Honda CB350 Solo Carrier Custom Kit Price, Features & Details (Video)

In this quick story we show you the Honda CB350 Solo Carrier kit – its prices and all the details..

If you love traveling solo and want to have more luggage space on your CB350 Highness, Honda has introduced a custom kit specially for you – CB350 Solo Carrier Kit.

You can watch the following quick video to see all the features and check it out..

CB350 Solo Carrier Kit

Concept – Function along with style


  • Single seater
  • Rear seat opens up for luggage + a carrier
  • Cushioned rider’s seat
  • Wheel stripes
  • Fork gaiters
  • Short visor

Honda CB350 RS SUV Custom Kit Price, Features (Video)

Price – Rs 16,200

CB350 Solo Carrier Pics

cb350 solo carrier kit
The small visor the CB350 Solo Carrier comes with…
Wheel stripes for a little sportiness…
cb350 solo carrier kit
Rider seat is more cushioned whereas there is no rear seat. In place is a carrier to carry more luggage…
cb350 solo carrier kit
Here is a good view of the motorcycle with the solo travel kit…