Hero Enters Big Bike League; Mavrick 440 Deliveries Commence

Mavrick 440 deliveries have started as promised by Hero in February. It is one of the most VFM motorcycles in the mid-size space…

Though Hero MotoCorp still is the largest selling 2-wheeler maker in India, it has always wanted to be more profitable and be a known name in the premium motorcycle segment as well. It has been trying to woo the customers of over 150-200cc segment for a fairly long time now, but it has found very little traction.

In order to further move up the ladder, Hero officially ventured in the big bike space with its Mavrick – a 440cc mid-sizer that is based on the 440 platform that has been jointly developed by Hero and Harley Davidson. Mavrick was officially introduced in February 2024 and Hero promised its deliveries commencement in two months.

mavrick 440 deliveries

And through a press note, the company has announced that Mavrick deliveries have commenced across the country. It conducted an event to mark the big occasion at Hero Premia outlet in Gurgaon. Pawan Munjal, the Executive Chairman himself handed over the bikes to select few customers.

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The Mavrick is Hero’s biggest motorcycle and opens up a big world of opportunities for the brand as well as us motorcyclists – as we can definitely expect a variety of models – a few test mules have already been snapped.

It is powered by a 440cc, single cylinder, oil-cooled engine that churns oodles of torque right down there – in the bottom end. In terms of specs it churns 36 Nm at 4000 rpm and comes with a 6 speed gearbox. The biggest USP of the Mavrick is its entry price point of Rs 1.99 Lac – which marks it a terrific value for money preposition. However, its overall quality and long term durability is yet to be proven. Hero also throwing in some extra offers for the early buyers…