While Here Honda is world’s leading bike maker, Bajaj is leading Indian bike marketer. There certainly lies so much of a difference between the two. Honda has been there for long in the bike market and is known for service as well as reliability and Bajaj has been an innovator. Every now and then it comes with something new and innovative and no doubt Bajaj bikes have mass appeal as well.

In the Indian roads 150cc segment motorbikes have gained popularity and is now established market leaders in world of biking because of its awesome performance with reasonable pricing and ease of handling. It was Bajaj who introduced Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTSi (Digital Twin spark ignition) powered engine with tagline of definitely male. Wonderful marketing caption as analyzed by pundits it created uproar in 150 cc bike segment as a whole. However, Bajaj Pulsar 150cc faced competition from the Honda’s Hunk model. There is some amount of confusion amongst bike buyers as to what they choose between the two. They can’t go for a marketing tagline and invest about 60k plus rupees on a bike. So, here is a brief comparison of the two bikes in terms of look, performance, reliability, pricing & more.

Looks: Hero Honda Hunk model portrays a majestic look with its exquisite style and side skirt in the tanks. Available in four colors of black, blue, silver and red, Hunk has a thump and muscular look with its gold polished front forks and silver finished central section. Equipped with butterfly-like headlight, Hunk reflects a sporty look with everyone stopping by to give a glance as it graces the Indian roads.

Hero Honda Hunk

However, it’s the look of the Bajaj Pulsar that has a unique appeal. The fuel tank is huge with muscle and the design of Pulsar has been tweaked in Japan to make it as one showstopper, and the telltale headlight and the razor edged tail-end of the bike give it a fresh new look. Pulsar also has so many gadgets and hi-fi electronic gadgets to impress. Maybe looks wise, Bajaj pulsar 150cc DTSi seems to better the Hero Honda Hunk 150cc, but again looks are very much subjective, ain’t it?

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc

Performance: The 150cc engine of Hunk produces 14.2 Ps @8500 rpm and powers 12.98 Nm torque at 6500 rpm. It is here that the 150cc Bajaj Pulsar DTSi engine produces 14.09 Ps at 8500rpm and 12.76 torque at 6500 rpm. Thus the power delivery of Bajaj Pulsar is bit mild in comparison to other bikes in the 150 cc segment. Although the engine is smooth yet it makes noise and loses its smoothness when pushed hard. However, Honda Hunk model does not vibrate even at a speed of 80 kmph.

The Bajaj Pulsar 150cc model has advantage of better throttle responsiveness with its feature of Digital Twin spark ignition. Similarly, The Honda Hunk model also responds with a slightest twist. In the Pulsar model clutch works perfectly but guess the gearbox needs some modifications. However, the Hunk model of Honda boasts of a 5-speed gearbox and the clutch is extremely smooth and the gears can be shifted with slightest effort. Pulsar 150cc is known to have notchy gear shifting and the clutch is not as smooth as it is in the Hunk.

Fuel Efficiency: Mileage wise Honda Hunk gives about 55-60 km/L for the economy riding and 65 km/L on a long drive and Pulsar 150cc DTSi gives around 45-50 km/L mileage on economy ride and about 55 on long drive (should it be driven smoothly).

Brakes: What about the disc brakes of these two motorbikes? Pulsar is equipped with good disc brakes, but it needs to be applied carefully as the brakes of Bajaj Pulsar are extremely sensitive. With applying front brakes too quick in the Pulsar model, it has a tendency to topple over. However, the front wheel of Honda Hunk has a 240 mm disc brake and the rear wheel is equipped with 130 mm drum breaks and that by itself provides with enough stability in the Indian road conditions.

Dashboard: If you are a fan of digital display panels, I am afraid that the Hunk may disappoint you a little bit. While the Hunk has nicely designed 3 dial dashboard displaying all the necessary details, Pulsar’s digital console is seductive for many Pulsar fans.

Quality & Handling: Pulsar 150cc DTSi generates more noise, as it gets older; say a 2-year-old pulsar is noisier than a new Pulsar, but hardly there is any such difference in Hunk. However, if the rider is fond of speed drive, his Pulsar 150cc DTSi will get heated up when driven at 60kmph speed for sometime. Yowza! Hero Honda Hunk stays cool no matter speed driving for a considerable length of time. It also means a difference with maintenance. Pulsar 150cc DTSi warrants change in clutch plates more often than a Hero Honda Hunk. So speed handling, Hunk betters the Pulsar.

