasanth & Ravi ,

    I also took my vehicle to showroom for informing about mileage.a guy there informed me that cbz will give mileage 50kmpl(100%).

    But still i am only getting mileage of 30 ~ 35 kmpl.

  • Atul S

    I am using XTREME from three years, it requirers too much maintenence, exaxctly on time service failing which you will be ruined. in 150CC segment pulsar is always a good choice, go for BULLET in 150CC+ segment or buy SPLENGOUR+ with closed eyes.

  • vinod kumar reddy

    hiii guys extreme is awesome its mileage is ranging 4m 50-57

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  • surya

    I own a CBZ Xtreme 2009 model.
    Its a great bike smooth and silent.But, I am Facing a problem of very mild vbrations from foot pedal and right handle bar grip after crossing 50kmph only. Though these vibration donot increase even when at 80kmph. Can someone plese help over the issue.

  • surya

    I am Facing a problem of very mild vbrations from foot pedal and right handle bar grip after crossing 50kmph only.

    Can someone plese help over the issue.

  • AKG

    Hi Mohit Bharat

    any updates of the new CBZ xtreme bike,as m waiting….Can u give ur email id ,so that I my directly talk to u ,regarding this.
    mine is – ashish@jssaten.ac.in

  • joju53

    hii guyz i have heared some complaining abt VIBRATIONS in CBZ xtreme and i have a solution for that……………1} make sure that u reach the 50 mark speed as smooth as possible slow nd steady wins the race remember that 2} MAKE SURE THAT U SHIFT GEAR AT APPROXIMATE RPM DONT BE IN A HURRY TO RAISE THE SPEED be patient………………….make sure u r gear shifting rpm must be accurate enough so that not even a single sound must come out of u r vehicle try this process for atleast 600 kmz then u r vibrations will dissapear……………….TRY this process this will be damn useful

  • joell

    hi all i am on my new cbz xtreme its an awsome bike smooth nd silky engine cant express my joy on this bike……… so comfortable bike sporty seating and design i am 5.7 nd who said this bike isnt suitable for shorties????any one above 164 cmz can use this bike……gyz dont miss this bike while deciding to take any other 150cc bikes….cbz xtreme rocks

  • Ghk

    gys i have taken exellent mind blowing pics of CBZ XTREME but dont know how to upload it on goole and in internet any one can help me regarding this issue???i have taken all views of the bike including night view… ….more than 50 photos i have !!!!!!all shiny photos

  • Arun

    Hi Prasanth ,

    Any recent update from you? mainly about mileage. hope you Finish a 2000-2500 kms . Waiting for a genuine opinion.Satisfied in all parameters? what about the suspension?

  • joell

    hey guys i am getting milage of 50-55 in city and 65-70 in highwaysss

  • amkit verma

    hi guys, this is ankit, i m 20, i have been using YAMAHA RX100, since 4 years and i am bound for instant pick up, now i wana upgrade my bike to a 150cc one & i m mad for extreme, only the thing is that will it provide me a millage of 50km/l?????
    so if u r a cbz extreme owner than please tell me the exect data???

  • Ganapathi.D

    Hi Guys, Dis is Ganapathi.D

    I was simply crazy about this Bike,CBZ Xtreme and got 1 4 me on april,2009 regardless of my height. Latter I come across some handling problems with this model, having 5’5″ height.

    Dudes, make sure that U got good height preferably more than 5’8″ then this awesome bike looks awesome 2 U aswel. But the intresting part all is I had got a huge amount after resale which only can happen with HH models.

    The Bike simply Rockzzz with lovely sound…..

  • Lokesh Chopra

    i guys, i m lokesh……..
    i want buy a bike, but my height is 6’1 inches….so which bike will be more comfortable for me, CBZ xtreme or Pulsar???

  • amkit verma

    hi guys, i m ankit,

    i got to know that cbz extreme is getting a facelift, is it true??? does anyone know the real matter?? bcoz i m gona buy this bike soon, SO IF ANY ONE HAVE ANY UPDATE, news, photos, configuration, specifications regarding the up-comming new cbz model please, please inform me. my id is : “ankit.civic@gmail.com”,, so please inform me


  • Prashant

    @Locesh Chopra

    buy CBZ xtreme… This is the bike for highted people like you… I m using xtreme even having ht 5 8”

  • vikas

    X- Treme is more powerful and comes with loaded features while sporty unicorn symbolizes performance and makes sense for practicality (even after named sporty). If you look for a sporty bike to intimidate your friend then choose CBZ X-Treme but if you are a looking for a family bike pick the Unicorn.

  • vikas

    CBZ extreme and Unicorn. Both these bikes features five-speed gearbox – a one down, rest up shift pattern. Unicorn scores over CBZ X- Treme in being economical, Unicorn returns a combined fuel efficiency/mileage of 52kpl as against 48kpl returned by CBZ X-Treme. Unicorn is meant for performance savvy and CBZ X-Treme for power savvy.

  • balachander

    hai i am also one of the person who is using the bike but my point of view i have crossed the bike with the speed of 135km/hr its really amazing and its max milage is 60 in bye pass at the speed of 50km/hr only ok cool have a fun riding and if anybody gone more faster than this speed

  • joell

    135km\hr that rocks even i am gonna try my top speed…………….. i can do that soon let me first complete my 1000kmz……..

  • vicky singh

    i m having a 2yrs 6 month old cbz extreme its handling & balancing is dam good thats y i can say cbz extreme is extremly good as any other 150 cc bike…….

  • Ankur

    @Mohit Bharat
    Hi Dear!! Now as per Your info are we really getting new cbz in this first week of july. I am seriously waiting for your comments.

  • Nash

    hey mohit,
    its july nw bt nt a sign of the new xtreme….

    waz up wen will it be reaveled…??

  • vishnu

    Hi all my friend
    iam vishnu. i got my cbz xtreme last wed (29/06)i almost driven 207km im getting only 45km mileage. my 1st service is not over yet. will my mileage improves after 1st service. i drive between 45-60km/hr. does i need to do anythng?

  • suhas

    i m living in mumbai ang i want to buy CBZ-extrem ATFT but i m confuse about mileage.new cbz can realy giving mileage between 45 to 50 on city ?.pls give me best advise.

  • chintan

    which one is better amongst hh cbz xtreme, hh hunk, bajaj pulsar and h unicorn? when the new updated model of cbz xtreme will be in the markets? watz the price of xtreme in indore and in ahmedabad?

  • santoshhh

    what is the rate of cbz xtrem in hubli(karnataka)

  • Pradeep

    I am planning to buy a second hand cbz extreme. It has following details
    Model : Jan 2009 (1.5 years old)
    KMs run : 8000 Km

    Price asked : 46000

    kindly let me know the on road price for a new one.
    Also let me know if it’s worth to buy this one at the mentione price.

  • karthikeyan

    Hi Pradeep ,
    On road price of cbz xtreme is 67,000/-
    My opinion : the price is high, 30k to 38 is the right price…

  • vivek

    i am going to buy cbzx TODAY .wil it b delivered immediately ?what you suggest for good performance of this bike?can i get the new model with digital speedometer?
    Please reply immediately…

  • Prince

    I have cbz xtreme from 3 yr and 2 months…….. and i driven 24082 km ……. And i got mileage of 55km at speed of 70-80 on highway….. And 49 km in city…… It is best bike made by HH… If you want to buy bike around 150 to 180cc…… My advice is to just go for it……

  • Mohit Bharat

    Hi Guys,

    Regret to say but the bike launch has been extended due to certain reasons!

    Also, as of now they have incorporated changes only in HH xtreme not in HH hunk as they don’t want any competition between both segments. Also Hunk will get Semi front faring (like in Karizma R) and expected early 2011.

    The face lifted xtreme will be available before Deepawali this year.

    I am still waiting for Spy images and once I’ll get it will post them on xbhp.com.

    Also, would like to reiterate face lifted changes in HH xtreme :-

    1. Digital Console with Amber color backlit
    2. step up seat.
    3. clip on handle bar.
    4. Fat Q tread MRF tire at rear (Same as in Pulsar 220CC)
    5. Rear mud flap.

  • Sanjay

    I am really happy with the CBZ Extreme, dont want to compare with Old & Original CBZ. Good Pickup, good transmission, easy handling as compare to other bikes, good mileage(I get 55 in City, 60 on long drives If I drive constant @60, mim 50 even if I stretch it over 80). Handling is easy and ride is comfortable. The only grudges for the Front Disk which is very fragile. Another thing I observed when I met with small accidents 3-4 times that it just had a few scratches on leg guard(No breakage). The lamps & indicators are designed to fit so well for a self protection. would write more later on.

  • jojoxtreame

    hi folks
    i m going to buy this machine in 25 july2010 . so my doubt is
    about new cbz xtream when will they launch it .should i wait for this or go with old one pls tell asap beacause i going to pay 67k for this machine .

  • Rohit

    Hi everyone!! Even I have to buy cbz in this month… so can any one tell me when it is going to be launched ??

  • Dharmendra

    Hi readers,

    I owned CBZ xtreme one month back. Everything is fine with the bike expect the vibration when the speed crosses 40kmph. Till 40kmph the bike is running smoothly. Friends, has anyone ever experienced such problem???

  • karthikeyan

    Hi dharmendra,

    I too bought cbz xreme at 13 june 2010.
    I too had the same problem.
    Dont worry, its not a problem at all.
    Ride ur bike @ only 40 kmph.
    Finish your first service, still ride ur bike @ only 40 kmph.
    After 1 month of your first service, top your bike to 75 kmph @ a stretch.
    Repeat this for 3 4 times.
    Your bike will turn into good.
    This is my own experience.

  • arjun

    guyzzz plzz help me
    wats the sound commin 4rm my cbz xtreme engine…
    i think its a TAPPET sound,is tis curable….
    plzzz help me wid u r valuble suggestions

  • jojoxtreame

    hi folks im still loking for answer .
    nobody knows when they launch new cbz xtreme .then why you
    giving this kind of news when you dont even you whether they are true or not ????

  • arjun

    guyzzz plzz help me
    wats the sound commin 4rm my cbz xtreme engine…
    i think its a TAPPET sound,is tis curable….
    plzzz help me wid u r valuble suggestions
    help me

  • geetesh dabhi

    I have my own cbz extreem this bike is very lookable and have a large size. its engine 150cc gives smooth sound compaire than pulser 150.

  • jojoxtreame

    hey folks any update
    about new avtar of xtreme .ibooked my xtreme
    on 27 july as i said earlier but dealer told me u hav to wait for a month . now i am worried about wether they give me digital meter incoporated cbzx or old one
    pls tell wat shud i do ????
    and wat would be cost of new CBZX
    mohit bharat pls reply soon wid spy cam image

  • Mohit Bharat

    Lots of circles, questions and concerns all of you guys must be having for HH face-lifted Extreme and Hunk…. we have had lots of stipulations that bikes will Launch in July, August or September and before Deepawali and so on.

