Hero to Launch New 2014 Karizma ZMR & Karizma R Very Soon; Pics & Details

The news of Hero MotorCorp’s substantial investment in the U.S. based Erik Buell Racing (EBR) last June did gladden the heart of 2-wheeler enthusiasts in the country. We expected, and rightfully so, that the newly-formed partnership will give Hero an opportunity to acquire some of the cutting-edge biking technology that EBR has to offer.

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Readers who know what EBR stands for were naturally expecting a lot from the Hero-Buell alliance. One hoped to see some striking new models at the Hero pavilion at the Auto Expo 2014. And the company did not disappoint as they had some terrific products on display, clearing that whoever has written Hero off the tarmac, better reconsider!

However, amidst a ton of other (some of them very interesting) products, there lied the two of the facelifted bikes which are coming to us very soon – 2014 Karizma ZMR & Karizma R!

A white Karizma ZMR refresh and a yellow Karizma R refresh stood at the Hero pavilion at the Auto Expo. Both the bikes have faced a lot of criticism in terms of their styling, despite all that, Hero has decided to launch them in the market as they are!

New-2014-Hero-Karizma-ZMR-Pic (5)Nonetheless, more than the styling part let us talk about the engine related changes. New ZMR has got a fairly decent power bump of 2.4bhp and the new Karizma R gets a 2.2bhp power increase. This has resulted in both the bikes reaching the 60kmph sprint o.1 second earlier in case of ZMR and 0.2 second earlier on the Karizma R.

More than the outright acceleration, we believe new Karizma twins will be even better to ride and will come with some really useful features. And what if Hero can keep the price difference at a minimum!

2014 Karizma R Specs:*

  • Engine: 223cc
  • Power output: 19.2bhp (17bhp for current Karizma R)
  • 0-60kmph: 3.6 seconds (3.8 sec for current Karizma R)

2014 Karizma ZMR Specs:*

  • Engine: 223cc
  • Power Output: 20bhp (17.6bhp for current ZMR)
  • 0-60kmph: 3.6 seconds (3.7 sec for current ZMR)

*all claimed figures by Hero

New 2014 Karizma ZMR & Karizma R Launch

While having a word with one of Hero’s official, we have come to know that both these bikes will hit the market very soon. As early as starting of next month, we can expect at least one of them to reach your nearest dealership.

And after that, we are waiting for Hero’s masterstroke 250cc 31PS HX250R!

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New 2014 Karizma ZMR & Karizma R Pics