Today morning I went to the nearest Hero Honda showroom and I got myself a test ride of the new Hero Honda Hunk. Hunk is a 150 cc bike from Hero Honda and costs Rs.55000 (ex-showroom). It has a self start and kick start model.

How does it look?

I was really astonished by the great looks of the Hero Honda Hunk. Stylish and majestic are the first words that anyone would utter from their mouths on the first looks of Hunk. The side skirts (called shoulders by Hero Honda) in the tank is the most noticeable feature of the bike. It is sharp and curved which gives a really good muscular and sporty look. In my opinion it looks better than Pulsar, CBZ or any other bike in the 150 cc range.

Hero Honda Hunk Looks

The butterfly like head light design looks like the head light of Karizma but, it is slighly smaller in size. While riding the bike I felt that that the doom is slightly smaller compared to the size of the tank, but this does not affect its external appearance.

The alloy wheels look great. Nowadays alloy wheels have become the standard in every bike in the premium segment. The tail portion of the bike looks unique and some may like and some may not.

How does it perform?

When I took the bile out for the test ride, the first thing that I noticed was the responsiveness of the throttle. It is very sensitive and the engine responds even for the slightest twist. Even though it is just 150 cc, the pickup is quite good in comparison to other bikes. The bike does not vibrate until the speeds of 80 kmph, but after that it becomes a little unstable. For Indian riding conditions, most of the time we would be driving the bike only around 60 kmph!

Hero Honda Hunk

Hunk boasts a 5 speed gear box with the usual 1 down, 4 up gear shift pattern. The clutch is smooth and gears can be shifted with the slightest effort in the foot. The front wheel has a 240 mm disc break and rear wheel has a 130 mm drum breaks. In my opinion it gives enough safety for Indian road conditions.

How does it feel?

The cushioned seats are very comfortable and in my opinion you can use this bike for long distance travel. The handle bar positions and foot rests are ergonomically designed to keep your body comfortable as much as possible.

Hero Honda Hunk is most suited for youngsters, especially college students. The front seat is separated from the back seat by a step and hence it makes a bad choice for a family man to buy it (when he needs to have 2 kids and 1 wife in the same bike!).

How does it stand out?

The bike claims to have a ‘big bike feel’ which is the most sought after feature in the Indian bikes today. It boasts of puncture resistant tires for tough riding. Many bikes  feature ‘gas reservoir suspension’ nowadays and the Hero Honda Hunk is no exception! Gas reservoir suspension claims to give a ‘smoother’ ride. Hunk features tumbleflow induction technology which combines air and fuel to give a surge of adrenaline pumping pickup. The bike comes in red, blue, black and silver.

BikeAdvice Overall Rating: 4.75/5

Looks: 4.5/5

Performance: 5/5


Engine: Aircooled single cylinder 4 stroke OHC
Displacement: 149.2 cc
Maximum Power: 10.6 KW (14.4 PS) @ 8500 RPM
Maximal Torque: 12.8 N-m @ 6500 RPM
Gear Box: 5 Speed
Brakes: 240mm Front Disc and 130 mm Rear Drum
Tires: Front: 2.75 x 18 – 42P, Rear: 100/90 x 18 – 56P
Fuel Capacity: 12.4 Litres (+ 2.2 Ltrs Reserve)
Weight: 143 KG

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    • I m confuss what to do…….i m confuss between ……….unicorn …hunk …yamaha fz …… ur opinion which one ……i hav to buy

  1. First of all i say one think that, Hunk is better than pulsar & apache. Hunk is so sporty & gorzious to look, it’s style in the tank it looks like such a Hunk.It’s looking so pretty that everybody like the bike at first sight. so who want to bye 150cc bike so go ahead for the Hunk coz it’s performance & outlook is better than other 150cc bikes.

    pulsar is on 60km it create vibration but Hunk vibrate after 80km plus(+).pulsar & apache already defeated with the CBZ-Xtreame but Hunk is it’s upgraded version,so it’s really far to touch Hunk. so who like to show style in bike riding go for the Hunk beacouse it’s really pure muscle “HUNK”

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha ha ha ha

    what a piece of crap…


    1)Hunk might be good for you… its not better than pulsar and apache.
    2)Pulsars do not vibrate at 60 (i wonder if hunk can even do a 80)
    3)CBZ Extreme cant beat Pulsars.. leave alone RTR… nothing beats it in this segment.
    4)biking is not style.. its a passion..

    and yes.. unicorn is a great bike…

  3. Unicorn really sucks…..

    Unicorn is Very much uncomfortable…. seating position sucks in unicorn…. long travel in Unicorn will make ur legs pain….

    Hunk is really very COMFORT…. looks are great…. pick up is far better than pulsar and unicorn….

    Apache can beat hunk in speed and p150 or unicorn cant…. but apache engine sucks…..

    in total HUNK is a great package….

  4. hey i think that unicorn is the product of most tecnologically refined among all 150cc seg , as it is under the BANNER of one of the largest auto makers HONDA . its monosuspension is awesome and none bike even pulsar220 have such comfort as UNICORN . also now the latest unicorn premium also upgraded its stylimg and graphics . unicorn is a bike with evergreen styling and comfort. its handling is just gr8 and and its most silent engine do not vibrate even at 100 km\hr. its not the simply indegenous its afterall HONDAAA…..

  5. i m having Hunk for the past few months. i rode pulsar, apache, unicorn, Cbz….. but this hunk has its own style. real muscle…. its always happens when a new hero enters all the oldies will tell the positives as negatives and this happened to our newby HUNK. all bikes has its own qualifications but Herohonda engine and its reliablity far better than others(unicorn has +ve as its Honda’s)..its not just its 4m Herohonda so m supporting but its also herohonda(Desh ki dadkan not in just words it speaks in its quality) engine tht making this Hero Hunk way beter than others….so better all old dadas give way for new born baby HUNK…..

  6. Company launched a new bike hunk.Hero Honda is the best company in India.They look sporty and outstanding .Company launched a serval colours. According to me it’s look better compare to pulsar and apachi etc But company miss place one thing they doesnot provide digital metres and I wanna know what is the mileage of this bike.

  7. It looks stunning, i like its black wheel, its tank and its seat design which make hunk uninque. It is a very lighter bike when riding as compare to the bajaj pulsar, but i don’t like its back light it’s to small, it does’nt have a digital meter and a disk brake in bake tire.

  8. Dinesh,Andrew,John n all other frns !

    absolutely rite..

    We must aappreciate dat Hero HOnda is trulyyy HERO in giving best reliable quality productss..

    Hunk isa gr8 bik too

  9. Really one of the best bikes in the 150 segment for its price and power. Wonderful handling with its adjustable clip-ons. It even has better mileage than FZ16, averaging about 50. If you dont really bother about the vibes, this is the best catch in the segment. U’ll surely love your ride.

  10. Guys,Which colour is better?
    Black or the panther black,sice red colur fades away too quickly.
    Also wan to kow would it be a problem for 6+ feet guy like me?