    Well, News for all of you, HH will introduce HH extreme face lifted version only in beginning of September 1st week 2010!

    The new bike consist :- Digital Meter, Step up seat, Rear Fat tire and different Head Lamp.

    Moreover manufacturing has been started at their Daruhear Gurgaon Haryana plant.

    The bike cost is above 65K on-road in Delhi.

    Spy images for all of you very soon!

  • Ashok Kumar

    Coclusionly Xtreem is anice bike but two demerits of this bike may decrease the selling.
    1.Minimum Milage between 40 to 50,which is so serious factor for now a days
    2. Gear Style ,which is more Problemetic but the Pulsor-150 and Unicorn-150 have well gear system.

  • jojoxtreame

    thnx mohit bharat for ur concern i am willing to wait for new cbz xtreme .pls upload spy cam pics as soon as possible so tht we can know more this new avtar of cbz xtreme .

  • vishnu

    go and ask your dealer whether they will give you new model or the old one. i think they will give you the old model bcoz HH have a large stock of present model. im worried that i bought this vehicle a month before n new 1 is cmng. there will be a increase in price. it will be 70+ on road at kerala.

  • vishnu

    sorry @ jojo

  • jojoxtreme

    i asked dealer for the same he told me he havnt any info about new launch so they are not able to give new model . so i told them to cancel my booking and said if hav any info about then call me because i hav 100% correct info.
    lets wat he will do ??
    mohit pls post spy cam pics asap ?????

  • nilesh

    iam nilesh iam not a owner of cbz extrem but i have purchase in before two months i have one problem in cbz extrem they have not launch in silver colour so pls launch in silver colour so i have fulfil my dreams

  • jojoxtreme

    hey mohit any update or anything about launch please say something our life in your hand man
    pls update us ASAP

  • prince

    realy great but some starting problem…… i done 25k and only one is that it start 10 -15 kicks……. otherwise it is great bike….

  • Mukesh

    Hi All,

    I am from Gurgaon and visited the HH plant for update on HH extreme.

    I got success to capture this information that facelifted extreme is in production but its lauch month is still tentative!

    They are sayin that bike will release in 2010 year end or in begining of next year.

    There is ambiguity in terms of launch…. but guys the new facelifted bike is going to lauch and its a Happy news for everyone….

  • jojoxtreme

    hi mukesh thnx for ur update .
    have you seen any facelifted xtreme ther and also bharat mohit is saying that the bike will be launch in 1st week of sept so pls can conform this launch date for us because lots ppls are waiting for this new bike even i am refused to taking current version of xtreme but now as u rsaying it wil be launch on year end that will be bad news for us .
    pls conform launch date for us and if u r able to capture some images of new cbz-x then let us know .
    take care buddy

  • Nash

    Gud newz alright…its realesing soon bt wish they wld realease by sept as mohit said….

  • hi mukesh thnx for ur update .
    hav e you seen any facelifted xtreme ther and also bharat mohit is saying that the bike will be launch in 1st week of sept so pls can conform this launch date for us because lots ppls are waiting for this new bike even i am refused to taking current version of xtreme but now as u rsaying it wil be launch on year end that will be bad news for us .
    pls conform launch date for us and if u r able to capture some images of new cbzx -x then let us nknow .
    take care buddy

  • Nash

    guyz.. the nxt version of hunk and super splendor r gna be released the pics of hunk r out with led taillight and digi speedo etc… hopin to see cbz soon…

  • Suraj Gopal

    I’ve purchased CBZ Xtreme black with black alloy wheel. The 1st time when I drove my bike, I was a bit puzzlled about the gear pattern and my friend taught me. But that’s no flaw in CBZ as I was not knowing this gear pattern. But within few minutes, CBZ itself taught me how to use it!! Wonderful, isn’t it? If you were new to CBZ, then only you would know my experience. When my roommate drove it, he simply fell in love with my bike and repented that he should have purchased CBZ xtreme instead of Honda Shine. My bike takes me smoothly without making noise (though new bike, of course). This is my first day experience of CBZ Xtreme, all pleasant, memorable, enjoying, and romancing!! 🙂 I love this CBZ xtreme.

    Now comes the most horrifying part of CBZ xtreme’s life. I have been dissappointed to the greatest extant by the showroom guys, there way of approach, behaviour, time of delivery. Frankly to say, “HERO HONDA SERVICE IS ONE OF THE WORST SERVICE IN INDIA!!!” They are not at all bothered about customer satisfaction. They got their Rs 68000/- and thats all, who cares that who goes to hell? This is their intention. At the time of booking, they told I’ll get my bike within 15 days, but after 15 days, when I called them (in fact, they are supposed to call us and let us know the status), they said “Bike havn’t yet come, it’ll take another 15 days. And after another 15 days, when I called, they said another 15 days. In this way, they made me wait for 1.5 months. One day, I got irritated a lot and fought with the manager and complained to him about his staff’s ignorance. He then called for his manager and asked him to allot me the bike as soon as possible. That afternoon, I got a call from them that y bike has arrived. I payed the remaining amount and they told they’ll send for regn. I’ll get the number within 1 week. Again, after a week, I enquired them that I’ll get number in another 3 days. Still I didn’t get the number!! See, how worst the Hero honda service is?? Though the product is good, service and customer approach is the worst of its kind!! 🙁

    In a nutshell, CBZ Xtreme bike is excellent, Hero Honda showroom guys and service is the worst in the world (in fact, universe!!).

  • Suraj Gopal


    I want to again stress on the above post which I made.

    🙂 CBZ Xtreme is the superb bike, everyone likes it and admired my decision of choosing it. If I were to rate my happines of purchasing CBZ on a scale of 1 to 10 (1-Worst, 10-Excellent), I would rate 9.5.
    JAY HO CBZ Xtreme!!

    🙁 The behaviour of showroom guys, their negligence and arrogance has nullified my happines of purchasing the bike. If I were to rate the HH service and behaviour including staff on a scale of 1 to 10 (1-Worst, 10-Excellent), I would rate [-1 X (10^99)].
    Hero honda service and staff MURDABAD!!!

  • raj malik

    Must admit about this blog….

    the facelift information released in very well advance..

    Good job Mohit and quite sure xtereme must be on its way!

    I am from Mumbai and pround owner of xtreme 2009 model and was planning to switch to hunk but when the saw this blog!

    i just halted my plan….

    Thanks guys, It feels so good to know certain things in advance and credit goes to all you champs..

    keep the good working going…


  • Nash

    hey mohit i too was holding up my plans trustin on ur wrd… any wayz a little time more and its time to reap…. and do notify fr more updates guyz….

  • jojoxtreme

    hey mohit
    where are you man ?????
    we are really confused about launch its around 2 month but no sign of launch . pls do something about to get launch info brother. u know we are loosing patience man
    pls update asap
    atleast get some spy pic so tht we are assured about new avtar of cbz x.
    take care

  • basil

    hello friends iam planning to buy a new 150cc bike and iam planning to buy unicorn or cbz xtreme .iam in a confusion about the mileage of cbz xtreme i need atleast 50 mileage so which i should prefer unicorn or cbz????

  • hey folks
    after so many query i hav got nthing .
    hey mohit are u gone forevr or you r busy pls atleast
    say something buddy .
    u hunk is already in the showroom tht means u got u dream machine but what about us man tell me something about launch or any thing related to xtreme .

  • dinesh

    hii friends,
    i want to buy a 150cc bike…
    can you suggest me which bike would be the best in mileage among HH cbz,Honda unicorn,rtr,pulsar 150,fzs

  • Mohit Bharatw

    Hi Guys,

    Regret to say this but the plan for xtreme has been postponed as of now, due to some competitive reasons! Basically introducing two face lifted versions of HH brand the same time could lead competition in HH 150CC bike segment itself.

    So, on a safer note HH might introduce the same later this year or may be by the end of this year.

    Although, the HUNK news you guys must be aware of…

    You will see the facelifted version of xtreme by the end of year 2010 or May be in the beginning of 2011…

  • karthik st

    hi friends,
    can u help me how to remove speed limit of my cbz xtreme

  • Aadhithya

    Hi Mohit,

    I have CBZ extreme which is 3 year old and now i am planning to new CBZ but as per your update it will take time to come on road.Can you please let me know once its release ok.Very much waiting for buy the CBZ.I was about to buy Yahama Fazer but after reading u guys review i stopped buying that bcoz CBZ is sexy bike in inda.Please let me once u get any info.Thanks.

  • Bala

    Hi Guys.
    There is no such CBZ coming up.One of my friends friends uncle working for HH and he confirmed that there is no such plan for HH for this year.If at all HH plans then it will for 2011 as they dont want to Hunk to get affected in business.For me its confirmed news so lets buy the some other bikewith is equal in features.If any body has some other news pls put in your comments

  • Ankur

    Hi Bala, So are you sure that very soon we are going to receive new hunk. Can you please tell us in detail about this new revamped Hunk

  • Bala

    Hi Ankur,

    Yes i am sure abt CBZ.Hunk will be soon might be this monthend or starting if next month that is deepavali.you can find yourself abt Hunk in this link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua3rdnnTJ_Q&feature=related
    People who said abt CBZ is very much quite now.So ita all your decision.

  • joell

    GUYZ I recommend herohonda to increase the cc and BHP of cbz xtreme may be upto 220 cc so that it can beat pulsar 220 ……………….because cbz xtreme has more handling capability than karizma so plzzzzzz

  • kirtan

    guyz,i have a discover135cc dts-i(digital)
    i go 0-60 in jus 5 seconds many times!!
    with 13.1ps,its surprisingly powerful..
    i feel like m driving 150 cc byk..

    but now, my bike is 2 years old and m planning to buy a new one.
    my budget is 65k to 70k m confused between honda dezzler(rear disk brake) and cbz/hunk….i want quality,milage and performance..which to choose…????
    plzzz help me..

    • Aryan

      Hey dude this is aryan from AHMEDABAD i own cbz from last 4 years and its a great bike belive me if u have height same as me i.e. Above 6’ft n need good milage of 55 – 60(if drive properly) dan go for cbz n if u dnt hv much height dan go fr hunk which is nw also available with d option of rear disc n digital speedometer bt if u dnt wnt luks n power n just ned milage above 60 dan go for d dazzler boy

  • kirtan

    which one to choose??
    dezzler(rear disk) or cbz or hunk???

  • Bala

    Hi Kirtan,

    If you are looking for quality, kmpl and performance then please without any hesitation go for honda unicorn dazzler but if can lettle compramise about kmpl then go for hunk or cbz.Not much difference might be 5kmpl.both HH and honda are very good.