Comfort: The riding position of Pulsar gives a sporty kind of feeling in comparison to the Hunk model. Pulsar can boast of a plush ride quality with great shock absorbers. There are a few who complain of awkward seating position on a pulsar and that a Bajaj Pulsar 150cc doesn’t make a pillion rider feel as comfortable, especially if it’s a female. The riding position of Honda Hunk is comparatively better with raised handlebars and neatly placed foot pegs. The innovative gas-charged rear suspension gives a nice feeling as well. Additionally, the cushioned seats of Hunk model are extremely comfortable for long distance ride. The front seat of the Hero Honda Hunk model is separated by a step from the back seat and makes the pillion feel, male or female, quite comfortable.

Technology: The digital technology incorporated into this high-flying motorbike, Bajaj Pulsar that gives a great satisfaction of a rare and daring riding experience. The bike was developed to ride in any kind of terrain with its nitrogen assisted rear gas shockers; telescopic suspension, optimized and improved exhaust gas system. While again Hunk is also a new age technology driven bike with low fuel consumption. Digital console of Bajaj Pulsar could be no competition, as most new age bikes will have that feature. Again the Hunk is slightly heavier than the Bajaj pulsar 150cc as it weighs 145 kg. Hero Honda Hunk lacks the LED Tail lamps, digital meter and has slightly hard gearbox.

Pricing: As regards price, Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc DTSi is priced competitively at Rs.59,190 (ex-showroom Delhi) and coming to about Rs.68,000 on road. On the other Hero Honda Hunk is priced at Rs.55,000 (ex-showroom) with auto start as optional and costing about Rs.65,000 on road.

Verdict: But all said and done, in the 150cc segment on the marketing front Pulsar 150 DTSi kicked off Hero Honda Hunk, but in core biking (by which I mean quality, handling and reliability) Hunk kicked the butt of Pulsar and there is no debate to this. Still better I would say, ask an owner who owns a Hunk for 2 years or so, he is still a happy man to have spent very little on maintenance and the Pulsar 150cc DTSi owner would have changed clutch plates, shock absorbers and is already looking for an upgrade of Pulsar (if he is a diehard Pulsar fan) or some other better model. The spares of Bajaj maybe cheaper than Honda but even Auto Car India acknowledged that Bajaj as a whole suffers from quality problems.

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      • hunk is the best bike his performance is also good and it runs very smoothly and maintenance also very low as compared to pulsar and now public boared to see pulsar na and pulsar 220 cc is the fuck all model why they launch this model plz sent me the rason look or average u have 2 option sent me ur answer

  1. @Gangadharan
    Most people get attracted to the superficial flimpsy gadgets of pulsars than real ride value. They are mass. People who know of bike engineering will definitely go for Hunk. It’s class. Bajaj engines are designed to perform for a maximum 3-4 years, unlike Honda engines.

    In simpler terms, I will tell like this. If pulsar is Govinda, then Hunk is Aamir Khan (and I didnt mean looks).

    Bajaj spends a lot on marketing and world knows that. Hondas are conservative when it comes to marketing.

    • A thoughtful Comment yaar………People are much attracted on the gadgets used in pulsar and not the engine performance. like Digital display, Wolf eyed pilot lights etc………..I cant find any review of pulsar after 2 years…….We have clear idea of the reliability of Bajaj Engines. They are designed to perform best for the first 2 years after that the mileage and performance decreases miserably. …Thats the reason why the Bajaj are continuously updating their models once a year and then they says the fastest Indian and people get used to that … No one remembers the past, thats a business trick………

      But i have to admit the reliability and performance of the old Kawasaki Pulsar( Off the market kike Dinosaurs )

      In my opinion Pulsar = style + Electronic gadgets
      Unicorn= Ergonomics + Comfort + Refined Engine
      Hunk= Stylish Unicorn + Comfort + Gadgets( 2011 Model has digital display)

      • i agree with u. i own a cbz extreme and my friend owns a pulsar 150 .we both had brought the bikes in the same month march 2010 and till now i have not changed anything on my extreme i had to spend on only servicing my bike that came to 210 rs on each servicing ( free servicing ). but my friend who brought a pulsar had to change his silencer (got rusted from inside and got spoilt ), chain ( broke into pieces ) , rear Grs suspension ( due to gas leakage ) of course it was under warranty.

        my point here is if he has to change so many parts now itself then what will happen to him when his warranty period gets over ? he will have to spend heavily on spare parts .