  11. hey i gone to buy the hunk but our dealer said that wait for some time new hunk(ATFT engine like cbz) is coming anbody have more news

  12. Hi, I am using hunk for last 7 months and would like to share both its possitve and negative with you people.

    + when taking a comparison it 150 cc segment it look different and stylish
    + For young guys it has the best supportive sitting angle.
    + pick up is awsome but it again depends upon your style of driving..
    + Price it costed me around 65 K on road in banglore.
    + milage comes around 45

    – dnt expect more then 95 + it shakes hard
    – NO digital meter.
    – Reer wheel tyre gard is a bit to long.
    But agian i found it a good option all together.

  13. Prasad,
    Hunk/CBZ/Uni are same with different styling, Hunk and Xtreme have better performance figures. All are best value for money bikes. All are HONDAS.
    FZ16 appeals to fun loving young lads, the best street bike to do wheelies and stoppies in front of your house.
    R15 is track bike, kindly ride once before buying, some may not like for orinary commuting, excellent w/e bike for long rides around your city/town.
    Pulsar still sports unrefined engine, reliability is always a big question, Pulsars are not selling anymore.
    GS150R is new bike on the lock, good commuter, packs features and styling of all bikes, excellent tourer.

  14. can ny 1 post the overall review of the hero honda hunk.
    [mileage? performance? n maintainence?]n pls suggest better bikes in 150 cc category.
    i wanna buy a bike nxt week……so pls do reply
    i want a bike which wld serve me for longer period of time
    i hv few bikes in my mind like unicorn,hunk,gs150r n stunner
    but i’m really confused which 1 2 pick fm these.

  15. i am using hunk from 3 months mileage 50, performance is rocking pickup,handling is good, and no mainteainence like pulsar in 150cc gs150r is new so don’t know about it, unicorn is value for money bike, i drove both buti like hunk preformance is good than unicorn so go for hunk

  16. Unicorn Or hunk if ur a college finished guy and started going to job wht kind of bike will u prefer …………suggest me plZ

  17. hi frends..

    soon i m going to have my “First bike”

    n after reading this review i had dreams of getting this..

    well as for u all..the regular bike users….plz suggest me do i go for HUNK….

    tell me ….as its the case of having the “first bike” .. 🙂

    for me …looks> comfortability> Mileage>Handling..

    waiting for ur valuabele suggestions…


  18. go for it if u want a good,trust manufacutrer the muscle look. hunk is great than cbz, the both hunk and cbz bikes are great than any other product in 150cc segment mileage is 45-50 my hunk gives 50,

  19. Against
    First,it rear shocker sound like “fiss fiss”
    Second, fibre body
    Frist, great engine
    Second, great pick up in 150 segment
    Third, Mileage 45-50 confirm
    Fourth, Comfort damn Gud
    Fifth, Handling

  20. Akhil: Hi, I am using hunk for last 7 months and would like to share both its possitve and negative with you people.+ when taking a comparison it 150 cc segment it look different and stylish+ For young guys it has the best supportive sitting angle.+ pick up is awsome but it again depends upon your style of driving..+ Price it costed me around 65 K on road in banglore.+ milage comes around 45- dnt expect more then 95 + it shakes hard- NO digital meter.- Reer wheel tyre gard is a bit to long.But agian i found it a good option all together.

    not at all i ride it on 109 no shaking

  21. I did not find much useful reviews on hunk as it looks goodbut done know about its performance

    Kindly help with urexperience, your reply will be appreciated

  22. hi, m driving HUNK for past 6 months, really great bike.. handling very nice, maintainance nearly to nothing.. pick up very gud in 150cc segment. above all i m geting 55km/ltr milage aftr 1st service (single drive)

    -Looks best in class
    -It is least among 150cc in price->65 k
    -It offers very good performance 0-60 in 5.2 sec and top speed of 115kmph
    -Very smooth and stable at almost all speeds
    -Mileage of 47kmpl in city and 60kmpl n highways
    -Less maintainence costs
    I am driving since 1 yr.
    Those who are actually planning to take then go ahaed without doubts!

    -Looks best in class
    -It is least among 150cc in price->65 k
    -It offers very good performance 0-60 in 5.2 sec and top speed of 115kmph
    -Very smooth and stable at almost all speeds
    -Mileage of 47kmpl in city and 60kmpl n highways
    -Less maintainence costs
    I am driving since 1 yr.
    Those who are actually planning to take then go ahaed without doubts!

  25. If there are few passionate bikers in the country i am sure my gang will be one of them , I owned ,Tested and tried Bike segments starting from 60cc-350cc . If you consider the Unicorn to be one of the best in the 150cc segment ,I would say Hunk is better than it . Hunks beauty does not lies in it looks ,Its the chasis of the old legendary CBZ and Powerful yet most reliable Engine of the Unicorn , the Combo is just Mind Boggling . Ride now i am proud Owner of 1989 Rx-100 ,Karizma and hunk . at any given day to have the most adventerous ride in the City , I would pick up hunk for its superhuman handling and Comfortable ride , This bikes has done 190000km in its first year and seen almost every highway in india , There is a small vibration which starts creeping Up after 90 + , but this bike can make 110+ without giving you creeps about . So far No major problems except the chain gets loose somtimes ,which is common for heavy duty use .150 pulsar looks like Old granny in front of hunk .But RTR can give a good competition to it . To make it short Hunk is beauty with performance .

  26. Bharat: HUNKBIKE-Looks best in class-It is least among 150cc in price->65 k-It offers very good performance 0-60 in 5.2 sec and top speed of 115kmph-Very smooth and stable at almost all speeds-Mileage of 47kmpl in city and 60kmpl n highways-Less maintainence costsI am driving since 1 yr.Those who are actually planning to take then go ahaed without doubts!

    u r absolutly right buddy
    proud owner of hunk i m

  27. Hi I am a owner of Hunk bought 3 months back, all my frnds really appreciated the looks but I find the performance not much good.After 60km/hr speed it feels like you need to put more effort to tkae it a head.I dont knw there is some problem & i also did not find 0-60 in 5.2 sec and the avg is also less than 45.
    plz help me what to do whether there is some fault in the bike or it will get over by the 2nd or 3rd service.

    Plz PLz reply

  28. Change the stock Carbo of the bike and Switch to Castrol power1 racing , Hunks engine may drag a little when you are trying to speed it up , Tried to make sure your servicing is done proper and engine oil is completly changed . it will surely bring results

  29. if you drive at 50-60 KMPh then its around 50-55 KMPL and if you blow the throttle off and move to 80+ then 43-47 KMPL and its practical ,,m using it from past 1.5 Year

  30. Brother i would like to tell you that unicorn and hunk got the same engine technologies and both have exactly same engine except of Cubic cylinders width which u might b not known of ,so
    brother if u respect unicorn then do hats off to HUNK cuz its dad OF UNICORN and all other bikes in this segment……..

