Hero Honda Splendor NXG Review

I did test drive the Splendor NXG. Did you know Hero Honda named it as NXG implying it is for the next generation? This deluxe segment bike comes priced at 42k approximately for the alloy wheels version and has so many similarities to the old Splendor, although, it is a little lighter than its older brother. Ever since its launch Splendor NXG is giving its competitor Platina from the Bajaj a chase for its money. However, TVS Star City is the one that Hero Honda would be looking at seriously and gearing its arsenal to beat the competition in this segment.

splendor nxg

Splendor is a bike designed to give fuel economy, reliability as well as low cost for maintenance. Well, the Splendor NXG is expected to leverage the strengths of the largest selling bike brand carry forward the same with advantages. I can say that Splendor NXG is an overhauled version of the Splendor to make it more youth appealing as regards to looks and style.

Splendor comes in about 5 colors and varying stripe combinations. Styling though looked a little better. The wheels are 5-spoked aluminium alloy type, which of course come as optional. The headlight is big and stylish trapezoidal multireflector type that gives bright light at low speeds as well, because of powerful battery and this gives the direct current high beam that is not dependant on the rpm of the engine. The taillight is big and improved by looks as compared to old splendor. Although, Splendor NXG looks much similar to its elder brother, the improved side decals, rear and front cowl and new sleek instrument panel with a trip meter and the fuel tank (capacity of about 10 liters) that has a knee grip mold and new and improved visor give the bike more stylish looks.

Hero Honda says that the 97.2cc Splendour NXG has a new engine altogether. Hmm…..cant believe! The power of Splendor’s engine is 7.7 ps at 7500 rpm, and it is marginally improved over the Splendor Plus. Maximum torque is about 7.6 nm and The motor looks like it’s the same one as that in the CD Dawn version and let me tell you, that it does sound nice and does not noise out too much as well even on a long drive. What I liked the most is the low end torque of the engine to give a no-noise drive even at 20 kmph in the fourth gear; and guess that sets Hero Honda apart from other bike manufacturers. The Splendor NXG has a smooth gearshift complying with the industry standards.

The bike has drum brakes and kick start options with a ground clearance of 160 mm. But the wheelbase is 1230 mm and it should have been improved. Probably Hero Honda wanted to keep the bike weight under 110 kg. The maximum achievable speed is about 90 kmph and the mileage is about 75 for city and highway combined and that is laudable!

The downside of Splendor NXG, I feel, is wanting of an electric starter and I think TVS Star City has done brilliant to give one at almost the same cost. If ever Bajaj has to give any competition probably they should come with a 90cc bike offering features of Splendor NXG at less than 40 k cost! What say?

Splendor NXG Specifications:

Engine: Aircooled single cylinder 4 stroke OHC
Displacement: 97.2 cc
Maximum Power: 5.67 KW (7.7 PS) @ 7500 RPM
Maximal Torque: 7.7 N-m @ 6000 RPM
Gear Box: 4 Speed
Brakes: Internal Expanding Shoe Type 130 mm (Front) 110mm (Back)
Tires: Front: 2.75 x 18, Rear: 2.75 x 18

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