Honda CB350 RS SUV Custom Kit Price, Features (Video)

Among all the six customization kits that Honda has launched for its CB350 motorcycle range, the SUV kit for the RS is the most affordable. Though it does not pack a lot of very significant accessories but it does try to give your motorcycle a bolder imagery.

Check out the features and other details of the motorcycle in the following quick video..


Concept – To offer bolder imagery to your RS


  • Wheel stripes
  • Small visor
  • Knuckle guards
  • Rear saddle stays
  • Fork gaiters
  • Chrome colored engine guard

Price – Rs 7500

CB350RS SUV Kit Pics

The small visor, more for looks. It may be a little wind-protection while on the run…
cb350rs suv kit
Knuckle guards – that are offered on most custom kits. Saves your hands on an unfortunate fall.
cb350rs suv kit
Saddle stays to keep and prevent your luggage from tyres..
Here is how it looks…

Honda CB350RS Cafe Racer Custom Kit Price, Features (Video)

cb350rs suv kit
And a full view of the motorcycle with the kit. Also notice body colored wheel stripes…