Alright, review time again. This time it is the Hero Honda Passion Plus. Even though I am not a fan of 100cc bikes, I have a special attachment towards Passion, because it was the bike which I decided to buy before I owned the Karizma. Hero Honda’s engineers have really worked well on the design. The bike looks beautiful from every angle. Passion Plus is designed with three things in mind… looks, looks, looks. The sticker design has been changing as the years pass by, but the basic design remains the same.

Passion Plus

Hero Honda claims the Passion Plus to be a ‘Whole new world of style.’ And they are not kidding. When you look at the various colors that the bike has, you will understand that they are serious about it. Gone are the times where you buy a black, red or blue colored bike. Passion comes in six variants of multicolor designs. I feel that the best is ‘black and sport red‘, which has a black doom with red stickers and red tail with black stickers. That’s the color which they use for the TV commercial and the fastest selling variant. If you want to see more variants, visit the official website and click Colors.

The Passion has the same engine as that of the other 100cc counter parts from Hero Honda. There is nothing much to talk about the performace because its just a new wine in an old bottle. When I drove the bike, I felt just like when I tried Splendor NXG, except for the fact that I was driving a better looking bike. The tank is little bigger and better suited for people who feel Splendor is small for them. The dash board features the speedometer with a yellow backdrop as seen in the new Karizma R.

Some of the highlights that I cannot miss to mention are… the all black engine, alloy wheels and body colored hand grips. The black engine nicely merges with the overall look of the bike. I wonder why so many bikes still have the aluminum shaded engine. The bike costs Rs.49,000 on road. You can save Rs.3000 if you do not want the allow wheels, but I do not recommend spoke wheels because it will spoil the beauty of the bike.

hero honda passion plus

If you are a student, never even think of buying Splendor, which is for aged people, he he! 🙂 If you want a bike from one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers from the world, if you do not want to spend too much and yet have cool looks, if you want great mileage so that you need not keep asking your dad for filling the tank every week (like I do)… then what are you waiting for? Passion Plus is your choice!

Passion Plus Specifications:

Displacement: 97.2cc
Maximum Power: 7.50ps@8000rpm
Maximum Torque: 7.95nm@5000rpm
Gears: 4 Speed
Clutch: 159
Weight: 116.00 kg
Ground Clearance: 159.00 mm
Fuel Tank: 12.80 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1235.00 mm
Length: 1980.00 mm
Width: 720.00 mm
Height: 1060.00 mm

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    Hi, I am Choudhry MM basically i am a maintenance engineer the i took passion last month it is a wonderfull bike i proud to be owner on PASSION PLUS

    i suggest to give a red strip on alloy wheel to look more attractive



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  • pradeep petakar

    I am Mr.Pradeep frm hubli,karnataka i purchased passion plus in nov2008. thats super bike frm hero honda group i really thankfull to them.

    • vishnu

      dear pradeep may i knw hw much u paid for the bike when u purchased.

  • Srikanth

    Excellent bike. Superb mileage, less maintenance cost, broader rear seats are its plus.. But engine gets heated very quickly & it struggles with a pillion rider mainly in hilly regions..

  • govindh

    hi this is govind – let me know whether they have improved the lighting….. cuz i struggled lot in the passion plus. thank and let me knw.

  • deven

    I purchased my hero honda passion over CBZ…she is still going strong , gives me average of 60kmpl to 70kmpl range.

  • durgarao

    last 2years back I purched hero honda is very goo d look in present trend. i hv very froud to ride passion +.It is good mileage to normal people.good maileage .

  • sathish

    its very good image bike for youth it good herohonda passion plus i promise it good

  • sathish

    i love passion plus

  • S Vijayakumar

    Hi,I would like to know about the mileage details of the bike.

    • uttam

      what is the price of the bike

  • Tamil

    S Hero Honda Passion Plus is Realy Good Looking
    and very Stylish

  • ravi pandey

    well this z ravi pandey from delhi
    i m using passion plus since 2005…
    this bike had never let down my immaginations…

    wat a bike
    millege always above 60
    satisfactory ride

  • yogesh

    i m going to purchare passion plus so i want more details about this bike so please provide me more information about this bike

    • amol

      no please dont buy it after two years only my bikes engine is gone i am spending 7000 to redo it

  • kanaram saini

    hero honda bike is very good looking i like very much this.
    i purchage this bike and you perchage it.

