Himalayan Video Which Featured Broken Footpeg Taken Down by Royal Enfield

Chances are that you may have read and heard about a Royal Enfield Himalayan video which created a lot of negative hype about the upcoming Himalayan. The issue was that it pictured snapping of the motorcycle’s footpeg after a six odd feet jump.

The issue was discussed to death on social media and ultimately Siddharth Lal, CEO of Royal Enfield had to issue a statement on Twitter

bikers- many parts break while validating a motorcycle for lakhs km. we liked the shot, we kept it!

It should be understood that it was a prototype motorcycle and it is courageous of Royal Enfield to have shared that clip. We cannot imagine how many parts give away during tests and that is what validation and testing is for…

But the update is that Royal Enfield has, just when the motorcycle is at the brink of launching, taken that video down!

Royal Enfield Himalayan 16

According to Visordown, the spokesperson said, “It’s always been the plan to take this video down and replace it. A new video isn’t far away.” And the company is of the opinion that this has nothing to do with the footpeg snapping.

Interestingly, other videos from the same period still remain on their Youtube channel which suggests that Royal Enfield specifically targeted this video and the reason is pretty clear. You and I know that Youtube isn’t short of space and neither does it limit the number of videos on your channel 😉

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The good news is that the Himalayan is almost here and considering that it is the first motorcycle after decades to have been made on an all-new platform, we hope it comes without the typical Royal Enfield niggles…