Honda Splits BIGWING; Clear Hints of More Sub-500cc Motorcycles

Breaking up of Honda BigWing dealership chain is a clear sign of more mid-size motorcycles that will now go to the conventional set-up of the premium setup…

Honda, which sells its locally produced sub 200cc motorcycles through the widespread conventional dealerships, has a premium BigWing dealership chain which is dedicated to bigger motorcycles that are either imported as CKDs or CBUs.

However, things have changed dramatically with the introduction of the H’ness CB350 as it has become the first completely made in India motorcycle to be retailed through the BigWing distribution channel. Revealing more details about its mid-size motorcycle intents, Honda has now split the BigWing dealerships into two – the conventional BigWing and the BigWing TOPLINE.

As the name suggests, the BigWing Topline will sell the complete premium motorcycle lineup from the CB350 to the Fireblade, Africa Twin, etc. On the other hand, the conventional BigWings will be limited to the mid-capacity motorcycles which will include the CB350. Honda has cleared that this format will keep bikes upto 500cc.

Honda CB350 deliveries are in full swing…

Quite naturally it can not sell just the CB350 and these are clear hints that a host of other mid capacity motorcycles are coming that will share the stage with the H’Ness.

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As an expansion plan, Honda has launched two new BigWing Topline dealerships – one in Mumbai and the other one in Bengaluru. Here are the addresses of these two dealerships..

  • BigWing Mumbai – G/2, OIA House, 470 Cardinal Gracious  Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400099
  • BigWing Bengaluru – 40/1, Ground Floor, Vittal Mallya  Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560001

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Honda has already cleared that it will be ready with 50 BigWing dealerships by the end of this financial year. In addition to this, the company is offering interesting offers on finance of CB350 – details here.