SPIED: Mysterious Hero XTREME Test Mule Spotted; Looks Muscular

Is it the Xtreme 440? Or the Xtreme 210? Here is a new Xtreme that is likely to become the flagship streetfighter for Hero…

In its quest to make a mark in the premium motorcycle segment in India (and the world), Hero is preparing a lot of new models. Some of which that we know are – bigger Xpulse 400, a model based on the Harley X440’s platform, new premium 125, etc.

Amidst all of this, an interesting spotting of two Hero test mules have come up on the internet. One of them is the Xpulse 210 – that is likely to carry Karizma’s engine that we have discussed in this story yesterday. The other motorcycle is the street naked and motorcycles of this form carry the Xtreme moniker for Hero. So, this could be one of the bigger Xtremes that Hero is preparing.

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The question is – how big?

Well, the outer casing does not resemble any of the Hero’s existing or upcoming models that we have seen, nor does it look like the Harley’s X440. However, Hero has announced that it will be launching its own version of the X440 this fiscal which is likely to be a roadster or a streetfighter – and this is what it could be. With minor changes to the motor and obviously the underpinings, this could be the one that Hero is readying for our market.

Xtreme 440

But let me also admit that there is no concrete evidence of the same and this could be something else as well – basically, some other Xtreme, that is! It gets a large looking fuel tank with long tank extensions and low placed, aggressive looking headlamps, that are likely to be LED units.

This mysterious Xtreme is running upside-down front forks and the conventional rod-type handlebars with a riding posture that looks typical of streetfighters. Currently, Hero’s biggest motorcycle in the streetfighter segment is the Xtreme 160R 4V and the motorcycle that we see on our screens could be the next flagship for the country’s largest manufacturer.

Pics source – man.vs.tarmac