  • pramod

    Hi my self pramod pradhan planning to buy a passion plus so plz suggest me anybody …………
    Those who r having that bike .how is that in case of perfomance & mantainance

  • subash

    Hey all,

    to be simple, its worth investing……

  • Sitaram

    I just ordered Passion Plus blindly as we are having CD100 Deluxe and CD100 SS at home. So, now it’s time for next updated version :). I went to the showroom for Passion Pro BUT the look is not good, compare to PLUS. PLUS has better look than PRO. I do not know why HH changed the color patched, worst in PRO. The main advantage in PRO is self start. That’s all. Rest the headlight and indicator changes are minor. So, in total it won’t worth 2K more than PLUS. PLUS costs 49K and the PRO costs 51K.

    I changed my choice bcoz all the rest specifications and features are same. I’ll adjust the Self Start in PLUS with Kick. BUT can not adjust the look.

  • Sitaram

    If anyone says that I’ve taken wrong choice for PLUS in place of PRO then inform me. Waiting for comments. 🙂

  • Sreeni


    Am planning for passion bike, now confuse to go for pro or plus, suggest me if any one is in used of the bike.

    • Shabeer

      Pro is waste bike. Buy passion plus 2008 2009 model. Dnt buy pro.

  • Sitaram

    Sreeni, I suggest you to see the PLUS and PRO and compare it physically once. Pro costs 2K more than Plus only for the Self Start. Rest all the features/qualities are same. Only the changes are in look/style. I purchased Plus only for it’s look and I felt that it’s better than the look of the Pro. If you’ll like the look of the PRO better than the PLUS and also the self start, then you can go for PRO. In case of mileage, Controls, height, weight etc. both are same.

  • Sitaram

    BTW, I got 64 kms mileage in 1st litre and 74 kms in 2nd litre in my new Passion Plus. I’m really satisfied. Waiting for 3rd litre mileage. I’ll give updates for my bike. But, I challenge it’ll not come down from 65 kms in traffic. The main trick is to drive in 40 speed till first 1000 kms. I also expect the mileage will keeping going increasing after some free services. This is the 3rd Hero Honda Bike in our family. The previous CD100 Deluxe and CD100 SS are still rocking. But now the new bikes are really coming with nice colors, alloy rims etc.

  • Satish Kumar.S

    I am planning to buy passion plus please let me know the + points and – points of the bike and let me about engine and mileage usage for the same.


  • premkumar

    Thanks to HeroHonda bike as after Suvega moped which my dad owned in 1984, i used to drive that moped with very jolly and i enjoyed that driving, but after it was gone my dad bought Ind Suzuki in 1985 and sold in 1995 and he purchased Bajan 4s Champion. But I was not satisfied with all the said bikes. But in 2005 my dad gave me a presentation of HERO HONDA PASSION(2005 Model). Really really very superb and excellent, as even my five year son Prajin loves it dearly. Passion bike is one of our FAMILY MEMBER.


    its really perfect for FAMILY and ROMANTIC both rides having a sexy colour design and style…its unique, performance,
    and also me too going purchase

  • Jagdish

    Hi All,

    I was in a plan to purchase Passion Plus. But I heard that Hero Honda has stopped production of Passion Plus, Is it true? Because in Pune i enquired in Pratham Auto dealer (Hero Honda) If it is really goineg to stop then which one is better bike compare to Plus excluding Pro.

  • kishore


  • pushpam kumar

    Hi i am pushpam. I want to purchase a bike eiter splendor plus or Passion Pro. Pls let me know the differences in b/w these two bikes as per technical aspects and looks.


  • sunny

    hi kishore
    i think d producion did not stop …check ur herohonda dealer and enquire
    i aslo hav passionplus 2005 model
    mileage 0f 60 and i reached top speed of 90 in trible riding vit my 4nds

  • sunny

    i think cbz xtreme is also good bike like passion vit mileage of 50kmpl

  • Natraj

    Hai , i planned to purchase hero honda passion plus bike. so if anybody used this bike now then please give the comments to purchase the above said bike.

  • naveen

    Hai , I booked passion plus on 28/jan/2010,still they are saying load is not come,now i came to know that passion plus model stopped.

  • sourabh

    passion plus is really awesome in styling and riding in overall performance its design and graphics is better then passion pro Its milege 60-65.this bike is really setisfing the customer demand.

