Hero Vida Electric Scooter – New Details Surface Before 7 Oct Launch

Hero Vida Electric scooter with swappable battery has been confirmed by the company’s latest social media teaser…

So, Hero MotoCorp is nearly ready to launch their first electric scooter offering under their new Brand – Vida. 

The company has already published a Video Invite confirming that their 1st electric scooter will be unveiled to global as well as domestic customers on October 7.  

Up until now, other than one glimpse of the upcoming e-scooter by Mr. Munjal himself, no spy-images or details leaked regarding the new scooter.

Confirmed – Hero Vida Electric Scooter to Come with Swappable Battery Technology

Hero MotoCorp have posted another teaser on their social media channels. 

Through this new teaser, the company has confirmed that the new Vida electric scooter will be leveraging the new Swappable Battery technology to offer better convenience and charging options for customers. 

Using the tagline – We Took Charge of Charging – Hero have revealed that the new scooter will definitely be equipped with swappable batteries, that could be charged at home, in parking lots, at public charging stations and could be swapped for new ones down the line when the infrastructure & service will be offered. 

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Previously, Hero MotoCorp partnered with the famous Taiwanese company Gogoro, who are leading experts in battery technology & battery swapping methodology. This partnership has given Hero the exclusive rights & expertise to introduce the new charging solution to their upcoming line of electric scooters. 

This swappable battery technology will be very convenient for the customers as it will give them the choice of charging anywhere, anytime. This will also offer a safety feature as, without a battery, the electric scooter will not be functional and hence can’t be stolen. 

Hero Vida Electric scooter

This technology will also allow Hero to establish a network of swapping stations in the future from where the customers can swap used batteries for new fully-charged ones. This process will take a few minutes and can be seen as an alternative to how ICE scooters are refilled with fossil fuel in minutes through petrol pumps. 

The future is here, people!! Let’s wait till October 7 for it to unfold…