    Passion ,,u r saying passion then u might not b known that owing a pulsar and driving is not passionate now a days ,,if u r passionate about bike then u must purchase every bike which u find is good at every launch of a new bike ,,,and if u r passionate about bikes then u must go for YAMAHA R15 but u will not ,and i tell u why cuz u bought pulsar and for u that is best ,,but u should admire and praise the bike which is showing u his taillight ,,,u got ma point ,,i think not,,,,so be adaptable

  31. Hi there,

    I am planning to buy my first bike… Like all i am too confuse to choose the best bike for myself… I have done many research on the Apache RTR FI on the internet, asked few of the friends all response directs to one point and that is its engine vibrates a lot … which i do not to happen with my first bike no doubt its actually runs well like a wild horse and can beat up any bike in 150 cc segment. But again reliability is also important.. now I am doing further reaseach on which bike to select.
    Please guys help with the best information you have. I would be glad to know your personal experience if you own a bike..

    my options are:

    TVS Apache RTR FI
    Yamaha FZ
    HH Hunk
    Honda Unicorn…

    all the above bike has their own identity and story but what I am looking for is …

    A good mileage.
    Reliability so I can use for a long time.
    No maintenance
    Good Comfort and Performance.
    Style (but I can compromise on this part).

    Please all the experts out there please reply to my request and help me out..


  32. bro go for hh hunk. itz d best bike in itz segment.i’m a proud owner of a hh hunk sp edition.itz smooth,no maintenance,sturdy looks[truely a head turner] n really comfortable seating position. only thing 2 worry is mileage;it gives 40-45kmpl.but datz fair enough for bike of itz own class………rest is up 2 u;afterall ur gonna ride ur bike n not ny1 else……

  33. akshay: hey i think that unicorn is the product of most tecnologically refined among all 150cc seg , as it is under the BANNER of one of the largest auto makers HONDA . its monosuspension is awesome and none bike even pulsar220 have such comfort as UNICORN . also now the latest unicorn premium also upgraded its stylimg and graphics . unicorn is a bike with evergreen styling and comfort. its handling is just gr8 and and its most silent engine do not vibrate even at 100 km\hr. its not the simply indegenous its afterall HONDAAA…..

    No doubt dat Unicorn is xtream gud bike, but i personaly feel HHH is slightly upward then Unic..!! every person knew dis Honda is a worlds no. 1 company but Hero also having the same tech (Honda Tech.) but Hero knws much better than honda that wht indian ppl needs or wht Indian road condition need….!!! So Hero Honda is more reliable than Honda my dear!!!!!

  34. rahul: ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha hawhat a piece of crap…@Fahad, 1)Hunk might be good for you… its not better than pulsar and apache.2)Pulsars do not vibrate at 60 (i wonder if hunk can even do a 80)3)CBZ Extreme cant beat Pulsars.. leave alone RTR… nothing beats it in this segment.4)biking is not style.. its a passion..and yes.. unicorn is a great bike…

    I like ur ha ha ha but my bro its the reality u cant show back to dis. i have a pulsar 180 i like the power of… but it is very hard to handle but HHH is really gud to ride. i thnk any unknwn person can drive it on 110 kmph easily…!! n as u said leave alon to RTR so m jst going wid becoze i dont knw abt bike, it is so flashy and gud looking but Apache RTR leading by three nonreliable Character n dat is TVS.. huh..!!! n in Hunk’s most powerfull feature is it HERO HONDA’S Bike….!!!

  35. I’m a hunk owner… i’m gettin a mileage of 52km per ltr in highway n 45 in city… Its a nice bike n it is more smoother compared to CBZ Xtreme… V guys compared Pulsar 150, Unicorn, Hunk n Xtreme… Hunk came better compared to all… the problems v found are it has no power in the 3rd gear onwards, too high, non matching tires… its not a family bike… its a sports bike…

  36. Hi All,

    I m looking of bike in 150 segment, and i m now confused abt the two HUNK or CBZ Extreem.
    any one can suggest me.
    I looking for good pick up, good mileage and low maintenance..
    Also i m looking the bike that i can enjoy with my wife 😉

    Looks wise HUNK is appealing but CONFUSED??

  37. go for Apache RTR160 or RTR180… both r cool… Hunk is not a family bike… back seat is very high… me n my frnz have almost all the bikes… Apache RTR160 n RTR180 rock!!!!

  38. Hi,
    I want to buy a bike in 150cc.I am 5.5ft with avg. figure which one will be da best for me.Suggest me please.
    with all 150cc sygment bike comparision study.

  39. go for yamaha fz or r15 or even pulsar will do. those r perfect for ur stature.

    i own a hh hunk but datz 2 huge for u.i’m 6 so i preferred hunk.

  40. hai guys …plz tell me which bike i have to cboose from pulsar 220 and herobonda hunk? iam planning in next week. plz help me.

  41. Friends today (08.10.09) I finally got my HUNK its absolutely new with its Graphics, it has 2 BULL badges on both the sides of the bike & its amazing, The Shock Absorbers are now in Red just like the Karizma ZMR, FInally the HUNK has the LEGENDARY ATFT engine which was featured in the Award winning CBZ extreme. I love this bike as I am a bit Bulky & the design of the bike matches up for my flabbyness which the CBZ X does not do & not to mention the Silencer which is a bit elevated making it more sporty. Its lovely even while riding it.
    Saikat Chaudhuri
    Advocate, High Court, Calcutta

  42. i got my beast yesterday, it has got some awsum new graphics makeover and its impossible for any one not to give it a second look. i went for a black one cuz it was the best out there, ijust love my new bike……

  43. hunk is an excellent bike….handling is excellant….it does not vibrate even 80+…it can do a maximum of 115kmph…..
    overall its an excellent bike…..

  44. hai frndz!
    after two months of study work on bikes i have made up my mind to buy hero honda hunk.can i get the pictures and 360 degree view of different colors of hh hunk.if so how?

  45. My brother got this BULL in grey clothing a week before diwali. It is a fantastic machine. U can feel the power of its engine as u press the self start. Justifying its image of a bull hunk’s performance and power is unmatched. I have ridden several other bikes of this segment bt the 150cc mill of this bike gives much more confidence and enjoyment of riding than any other bike, let it be apache rtr, or fz16.

    The pick up is the 2nd best in the segment (fz 16 has the best pickup) bt at the speeds of 60+, it is much more stable and easy to control.
    Mileage of the bike is not an issue (atleast till now). I m getting a healthy mileage of 50+ before first service.

    So all the bikers who want to buy a bike with head turning looks, superb performance and good mileage,HERO HONDA HUNK is the bike for them.

  46. Hey., I bought the new HUNK a month back and am completely satisfied. I was planning to buy a new bike for such a long time and was confused wt to buy.
    But ultimately ended up buying this BULL. Its simply amazing..
    I ride an average of 70 km per day (50% city and 50% highway) and am getting a mileage of 52-55. The engine is real powerful and very smooth. And this bike is the most comfortable in its segment.., way better than the pulsars. Buy the HUNK guys, You’ll never regret it.