  • joell

    go for cbz xtreme u will get more than 55milage in city if u ride smoothly in city ….if you are fat in size then ill recommend hunk to u because cbz is a slim bike

  • kirtan

    hey guys,sorry but i 4got to tell u that i’m 6’1.
    so i want a byk that suits me in this tall hieght..
    pesrsonally i like honda dezzler(jus b’coz rear disk)but the concern is about my hieght..
    so plz reply……….

  • Karthikeyan M

    Hi kiran…
    I am 6’1 too n choosed cbz xtreme 3 months back mainly due to height.Bindly go for CBZ xtreme. the tallest of all bikes.(Lierally called as horse in my local).CBZ is perfect for people who are above 6 “.

  • Deepak Kale

    Hi guys ! I own CBZ xtreme n want to share the bike review … I hope it will help

    1)Looks : It is not that good looking but not bad too. If hero honda makes looks better bike will be in great sale…. I don’t like headlight design… 7/10

    2) Engine Performance : Dude its very good… My bike have run about 6000 km. In first 4000 km, it was ok but after after 4000 km its very good… Mainly i want to mention because I run my bike above 70-80 but still my bike rocks… There is no engine noise at all. Engine is smoother n firing is very good. 9/10

    3) Mileage : Good for 150cc bike…. In first 4000 km i got around 40 km/hr but later I am getting 45-50 km/hr ( I run my bike always on 70-80… not on economical speed )… Still acceptable mileage 7.5/10

    4)Riding Comfort : Good for taller persons… If you are tall then you will love the ride. But short persons will not love the ride because bike is heavy n tall. Its heavy in weight. Seat are little harder. 8/10

    5) Gear Shifting : Its not that good could be better. Actually its not smooth as honda-yamaha bikes. I complained hero honda service centers but no use. 5/10

    Pros : Performance, V. good Engine, mileage ( considered about 150 cc ),

    Cons : Looks, Gear shifting, Hero honda service ( specially pune paud rd service center not satisfying. , No proper management at all,)

  • ajuksunny

    anybody please help me…………… I am experiencing a different problem in my one month old extreme………my front disc brake is making some `kee kee` noise while running I complainned to dealer, but no response they telling me that it will be all right when you riding more km s but still the problem is persisting even after one month.One onether problem is I feel my handle so harsh in unpaved or slight uneven roads what might be the problem somebody please help ……….

  • karthikeyan m

    Hi ajuksunny

    Believe me. i had the problem of front disc slightly rubbing with the brake. after two months it got over.If its rubbing noise its ok. but if its different then u need to take care.

    • virendra singh

      hey my front brake is also making kee kee noise when i roll the bike with hand from inside to outside my home. is it normal?

  • karthikeyan m

    Hi all ! i have a confusion

    i own a four month old cbz xtreme . but i feel bad about my choice. why didnt i take pulsar.its smooth,pickup is good. stable + more features.

    What do you guys say?

  • ajuksunny

    hi karthikeyan, thanks a lot for your valuable reply,you know I `ve sent the same content to hero honda regional office. that that stupid guys don`t even write a reply to me. please sent me your mail id if you don`t mind to discuss some problems I also feel that I had a bad choice……

  • Rajesh

    Hi ALL,
    Being proud owner of CBZ ATFT, I wanted to share some info.
    I bought my first bike (CBZ) in NOV-2009 in Bangalore. Riding comfort is really good. Initially faced some vibration problems till 1st service. but after service done It become very smooth.

    I completed my first long drive from Bangalore to Vijayawada (almost 700Kms). It was a great experience. I didn’t come across any problems during this trip.
    Now it is already crossing 8K. In fact to say mileage is not that much satisfactory. (38-45Kmpl).

    Overall rating is 8.5/10.


  • Rajesh

    Any body from bangalore please suggest me:

    I want to change horns and headlamp for my CBZ

    • Saber

      well Rajesh u can go to JC road n change the horns and headlamps, thrs a shop name motor bikes. u get gd modification parts of many bikes thr..

  • ajuksunny

    I feel my front suspension very stiff and jerky. have anybody experienced this problem …………it`s barely covered only n1000 kms

  • Rakesh

    The bike is really one of the best in its category still little shortcomings.

    I own a Xtreme since 3months. It gives me a mileage of 45+ in Kolkata City even with frequent operation of clutch. The Leg guard is wide enough to save your legs in accidents to a great extent. I had an accident a week back in which I was hurt very little because of leg guard. performance is really good. smooth acceleration, proper braking are added advantage.

    shortcomings what I found is the grip in bike. rear wheels are normal(not wide enough) to give you better stability in turnings. Be careful when you ride. Think as you are riding. concentrate on the road.

  • Bala

    Hi Guys,

    Good news for all the CBZ lovers.Today i have book the CBZ Xtreme with digital console.I bike is expected to be on road in months time.Both CBZ Xtreme and HUNK will come to market on the same time but CBZ Xtreme with 180cc or 200cc(which is not sure), Digital meter, Wide tubeless types, New look visor, New look silencer, Back disc brake, Only self start and Mono cross suspension(again shop owner is not sure).This configuration is as per shop owner said and without seing the bike i have booked the new CBZ Xtreme by selling my CBZ Xtreme 2006 model.I am very happy and just waiting for the bike.

    • joju

      there is no such cbz coming plz dont waste u r time book for the afft one

  • ajuksunny

    I feel my front suspension very stiff and jerky. have anybody experienced this problem …………it`s barely covered only n1000 kms…………………..

  • subrata naga

    I Want to letest model bike picture

  • abhaya

    Is it better cbz for milege
    i am going to buy ,so tell me about cbz more .
    i want better milege and comfort byke ok

  • joju

    u will get 55+ if u drive smoothly at 50kmph trust me…

  • prince

    i like my cbz xtreme….. but now after 30000km i want to change my bike…. disc brake is not good… it gives very prb… it produce loud so.. which irritates u… as i change leather twice bt prb nt gone… i like tvs
    apache disc brakes so i decided
    to go with rtr 180…. bt i don’t like tvs tyres.

    many says it give only 35-40kmpl bt i got 45-55kmpl.. as i drive at 70-80.

  • hi dude and every one cbz was osom yr, because for its low noise. hppy riding.

  • hi every one cbz ws osom yr becos of its low noise. hppy riding.

  • elesh chaudhari

    i want pictures of new cbz x trem in all colors. Because i want to take this bike. So p/s send me pictures on my mail id.

  • kavi

    CBZ is looking good & performance also & stylish.I am taking at CBZ in 2 month

  • Rameshwar Pawar

    The engine used in CBZ was used in Hunk. But I reviewed Hunk first and then tested the CBZ, so I wrote it that it was same as Hunk. Both have theoretically the same mileage.

  • Rameshwar Pawar

    guyz,i have a discover135cc dts-i(digital)
    i go 0-60 in jus 5 seconds many times!!
    with 13.1ps,its surprisingly powerful..
    i feel like m driving 150 cc byk..

    but now, my bike is 2 years old and m planning to buy a new one.
    my budget is 65k to 70k m confused between honda dezzler(rear disk brake) and cbz/hunk….i want quality,milage and performance..which to choose…????
    plzzz help me..


  • Prashant

    My opinion : the price is, 50 thousand is the Best. cbz”X

  • Dilip

    Please let me know whether i should go for Yamaha SZ-X or should i go for CBZ xtreme? Or are there any other bike i can look for?

    • Prateek4u

      i thnk u should go with the cbz

  • Prateek4u

    Hello dilip as per ur question i thnk u should go with the cbz xtrm.. sz-x is nt a familiar bike for the indian roads.cbz will be best for u im postng some specification of xtrm it might help u.. weight= 143.00 kg
    ground clearence=145.00
    whell base=1325.00
    max torque=12.80 nm@6500 rpm
    qualiyties= it bannr hh company,exxlent pickup
    disqualities=milage 40-45 km,gear its lttle hard

  • vidya sagar

    hi friends myself vidya sagar… i am 5.6″ height can u suggest me whether cbz xtreme suits for me r not..can u reply me 2mrw its urgent…plz send me msg to number 9985095252 or email : vsagar483@gmail.com

  • i want digitel meter in cbz.plz help

  • Argha Dey

    Which is better, CBZ Xtreme or TVS Apache rtr 160? I am confused? Plz help me.

    • Alston

      hi ..i would ask u to go ahead with TVS Apache ….My CBZ Xtreme is hardly 7 months old and am facing a lot of trouble …

      • Savio

        Hi Alston

        Are you from goa ? . and u mentioned that ur are facing a lot of problems with ur 7 months old cbz extreme. can i know what problems are u facing as i also own a cbz extreme for the past 6 months.

      • Alston

        first i had problems in the self then any how it was rectified ,then my front shocks oil seal broke every time i go to keep it for repair they say come tomorrow, and worst the bike vibrates when it crosses 50km

  • Parag

    I am 5’11 i like cbz Can i go for this bike i had taken a test drive. I had bajaj xcd 135 dts-si facing a lots of problems tail light not turning on, two times repaired spark plug not good handling. Father has passion plus older than my bike till no problems. Dont even take bajaj bikes.

  • Karthik

    Hi frnds……!
    I hav booked CBZ Extreme. But problem is i will get the bike after 1 month i.e. in December. Can i expect any change in model of CBZ Extreme in upcoming few months…? Plz Guys let me know if u are updated about this….

  • nash

    actulay altson i too am facing the prob in the frnt part of the bike the disc gives out a keech sound the frnt suspension is having a lot of play…and the wrost part it the handle bar is wobbling a lot..and the engine cap is nt sealed properly which inturn causes oil leak…my bike is jus 1 1/2 mnth old jus 1200 kms done… am jus waitin for the 2nd service…

    • Savio

      Hi Alston and nash

      i would like to advise you to take this matter with hero honda service center firmly.if they dont try to rectify them then just takeup the matter with hero honda company as you have paid more than 65 thousand rupees for it.i also had many issues with my cbz extreme and i resolved them by actually fighting with the hero honda service center guy in verna goa.

      if you tell them politely they wont even listen to you.for example. paint of my rear handle bar was coming off on its own after 2 months. i told the service guy about it and to change it under warranty he just told me that nothing can be done.then i told him to give me the service job card (servicing card) of my cbz. he asked me why then i told him that i will write a letter to the company stating your service and if i m not entitled to claim warranty and i had a heated discussion with him then he got my handle bar replaced under warranty.so just see that your work is done.
      also while doing your free servicing for your bike just stay close to them and see what they do to your bike if they check everything mentioned on the servicing manual as they just ignore some checks on free servicing bikes as they get only 50 rs per bike from hero honda company as labour charges whereas they get around 200 rs as labour charge on paid servicing from customers.so its obvious that they will do the servicing more keenly of paid servicing bikes and they also tend to ignore some checks as they feel that new bikes are problem free.and also tell them to put engine oil from 1 litre cartoon as i seen once that they were putting loose oil from a big container in my cbz and that 1 litre mug in which oil was put from the container was dirty with some small (minute) stones.

