BIG! Is That the New HERO ZIR…?

A big Hero maxi scooter could be reality in the coming times as the brand has patented a very sporty looking product. We discuss…

Way back in 2014, when Hero wanted to show to the world that it can stand alone, without Honda, it (Hero) went on a rampage and showcased some products that appeared way ahead of time. Call it exuberance or something else, ironically not much of it has made it to production – even after almost a decade!

But with focus on strengthening its premium segment, Hero does look all set to bring in a lot of products – and many of them have reached road testing stages. Which means they are not just prototypes or display models for boasting – but actual motorcycles that should be launched in the future.

In a latest update, we have landed on a document that reveals that Hero MotoCorp has patented a new maxi-scooter design that looks, well again, futuristic! This immediately takes us to the 2014 Auto Expo when the country’s largest seller surprised everyone with ZIR!

hero maxi scooter
Here is the ZIR 150cc maxi-scooter concept that Hero showcased way back at the 2014 Auto Expo..

Zir was a 150cc maxi scooter concept that was displayed in two different versions. It carried a claimed 157.1cc (yes this precise 😀 ) motor that was liquid cooled! Peak power output was 14.3 PS and the scoot churned impressive 12.7 Nm of max torque. It had twin projector headlamps, DRLs, 12 volt charging point and many features that were rare to see in those days.

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So, is this new maxi-scooter that Hero has patented an evolved version of the ZIR platform? This is under the belief that such a platform did exist at that time and the showcase was not just hollow-boasting! You can check more pics and details of Zir here.

Coming to the patent that Hero has applied for, this looks like a real big scooter – just like Zir. It carries a twin-headlamp set-up but this may now be LEDs, instead of projectors. This mysterious product is shod with bigger looking tyres and telescopic shock absorbers at the front.

With the success of Aerox, we believe the market is now warming up with the idea of sporty, more powerful scooters. And with not much competition right now, a product from an Indian maker can definitely give bragging rights to Hero. So, when is this coming..?