  • Maneesh

    Hero honda Plus is the best bike for mileage.But it is very difficult to ride at hillu areas.It style is simply perfect…

  • balu kumar

    hi, my self bablu i taking this bike because his features are very fantastic and romantic bike for full enjoy

  • Nafees Ahmad Khan

    i purchased passion plus Allow wheels in Sep-2007 but this is very good bike but i feel one thing this bike must be 125 CC and 100 CC is very low According passion plus

  • Arun

    I got my passion plus at 2004. Rode it within 45kmph for the first 1000kms. she is still going good. Less maintenance.
    She still yields 75 kms/litre. Solid.
    Its worth investing in Passion Plus. Salute to Hero Honda Passion Plus.

  • subbu

    which bike is best hero honda passion plus or passion pro give me one suggistion which bike is better sir me likeing passion plus but it is not available so i dont purchased any other company bike i purchased only hero honda bike only plz advise to me

  • Asif Khan

    I purchsed passoin plus in October 2009. Graphics, performence and specially power as compare to 100 cc is bike is too good. At the cost of Rs 49000/- it is not costly. New Passion Plus desinged specilly for new generation. I suggest passion plus is very good bike at the same cost of other bikes. Thanks for Hero Honda Group.

    Asif Khan!

  • c b mohan

    i like HH all products i want to purchase HH passion plus, i need information how to advance booking in online

  • anand

    I am looking for hero honda passion plus. Is it worth?
    I would like to know the procedure to purchase a bike???
    Please help me out

  • pavankumar

    hey this is pavan i wud like to buy passion plus i want complet details of it like cost,feautrs,mileage,and also comparsion of honda twister and passion plus can u tel me reply me

  • kohinoor manik

    thanks to hero honda producing great byke
    when I was in Banglore I used to ride hero Honda splendour ,after 12 years in Dhaka I ride hero honda passions ,it is just same as old great test with newlook.low maintanance ,with great mileage our Hero to make us save money,kohinoor manik….Dhaka

  • shashank

    its good n stylish bike

  • Abinav

    Great bike , but less pickup if diffuser silencer is used , also shld have enough space to put fat tyres …. Apart from this a great bike ..

  • R Sai Srinivas

    Which 100cc bike in India has excellent pulling power while riding uphill/steep hills ?

  • pandurang

    i know its a good bike but last one month i have try to purchase a passion plus in pune but no responce any sho room pl help me a buy 2nos of passion plus (Colour-(Blak & sport red

  • pandu

    I love passion plus

  • arshad ali

    i like passion plus
    what is Diwali iskim

  • Sanakhan mohammed khizer

    Hi, I am khizer I would like to know the procedure to purchase a bike???
    Please help me out.

  • iqbal

    i want a passion plus bike , but not booking in calicut , pls help me ?

  • david

    im buying passion plus this month end. should i go for it or change my idea

    anybody help

  • sreenivas

    Hi This is Sreenivas. I want to know the fuel tank capacity of Hero Honda Passion plus 2005 January model. Please send the details to my

  • Sureshkuma R

    Hi ,
    I have driven 23000 KMS in Passion Plus. Bought in 2008 April . It’s good bike .
    Getting 55 to 63 Km mileage in City . HH showroom service not good . Simply they do water service Oil change .. No further care .
    But Bike is Very Good in 100 CC range .

    • Prem

      that is gr8 yar …

      • Sureshkumar R

        Hi ,
        Currently My Bike mileage is 55 in High way and 45 to 50 in City . Took a long ride recently ( Thalakad and Yelagiri trip ).

    • *LoneWolf*

      I think your are right about the mileage buddy. During the run-in period of my passion pro i got 63kmpl but in normal driving conditions i am getting more or less 55kmpl. Yes, service centers suck. Use semi-synthetic oil is good for the bike don’t use mineral oil as in Hero honda engine oil.

  • jithin

    passion pro

    hw-45-50 kmpl

    city40-42 kmpl

    • amar

      U r right jithin

  • Saeed


    Hope all viewers are doing well. I purchased a 2nd hand passion plus 2006 model and mostly more than city i ride on highway in perfect gear shifts . I am getting a mileage only abut 50km. I expected at-least 60.. I’m riding in between economy range. I m not satisfied with the mileage. What should i get checked on my bike. I recently gave to service to get oil change, chain tight, carborator cleaning. Sometimes i get misfiring from my bike silencer. Please suggest a solution

    • Harish

      There is a mistake in Your mileage calculation. Please check it again……… Good Luck,

    • santhosh alex

      re tune your bike (ajust the carborator ie reduce the pick power ).and check in ride with top gear