      Try to keep the bills of changed parts under warranty as if any problem arises in future then u can file a case in consumer forum and you can prove that your bike had problems from the start.

      As for the vibration problem just get your engine mounting bolts tightened and your engine valves checked as this has helped me lessen the vibration in my bike.and dont ever touch your carbeaurator tuning youself or outside mechanic as this will worsen the vibrations and if you have touched it then go to service center and tell them to tune it again for you from start.

  • ninad

    please tell me…….that can a guy with a height 5ft 6 inches(me) drive this bike without any problem?????

    • harsh

      i m also 5’6″. and i also wanted to know the same thing.
      please somebody reply soon…!!!

      • Sukanjan

        Yes, I am also 5’6″ and about to get the bike soon, I want know the same. Someone please reply.

  • Rajeev Saxena

    Hi All,
    CBZ extreme is really gud bike. I was confused in bikes of 150 Cc , I had 3 options Pulsur , CBZ Extreme and Apache , I took ride all , but found Cbz wonderful…I purchased it u all don’t believe that after first service it gave me average of 45 L/km +. which is really gud in the range of 150 cc Bikes.. Performance , Balance , Look , Features overall is good.

    Thanks Rajeev Saxena

  • karthik.v.p

    Cbz xtreme has an amazing pickup compare to any 150cc segmaents bike.But the looks of cbz is not good.hero honda can give digital speedometer for cbz.compare to pulsar 150 its very good in mileage as well as pickp but the looks of cbz is not pretty good.


    I am 6ft5inch.I want a durable 150cc bike.I booked CBZ XTREME bike .. but i heard abt that bike had lot of problems …… Is it true ????? please suggest me.

    • Alston

      i would request u not 2 go for it instead buy Honda unicorn or Yamaha fz ,Apache

      • Savio

        i also request you not to buy cbz extreme as it has vibration problem, go for honda bikes like dazzler . even yamaha is good but dosent give good mileage.

      • Jovito


        I would like to state that CBZ is a good bike.

        what I like abt it :

        integrated lamps at the front and rear.
        good mileage when rinding at speeds of 40 kpmh (gives around 50 kmpl)
        dual shocks (unlike Unicorn and Fazer)
        Good height and really stable.
        Good centre of gravity.
        Good resale value


        engine paint chips off slightly
        service guys do not care for your bike
        Parts sometimes not available
        Service is bad(they wash the bike, then service it and return to the owner dirty)
        Vibrations but that is normal due to plastics.

        Dont go in for Apache. I really say thats a bad choice. TVS will plague the owner with lots of problems. I know from experience.


    Is there any upcoming new model in CBZ xtreme.
    please reply //……..

  • virendra singh

    hey my brand new cbz’s front tyre is not rolling freely. i mean if i roll it with hand on central stand it roll abt 2 aur 3 rounds and stops. is there any problem with my disc brakes…??

  • Prashant

    Hi guys,

    My updates about mileage of CBZ extreme. i own this bike for 7 months.
    – In Pune City (worst traffic) — 45 +
    – small city (moderate traffic)— 50+
    – On highway(with 80+)——– around 40 (goes on decreasing as speed increases)
    – On highway (with 50 to 60)— 50 +

    Pickup,smoothness,suspension is best among all 150 cc bikes as per my xprnce.

    Let me knw if anymore info you need..

    • Savio


      do u feel vibrations at 60 kms per hr mark near fuel tank n foot pegs ? n where u stay in pune ?

    • sam

      hi,i heard d bike is a little unstable n it make cbz more prone to accidents.is it true?plz guide. m abt to hav d bike in 10 days.

      • Savio

        hi sam

        would like to say that cbz extreme is stable even at high speed ( 110 kms per hr ). dont worry just go for it.

  • felz

    hi guys…….

    is there any upcoming model of cbz xtreme wit rear disk brake & digital
    speedometer & tubeless tyres…….. “new hunk” has got these features…..

    is it better to buy hunk or cbz xtreme ?

  • felz

    hi guys…….

    is there any upcoming model of cbz xtreme wit rear disk brake & digital
    speedometer & tubeless tyres…….. “new hunk” has got these features…..

    is it better to buy hunk or cbz xtreme …….?

  • Siju

    Hi friends!
    I had made up my mind to take CBZ Extreme till I read the above reviews! After reading these mixed opinions, m lil confused whether to go wth CBZ ext ATFT?
    I am 6′ tall and finally chose tis one leavin out YAMAHA FZ-16, Pulsar 180, Unicorn Dazzler & RTR 160.. m not really worried abt mileage in chennai roads but fear of maintenance prob as i can see many queries above regardin the vibrations, disc brake issues for CBZ Extreme in the above posts!

    Plannin to book the vehicle next week! Kindly give ur suggestion frienz!


    • kirtan

      hey siju,
      i’m also 6’1, n i’ve decided to book the new hunk with rear disk.
      considering all the features of both bikes.
      and got the new hunk a better choice.
      the same engine is used in both bikes..so there is no difference of power or torque.
      after that what u see is the new hunk having all better features than the cbz. i.e.:digital display, rear disk etc..
      the new hunk is also having led tail lamp..
      i just told my opinion..the new hunk is better..


  • Sree

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to take 2nd hand CBZ Xtreme 2006/2007 model.

    Is this bike has the self start?

    How much i can pay for it?

  • Arun V

    i am planning to get my first bike.
    My height is 6.1. i am confused abt deciding btw hunk and cbz extreme.
    Will hunk suite for my height or should i go for cbz?
    pls suggest.

  • Dharmendra

    Hi savio,

    My cbz is having the same problems what ur’s is having? Not able to fix it up even after 4th service also.

    • Savio

      hi dharmendra

      till now i have done my 3rd service and everytime during servicing i tell them about the vibration problem they do something to rectify it then it runs smoothly for about 10 days or so with no vibrations and then it comes again to haunt me after 10 days.my friend has done his fuel and air mixture tuning to richer side and his vibrations have gone since the past 3 months but he is getting very less mileage of 37 kms per litre driven at 50 – 60 kms per hour mark if driven at higher speeds then he gets 30 -31 kms per litre, but the vibrations are gone completely. i get around 55 kms per litre driven at 40 – 60 kms per hr mark on village roads. now i am used to the vibrations and i just ignore them.and now they dont irritate me like before.

      • Jovito

        hi Savio,

        Are you Goan?

        About the vibes you seem to be getting…

        Are do feel some moving parts making noise when vibrations occur.

        I also feel the vibrations but that’s normal when you push the bike.

        In India the 150 segment is considered as one related to performance. But in my opinion this is not true. Cruising at speeds typically between 40 to 50 wont give you any issues plus you’ll save your engine from wear and tear. Believe me.

        If the vibrations are bad do try to take it to a different servicing center maybe at Panjim, but please stand next to the mechanics when they service your bike.

        Also vibrations could be becoz of plastics at the fairing coz I had a problem with these.

        My overall experince is that Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme is a good bike.

        When I wanted to buy a bike I was waiting for HH to release a nice CBZ but was dissatisfied when Xtreme came out coz of the design. Took a little getting used to but later realized that the design was good as the lamps were integrated both in the front and rear.

        I also had minor problems with the bike. But managed to get these fixed. sometimes the service advisors dont understand the cause of the problem, so you really need to take them for a ride with you sitting behind as pillion or you riding and taking them as pillion.

        In case things are not getting fixed right do try to get in touch with the showroom owner or manager who may be sitting in the Sales section. Try not to argue much with the service advisors as this wont fix the problem.

        Most importantly do meet the manager and tell him abt problem so that he can get it resolved and also tell him service guys are not helping much at this.

      • Savio

        hi jovito

        yes i am from margao ( betul ) goa . where are you from ? if you are going to verna hero honda showroom then dont even give your bike for servicing with that SACHIN as he is a useless fellow who doest do anything. he acts smart and all when my rear handle bar paint had gone on its own i tried to claim it under warranty so i told the same to sachin you know what his reply was ? ” the paint goes by holding the handle bar with hands” i argued and fought with him then he replaced it under warranty. the other service manager is very good and his job is excellent i dont know his name but he is thin in nature.

        also when i had purchased the bike the vibrations were such that i used to feel like burning my bike by pouring petrol on it. it was very irritating. then i showed it to a private mechanic ( expert in hero honda bikes ) and he did some engine valve setting n now i have normal vibrations in my bike.i did 3 free servicings and had told the service manager of hero honda at verna mr. sachin to check my engine valves but that arrogant fool dint check it on all 3 free servicings he blindly told me that there is nothing wrong with valve setting , i could feel the vibrations on the fuel tank and foot pegs.i m waiting for my 4th free service in december end i will screw that sachin.

        do email me at glayzer78@rediffmail.com

  • Praful

    Could u Plz tell what is the best among CBZ or GSR because There is performance and milege diffrence bw both tell me that bike that has more these two factors

  • jayaram

    hi . i own the cbz extreme. its great. i travel almost 32km trough city still i am geting 57kmpl as average. great and superub bike for biker who want non stop entertainment…………………………..

  • ANil Thapa

    pleese tell me detail about CBZ bike like average, speed, prize etc.

  • mathews

    dear guys, i m planning to get a bike. i m crazy with cbz xtreme, with its black body colour and red alloy wheels,.. i m also crzy with the unicorn too. so which will be bettrer for me, i m not a tall guy, 163 cm…but i have rode unicorn a lot. never tried cbz xtreme…. i really appreciate all ur valuable suggestions regarding these two bikes. also about honda shine too?

  • Aravindh

    Hi siju and others,
    i own cbz xtreme atft and would lik to giv my opinion and i also own pulsar 150 ug4. Both are good bikes. Cbz milage is 53kmpl in highways in avg speed and i never tested it on cities. I live in chennai. Smoothness is its main advantage. Contrary to d reports, bike’s rear suspension is very much good and nothin to complain wit it. And most people here r tellin about d vibes. My bike has no vibration even till 100 and i’m damn sure about it, but wen my friend purchased d same bike i felt vibration near 50km and we complained about it in 2nd service and it was rectified completely. The bike touches 100 very easily and very much fastest till 70. My p150 also touches 100 d same way but it wil sound very harshly.
    And main difference is i feel very much safety while riding cbz. The disc is not as sharp as p150 but its for a reason. U dont hav to worry about d disc, as u can apply it in all speeds. It will make u skid or slip in any situation but in p150 it is not possible, u hav to apply it very much carefully. The probability of skidin is max in case of p150 and min in cbz.
    The safety, reliability, smoothness wit power, quality of parts r cbz’s pros.
    Digital gizmos, looks, electricals r pulsar’s advantage.
    If u ask my opinion, i would suggest cbz or dazzler.
    If u need killer looks and want to keep bike only for 2yr or short term, go for p150..

