Hero HF100 vs HF Deluxe – List of 5 Differences

HF100 vs HF Deluxe differences list comprises some minor spec changes apart from cosmetic updates. Pricing is the main reason why HF100 is here…

Hero has silently launched HF100 in India which becomes the most affordable bike in the company’s portfolio. It is based on the extremely high selling HF Deluxe but comes with minor changes. Here we list all of them for you..

HF100 vs HF Deluxe Differences

  • HF100 is offered only as a kick start model unlike HF Deluxe which is available in both kick start and self start variants
  • Peak torque is the same as HF Deluxe but HF100 produces it 1000 rpm earlier.
  • Fuel tank capacity of the HF100, at 9.1 liters, is half a liter less than HF Deluxe.
  • At 110 kg, HF100 weighs 1 kilo more than the corresponding HF Deluxe (kick start) variant.
  • HF100 comes with blackened theme – black colored alloy wheels, exhaust, leg guard, handlebar, rear brake lever, exhaust cover and pillion grab rail. HF100 also comes with a different pipe type pillion grab rail which is also black in color.
HF100 vs HF Deluxe differences

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And then there is this difference of options. According to the website, HF100 is sold in a single Black with Red color combination against HF Deluxe’s five shades.

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Price Difference – The HF100 costs Rs 49,400 for the lone kick start drum brake alloy wheel variant. Corresponding HF Deluxe variant is sold at Rs 51,700 which means there is a major price difference of Rs 2300. However, Hero also sells a spoke wheel variant of the HF Deluxe which, at Rs 50,700, is cheaper. But the HF100 alloy wheel trim costs Rs 1300 lesser that.