Harley Davidson BRONX Ditched Before Launch?

Harley Bronx launch was officially announced for 2021 but all of a sudden the streetfighter has been taken off the website fueling speculations about its future…

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected the automotive industry very severely. So much so that many manufacturers have cut down their staff. Some of them are even stripping off their portfolio, retaining only the models that are feasible for them.

One such manufacturer is the legendary motorcycle maker – Harley Davidson which has been battling sales (and interest) slowdown for many quarters now. The manufacturer, known for its tall, lanky and loud cruisers, had announced many differentiated models to be launched in 2021 – which included the Pan America and Bronx. Harley Davidson had listed these future models on its official website with clear “Coming in 2021” captions.

harley bronx launch
Bronx was listed with a ‘coming in 2021’ caption till early August on the website. Source –Wayback machine

However, in a big surprise, the BRONX is no more listed on the website. Most of the traces, including its Press page, have been taken off. It is not clear what caused this deletion but Harley Davidson has confirmed that it would focus on the Pan America in 2021 and hence the Bronx would not be launched.

harley bronx launch

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This does NOT clear if the project has been shelved momentarily or indefinitely! It is known that, under its new leadership, Harley is looking at adopting several cost-cutting measures. The company calls the internal restructuring as ‘Rewire.’ In line with the strategy, the company has taken a lot of drastic measures. Is the axing of the unlaunched Bronx a part of the same strategy?

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It will be interesting to see the future of muscular Bronx streetfighter, if it has some!

-Moin Ahmed

Source: Motorcycle