Almost Confirmed: Karizma COMING BACK!

Hero Karizma launch is almost confirmed by not only its patent filing but through one of our source as well. Read details below..

Let us accept it! Karizma was one of the most sought after bikes of the 2005-2010 era. It gave us the taste of big looks, high performance in 4-stroke motorcycles and its styling was simply magical. Even till today, the Karizma is regarded as a looker! This, we are talking about the original Karizma that was developed by the then Hero-Honda.

However, during this period both the companies split and the Karizma was left unattended. Around 2014, Hero decided to take matters in its own hands and introduced updated Karizma twins (the R and the ZMR) and that is often called as the ‘end’ of the Karizma period. Despite the iconic status of this brand, both the updates were immediate duds and there was a lot of criticism for the way Hero handled it.

karizma launch

But, despite all of this, there has been an inherent demand for a new-age Karizma that could justify the stature of the original model. Hero kept it in the backburner and there have been a lot of rumors and speculations about a new model, however, nothing concrete emerged – UNTIL NOW!

karizma launch

In a latest update, Hero has filed for a new patent for the Karizma brand in India. It appears that the new model will be called as Karizma XMR based on the complete nomenclature in the patent file. Interestingly, Hero has also filed for the ‘Karizma XMR 210‘ moniker that clearly suggests that the upcoming model could come with a near 210cc engine – slightly smaller than its original 223cc capacity.

Both the woodmarks are near final status of ‘Registered’ and Hero should be able to get both of them. It should also be noted that Hero also owns the ‘Karizma’ and ‘Karizma ZMR’ brands that are valid till 2032 and 2028 respectively.

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Now, obviously, patenting a name does not necessarily ascertain launch of that product but one of our source, who works for Hero, has confirmed to us, that a Karizma is under works and Hero should be launching it in the coming months. No confirmation on the timelines is known but we expect to see a test mule or something concrete soon.

Apart from this, Hero has also patented a new model for its 200cc range. Here is how it will look…