  • sony pradhan

    i love passion plus bcz I suggest passion plus is very good bike at the same cost of other bikes. you can go for PRO. In case of mileage, Controls, height, weight etc. both are same.I m not satisfied with the bike.(deepu)

  • sony pradhan

    i love passion plus bcz I suggest passion plus is very good bike at the same cost of other bikes. you can go for PRO. In case of mileage, Controls, height, weight etc. both are same.I m not satisfied with the other bike.(deepu)

  • venu

    hi hh group i am very not satisfied with youre bike . this vechile not supporting to me according to miillege


    Sir, I want one Passion Plus Vehicle. Can I get it? Whether the company stops its sale

  • amol

    I bought a passion plus in Feb 2009 From Auto Link Borivali after few days only the Horn stopped working and till date it s not working properly. I last two years i have changed clutch plate, Brake bush, Chain and so many things. Now just came to know before two days that engine has gone and now i will have to spend more 6000/- to redo it. A horrible experience with Hero Honda and Autolink Mumbai. I bought my bike in 50000 but apend more than 12000 in last two years. Please think twice before Buying a Hero Honda bike

  • kiran

    hi, kiran here am planing to buy passion plus 2004 model, pls tel me how much milage wil give can any body suggest me …. is it better bike?….

    • Dip

      Hi Kiran, If driven properly u can expect 65 kms per litre, easily. Make sure that the air pressure in the tyres are proper and u change the Engine Oil every 4000 kms. That’s all. All Hero Honda 100 cc bikes are basically ‘Fill It, Shut it, Forget It’.
      Meanwhile can anyone give me a suggestion? Which one should a person go for? Pasion Pro or Passion Plus or Splendor Pro?

      • *LoneWolf*

        WHAT??? Change oil for every 4000kms!!!! Are you talking about fully synthetic oil? Hero honda mineral oils hardly effective after 1500kms. Even semi-synthetic oils are watery after 2000kms. ‘Fill It, Shut it, Forget It’ is an old story mate. Todays HH bikes are much different. Passion pro only gives 55 average. If you ride very carefully then you can expect 65kmpl and not more. Today’s Hero bikes are not much fuel efficient but reliable as always.

  • vishnu kshirsagar

    passion plus is viry nice bike i am lucky i m goted my dream bike

  • sekar.k

    i wana buy a passion+ in next month. Pls let me know the procedures to buy on loan and keypoints to keep inmind while purchase.

  • rizwan

    give me detail about in passen plus, on road in delhi rate, milege & colours

  • Nitin

    I want to know the fuel capacity of passion plus which is missing.
    Rest everything nonssense is written .
    Please check petrol attendants

  • Subhadeep Roy

    i m going to purchare passion plus so i want more details about this bike so please provide me more information about this bike
    plz help me

    • *LoneWolf*

      There is no passion plus its only pro. It gives an average of 55kmpl. Performance is very bad. I have it from December 2010 now clocked 20,000kms. I suggest to go for some other bike like shine or SZ.

  • diginode

    I have so many ‘cons’ for hero honda passion plus bike.
    pls provide me the ‘pro’ of this bike who already purchase it and use it.

  • buying guide

    excellent issues altogether, you just gained a brand new reader. What could you suggest about your submit that you just made a few days in the past? Any sure?

  • sunil

    hi prade i want now the actual milage of this vihical can u plz tell me……..

  • passion plus bike good model

  • kartik

    is it suitable for long journey??? i mean for 200kms??? do reply for this…,

  • vinod

    i love passion plus .

    passion plus ,
    bike good model

  • Aswar vr

    I’m mechanical engineer i have pro from last 3 months, i think it’s best technology in 100cc series.

  • suraj

    can I make se;lf start in passionplus?
    or can I change the head of passion pro to passion plus b.coz I like the look of plus and bike in pro … suggest me

  • Akash

    bakwas Bike & service

  • sandeep

    passion plus bike is very good bike i love my bike.

  • sandeep kumar jaiswal

    i love my bike passion plus.





  • shivam rathore

    Cd delux is better than this if u run this bick
    On reserved. It give u up to 90kmpl milange
    It is also 100cc bike but more than passon pri
    In less pruce I buy this bick in 47thosund self
    Start and alive weel

  • Surya

    I love my passion. Still giving 45 to 50kmpl mileage. Self start is very useful when engine stalls.

  • dibakar samanta

    passion is the best byek