Interesting: Harley Deal Allows Hero to ‘Develop’ Premium Motorcycles

Hero premium motorcycles may be a possibility sooner now that it will get the technological know-how from Harley Davidson…

Moments back Hero and Harley announced a strategic partnership for India in which the Indian manufacturer will be responsible for the distribution of Harley motorcycles in our country. It will also take care of the service and spare parts for all the existing and new owners. Here are more details..

But here comes the most interesting part…

As part of a Licensing agreement, Hero MotoCorp will develop and sell a range of premium motorcycles under the Harley Davidson brand name.

This statement clears that Hero has managed to strike a deeper deal with Harley which will allow it to manufacture bigger motorcycles. This directly takes us to the KTM-Bajaj and TVS-BMW partnerships which have been very successful in terms of sales. But more importantly, they have provided technology for bigger motorcycles.

The 390 Duke, Apache RR 310, etc – which have revolutionized the Indian mid capacity sports motorcycle market, are all products of such international deals. Though it clears that the upcoming premium motorcycles will be sold under the Harley Davidson moniker, this will provide Hero the much needed technological know-how of manufacturing bigger motorcycles on a wider scale.

Hero premium motorcycles
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Apart from this, there is a possibility that Harley’s entry level models – Streets, which were made at the Bawal factory may make a comeback and be manufactured by Hero, obviously apart from newer models.

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This deal provides endless opportunities to both the brands as they can leverage the strengths of each other to make for a compelling partnership – very similar to Bajaj and TVS.