Honda Announces Four “Brand New” Product Launches This Year; One of Them Is….

Honda has announced its 2016-17 business plan and they are literally on steroids if you ask us! First up, they have set themselves up for 60 lakh two wheeler sales this financial year which is a massive scale up from the current aggregate of 50 lakh they achieved last year, despite demonetisation hurting sales badly. At an average of 5 lakh units every month, Honda would be right under Hero’s throat!

They recently displaced Hero for the third spot in the list of top exporters in India. Apart from other areas they are focusing on to reach that target, Honda has announced launch of four absolutely new two-wheelers in India this year. Do not write off these products as mere updates of their existing motorcycles and scooters. Instead, all these four will be ‘brand new’ motorcycles/scooters not available in India so far.

Africa Twin is the second CKD model for India after CBR650F. Click pic to read our analysis of its expected pricing…

According to unconfirmed reports, two of these may be motorcycles and the remaining two are expected to be scooters. One of them has been officially confirmed as the Africa Twin, trial production of which has commenced. In the scooters segment, expect the oncoming of a 150 cc scooter (PCX?) to snatch a share from Vespas and SR150.

Honda’s Upcoming Motorcycles & Scooters

  1. Motorcycle 1: Africa Twin (confirmed)
  2. Motorcycle 2: Not Known
  3. Scooter 1: 150cc scooter (unconfirmed)
  4. Scooter 2: Not known

Very recently, Honda has taken the CBR150R and CBR250R off from its website, signalling an end of the older-gen models. If and when Honda decides to offer latest-gen models of these motorcycles (already available internationally since long) I believe they will not be counted in this list of four “all-new” launches.

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