Whatt! Hero Maestro Edge Discontinued…?

Hero Maestro Edge discontinued from the market? A look at the company’s website and last few months sales data suggests so..

Though Hero has managed to ensure that it remains the number one 2-wheeler player in the Indian market (in terms of volumes) without the technical support of Honda, scooters have been one big segment that it has not been able to sort.

Just as I reported yesterday, Hero has dropped down to the second last spot among the top five scooter sellers in the country and there is a possibility that it may further go down to the absolute last in the months to come. You can check out the numbers here.

Hero coined the Maestro branding for one of its 110cc scooter that shared its platform with the Activa (when it was in partnership with Honda). As the technical tie-up ended, the scooter (and some other products) were taken off from the market.

Maestro Edge was offered in both 110cc and 125cc formats…

Trying to take some leverage from a relatively established nameplate, Hero had already introduced its product – which was called as the Maestro Edge. Maestro Edge was a complete Hero MotoCorp developed product and saw various iterations during all these years. There was even a 125cc version and if I remember correctly, the last update on the Maestro Edge platform was sometime in 2021.

However, in a surprise move, the complete Maestro Edge line-up appears to be missing from Hero’s website. When I checked the sales data, Hero is shipping only a handful of Maestros to the dealerships – suggesting left-overs. For reference, last month only 298 units were dispatched from the factory.

maestro edge discontinued

Is this a very strong indication of Hero discontinuing the brand?

Hero 2.5R XTUNT Concept Unveiled; Probably Upcoming Xtreme 210R

Maestro Edge was the sportier sub-brand for scooters in the portfolio which already had Pleasure (female-centric scooter) as a consistent seller and Destini (family-based scooter) available in the 125cc format. With the new moniker Xoom joining the ranks, Hero considered it redundant to keep two sports scooter brands in the family and hence the lesser performing Maestro Edge nameplate has probably been ditched.

Hero already has another sports scooter coming in, in the 160cc segment under the Xoom moniker (more details). Will the Xoom deliver for Hero in the longer run? What do you think…?