      • i completely agree with u bro.. pulsar sucks in all possible ways except for its gimiky gadgets.. engine is the worst and its gear box too

  2. The entire world has acknowledged PULSAR MANIA (Pulsar rally in Indonesia and Malaysia and duplicate versions of Pulsar selling in Chinese markets). Both the Hero Honda and Bajaj have the same Indian way of doing business. C’mon we all know why the Hero Honda is world no.1 in two-wheelers not for their engg. skills but becoz they have sold that trust which lead to the largest number of sells (all thanks to large middle class population of India comprising of the guys who will prefer Nokia 6600 if sold at the same cost over Iphone becoz its Nokia) and Bajaj who are the world leader in twin spark technology (they have patented this technology of using two spark plugs and no-one can use two sparks in his bike for sales and this is how they enjoy the cult status of being world no.1).
    I have read somewhere in the site that Honda’s CBR 150 is far better than YAMAHA’s R15 (please press the refresh button of your brain).

    See the world beyond Honda and HH. Although the ZMA is a masterpiece produced by the HH but its not India’s best bike after R15 and p220 entering the market except for the corrupt newschannels and magazines who take money from HH group for writing thier bike’s as best.

    The pulsar sure is a clear winner b/w p150 n Hunk for its elecrics, handling, engine (the highest figures don’t matter as u will ride your bike on mid-range torques revv speed most of the time). Even the twin spark ignition gives it a better fuel economy than Hunk contrary to the view of the writer above (and its a fact as my friends have both). HH has lost its grip on being fuel efficient as the splendor NXG of my friend when stretched normally upto 80 in delhi gives only 50kmpl and Super Splendor of my cousin brother gives only 45-48kmpl. Whereas the XCD of bajaj and Platina of the same segment gives 70+(all thanks to DTS-Si engine).

    BAJAJ sure has maintenance costs more than HH(for the first two years a little comparable but goes on increasing exponentially for the next years and HH is a clear winner in this regard) but you buy a bike for two-three years yaar not for 15 years. Remember they are just sports bike not superbikes.

    And for a contest b/w RTR FI and FZ16. Apache sure is a better performance bike than FZ16 with FI adding to better fuel economy as well but what’s the point if your bike starts shaking after 65kmph?????and after 90(you wont touch that figure even occasionally in Indian riding conditions) it regains control(as told to me by some fellows) and my FZ16 doesn’t give any problems till 95kmph bt d mileage falls from 45+ to 38 when I stretch it that hard. If you run it at around 40-55kmph my FZ16 gave a mileage of 53kmpl contradicting all popular reviews.

  3. Rahul Bajpai, thank you for your inputs. Adds controversy to the topic. But let me tell you that my reviews have helped a lot of people and what I write is not based on what I like but is based on existing customer reviews. And you better remove the photo of the black FZ16 in your blog, because the copyrights for that image belongs to me.

    • @ deepak dont boast that your reviews help other people…i have pulsar 180 ug 4, 2009 edition ,done 52300 km, still the bike is excellent condition as it was on its first day…it still delivers me mileage of 40-45…& mind you i also drive at 78 rpm range…just the thing that i did proper running in & maintain my bike well….

      so think and then give advice!

  4. give me a break…u ha ve biase against bajaj…dat is 4 sure..

    HH hunk doesnt give as much milage as u quoted. i have tested it myself. the highest milage 150 cc byks r Honda unicorn n Bajaj pulsar. I had a pulsar for over 2 yrs didnt hv 2 change ne parts of it..agree bajaj quality is not as good as HH but pulsar has better quality dan HH cbz extreme and hunk. al d bike experts also acccept dat….

    • i owned hunk since sept2009 , i am satisfied with the hunks performance even beyond my expectation, and friend my hunk gives me milage of 55kmpl quite few times so it depends upon the road condition and how u ride but consistancly it giving me milage of 50kmpl even i riding it the most heavist traffic area that is andheri to thane daily

  5. Nitin, your statements are contradictory. You said – “I agree bajaj quality is not as good as HH”. And again the opposite in next sentence. Visit http://reviews.bikeadvice.in and read the customer reviews and see for yourself.

