Xpulse 200T launch

Xpulse 200T launch has been announced for early next year. Let us give you a quick overview of the motorcycle in this story… 

Remember Hero’s outrageous showcase of unachievable products at the Auto Expo 2014 (and 2016)? At this EICMA, they displayed a variety of motorcycles and scooters – just that, of late, they have become a lot more cautious and sensible in how they portray their brand now. As a part of the package were very achievable motorcycles – Xpulse 200 adventure and the new Xpulse 200T tourer, apart from some concept designs based on the same platform.

We have already discussed Xpulse a lot and let us, in this story, talk about its sibling Xpulse 200T, which sprung out of nowhere in quick pointers…

What is Xpulse 200T?

200T is the tourer version of Xpulse which focuses more on the long distance riding comfort. It has a different and relatively comfortable posture and loading capability with its large luggage plate.

Xpulse 200T

Is it a Concept?

No! Unlike the Xpulse 200 which was first unveiled as a concept, the Xpulse 200T is showcased as a production-ready model. In simple terms, there shouldn’t be many changes when it eventually reaches your local dealerships.

Xpulse 200T Features – 

Xpulse 200T will come with LED head and tail lamps, digital speedometer with Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation. It will also carry forward Xpulse’s single-channel ABS.

Xpulse 200 vs 200T – Major Differences

200T gets alloys in place of spokes and regular 17 inch tyres instead of the 18-21 inch combo of the ADV version. This also means that the seat height of 200T is lower (by 30 mm). The handlebar is also shorter and unlike the ADV’s high-mounted sideseat exhaust, 200T comes with a more conventional side slung canister.

Xpulse 200T Launch
Xpulse 200 Early 2019

In its press release, Hero has officially said that both Xpulse 200 and Xpulse 200T are ‘likely‘ to be launched in India towards the beginning of 2019. Now, based on the history of the company and the lack of confidence they have showcased so far, we can safely hope to see both the motorcycles in our local showrooms before the end of next year, if everything goes as planned!

Rumour Suggests There Could be a Karizma 200!

As you can expect, it continues to be powered by the same 18.4 PS, 17.1 Nm single cylinder 200cc air-cooled engine which powers the Xpulse and the Xtreme 200R.

Hero Makes Mockery of Karizma Brand Again – Sells Zero Units in October

So, is it your kind of motorcycle or is Hero just hitting the mud by offering different skins on the same platform which could is ‘underpowered’ for today’s standards?