Honda Also Makes CD110 Dream, Livo, Shine 125 And SP 125 A Little More Expensive

Honda have brought price hikes ranging from Rs. 764 to Rs. 1,371 on their models… Nothing else has been changed on these models…

Now from their stables, Honda India have hiked the price of four of their 110 cc and 125 cc motorcycle offerings – CD110 Dream, Shine 125, Livo and SP 125. 

New Prices of Honda Shine 125, SP 125, CD110 Dream and Livo models

The Honda CD110 Dream has received a bum of Rs. 764/- and is now priced at Rs. 69,251/- (ex-showroom).

Both Livo models have received a similar hike of Rs. 764/- and are now priced at Rs. 73,938/- for the drum model and Rs. 77,938/- for the disc model. 

ModelsOld PriceDifferenceNew Price
CD110 Dream DeluxeRs. 68,487/-Rs. 764/-Rs. 69,251/-
Livo (drum)Rs. 73,174/-Rs. 764/-Rs. 73,938/-
Livo (disc)Rs. 77,174/-Rs. 764/-Rs. 77,938/-
Shine (drum)Rs. 74,943/-Rs. 1,371/-Rs. 76,314/-
Shine (disc)Rs. 79,343/-Rs. 971/-Rs. 80,314/-
SP 125 (drum)Rs. 80,587/-Rs. 820/-Rs. 81,407/-
SP 125 (disc)Rs. 84,588/-Rs. 819/-Rs. 85,407/-

Moving to the Shine 125 models, they are now Rs. 1,371 for the drum model and Rs. 971/- for the disc models. Their asking price is now Rs. 76,314/- and Rs. 80,314/- respectively. 

Finally, the SP 125 models are asking Rs. 820/- more for the drum model and Rs. 819/- more for the disc one. They are now priced at Rs. 81,407/- and Rs. 85,407/- respectively. 

Recently, HMSI also bumped up the prices of their Unicorn, X-Blade, Hornet 2.0 and CB200X models