Honda CB 300R Mysteriously Disappears from the Website: What’s Cooking?

While everyone is waiting for CB300R BS6 launch Honda takes it off from the website. We quickly talk about this build-up…

Honda continued with the CBR 250R in the Indian market for 7-8 years, unchanged. The introduction of the CB300R in February 2019 signaled a ray of hope which was further accentuated by Honda’s continuous promise of ‘new focus’ on the premium segment in India through what it called as ‘fun’ models.

Honda has promised as many as five all new ‘fun’ two-wheelers in India within this fiscal and only the Forza 300 has been revealed so far. It must be noted that these upcoming models will be all-new and exclude updates of the ones that are or have been on sale in India.

In a latest, there has been a mysterious turn of events. Honda has removed the CB300R from its official website (check here). It was displayed under the ‘Super Bikes‘ tag till a few days back. It is not listed on the BigWing website either!

It must be noted that both these websites still show non-Bharat Stage 6 compliant motorcycles like CBR 650R and Goldwing which further increases the confusion. Honda is not a manufacturer which likes to discontinue products without giving them a fair bit of chance and efforts.

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CB300R BS6 launch
CB 300R was listed under ‘Super Bikes’ till a few days back. It is not under ‘Motorcycle’ tab either.

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CB300R was imported into India as a CKD (completely knocked down units) so far. It was powered by a 286cc single cylinder engine which belted out 30 bhp of power and 27.4 Nm of torque. Its last known selling price was Rs 2.42 Lakh ex-showroom.

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We are unsure about Honda’s intent with this hide & seek. Let us wait for a while before things get clearer about the roadster.