    • Savio

      Hi Aravindh

      can you ask your friend what they did to his bike during 2nd service that there were no vibrations ? it will be of great help to others too as all of us are having vibration problem in our bikes. i have done 3rd free service till now and i have been telling the service center mechanics to rectify it but in vain.

    • Jegan

      What do you mean here, looks U told no skidding in pulsar compare to CBZ at 1st and finally U telling CBZ is less Kiding compare to Pulsar.
      Please tell me correct thing , dont confuse. Id : jeganstin@gmail.com Thanks

  • Aravindh

    Sorry for d mistake. The cbz wil never make u skid. I missed d word ”never” in my previous comment.

  • syed hussain

    hi .frm some of the above comments i heard 1or 2 comments about the power of cbz xtreme atft. some of them told tht cbz has less pick up as compared to pulsar. so pls here let me tell u some thing abut cbz xtreme .cbz xtreme is compared with pulsar 180 not ok did u got it.one more thng it has a raw buster extreme atft power in it to chill the engine ok.i had a race with my frnd iam on cbz xtreme atft and he is on p180 .but any how pulsar 180 gone first but my cbz xtreme atft is almost all crosed rear wheel of p180 but not won the race as it is 150cc engine with 180.but it had a comition with it b’coz of its power.there is no other bike to beat the all new cbz xtreme atft in 150cc segment except the r15 the legendary track racing bike .thanks.pls any one tell me when the face lifted cbz xtreme gonna cum on roads pls rply me to ths id if you hav info abut facelifted cbz pls my id mirzaimmu@ymail.com

  • Swapnil Sur

    Hi Guys,

    M recently planning to purchase a cbz xtreme.But after reading all the above posts m a bit puzzled.Has the cbz xtreme really got the vibration problem?
    Please let me know ASAP.
    Thanx in advance.

  • Sukanjan

    Hello, I decided to buy CBZ X-treme will book the bike this Monday, but while reading few reviews online I find out that the bike is only suitable for tall riders, and I am only 5.6″. So please suggests me something, do I have to face problems riding this bike?

  • Santanu Ghosh

    I want to bye the new CBZ xtreame ,, i want to know if the is running in 40-60 kmph speed then what would the milege i get ???? Pls help me .. let me know the milege in accurate , Pls Pls

    • Aravindh

      in tat speed, i’m getting 53 in highways. dont know about cities

  • syed hussain

    ok brother swapnil sur there no viberation in this bike untill 125 speed trust me or else once try it.why don’t u take a test drive of cbz xtreme atft


    I am going to buy a bike .I am eying for cb unicorn or hero honda cbz extreme.I will use the bike actually for touring purpose.I am confused now.Please hlp me soon………

  • sai karthik

    am satisfied wit dis among 150cc bikes…………………….

  • SrikanthRao cirasanagandla

    Hi, iam srikanth. I am using cbz xtreme bike from past 1 year the bike looks very good. no other bike is like this.but after 50kmph speed vibrations r coming this is not good in this. pick up is also good.i reached 110km on my bike. suspensions r also not good. iam waiting for new cbz xtreme sports version. with good looking, without vibration till we r in 120 kmph speed.

  • William Davis

    Please suggest the right 150 cc bike for me.

    1) I am 5.8 and 85 kgs but my wife is 100kg.

    which bike i sud go pulsar 150 or CBZ 150?

  • Aravindh

    Hi savio,
    my friend doesnt know wat SC guys tuned but he says milage is low than before. I think u al guys sayin about d resonance vibration. Try to ride other brand bikes and u can understand tat ur vibes r least comparable to others. In my personal opinion, tis vibes occurs for those who does not change their gears properly in their run-in period

    • Savio

      Hi arvindh,

      i know why the vibes (vibrations) occurs in cbz extreme and u have also mentioned it and i have also tested it on my bike. when i tuned my carbeaurator air and fuel screw for a rich mixture then all my vibrations in my bike vanished and my bike was butter smooth but the problem was that my mileage was reduced to 30 kms per litre driven below 60 kms per hr.and i got 22 kms per litre driven between 80 – 105 kms per hour.

      hence the main thing to solve the vibrations in cbz extreme is tune the carburetter to a rich mixture ( if you dont care for mileage and want a confortable and smooth ride ). i have personally done it on my cbz extreme and my bike vibrations were gone.

      as i was getting low mileage i tuned the carburetter to factory settings and now i m getting 51 kms per litre driven at 60 kms per hour but the vibrations have come returned to haunt me.

      not only that my gears which were very hard also became soft and butter smooth when i turned to rich mixture.also my bike became very much smooth like butter.

      arvindh your friends bike was tuned to a rich mixture.and i rode pulsar 150 , apache , old cbz , my friends new cbz extreme all these bikes are giving normal vibrations which all bikes give. but my bike vibrations are just abnormal.

      Note: Friends dont tune your carburetter by yourself or any outside mechanic as they will screw (spoil) your carburetter and a carburetter costs a lot to replace it. and if you do the tuning then you will mess it all.hence do it with service mechanic only as they know best what is best for your bike as they are trained hero honda professionals.

  • chiru

    i love cbz

  • Delip Naik

    Hi everyone can anyone help me with this problem. While shifting gear it makes noise. Gear shifting is not smooth

  • Delip Naik

    Hi williams i think u should go for cbz it has better mileage, comfortable, and also broad seat. But its good for you if u take first test ride


    I thought CBZ x-tream bike is 1 no bike of all over India. I love CBZ.

  • senthilkumar

    Hi ,

    I am looking for Mileage as well as good Model Bikes. So I plan to buy 150cc Bike Unicorn / CBZ X . I am in Big confusion!!!
    Out of this 2 bikes, Which one is best one ?? please help me !!!!

    • Savio

      Hi kumar

      i would advise you to go for honda company bikes as honda has seperated from hero honda company . hence now the quality of bikes and spare parts will get degraded as you know indian companies (like bajaj) have cheap and low quality spare parts hence now they wont be good quality spare parts from hero honda.i personally own a cbz extreme if i had known about this seperation i would have purchased honda bike.

      • SUBHA

        go with yamaha is a supper bike maker in my opinion in 150cc segment r15 is best other wise fasser and if u go with mileage and power and comfort go with sz-x or sz-r ……………..

  • Delip

    Wishing everyone happy new year and enjoy & safe riding with your bike

  • anuj


    I am getting confuse between CBZ xtreme and CB Uninor. for me milage is concern I want the better average irrespective of any other feature in both above bikes as every day i drove 40Km.

    • SUBHA

      go with cb unicorn dazzler

  • sanjeeb kumar mohanta

    hi, i am sanjeeb kumar mohanta from orissa cbz xtreem is good motor vichel

  • Aravindh

    Hi savio and others,
    In headlight, ter is an option for led lamps. Can that be added? I fear that the mechanics will mess up with the electricals. Throw some light on that guys

    • savio

      Hi Aravindh

      wish you a happy new year.
      by led lamps do you mean to say xenon lamps in your headlight ? if yes then you can put xenon lamps in your headlight.but i have a bad exprience doing it. my cousin brother had opted for xenon lamps in his karizma.there were 2 types of xenon lamps with the dealer
      1. costed 180 rupees. which was duplicate ( no warranty)and whose light was very less compared to original lamps in cbz.
      2. costed 1200 rs which were original and very bright.( no warranty)

      my cousin opted for the 180 rs xenon lamps.he told the dealer to fit them and give so the dealers mechanics started fitting them and in turn they did some mistake and spoilt 2 xenon bulbs ( the dimer point of both the the bulbs was blown off and only 1 point that is full light point was working). my cousin was lucky as the dealer replaced them on his own for free.

      the original last longer with bright light but is very expensive .so if you want to buy then buy the original one.

  • Zakaria

    I also buy th bike…it hs much power…bt milage s the prob…handlbr is so soft…while going mor thn 80 kmph…it s shaking…tr 2 chnge the headlight…

  • Aravindh

    thanks for ur reply dude. By the way i meant, pilot lamps. There is a small hole in both the upper corners of headlight. What is that for?

    And do u feel the stock mrf tyre in front is good? I feel it is having sum problems in al xtreme bikes…

    • Savio


      i have seen the small holes but i dont think its advisable to put led lights over there as you will messup with the wiring. my neighbour had messed up with his wiring in his cbz and guess what his cbz battrey caught fire while he was riding the bike.and also it wont look nice as the holes are too small.

      regarding MRF tyres i dont have any problem with my front tyre as i feel confortable in it and never faced any problem like skidding and all stuff but i had faced problems with my rear tyre during rainy season as my bike used to skid if i bent it during curvy roads.but i never fell down.and if you opt for change in tyre ( opting for big size tyres ) then mileage will drop.i stay in a village and hence there is lot of rubble on the tar road but it never skidded.

      Dont forget to mention what problems you are facing with your front tyre.

  • Gupta


    I would like to buy a CBX Xtreme. Give some suggestions weather it is good or not. if good tell me which model is good….

  • Aravindh

    Hi savio and others,
    i’m facing slight wobbling in my front wheel in low speeds. In bad or moderate roads, i cant feel that. Many of the others r also reported that.
    When i asked my friends about that, they r telling their bike not wobbling. But when i took a ride in that, i can feel that wobbling, they r not noticing that.
    I reported that in first service. The mechanic took a ride and says, i do not feel anything wrong. But the wobbling is there. And it’s not because of tyre pressure.
    What should i do?

  • Savio


    ya there is slight wobbling in my bike at low speeds but its once in 0 – 15 days in my bike that too for 400 – 500 metres only then my bike is fine. if you are not happy then show a local mechanic who is good in repairing hero honda bikes tell him the problem as hero honda people wont help you.

    someone had asked someone on bike advice ( cant remember when ) this question.

    Question: people say that pulsars (bajaj) bikes are of bad quality then why do people buy them as everywhere pulsars are seen.

    answer: it may not be fully right but this is my observation.

    1. pulsar bikes have many extra features which other bikes dont have.
    2. less pricing and good mileage
    3.choices ( 150 cc, 180 cc, 200 cc, 220 cc) in same model with killer looks.
    4.good service: this is the most important thing which touched me when i had gone to bajaj showroom ( service) with my friends pulsar for servicing.my friend had told them that his bikes wobbles and creates a sound and there was vibrations in the fairings and the service mechanic opened the full front part of the bike in front of my friend ( this is called customer satisfaction, customer doubts should be cleared ) and they rectified the problem. and when on the other hand of hero honda . i had taken my cbz extreme for servicing at hero honda showroom and had told them about wobbling in my friends cbz extreme and the answer i got from them was that wobbling remains and it cant be rectified.they dint even check the bike .this is the difference between bajaj and hero honda service. nowdays people want good features and good service.and during servicing electricity was gone and when it came it was their lunch time but the service guy serviced my friends pulsar going for lunch 20 mins late.