  47. Heay friends i am little bit confused to purchase the bike..which one should i select option is PAssion pluss or hunk..So can u guide me which one is good in milage and performance..

    And what is the averaged of the bike after 1st service

  48. @Suraj

    Hunk & Passion+ r completely different bikes. hunk is 150cc whereas passion is 100cc. If u want superb mileage & satisfying looks with less investment, than go for passion. And if u want a performer with gr8 power & pickup than hunk is your bike.
    U wont got both qualities i.e mileage & performance, in the same bike. And as far as mileage after 1st service is concerned passion will give 60-65 kmpl & hunk will give 50+ (alot depend on the road conditions u drive on & your style of riding)

    In my opinion, if mileage & performance r ur main concerns than go for a 125cc bike like HH Glamour or Honda Stunner or Yamaha Gladiator which will give u a commendable mileage (ofcourse slightly less than a 100cc bike) and performance comparable to a 150cc machine.

    Choose wisely & drive safe.

  49. Hello everyone,

    My name is Satyajit, and I now have Hunk (ATFT) for more than 3 months now. I just completed my 4th service as i use the bike very much. Let me tell you about this bike:

    To be honest, I haven’t tried Apache yet so wont comment. All other 150cc bikes don’t stand in front of it. I have read all the comments in this forum, and my experiences are:

    This bike is HUGE (I mean big and heavy both) with kerb weight 146kg (heaviest in its segment). I have rode it in city in heaviest traffic. it has awesome control, perfect handling and a good pickup. It gives me an average of 45-48 in city.
    I have also rode it in long drive for over 7-8 hrs long journeys (I went to Dehradun and Nainital from Delhi around 3-4 times), it has no vibration at all (believe me) at a speed of 90. At speed 90-110 it does vibrate a little. The bike is absolutely stable at 110km/hr and sticks to the road. No shaking or fear factor even when you overtake a fully loaded truck at the speed of 110km/hr. It comes down to 30km/hr in 3 secs when both brakes applied. I don’t at all feel tired after the long ride. (I went to drop my girlfriend from Delhi to Paonta Sahib, 50 kms from Dehradun, a total of 262Km from Delhi and back non stop same day!)A perfect handling and a perfect bike for long journeys (As you see in Hollywood movies). Average in highways is 55-56. It is stable in curves too.

    Not for meak people (I mean thin), because you need tough legs. It needs more space (on road and at parkings too). Headlight is not connected with battery, so dims when you slow the accelerator. Horn is too feeble for many people to hear it. (That is because HH follows noise pollution rules, i read in user manual). SO i had to add an extra pulsar type horn (so that some deaf people could hear it)

    My recommendation:

  50. Hello everyone,
    My name is SUREN and I have THE HUNK for about one n half month.
    Ya,I know its too early to write a comment,but im writing what I felt…

    Now,i will come straight to the point-


    1.LEGENDARY LOOKS,I thin only Karizma ZMR can beat it ….(most of the guys think fz16 looks best,but I must tell u the fz16’s only best point is its tyres…thats all….).

    U will feel it when everyone around you will praise n all.

    2.MILEAGE ,47-55(highway),43-47(city) in normal conditions.
    when racing she comes down to 35 kmpl.

    3.TOP SPEED,In city roads(but somewhat open) I got it to 105kmph n on highway 122-123kmph.
    I think HUNK can go further(actually dat highway thing was just after 6 days from when I bought the hunk,So I didnt drove her for long distance).

    4.HANDLING,very good handling,as you know she is stable till 80kmph n vibrates a little above 80….but the vibration is mostly felt by d pillion rider…

    It vibrates less than pulsar…but Apache rtr is best for handling matter(it doesnt vibrates till the end,means 125kmph).

    5.World class Engine.It sports one of the best engines….
    (even after you take the rpm to the RED area,it doesnt create problems.)

    6.GREAT To do WHEELIE.It has a great power,So you can do anything which you want to do.Its just You who can make it happen….I hav done almost 90 degree WHEELIE(1st i thought the long rear guard will create a problem but it doesnt)…

    and for d record I learned WHEELIE on hunk only(in 1month)…

    For the STOPIE,I wish I have to wait till hunk gets a bit older(about 3-4months).

    7.WELL DESIGNED,for pillion rider….
    8.SAFE…in the sense that For a heighted man(my height 6.2),its easy to jump off the bike If it slides in less speed…n plus dont worry about the bike …the black steel guard takes care of it….there is no way d big tank part gets hurt(only when you r hit sideways)….

    9.ITS HERO HONDA,last but not least She is from HERO HONDA,I dnt think I have to explain that…..


    1.VIBRATES AT 80 KMPH…..In my eyes this is the only big negative point…

    2.Tyres r not big like fz16…(but dat doesnt count).

    3.Rear tyre dont hav disc brake like apache(but we dont need it).

    4.Horn is not good enough(you can install a new one).

    5.Light intensity is controlled by throttle(it dims a low rpms)….(use dipper when you need high light intensity,it is connected to battery n you can even use when d bike is sleeping)..

    6.NO DIGITAL METERS……(who cares,we were brought up seeing d legendary analog meters…..You get a feeling when the speedometer niddle rises….You cannt get that feeling from numbersss)….

    IT IS THE BEST BIKE IN 150 RANGE…….(above 150cc ZMR is)…

    lIKE Satyajit Das told U WILL FEEL PROUD(nice line Satyajit)……….

    (please forgive me for any mistakes,this is my 1st review)


    • u rocked surendraaa !!! I m also a proud owner of Hero Honda Hunk.. The riding comfort it gives is fabulous … It is specially designed for tall people like me .. I prefer people who is taller than 5 ft 8 inches should buy hunk or enfield..

      • Thanks Prince……You are totally right..
        Now I’m a proud owner of hunk for 1Year and counting….
        Still I’m in love the bike….

  51. Its an amazing machine guys I own it for about 2 months now & I just Love it Its really nice once uu hop on n go out for a cruze, The only drawback is……..IT DOESN’T HAVE ANY!!!!!! have fun biking guys. n b safe.

  52. it has cool looks it is better than pulsar, apache, cbz,stunner,gs 150r, fazzer r15, fz, fzs. its good for mileage and has a good performance it is very smooth.

  53. Hai guys…HUNK is really a superb bike in my view.i’m loving to have it..its really cool and feel good .i like its throttle performance and wings ..its very suitable for guys of 18 to 25 like me ;).

    *its from HH india’s best motor cycle manufacturers.
    *very good performance and acceptable mileage(48-55kmpl).
    *good GRS(gas reservoir suspension) technology.

    *as my frens told in past posting it shakes little after hitting 80kmph speed.
    *Horn sound(its little tough while riding in city traffic becoz many deafs r there)


  54. Hi friends , i am planning to buy a bike.i think hunk is better in its performance ,style and cost. But im just 5.8ft. Will it suit for me ? please somebody advice me.