    And you said “al d bike experts also acccept dat….” … may I know who are those experts?

  6. i have not made ne contradiction..i was talking abt d overall quality of bajaj byks….it is inferior 2 HH. der is not doubt in but HH cbz extreme uality has been panned by al byks magazines…. read dem urself…

  7. Nitin, You cannot trust a magazine if you have trouble trusting a blog. In general blogs are more authentic than traditional media.

  8. using twin spark is not an innovation by Bajaj it was copied from other manufacturers, who used it in their higher end models.

    what sree ram said was correct. Bike enthusiasts know the engineering behind the
    product sure goes for Hunk.

  9. it is nothing about trust. The problem is felt about ur reviews of bajaj byks. al d bajaj byks u review get negative points compared 2 d competition while in reality it is diff. ppl knw bajaj quality is less than hh but hh standards r also not as dey were. u can read numerous reports abt it in orkut how people mention deir byks n al.

    4 d matter evn TVS is as good as bajaj in quality but stil it seem su only have sme grudge against Bajaj…

    @ Tam…nobdy says that Bajaj invented twin spark n al. Dey launched it first in India ven dese tech existed b4. The bug multinational corporations didnt bother 2 launch dem in India it was Bajaj who did it. Give them credit where it is due rather dan blast dem 4 no reason.

  10. I agree Nitin. Bajaj has been a first with many things, from tubeless tires to self canceling indicators and digital speedometer. Its Bajaj which has made other bike manufacturers go back to the design board.

  11. I would agree with the general opinion that you are biased as a reviewer. I have read most of your blog by now and it seems you are always giving HH more credit than what they deserve. If you are talking about motorcycles, they all need maintenance and they all need to be treated properly. No doubt HH bikes may stand up to the general mistreatment that indians give their bikes a little better, but when you take proper care of your vehicle even Bajaj bikes will work well.

    Ask yourself, how many innovations has HH brought into the market in the last few years? Aside from the wonderful new stickers and amazing paintjobs. I’m sorry, but running on 5 year old technology any one can produce reliable bikes, but it isn’t going to sustain a company forever.

  12. Great and bold review by Deepak,
    Hunk and Pulsar are two different world, Hunk is silent, super sprinter, far better looking, HH reliability, service are very well proven. Hunk is gonna last longer, if you sell it it fetches more, on road it will give more mileage and it will not let down.
    I have seen numerous auto jounalist (one pathetic guy even saying XCD beats Xtreme), but this guy is damn bold !!

  13. by my point of view pulsar is best than other 150 cc bikes like hunk,cbz…….itsb looking is very good than other 150 cc bikes and have many features than others

  14. Hey guys I am planning to buy a new bike. I have three bikes in my mind. Can anyone suggest me which one should I go for. The bikes are Hero Honda Hunk, Bajaj Pulsar and Yamaha FZ 16. I want to know which one would be better in terms of mileage and maintainance. I don’t have any idea about bikes so please suggest me…..

    • you should go for the hunk.no other can gives you better 150cc engine accept hero honda.
      it also gives you better handling on high speed.go for the hunk.and enjoy your ride

  15. Definately hunk rockz on roads . . Bcoz of its muscular bold body . . I’m fond of red hunk . . U said rite abt pulsar . . Its a generator on road bcoz of its engine sound . .my friend took one bajaj bike last year . . But now he is planning to go for HUNK .. . 2nd hand pulsar costs only 25k- even u keep it for sale after some days of run . . Atleast u get good amount for HH And honda . . Bcoz honda shine costs near 35k for new 2nd hand

  16. HI DEEPAK, Nice review yr….. dude, can u give 1 mor comparizn of 150 segment bike- i.e. betwn HERO HONDA HUNK VS HONDA UNICORN..
    1 mor qry is dat y Hero honda CBZ xtrm is mor populr dan Hunk?