  • Aravindh

    yes dude, hh service sucks now a days and they are overloaded with vehicles. They care least about our problems. Anyway i’ll complain about that in next service. And regarding local mechanics, i fear that they will mess up with front forks as my bike completed just 1500kms…

  • ajay dueman

    guys i got my CBZ on aug 19th 2010 …. i ve completed 4000kms
    nd i stil get d mileage of 49-51
    gr8 looks nd smooth ride
    recommended buy
    but make sure u drive in d range between 45-60 kmpl
    coz tats wen ur bike gives u d ultimate pleasure n mileage

  • juned

    I have Bugget Of 68000 So What Is A good Bike For Me
    Pulsur 150cc
    CBZ xtreme
    Tell Me Freinds ?

    • Aryan

      Hey go for cbz xtream u will definately enjoy it is d most powerful bike in its segment bt only les dan r15, n reade dis carefully if u need good average as me i.e. 50-55 km/l dan never to drive above 60 till ur second service n whenever u go for tour n ride continuosly at speed more dan 100km/hr dan it is needed to take stop every 1 hour but if u dive at 80-100 constant dan it can easily get u d average above 50km/l.BUT REMEMBER TREATE UR BIKE AS IF U WERE HER LOVER. Take care guys:-)

    • Street Aryan

      Hey yes u can change d exhaust n can install k&n air filter dis wil increase power bt wil also decrease average. STREET ARYANS LEADER- Aryan devda

    • Aryan

      Go for cbz xtream dude it is the most powerful bike in its segment after r15 bt read very carefully ahead if u want to get milage above 50km/l.Hey when u buy ur cbz never to take it above 60km/hr till ur second service is over n always drive on a constant speed n dont mesh up gears n breaks.AND REMBER TREAT BIKE AS IF U WERE HER LOVER.

    • Aryan

      Hey guys if any1 have any information about mahindra cevalo dat if it is going to b launched dan plz update

  • Aravindh

    does the high octane petrol like power, xtra premium, shell recommended for 150cc?
    Some say these are good for engines and some say it is not recommended for 150cc? What is your opinion.. Which will b better…?

    choice of bike totally depends on your requirement.
    If u need all that digital gizmos, and if you are ok with frequent maintenance, go for pulsar.
    Stunner has the combination of power and milage but dont expect it like 150cc. Xtreme is an alrounder…

  • Savio

    @ aravindh

    i had asked around 7 mechanics (4 hero honda specialist mechanics , 2 bajaj specialist mechanics , and 1 honda specialist mechanic ) about the high octane petrol like power, xtra premium, shell if its good for bikes but all the 7 mechanics told me that you will ruin the engine in the long run as its not good in bikes which dont use oil in petrol. atleast 3 mechanics told me that such fuel contains oil which is bad for bikes which dont use oil in petrol.

    so i advise you to use only plain unleaded petrol in your bike.and that too from a good fuelling station as nowdays not all fuel stations give pure fuel.try to findout which fuel station gives pure fuel in your area and refill only at that station as i do the same.

  • avkchaitanya

    hi, I would like to buy a CBX Xtreme. Give some suggestions weather it is good or not. if good tell me which model is good….

    • kaushal

      yes CBZ-X is good
      i am having it since 2.5 yrs
      it still gives me 55+ kmpl on highway
      and min 50 kmpl in city conditions
      but make sure u regularly service ur bike and change the oil for prolonged performance

  • Vinayaka.H.P

    Friends, I am planning to buy new 150 cc bike. I am confused in selecting the bike. I want durable bike with mileage atleast 50+ in city conditions. Will CBZ Xtreme or Unicorn Dazzler fulfill my needs? which one is better. If not please suggest other bike.

  • kaushal

    I have CBZ-X purchased on Aug 2008.
    my bike ran well till the last monsoon(i.e ran awesome for 2 years). during the last monsoon my bike had to run through 3 feet deep 10 mtrs long water stretch. my clutch plates were diminished and had to replace them and i did it b4 diwali but a good local mechanic. now after 3 months my clutch plate is gone again along with engine cylinder. i changed the engine cylinder and clutch at HH authorized dealer.still it makes cranking sound from engine. yet my bike gives avg 55+ kmpl. i have already spent nearly 7500 rs since last 4 mnths and yet they say i ll have to spend more 2500 rs for timing device. plz i need to know what should i do.


    • savio


      Dont ever repair anything in your life with outside mechanics as they tend to have duplicate parts and they dont take care when replacing parts as sand particles get into the parts along with grease and local mechanics wants your bike to get damaged soon or else they will be jobless. always service your vehicle at hero honda service center.

      my advice to you is take your bike to hero honda.tell them to open your bike and check properly what needs to be replaced and the other parts also if they are fine or else if you replace one part then the next part which needed to be replaced ( which you dint notice ) will get damaged and will also damage the part which you replaced.and hence you will be at loss.

      also make it a point to show your bike to an expert mechanic at hero honda as all mechanics are not experts at hero honda.

      • kaushal


        thank you savio.
        i will get the parts replaced.
        and one more thing.
        till date i have been using IOC extra premium petrol for my CBZ-X
        but ur discussion with arvindh shows that it might be the reason for my bikes performance.
        CBZ-X still rocks and even aftr 2.5 yrs it still reaches 0-60 kmph in less thn 5 sec with an avg of 55+ in highway and city conditions
        thts wat my bike gives

        thank you very much for ur advice savio

      • savio


        yes dude my cbz also is good first i had a lot of vibration problems in my bike now the vibrations are become normal ( which all bikes have ) ( 8300 kms done ) and after each passing day its becoming smooth as butter and i get around 45 – 53 kms per litre @ between 60 – 80 kms per hr in village roads with lot of speed breakers and obstructions.

        my bike gears slips while shifting from 1st to 2nd if the gears are shifted in a harsh manner from 2nd it automatically comes to neutral gear on its own while driving ( without pressing the clutch ).the gears are smooth as butter when shifting is done in a proper manner and the gears dosent slip at all.

        yes cbz rocks dude its been 11 months now , till now it has not given me any trouble and have done 4 free servicings at hero honda showroom and till date dint replace any part except a screw on the silencer which was removed by someone which cost me 3 rupees only.and regular oil change and lubrication charges.

  • harsh

    @ Mohit Bharat
    Did you knw anything abt the CBZX upgrade?

  • veer singh gill

    CBZ this bike is awesome,my humbel request to hero honda company that they should upgrade the engine from 150 cc to 180 cc,if this happen then the public will crush out bikes like pulsar 220,apache etc….. n only one bike will rle over all streats thats “CBZ EXTREME”

  • Venkatesh

    Hi.. I have plan to go for cbz xtreme or Unicorn Dazzler.. Could anyone give me comparision of this bike with unicorn dazzler.. this is for the person who hold both xtreme and unicorn dazzler…

  • prince raj

    Hi CBZ lovers cbz is best bike of over all 150&180cc any company bikes.i have rides to top spead 130 on siwan to patna high way.cbz buy since 2007 april.

  • savio


    Recently i had gone to hero honda showroom ( verna goa) for my 4th free servicing and after servicing i found out that acid from the battrey had fallen on my bike on the main chassis and near the rear brake brake pedal. The mechanic who was servicing my bike was careless while filling battrey water so much so that the water overflowed and fell on my bike main chassis and near the brake pedal and the silver paint on both the areas is gone .

    Its shocking that hero honda service people are so careless.

  • Vinayaka.H.P

    My height is 5’6″. Is CBZ Xtreme with ATFT technology comfortable for me.

  • Garima

    Its a very good one….

  • dharmendra patil

    I am dharmendra patil and i want to know Hero Honda cbz xtreme 180 awelebal to witch time now please send information to me your hero honda family membar

    • Aryan

      He dude for now hero honda have no such plans for cbz bt they wil surely upgrade it to 200 or 250cc bt it wil take 1 or 2 years. Bt hey if u dnt have much height dan go for hunk ht have digital meter rear disk brake n it have engine same as cbz xtream. Bt if u r above 6′ inch dan go for cbz atft it is d best.

    • Aryan

      Hey, i own cbz xtream from last 4 years i dnt have dazzler but i had driven it for about 300 km. Look both have 150cc engine and cbz generates 14.4 bhp and 14 nm of torque. Nw dazzler gives output of 13.4 bhp and 12nm of torque. I had cheked average of both the bikes here cbz remain behind it gives abot 50-55 km/l and dazzler can give u upto 60km/l (if driven properly) the top speed of cbz is 120+ n dazzler can not go above 120 at all. The pickup has the most difference here cbz is d king n it also looks thousand time better dan dazzler. Look if can afford d decrement of average for about 5 km/l dan definately go for cbz xtream. “LIVE OFF THE AGE” guys

  • kashinadhan

    i have ride on cbz xtreme recently which actually clocked around 4500 kms…now the problem i came across is that ,being 150 cc engine it failed to hit 110kmph…but the one good thing i noticed is that it hit 0 to 60 kmph in just 7 seconds…thats indeed a good thing…

    • Aryan

      there would definetly be problem in the air filter of the bike. change it cleare up the exhaust check the oil. and only give for service in hero honda’s service station

  • kirtan

    @kashinadhan – my bajaj Discover135dts-i reaches 0 to 60 kmph only in 4.5 seconds..
    den hw cbz cn take 7 seconds ?? 😛

  • Mohsin

    If any one wants to sell CBZ Extreme (silver colour) then plz contact to 9970748122.

    Mohsin Khan.

  • Javeed Pahsa

    Hero Honda company will Launch CBZ with digital meter & Tank cover like hunk or Any new model.

  • Aravindh

    Hi savio,
    i feel a change in my engine note. Its bit harsh, i mean the sound is more.
    Do u feel d same? Or is it normal that. the engine note will change after certain kms…?
    Mine is 2000kms…

  • Aamir

    Hi everybody can anyone of u tell me when is d new cbz getting launch it is sure tht it will launch but at wht date it is still a cnfusn? If anyone has any idea abt its launch date please tell…….thnx in advnce

  • Swapnil Sur

    Hi Everyone,

    I purchased HH CBZ Xtreme on 16th December,2010.For the first 1000 kms the bike was absolutely ok and i had mah first service on 4th Januray,2011.Unfortunately on 2nd Feb,2011 wen i tuk mah bike to the authorised HH service centre for getting mah headlights adjusted, they said that the nut on the bottom of the visor that is used for adjusting the headlight was missing.After inspection they told that the clamp broke and the nut fell down somewhere on the road.This was the first time HH disappointed me.When i asked them to get it repaired they told me that the only possible way was to change the headlight which would cost around Rs.500/-.I ws really very shocked to hear that.Later i got it repaired from a local mechanic by spending only Rs.25/-.Moreover the behaviour of the people of the service centre is not at all good.Recently I am facing more problems.A weird creeky sound is coming from the visor.If anybody hvae got ne idea plz lemme knw.