  55. I want some advic
    next week i want to plan a new bike but i’am confused about two bike hero honda hunk grs150cc and bajaj pulsar 150cc dts-i
    which bike is most sutible for me and i’am collage student i want some good average
    either 80% i like musclure hunk so which bike i want to buy
    please reply because i’am puchesing next week

  56. Hy friend the quality of hunk
    top speed:116 km
    rate:56,000 with kick
    rate :57,000 “” self
    look: musclure body
    alloy :in red colour

  57. i’m looking for a new 150cc bike…….
    i want full sporty look, handling so i can do some little stunts and a cost of that bike maximum 65k to 67k……
    my father wants (not me) good milage of that bike but i want look, handling, and the main thing is that pickup….
    i’m college boy so obviously i want a sporty bike……
    i have 3 choices –
    which bike is best for me?????
    plz send the answer quickly and give me answer on

  58. hey guys i just had my hunk 2 months before..and someone just ripped the bulls from both sides of wings on the tank’s very heartbreaking to see the hunk without bulls it looks incomplete without those bulls.
    so where can i get new bull stickers? plz can anybody tell me?

  59. yes hunk is a good bike it has engine same like cbz but it engine is also diffrent from cbz its cluch is smooth it does not vibrate like other bikes it also looks good an muscular if you ask a person who has hunk he will always be happy

  60. Hi Guys……. For your kind information……. Very soon new Hunk will be coming with digital meters and rear disc…….. with slight change in the wind shield Let’s hope so……

  61. Hi guyz…… very soon you can find the launch of new Hunk… with all the above mentioned specifications….. Wait for the real monster in the 150 segment… I am sure that it will take your breath….

  62. Hiii guyzz I m confused b/w hero honda hunk,cbz xtreme and I require a mileage of around 45-50,plzzz suggest me which bike would b the most suitable for me..???plzzz reply…

  63. hi……..i m using hunk since 2 months dis s d best among all d bikes bt i m unhappy bcoz it dsnt contain digital meter

  64. Hi friends. i’m actually planning to buy a new bike with in price range of 70-75k. i’m looking for TVS Apache160rtr, CBZ xtrm, Hunk, Bajaj Avenger 180cc.
    pls suggest me a best bike that gives me better performance like mileage, maintance, servies, quality and price.
    suggest me any other bike that suits my price range.

  65. I did love the reviews, but still im confused which one to chose. I am married and daily i have to travel 20 / 25 Km between Office and Home..And i dont have any other mode of transport other than this new bike i am planning to take.
    The Decision is purely based on >>
    – Sporty Look
    – Good Milege / Performance
    – Good Pick up
    – Better Handling
    – Whose ‘ Racing ‘ is its middle name
    – Good After sales servicing
    – No problem in Spare parts availability…….

    .. My Options are : HH HUNK / APACHE RTR / GS150R / Honda Dazzler…..

  66. Hello everyone,

    I am seriously considering Hero Honda Hunk and the Suzuki GS150R. The lack of Suzuki service centers really worries me. The rusting of fuel tank and the high pillion rider position are the other two things bothering me.

    Is the Hero Honda Hunk better when compared to these problems in the Suzuki GS150R ?

    Thank you,

  67. hello everyone. i wanna buy a new Hero Honda CD 100 or Bajaj Boxer AT or TVS Max 100. which one is better? but i feel this bikes r very costly and out of my budget. wt do i do?

  68. hi


    I proudly own a sliver hunk for the past 6 months

    this bike is a real raging bull – in looks as well as on road

    guys n girls on other bikes just stare at it and keep staring

    the looks are magnificient

    stability excellent- dosent vibrate at all even at 95-100

    In pick up also its the best, be it pulsar, FZ or Suzuki GS 150 all are left behind once it takes —–a take off from signal

    it just goes like a bullet

    no other bike in this segment can match its looks or pick up.

    the cons are

    high pillion rider seat

    and very poor average max 30 kmpl and I am not getting beyond that even after 3 services

    but if average is not a concern for you — GO FOR IT BOSS AND RIDE THIS BULL

  69. hello guys…..let me share my experience with u all…i have hh hunk…its above all in its segment.its gives a superb performance and indeed no rival exits..

  70. i own a hunk atft. its really anice bike. it has got much power than any other bikes. but yes cbz is also a nice bike

  71. hi everyone i bought a new hunk……..only 280km done…
    its a awesome ride……u will love it for sure ..tell u more after a long run…….

  72. hello friends,
    i have purchased new hunk with ATFT engine on 16 july 2010.
    Its looks awsome in candy blazing red colour and the comfort during the ride is best in its class .
    Well the front disc brakes are far better than pulsar and even the material used in hunk is far better.You can get the idea from difference in kreb weight.
    I have just completed 600 km today and am going for my 1st service .
    Till date i am getting an average of 50 kmpl in city and who knows it will become better as i get the services done.
    The average speed i have rided was 45-55 kmph with least application of brakes ,just thrice i took it beyond 80 kmph that to on highway .
    hope to put in lot more of my experience in coming days.

  73. the hunk is a lovely bike. i own one since december 2009 and the bike has done 12300 odd kms and i still think the hunk hasn’t lost its integrity. fo all the dudes who are complaining about the mileage, mine delivers a 52.5kmpl on a regular basis, the best being 59.7 and the worst being 30 when pushed really hard. and the acceleration figures are pretty decent too. 0-60 in 4.7 secs tested. the bike is completely stock and nothin has been fitted to the bike. the carburetor tune has got a major role to play in ur bike’s performance and even its mileage. experiment with it and i’m sure u too can have absolute fun with the bike. my riding style has resulted in clutch wear and the guys at hh screwed up a bit and oil leaks from the top of the engine head (fried gaskets). otherwise ppl, there is no question about the hunk dominating the 150 segment. the funniest part here is that hunk is the cheapest of all 150 cc bikes in india, not considering discover 150 and yamaha sz 150. have fun riding ur amazing machine!!

  74. i own HH Hunk for last 1 yr,,i thnk guys will b stupid if they go for pulsar and apache leaving the hunk,,
    this bike is just exellent,,,
    i had p180,,but this bike sounds quite different

  75. please provide your views i m going to get a bike. my options are hero honda only and they are glamour and hero honda hunk.please tell me the specification of these two bikes.

  76. hi peush kushwah,
    its good that you have gone for hero honda. according to me hunk is the best because i have learnt bike riding on glamour and its not that good. it doesnt go stable after 60’s and cant be controlled, whereas hunk which i have been using can be controlled even after 90+. i have droven it with a pillon rider at a speed of 115 and yet i was able to turn it very freely. moreover hunk being a very heavy bike(147kgs)has got a lot of stability and even the tuff up tyres that a broder in side dinemation can give u a very good control. but if possible you can wait until the 2011 hunk gets launched as it has got a digital console , led tail lamp, dual dis breaks. so if you go for a hero honda. then go for hunk, because muscles matter. o yes even cbz is better but it doesnt give that sports look and if u do 120 on it its pickup gets down. all the best for further and try to select a good bike.

