REVEALED: Harley’s Upcoming 353cc Engine & Its Power Output

Harley 350 engine specs and design have been leaked through its sibling motorcycle. Expect launch sometime later this year…

The American automaker – Harley Davidson is one of the most aspired and respected motorcycle brands across the world. It has a cult following and has always been known to produce large-capacity, tall and lanky cruisers.

However, of late sales have been dwindling and the company is trying to plug the leak! It has plans to reach more volume centric segments. In a bid to do just that, it has partnered with China-based Benelli’s parent firm – Qianjiang, to produce a new small capacity motorcycle platform, which would help it gain volumes.

Harley 350 engine specs

In the latest, styling patent images of QJMotor QJ350 motorcycle have emerged, which give us a closer look at the engine and the chassis. From the pictures, we can clearly observe that they share parts with the existing Benelli 302S. What gives it away is the ‘Harley Davidson‘ branding on the engine.

Harley 350 Engine Specs

That apart, it is revealed that it will be a Euro-5 compliant (which is similar to the Indian BS6 emission norms), parallel-twin, 353 cc engine, which is said to produce a peak power of 36 HP. While it is around two HPs less than the 300 cc Benelli 302S, it will benefit from its larger displacement. In comparison, Harley’s bigger Street 500 makes even lesser 33.5 hp of power.

The partnership is a win-win situation for both the companies, as it enables them to use the new engine on motorcycles from both the brands. While Harley would have its version, Qianjiang will utilize this engine and chassis to produce vehicles from both Benelli, and QJMotor brands.

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Harley 350 engine specs
This is how the Harley 350 will look…

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The QJMotor bike is expected to be launched in China soon, followed by an equivalent Benelli and then there will be a Harley Davidson derivative as well. It will be a roadster design – a deviation from the existing Harleys – as this officially released pic on this page suggest (the orange motorcycle). Also, since Harley Davidson is aiming to increase its footprint in the Asian region, it is almost a given that the smallest Harley will come to India as well!

-Moin Ahmed

Source: Bennetts