  • subhan

    hiiiii frends give me a good sugection weather i go to CBZ XTREME or UNICON

    • Rony

      @Subhan if you want mileage than unicorn and if you want performance n comfort than cbz xtreme. Happy riding!

  • koushal

    hi frds
    i am so confused to buy which bike
    cbz extrem pulsur 135 or pulsur 150 plese sugest me

    • navdeep

      teeno bike le le


      You should buy a CBZ xtreme…..

  • Rony

    Cbz rocks. Before I bought cbz x I used pulser but that was not comfortable as cbz x. Really good bike. But breaking system, low quality plastic and paint quality is not good. Engin is smooth n pick up also good. Mileage is 38kmpl avg. in bangladeshi road. I hope Cbz x is a good bike. Long live Cbz x…

  • K.H.Kumar

    Hiii frnds
    This is kumar, i have CBZ X-treme i buyed in 2007-Nov,it is Superb Bike because it is having soo many features along it,wht ever may be in my Byke speciality is Milleage, in first 2 t0 3 mnts it is giving the millege 45-50 like tht,after that i dident watched millege, some months after my friends asked check the millege once,then i checked means it is coming 60-67,then i dident belived i checked once again and again,it is giving same millege then i said to my friends they shocked and they asked to shell my bike..Now my bike millege is 56-60 is giving…..
    I will maintain my bike very well,,thats why it is good,,Every 2000-2500 Engineoil change,,Etc..
    Thanks for sharing my CBZ X-Treme News…

  • naresh adepu

    hello sir good evening.i want now cbz xtreme sickers ,please tell me sir where is the got it.tell me address plz sir.

    • Francis

      Search in the Hero Honda Official site.

  • kumar

    hi frds i m thinking about the bike so plz help me to chose my bike ………
    is the unicorn sports available in the market? i hav heard tht “new cbz xtreem is having some problem about the gear shift “………….. is it true? Plz tell me which bike should i prefer?

  • avishek saha

    cbz very good bike any other

  • Anish Kumar

    I’m planning for a bike above 150cc Hero Honda, help me to choose from CBZ Xtreme or HUNK.. Pls..

  • Bimalakanta Dash

    cbz xtreme one of the most long journey byk is cbz xtreme is very nice byk.

  • steve

    hi am steve i own a cbz 2000 model , i dont know much abt it cause i used an RX135 and i still have it and i need to know its performance and its modified one giving me a milege of abt 30-35 so pls help me abt its performance i know compartivly to cbz xtreme its less in pick up and milege so pls do help kk ny one

  • deepakrajput aligarh

    i love my cbz xteem

  • shravan

    I am thinking to take CBZ X,worried about the height of this bike, will it suite or I can handle this bike my height is 5,6″.
    Pls suggest, Thanks!

  • sandip roy

    i have a cbz extreme i have done 4rd free servicings and clocked 5200 kms. i have a problem with my bike. there are too much vibrations in my bike after i cross 50 kms per hr mark which are more compared to normal vibrations in any bike.i had shown a good hero honda mecanic he told me to check my engine valves as they are not set properly. my bike engine is smooth till 40 kms per hr mark and then i feel as if the engine suffocates ( becomes rough ride with vibrations ) when i speedup my bike above 50 km per hr mark. if u have any solution to my problem then plz advise

  • Karthik

    Hi everybody can anyone of u tell me when is d new cbz getting launch it is sure tht it will launch but at wht date it is still a cnfusn? If anyone has any idea abt its launch date please tell…….

  • Pranjal

    I owned a cbz xtreme since 2 and half year. I never go for check up to other than authorised hero honda dealer . But i have doubt whether company is giving special training to it’s mechanic accordingly. The bike is the best among thr 150 cc segments i.e. good balance, afordable mileage. But the compnay should think about it’s rear tyre wheel base whice is very slipery in sharp turn , and the plastic plug for 20A specially.

  • Francis

    This is just fibre body’s design. Its fragile and no logevity. It has no mukabla with Bajaj Pulsar whom Traffic Police also love to Bajaj Pulsar. Company of Hero Honda is known to all, but actual product is not prevailed good in the market.

  • oh… its bike is my jaan my sweetheart ummmm…. very nice got this one of the most bike. please reply

  • shikant

    hey iam planning to buy CBZ xtreme, but iam not sure about its performance in hilly roads.

    Can any one suggest me the right thing.

  • Gunjan Kumar Dubey

    CBZ this bike is awesome,my humbel request to hero honda company that they should upgrade the engine from 150 cc to 180 cc,if this happen then the public will crush out bikes like pulsar 220,apache etc….. n only one bike will rle over all streats thats “CBZ EXTREME

  • sam

    Just to tell you.. CBZ.. Xtreme rocks compare to bull shit pulsar 150/180, apache
    I am owing pulsar 150 from last 1 yr and all the free servicing are over and the engine noises a lot after 50.. and gear box probs.. and in highways it feels like i am not riding a 150 vechile and it feels like i am owing a Luna TFR..

    My friend owing a CBZ Xtereme from last 1 yr and it’s rocking.. without any probs and also i heard many issues regarding Apache 150/180 rtr (Only for initial terms)

    CBZ always rocks… Just take a test drive and go for it blindy…

  • Karna

    I purchased my CBZ xtreme on 27th may. Since then there has been some problem with the pressure of the first tyre. I have checked for a puncture, loosening of guard valve…………please can anyone suggest any other reason for it.

  • tushar

    hey tel me which bike is best in 15occ, for cantrol.fueal

  • tushar

    hey tel me which bike best hunk or cbz x.

    • vipin

      cbz x is the best in any way.

  • Aryan

    hey u jst dnt knw any thing both have d same engine nw it depends on u which bike do u like but i think new cbz is amazing jst look at it.

  • javed akhtar

    i want to purchase cbz xtreme ew model

  • vishnu

    hey pls tel me which bike is best in 150cc…i have no experience in biking..which is best in milege, long riding, and performance? which is comfortable for me?

    • Aryan

      actually Honda’s Unicorn have the best in class Milege, it has good engine is comfortable but if u re a rider dan this bike is not for u. so now look for the new CBZ xtreme or new hunk both have d same engine so it depends upon u. but CBZ is a legend remember it. it will give u d milege of about 50-55 km/l if u drive it properly and can also go above 120 km/h. and has second in class pickup after Yamaha’s R15.

    • Aryan

      actually Honda’s Unicorn have the best in class Milege, it has good engine is comfortable but if u re a rider dan this bike is not for u. so now look for the new CBZ xtreme or new hunk both have d same engine so it depends upon u. but CBZ is a legend remember it. it will give u d milege of about 50-55 km/l if u drive it properly and can also go above 120 km/h. and has second in class pickup after Yamaha’s R15. if u are new and can wait for 1 yr dan wait n watch what honda brought to us it will be its CBR 150rr. with 19 bhp which if about 2.2bhp more dan R15 But if u want a good bike with comfort, milege, speed, pickup, lookup and speciely legendary dan go for CBZ its the best………………………….

  • utkal keshari

    the bike is not comfort .

    • Aryan

      U r talking of which bike boy every bike i had mentioned here are comfortable for long rides except R15

  • kunjlal

    cbz look nice
    body – attractive
    millage – simple
    other -nice
    weight -accecs
    allmostvery good
    i have a splender plus

    i like 250cc byke in herohonada so launch younew modal

  • Jegan

    Dear Friends,

    I bought CBZ extreme KS&ES 2 weeks before. I have completed 400KMs, I have never ride above 50km speed. it gives 45kmpl in city and 60kmpl in highways.

    1) Really So smooth when we ride in Highways ,some more moderate Roads.
    2) No sounds coming from Engine, it having so smooth engine
    3) If you ride between 40-50km speed , it will give 45kmpl in City and 55kmpl in Highways

    CBZ Extreme KS&ES having only disadvantages is Rear Schockobsers, you will get back pain if you ride in Bad condition Roads.

    Conclusion:- Who are all want to buy bike with very smooth Riding Forever (without back pain) and with 3yrs warantee( in my research no bike having warantee in india) Please go for New CBZ Extreme 2011 with GRS Suspension.

    NEW CBZ 2011 will make you feel Very Smooth and give you happy Riding forever. Pleaseeeeeeeeee never go for CBZ Extreme KS&ES for Kicker. Battery wont give any problem for atleast 2Years and after 2 years Battery may need small maintenance only. If battery give Prob after 2 years or 1 1/2 Years also we can change battery within Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 only. If you go for CBZ xtreme KS & ES 2010 for a Kicker you will loss so much amount by sale the byke very soon due to back pain( Bad rear suspension). Compare to backpain, we can spend Rs2000 for 2years once( BAttery will be so Good more than 2to 3 years also)

    If you want CBZ Extreme KS & ES, please mail me jeganstin@gmail.com, I am ready to sell mine( it just completed 400KMs with speed of below 50km, it’s being Good COndition. I bought for Rs 71000.)

  • Hi Friends,

    After very big research without sleep for a weeks and got feedback from both Friends who have using CBZ xtreme and Net, by GOD JESUS great grace I have bought hh cbz extreme ks&es. now 400kms completed. Really so smooth for riding , very smooth engine, Good Pickup, Gigantic Looks, Good Mileage…etc .

    Once you ride it, really you wont go for any other bike. I saw some feedback, getting back pain by CBZ extreme. I think those persons maintained 35 or 35+ Air pressure in rear wheel. Me too feel some more hard in very bad street road when kept air pressure 35,35+ (rear)&25(front) , but after advised by one of my friend now am maintaining air pressure 32(rear) & 24(front) and enjoying veryyyyyyyyyyyy smoooooooth riding in both Highways and Very Bad street Roads also.

    So kindly maintain 30 to 32(rear) & 24(front) air pressure, then you will feel real smooth in cbz extreme. Dont Miss it and also no Bike come with 3yrs Warranty like cbz extreme, by this warranty itself you should know how much Good and quality bike is this, so you can go for cbz extreme without any Doubt and also never disappiontment . Giving Mileage 45kmpl in city(in heavy traffic) and 55+kmpl in highways.

    It’s really so smooth even crossed 80KM speed also, Due to new bike, i didn’t tried more speed than this.This 80km speed ride also just for 5 secs only. Somebody updated there is little vibration in foot when crossing 40km speed in new bike, yes very very very less vibration in Foot only but once crossing 50+, it’s became soooooooo smooth as like as smooth at 40km speed. Thanks for reading my update and dont miss CBZ and no more confusions( I know confusions never end for who are all going to buy new bike, but this confusions should be end with Good Decision as GOD JESUS helped me)


    Mileage also good in CBZ by depend upon riding( 40km to 55km speed)

  • mehul shah

    i want ur old model cbz like 2002

  • Dear Friends,

    I am in chennai. I bought CBZ xtreme KS 2 months before. Previously I have used Passion plus, due to my area very bad road conditions looks back pain slightly started and also so Skidding for normal break also, I have planned to buy New bike eith below conditions:-

    1) It should be no vibration atleast at 80KMPH( eventhough am not going to ride that much speed mostly, in city some time we should to go that much speed if some times need)

    2)NO skidding should be or atleast at that time of sudden break in normal speed.