  77. Hi to all. I am a newbie here. I have been riding this bike for the last 10 months. I travel 40 kms. everyday including up and down journey. The last 6 kms. of this distance is a muddy, dusty, stony village road full of extreme dangers. Anyway, my query is that recently Hunk has been remodelled as Hunk 2010 with tubeless tyres from MRF Zapper and rear disk brake. The model look has also undergone some changes. Bosch electrical parts are now used which I think is very good. I particularly want to know that if I can fit those tubeless tyres to my existing bike because the tyre measurements are same. Please advice Deepak.

  78. Hey Guys kindly help me out….i am really confussed i plan to buy 150cc segment bike, could you please confirm which is best? apache rtr or Hunk or yamaha sz-x ,i plan to buy HUNK but, everyone said its a failure model! so kindly confirm….

    • do not try to follow people. every bike having there own qualities, so what runing in ur mind go with that….. well i had drove lots of bike in past, but what hunk gives me (balanced bike from every mean) no bike gave me before…..!!! Hero honda Hunk…. Go-dhak-dhak…

  79. Guys im going to buy a bike this diwali i shortlistedthe following
    new hunk
    pulsar ug 4.5
    anyway ur sugetion are welcm
    and is hunk a failure model

  80. the 1st hunk was a failure model but the atft one is a sucess. but many didnt like it as it was not having a digital concern and led. but the new hunk is a very good model. u can go for it. dazzler is good but not that sporty. it seems to be like cb twister. and pulsar 150 is not that good and the breaks are too powerful and much dangerous.

  81. i dont knw y ppl saying dis Hunk is failure bike. What i think Hunk bike is failure in only ppl mind. technicly dis bike is just similare to Unicorn and CBZ. in my view i had a pulsar 150 2 year back n found one of d most problem bike. Handling is very tough. Engine is not smooth enough, Some time starting trouble, leakage problem, many more. this problem is not with my bike, there r many frnz of mine having d same.. but even ppl use to say most successful bike in sports segment. Reallllly dont know y. n From last 17 months i have been drivin Hunk n got nothing about trouble. So i think we have to use our own mind to choose the right one.

  82. im l00king forward @ purhasing the Muscle Hunk….!
    can i know abut the models available in hunk?? but i have too seen yamaha SZ-x ??? if we c0mpare this 2.. which 0ne iz better?? any gueSSes???

  83. Hi,
    Dear I bought hunk 2010 on 3rd Nov 2010. Its really good bike. without Kick- totally self start, digital meter, both tubeless type (MRF), both side disk break, good balancing and good mileage near about 40kmpl without any service and after first or second service you can imagine I think It will give me above 50kmpl mileage. I like it yaar…..
    I love my new hunk, its very very good bike….

  84. Hi Guys,

    Am Vishnu, bought the “New Hero Honda Hunk” 2 days back. Awesome looks & stylings. Sound of the engine is just perfect, smooth & better than Old Version of Hunk. I wont compare this bike with anyother bike cause none of the bike will stand on this once looks n style. Wanna buy 150cc bike, choose New Hero Honda Hunk… Perfect 🙂

  85. Guys thnx 4 your overwhelming responce i booked my hunk one week back only glitch is the waiting period its more than a month that really sucks though and congrat Vishnu and Jaswant do post ur feedback by d way hows the rear disk

      • Dude welcome to the world f hero honda the dealer is nw sayng i cnt pick the colour of the bike dat really sucks man. i jst dnt gt it yaar here hero honda claims highest sale in last month n d othr hand they hv a waitng period of god knws whn cuz d dealer is also nt sure whn wl d bike arive talk abt uncertainity. i had half a mind of changing my choice guys from suzuki yammy @ bajaj are after me and they are willing to provide any color i want within a span of five day dat too wt a free teflon coatng and the guys at hero honda are jst so indiferent each salesman behaves as if he is a cross bw bill gates and vijay mallaya. man ds is so frustatng u dnt even hv to wait so long for a toyota fortuner. anyway whch part of india are u from I m 4m orissa

    • Boss ur answer can never be yes or no cuz it depends n wat u wnt frm d bike if u want reliability resale value and honda SVC are d best also u hv to prepare urself 4 a long waitng period , if it is yes go 4 d new hunk and if u want pure bikin pleasure and power go for bajaj pulsar it is an awesome bike bt it needs to be Maintained dat way if u cud do dat pulsar is 4 u bfore dat jst chk out d bajaj SVC its a must and also if it is good or nt. and last of al tk a test drive before buyng

      • Yo! The reason what they gave me is the same too. The color you choose is tricky and will take time to arrive. I knew something would happen like this so am gonna tell them that ‘OK, give me the blazing red or Panther Black then’. If they make anymore excuses, my answer would be do you want me to go the RTI for your excuses to be overwhelmed. ^_^

        One thing is true that, Hunk’s demand isn’t much as it seems to be as people are hardly aware of this and mostly others who have pulsar/yamaha/honda do suggest about their own bikes but its upon you which one you go for. If we would order Splendor/Passion then we would get it in 5-7 days but as I said Hunk ki Demand kam hai. Also, Odisa ke ho kya? 😛

        I was thinking to buy it from Odisa but oh well am from Mumbai. Leftover thing about pulsar is that it is the amongst the most sold bikes in India. Reason : Cause its cheaper and is an INDIAN bike and people like its sleek and design. I won’t go for Bajaj (My view) cause its too common and I go for performance and uniqueness for first rather before price, and you order Pulsar you get it within a week and that shows its demand in India. Hero Honda used to the best selling bikes company but not now after the new ‘era’ has started for competition with others and Hero Honda is lacking behind designs and ideas. TAKE THAT. Yamaha isn’t worth for price. Suzuki has features which doesn’t fits Indian Conditions, Honda’s bike have good performance but prices are SKY HIGH! Aur koi bacha hai kya? 😐


  86. I am a proud owner of HH Hunk, and this bike really rocks…the pick up and style and everything is up to my expectation. The all new Hunk with Digital consol is ever more killing .. i wish I could buy that now..but overall Hunk rocks

    • Hi, I am also 5’5 and have body mass 73 Kg and i HH HUNK, it is good as long as you can handle its weight, this bike is almost 150 Kg and easily manageable

  87. Hi, I am confused between cbz xtreme and hunk… I am worried about the comfort as I need to travel 60KM/day… which one to choose cbz or hunk…. I tried apache (test drive) but thought not good to drive for long distance & I am 6ft tall…. any suggestions are welcome… Thanks

    • Hello, when I used to see CBZ it was my choice but it depends on you after a performance test what best suits to you. Hunk is just a big brother of CBZ and IMO Hunk is more comfortable for longer rides, the positioning of your legs and the the way the riders seat’s been made is for single person longer ride CBZ is a family bike more. Apache’s handling is hard until you haven’t mastered in it.

  88. hai all,

    By seeing all the review i’am just confused between CBZ and Hunk.
    Plz tell anyone which one is best. Plz tell me the mileage of CBZ and Hunk.

    I’m 5.5ft height and 71kg Mass. Plz anyone guide me.

