New Hero XOOM 160 Adventure Scooter Unveiled; Could Become India’s First

Hero Xoom 160 Adventure scooter could become India’s first such product but it has to come early for that, unlike company’s older showcases..

Back at the 2014 Auto Expo, Hero unveiled Zir – which was a big 150cc maxi-scooter that boasted of some high-profile features that were futuristic during those days. But that was when Hero was heart-broken and wanted to show to the world that it can do wonders without the technical support of Honda. Almost a decade later, nothing of that sort, not even remotely close, has made it to production.

Yet another big auto event and Hero has again showed something that has grabbed eyeballs, but this time it appears to be something that can be taken seriously. The India’s largest seller has unveiled XOOM 160 Adventure scooter that looks extremely interesting and going by the terminology that the company is using, this should become a reality in the coming months.

The Xoom 160 is equipped with a 156cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled motor that produces 14 PS of peak power and 13.7 Nm of max torque. These are Yamaha Aerox-rivaling numbers!

Xoom 160 adventure

Hero is promoting it as a ‘go anywhere, do anything‘ scoot that comes with fat 14 inch block pattern tyres. Among key features, the big Xoom gets i3s (Hero’s start-stop tech), silent start, smart key with keyless ignition, smart find and remote seat opening.

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The duck-faced Xoom looks big and purposeful with all-round LEDs and that tall visor. Those telescopics look to have fair bit of travel and this should be an interesting addition to India’s scooter line-up.

Technically, the Xoom 160 does not rival the Aerox in terms of the application, however, in all other aspects people will compare both the scoots. If Hero can take this product to the market sooner, it will definitely win some brownie points for being the risk-taking maker. However, if it defaults on this one again, people will not take its future unveilings seriously…