    3) Mileage should be atleast 45 to 55kmpl

    4)Light should be some more Good

    5)Vehicle should be Good quality( No more maintenance should need)

    6) Importantly , back pain should not be come.

    7) Some more Good looks.

    8) It should be suitable for Family person.

    I have planned to buy any one of the following Bikes , but I rejected most of them from my list, due to below reason:-

    1) Pulsar 150cc :-

    My brother told it is very less weight byke and also it will skid at any time of Break, it is not safe at all.
    After my brother update also didn’t believe due to it’s gigantic looks, but when I rode it ,I felt like flying in air,No road grib found in it even at 60kmph speed itself. Due to no road grib instead of enjoying ride it make me afraid about my life ( no safe)

    2) Hunk:-

    Really I didn’t find any bad feedback about it even after very hardly search and also it satisfied all of my conditions , I have rejected due to no kicker( due to no Parking in my home, I felt may be Self start will give prob at Rainy season

    3) SUZUKI GS150R :- after found so many complaints about it’s quality, I forgot it.

    4) Honda Unicorn :- After got feedback from my friend and Web, mono suspension Good for Single Drive and also Mono suspension got failed after 1 or two years and also somebody facing issue with suspension after some days itself. So I didn’t wanted to take risk.

    5) YAMAHA FZ :- Due to Low mileage, Engine power become low after 1 year(PIckup) and suspension smooth also getting failed after a year.

    6) CBZ Extreme :- Finally CBZ xtreme fulfilled all of my conditions and also no complaints I have found except one or 2 member complaint about suspension ( due to some of members are refused that suspension complaint, I have ignored this complaint).

    As I have already told due to no park, I have selected CBZ extreme KS instead of NEW CBZ xtreme 2011( it’s really my Very BAD luck). I have completed 1500kms now. Initially I have faced back pain by this bike also, after gone thru service book
    I have changed my Tyre pressure to 31PS to Rear, after that I felt Good for some time compare to previous, but now a days even maintaing Pressure to 30PS also, There is no smooth at all. I feel Bad even in moderate Road also. I need to stand when I crossing small damage road also otherwise, it make feel like am riding a bike with Iron wheel like that.

    I am still love this bike and want to ride it at least 30km daily. But when I remember then pain at the end of riding really it’s upset me.

    Now am really feel everyday( especially every night after RIding it) for the small kicker I have took this much very Bad decision. Really am so Feel for I have missed to select Hunk( 5 step adjustable GRS,Tubeless Tyre, Digital meter… ETC) and NEW CBZ extreme 2011( 5 step adjustable GRS,Tubeless Tyre, Digital meter… ETC) OR atleast CB unicorn Dazzler( atleast it is Good for single Drive). Due to bought it with finance, am really am unable to replace it immediately also.
    It’s really Killing me.

    CBZ Xtreme KS 2011 is Really Good for all of my above conditions except below 2 conditions:-

    4) Light should be some more Good
    6) Importantly, back pain should not be come.

    PROS :-

    Good looking, Good Pickup, Good Mileage(45 -55kmpl depend on ur ride), Excellent Engine ( No sound U can hear),
    Very GOOD ROAD GRIP( Like Magnet Grip).

    CONS :-

    1) I give you gurantee, it surely give you back pain very soon if you ride it in Bad street roads/Moderate Roads(I think in india we can’t find Very Good Roads everywhere like Highway Roads), so you should travel in Moderate road/BAd roads only, result of it Back pain . after that start to hate/afraid riding the bike . ( Some of the persons may refuse it, I think those person’s back bone may made by iron(am not updating about this bike for those person).

    2) Really am telling you, due to bad power of head light, we cannot ride it more that 30/40kmph speed at night.
    if any of vehicle come opposite side of us, really you can’t see anything in Road and your speed become less than 30kmph automatically.

    Conclusion:- Due to GRS suspension NEW CBZ and HUNK may be So Good for who are all want smooth ride. But never buy any bike without ride it for atleast 10kms in Our Bad street or Moderate or Bad roads. otherwise you will be feel so Bad Luck as like me.

    Finally I have decided to go for Bullet after completion of my Bike finance, (even though am a Middle level Salary person ) due to am very Very intersting on Bike Ride(especially hating waiting for Bus or Autos ) and also am not travelling more than 1000kms per month by Bike, now I planned to buy Bullet( I belive surely it wont give me back pain). Mean while am searching for Good Bikes 150cc/180cc which one giving safe ride for our back bone + with above mentoned conditions, if found anything will update you or if anybody found with price below 85000Rs, pls update me to

  • Dear Friends,

    Am waiting for NEW CBZ reivews and feedback, after that will decide.

  • suresh

    It’s pickup is good and while drive it I always overtake the Pulsar N other bike which my collegiate has on road also I am happy with its Speed but not happy with fuel efficiency ………..it gives only 33 in KTM road .

  • Hi Friends,
    I bought CBZ 1 month back with on-road price Rs :- 70900, unfortunately I got a chance a to go abroad for 3 years. Hence I am planning to sell my Great Beast. It just completed 1st service
    and completed only 1200 kms and also I have never crossed 50kmhr speed till now. It having Butter smooth engine and comfort. if any of you have a plan to buy it, pls mail me to jeganstin@gmail.com or call me at 8754402263, Chennai.

    PROS :-

    Good looking, Good Pickup, Good Mileage(45 -55kmpl depend on ur ride), Excellent Engine ( No sound U can hear),
    Good for Family usage, Comortable Seat for both Rider and Pillion,
    Very GOOD ROAD GRIP(Magnetic Grip).

  • Ashish patel

    Hi my all friends i wanna say you than CBZ xtrem new model is very very very good look out, average 45 KM. my big bro gift me on 4th Auguest on my BOD. CBZ is my dream bike. and CBZ is very good and xlent bike. You wann take new bike than by heart keep first choiice CBZ is better than all 150cc bike…
    i am satisfied from CBZ

  • Akshay

    hey !!
    i have just bought new cbz Xtreme its awsum..!!
    can any1 tell me what is the average of the bike ??

  • Eugine Costro

    Hi friends i’ve a great confusion to purchase a bike among these hero honda CBZ XTREME., SUZUKI GS150R, BAJAJ AVENGER#220cc. Please suggest me which is best….? And my budget is under Rs.75000.

  • Avinash

    Hi frnds my hight is 5.5 which bike can i preper from the following?……

    1. pulsar 150
    2. Apache RTR 160
    3. CBZ xtreme 150

  • Rathan

    Hi ,

    I am 5’8 and 60 Kgs. Will I be able to tackle CBZ extreme???? I want to buy the beast….But I am not sure whether it is right choice
    please suggest

  • hari

    i want to buy cbz exterme
    please give a satisfying answer to me
    now adays there is now cbz extereme old model
    new model having only self start not having kick start
    pls tell me is there any prblm with this

  • akshay

    bike is very beautiful, i like it sooooo much

  • Dulal Das

    Bikers Guys CBZ One Of The Best Bike of 150cc.

  • dinu

    Hi Guys i bough CBZ Xtreme in 2009, still i can manage my bike when i cross 80KMPH, still its look good, less maintainance, milage from 43-49, am not spending even 1Rs for maintainance except changing engine oil after 4 month once. Self start in CBZ is the best. Anotehr news if u buy apache it wil be good for just one year then u have to take care of more maintainance charge. If u buy pulsar many chances of accidents and more maintaincene after 2 years u cant even ride ur bike in 40KMPH, if u buy unicorn very less pickup just like 100CC engine.

  • zafar

    I bought CBZ xtreme in 2009, but i am not happy with engine performance ,i need to refill engine oil just after 1000 km. i have been changed clutch plate two time. i know how to care my bike still i am not happy with this bike.please suggest any one you may call me on 9818921336

    • Ravi

      Bt i hve also CBZ there had no any problm & its also 2009 model its performace is nice

  • Deepak Polist

    hì,hero honda walo bike to nikal di tum logo ne par yaar na to eske part milte h khi part to dur ki baat eske gear b tik ni lgte yaar koi or bike lena but ye mat lena sachi yaar

  • raveendra

    hi guys
i like cbz xtreme new one. but my height is 5.7. and weight 56kg i am more concerned on 
mileage. should give atleast 50kmpl in city. am a new learner. and this is my 1st bike. so choosing cbz is a good decision!
or shall i go for 1.glamour
2.cb shine
3.passion pro

  • Najmus

    i want to buy cbz exterme duel disk
    plz give a satisfying answer to me

  • Najmus

    i want to buy cbz exterme duel disk
    plz give a satisfying answer to me

  • Andrew

    I bought the New model CBZ Extreme 2011 . Bike is good. It gives good control and milleage.
    Digital speedometer s awesome.
    Split handle is too good.

    Dont give your bike to service @ Sri Chandu Motors @ Singasandra Bangalore.

    The Bike Service they offer is VERY VERY BAD. Dont give the bike to them for service.

    I had 2 bad experiece with them. Once after the service i found there is SCRATCHES on the Silencer. They dont know how to clean the Silencer if it has the mud. Asked them how this happend they would reply it was there. we did not do anyting.

    Second time they damaged the handle part. If you go and ask them they wont accept their mistake and point it as it was there previously.
    They would give all logical pathetic reply
    The Service of Bike is VERY VERY BAD.

    Bike will be returned to you with Scratches.

    Till you buy the bike they will talk nicely after that They Treat you Very BAD

  • vipin

    i have to buy 150cc bike ,im confused between pulsar150 n cbz extreme,help me please.

  • Renu Singh

    I have purchage a cbg but let me know about the millage

  • gaurav

    which bike is more suitable CBZ xtreme or Apache 160-RTR new????
    not only for look its about milege and comfort…please help me i want to buy bike near about 3-4 days,so please tell me…..

  • arun

    Which bike is better to buy new?
    2.CBZ Xtreme

  • umesh

    friend , thank u all , i read all review and i was confused for cbz x or other …… , but now its clear .” CBZ X is really CBZ X” i like it…….. , thanks buddi

  • cbz is excelent bike it gives 45 standard milege in my experience every 1200 km change engine oil

    Thanks & Regards

  • Nishkarsh Singh

    This a only bike which run afte 80000 to hav power 115 km top speed nd pikup 5.0 sec take 90 kms speed …. this is a plus point in this bike …… i like only cbz