  89. hi, i’m also worried about the same(like suji).

    i am 6’1″. n i’m planning to buy the “new hunk with rear disk”.

    i’m worried about hunk’s tank.will it be uncomfortable for my knees?????

    or i should go for dazzler or cbz??
    experts’ advise needed…

  90. hi suji and kirtan,
    hunk is suitable for you both. even i am 6 foot tall and still can ride it with ease. even cbz is better but loses its importance when it comes to comfort. i have already put a review about hunks mileage

    • Price depends upon the state you reside in. More over should be between Rs.62,000 to Rs75,000. And about mileage, depends upon your actions that you take while on road.

  91. Hey deepak, 1st let me just thank you your site is a pleasure to read and read it daily and i keep on checking fr any new posts all day you could say i m hooked its fun and informtive anyway i have a request and a querry
    the querry
    wl i surfyour site on y cellphone as going to a netcafe is lets just say nt readilly available s coming back to the point fo last 1 week i m nt able to s see picture on my mobile ie the pics posted on the site i use apera browser in my phone if you could tell me how to rctify it wl b greatful.
    the request
    i really love the bke ownership reviews ifwe cud have them more often i wl really appriciate it
    thanksin advnce
    p.s can we hv th bike rview o the new pulsar ug 4.5

  92. Unicorn’s engine and the siblings Hunk n CBZ xtreme share same engine not to worry abt i think the previous edition wit aluminium side panels was much more appealing than currently used fibre panels..n no match for this bike in 150 cc segment with the kind of glory n performance it delivers n ergonomics is also nice for riders..go for muscles..go for hunk..

  93. hi deepak,
    Its my pleasure that you like my feed backs.
    Coming to the point, AMIT has got a little confusion in which bike to buy(CB UNICORN OR HH HUNK). Well Amit, I suggest you to buy the bike which you like the most but there are some general things you need to check up while buying a suitable bike. They are as follows,

    1.You should check all the reviews of both the bikes and get the good average of the response of others.

    2I have noticed two bike i.e., hunk and cb unicorn.
    Here are some important points I have about both the bikes,

    + POINTS:
    a)Its is a good bike when it comes to power, looks, ride comfort,top speed.
    b)After 10 years of long term struggle hero honda were able to make this Italian design .
    c)mileage:53 kmps on road and 56 onthe highways(when roden between 45-50)
    d)top speed:121 legally and 141 as tested by others.
    e)can beat an r15 if maintained properly.
    f)powerful disc break.
    g)firey red meters.
    h)an option for remote locking system.
    i)easy to control.
    j)easy on the pocket when got repairs.

    – points:

    a)many doesnt like it due to lack of L.E.D. tail lamp, digital console, rear disc etc., but these things have been rectified in the new hh hunk 2011 edition.
    b)some who go above 80s get low mileage of 35s. but never mind every bike is same in this factor.
    c)not a good bike for stunts like the pulsar.
    d)the most important thing is if you dont get it serviced properly or at right time it may become your the worst bike.


    + POINTS:
    a)got all the +ve thing like the cb unicorn.
    b)dual disc for good control.
    c)very good comfort and ride quality.
    d)very good engine sound when compared to hunk
    – POINTS:
    a)looks are like cb twister.
    b) low mileage of 45 to 50.
    c) not as powerful as hunk.
    d)legal top speed of 115 kmps and 129 illegally.
    e)much expensive than hunk.
    f)not at all easy on pocket when it comes to repair as its a HONDA made.
    g)got a very small meter and that too not a digital console.
    h)the vibration control handle bars are not that effective.
    i)not a good bike for stunts.

    these are the things that feel on both the bikes, dont think that I have written it without any testings, I have tested both the bikes equally.

    • @ Bobby, I am owner of cb unicorn dazzler and in your honda cb unicorn section, you have written mixture of points of CB UNICORN and CB UNICORN DAZZLER. Both are diffrent bikes.
      a) In dazzler, got the all +thing like unicorn.
      b) Dazzler has dual disc brakes, not unicorn.
      d) Sound of dazzler’s engine is little rockey (i feel) than hunk.
      a) Dazzler looks like cb twister, not unicorn.
      b) It is fuel efficiant bike, i got 61km/l (80km-141km odo reading), genrally around 55km/l
      c) Dazzler’s re-tuned 14bhp engine produces same power as hunk.
      g) Dazzler has blue appropriate size digital console with analoge techometer (unicorn does not have digi.)
      h) dazzler vibrates little till initial engine wearout (1500-1800kms), my bike completed 2200kms and is totally vibe free.

  94. is that true ishan that cb unicorn dazzler has a digital console. well sorry that i mentioned ssome mistakes. thanks. but do you really think that cb dazzler is much power ful than hunk. many say no. but i say that cb dazzler has good pick up when compared to hunk but the top speed is not that fair.
    my hunk has completed a 8000 approx. kmps and still running in good condition.
    i have mentioned the above points only with my experience about the two bikes. you say that your vehicle delivers 61 kml. I think you love your bike and so maintain it properly that it gives you such good mileage but this is not done with everybody. because everybody dont maintain their bikes in perfect condition.

    • @ Bobby,
      Yes, it is true. Visit go to features (J.F.Info.). Dazzler has 13.818 PS power compared to hunk’s 14.4PS
      but dazzler has 17″ wheels and 8kg less weight than hunk (18″ wheels) so overall resultant pickup will be SAME (not more than hunk obviously) and also reduced weight is reason for little more mileage. Since my first 150cc bike was new at that time so due to my classic riding style, i got 61km/l but now it is around 54-55km/l. About top speed…doesn’t matter for me. My max speed till now is 67km/h.

      All cbzx, hunk, unicorn and dazzler has same (category) engines with diffrent tunings so performence wise all are good and reliable. Just features and styling becomes matter.

  95. After purchasing & handling more I feel bike is too smooth .
    But now it’s right hand side from driving seat it’s moulding components from leg side is not proper attached as LHS. mud guard width is more needed. its front wheel greep is less as vertical groove type tyres in this zebra low speed & high gear its light intensity reduced.

  96. i purchased a hunk which is 1 yr old and in gud condition
    i just want to ask that how much its milage and how can i increase it and about its mantainance

  97. Thank u guys… for your valuable replies and comments ….

    I’ve booked my HH Hunk with both disk breaks……

    the sales guy told me dat HH is upgrading Extreme too…. but i just hate it’s headlight design … still can’t think of Extreme…

    i hope i could get Delivery on 14 Feb 2011….. 😀 😛

    Way to go……………. !!

  98. all the friends in bikerz advice.plz suggest me which bike should i preasent i am riding a yamaha libero 109cc bike.i like the style of yamaha fz but reading in many web sites that long journey or long time riding is hard…i just got pleasure riding pulsar just great the acceleration n handeling is good.n tubeless tyres.but problem in bangladesh no permission over i cant get it.i like the hunk really looks good.i didnt ride it till now…….cbz bike is good.but i dont like its styling……..plz from performence,handeling,n looks which bike i should decide to buy

  99. i started my new yr 2011 with hunk..its really amazing in style, comfort and performance. and with newly added feature ,hunk can beat any bike in 150 cc segement. after all no one messes with it….go for bull…its for man 🙂

  100. can ny 1 post the overall review of the hero honda hunk.
    [mileage? performance? n maintainence?]n pls suggest better bikes in 150 cc category.
    i wanna buy a bike nxt week……so pls do reply
    i want a bike which wld serve me for longer period of time
    i hv few bikes in my mind like unicorn,hunk,gs150r n stunner
    but i’m really confused which 1 2 pick fm these.
    what is performance tvs apache160&180 what is better for me?
    my hite is 50.2ft&this bike can available in bhubanesore.

  101. + ve:-
    Driving comfot
    Low average bike 30 to 35 km/ltr.
    Rear suspension is hard 7 for more than 50 kg on small stroke it can’t affort.
    Low light intensity after low accelerator at higher gear.
    But now it’s right hand side from driving seat it’s moulding components from leg side is not proper attached as LHS.
    Mudguard width is from rear side more needed. its front wheel greep is less as vertical groove type tyres in this zebra low speed & high gear its light intensity reduced.
    Main stand is need of readjustment.
    After seating of rearseat heavy weight it unbalace i.e.:- Centre of Gravity unbalanced.
    Total = Kharid kar pachta raha hun. Safed Hathi.

  102. hello frnds
    i am going to have my first bike. plz, advice me which one i must buy.. yamaha fazer or HH hunk
    (my concerns are- highly stylish look
    mileage must NOT be less than 35 kmpl
    maintainence must be very less)
    i am confused in these 2 bikes- yamaha fazer HH hunk
    plz reply

    • Hi Vivek,
      I would suggest to go with hunk, it is stylish, and the mileage is also satisfatory, if you ge this bike serviceed at recommanded intervals its performance is great and mileage does not go less then 45 Km which is good. I usually ride at a speed of 60-70 so this much mileage is ok. May be if you ride more efficiently if may go beyond that as well.


  103. I like hunk very much. I like this bike in my young years. After that many of version in hunk are come to market. All are good in style and perfomence. This is a premium model bike to use the common people. It price is compared to the other bike with it’s perfomence, it’s a out standing vehicle.when i was reach the old 18 surely i buy my dream bike “HUNK”

  104. Self Background: Love bikes since childhood. Started riding since I was 18. Biking was a strict no at home, hence there was no question of buying a bike. I used to quench my thirst for biking with my friends bikes. I got my first bike in 2007. Was looking for P150 back then but settled for a Platina because of the financial constrains. Platina served me very well for over 3 n half yrs (over 45K KMS) without ne major problems. Was maintained well as I though that this would be my life partner. But there came a time & realization of what I was missing. Also, at this point I could well afford a more powerful bike which will satisfy the biker (M not a riper but a tourer) in me.

    So the hunt began for a new machine. This took me over 6 months, n number of visits to all the possible dealers, taking long test rides on my friends bikes, surfing net etc.

    About the bike: Finally I zeroed on HH Hunk. I own a Panther Black Double Disk.
    It has clocked 600+ KMS (first service is still due). Have not crossed 4K clicks in any gear, but I do give the thrust till 4K mark. Being riding in this way, this bike is giving me a constant mileage of 55KMPL (no exaggeration). Engine is butter smooth. Can’t hear the engine in 5th gear @ 4K RMP. It’s a true vibe & sound free engine (I know the real test of this would be once the engine is pushed to its limits, but still). Exceptionally smooth clutch (guess after using a Bajaj, it has to be. No offence to any Bajaj fan, it’s a personal view). A lot of my friends advised that rear disk is not required in 150cc, but trust me guys, both the disks in HHH inspire confidence in heavy breaking. This is because HH believes in providing progressive disk compared to more powerful disks which one tends to lock sometime or the other. Gear shift is on harder side then my personal liking. (guess will get smooth by 2nd service.

    Lastly, I would like to confess, looks of hunk don’t appeal much to me. But said that, how much time will I myself be looking at the bike, it’ll be more of riding the bike.

    P.S.: Sorry for the lengthy review about myself. Will try to update service wise review of my bike. MS has helped me a lot in my bike search. Probable

  105. frns i wana to buy a new bike ……………
    which 1 will better …..hunk,,new x treme,,apache160 or yamaha szr…….
    plz gv me best advice………plzz……….

  106. I’m a 6’3” guy and I’m looking forward to buy my first bike. I’m kinda interested in Hunk and the new CBZ. Could you please recommend me which one to go for..given my height. You cuold recommend other models too.

  107. Hunk has got 5 speed gearbox and gears can be shifted with even with a slightest effort of the foot. There are 240 mm disc brakes on the front wheel and 130 mm drum breaks on the rear wheels.

    The performance e of this bike is the result of single cylinder 4 stroke OHC engine which delivers maximum speed of 14.4 PS@8500 RPM and maximum torque of 12.8 Nm@6500 rpm.

    New Hero Honda Hunk is a mind blowing model. It is the perfect and powerful combination of looks, style and powerful performance.

  108. Hi everybody im deena from bangalore 🙂 can any one tell me the on road price of new digital console hunk.:) because i wanna buy next month.:) and dis s my first bike 🙂 so plz tel me shall i buy d hunk r not. ? Waiting 4 ur reply

  109. among 160 cc to 180cc bikes apache is the best………so go for it without any hasitation.
    It is fast and furious.When u r riding an apache its looks greater than any other bike in its criterion.

  110. just want to know the mileage and performance about apache RTR hyperedge and Honda hunk Which one will be better to buy because i have to drive 60 to 70 kms per day so suggest me which one to go not only these 2 models any good models with 150 r 160CC

  111. First of all hi friend. I m rhushikesh . I hav hunk of 2008 model which is used still used one hand . N wel handle. I have ride it on 125 kmph max. on mum – beng high way . Hunk is damm smooth bike . It giving me mileage in following manner
    in city – 50-55 kmpl
    on high ways
    40- 65 kmph – 60kmpl
    65-90kmph – 50-55kmpl
    above 90 kmph- 43-48kmpl.
    if u compare apache n hunk . Then hunk have much low maintanance as compare to Apache.

  112. Hi guyz..! I have a bike,hero honda HUNK with digital console..i’m enjoying my each and evry ride with ma HUNK..It looks very stylish and rocking..i choosed wine red colour and i’m fully satisfied..mainly i can very well say that its tank is luking amazing nd comfortable for the rider for a long ride..its engine is very smooth and only a smart movement to change the gears..Its dashing model gives u a stylish luk and attract the attention of people mainly youngsters..good milage..pick up..and beautiful LED tail lamp..In short i wanna say only 1 thng..” Hero Honda HUNK…No one can messes with It…<3"

  113. Hi frnds ,m nik from d.dun . I wants 2 by hunk bt m abut 5.8 fit , wil i luk gud on it or nt.. So suggest me shud i go for it or ny oder option.


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