  17. Pulsar is the best byk for Indian roads. we can handle it roughly. I myself own a Pulsar 2n a half yr old. I dont find any problems as mentioned above. And it gives a wonderful joy to both rider and the pillion. Mileage is around 45-47kmpl. The one who has given the comparison b/w the 2byks doesnt know d facts abt bykin! Hunk’s raised handle bars is ok to look at but rider feels bored to ride where as Pulsar gives a sporty look n enjoyment for the rider.
    Looks: Coming to looks Hunk has a huge and muscular front part but has small rear part. Body is not proportional. Where as Pulsar has a proportional body. Pulsar has SEXY wolf Lamps which gives a dangerous looks where as Hunk laks it.
    Popularity: If Hunk is so much better in all aspects y r people going for Pulsar?? Which according to the first comment far better n cheaper?
    GUYS…. Go for Bajaj Pulsar or Honda Unicorn.
    These r the best Bikes for Indian Roads and Riders:)

  18. agreed with thilanka, wanna be the king of the road go blindly with Pulsar . its every model is perfect in its class.

  19. its obvious that the comparison b2wn this two will be going on..but what i got to say is guys who are bigger must purchase HUNK..it does have the dangerous look that suits them which pulsar lacks for its comparatively smaller structure.

  20. HI Guys,

    I own Hunk 150. it has been 2 years frm now. i nevere had any complents for it except reglr oil chng. this worthiness cant be found with Bajaj. although it is a mania or whatever…its upto us what to choose and what not…….

  21. Look, Style,mileage go for pulsar
    Handling,Maintenance go for HUNK
    as far as FZ16 is concern It look awsome(except the naked front). But there are some problems too like rear shocker, horn, sheet,etc.
    But still fz is worth as buy.
    I got a FZ16 as well as pulsar 180cc.
    Yea one thing for sure Pulsar make a hissling sound which is quite annoying(but its not like generator as someone said).

    And as far as my opinion is concern I bet a differnce of 10-15km is not felt between 2 bikes if u riding the bike on delhi’s or mumai’s traffic(But for Higway it matters). And one more thing only uncles cares about Mileage.
    People of My age will go for design and speed rather than mileage.
    Ask yourself a question,will you buy a yamaha R1,Ninja(Design,power,etc) or you will buy a Bajaj Boxer(milage). You will get your answer.

    I guess Mileage doest not matter much untill there is huge difference or you are low on pocket. Trust me once you start riding a bike you will know that you have to refill your tank and how much mileage it gave last time you filled.

  22. I dont trust any blogs coz the ratio of writing blog is 1 hunk owner/1000 pulsar owners.its understood that when more people owns a single model problems are also more.In Indian market pulsar is not comparable unless and until someone (HH or TVS or YAMAHA) proves that they are there atleast 1/4 of pulsars ratio. till then its always better to shut and sit.

  23. I m a using pulsar 150cc,its performance is very great.i punk it at 110 kmph for around 2 to 3 min,n it is stable,n i used hunk too n its very unstable aftr 90kmph.

  24. Hi Guys… My name is JAY. I am a Quality Control Engineer n had done BE in Mechanicals.

    I wanna shair something with u.. We know very well that the Indian Market got captured by Bajaj pulsar and we can see what kind of demand n response the pulsar have in this market…
    but guys.. the people who dont have enough technical knowledge cant understand how the Quality and Performance of a Machine does matters!!! There is a huge difference between the manufacturing Quality of BAJAJ & HERO HONDA. Before I won a bike for me.. I did deep study of almost all Two wheeler mfg. Companies. I was looking for Best model available in the market. Best in- Quality, Looks, Performance n ofcourse the prize. The performance of any machine depents upon its Quality of material n the technology used for the machine. The bajaj bikes are in the market becoz of only 2 things- 1. Petent of DTS-i 2. The asthetic design which has done in JAPAN (of pulsar). Where as the Hero honda is a No.1 Qualitative Twowheeler mfg. company since last 8 years. It got the best technology with the best performance of their engines. The engine made by HH Engineers have a grate life time. That’s why the 2nd hand bike get good resale value in the market.
    Guys I wanna give u suggesion.. Don’t go by only looks of the bike…Don’t choose pulsar becoz of its market response, people do that becoz 70% of them don’t have any technical background. Look at the bike as a machine and you will come to know why HH-Hunk is always better than Pulsar. The any machine can be the best when we have to spend minimum amount on its mainetance.

    My hunk giving me consistantly 60Kmpl with the grate performance at a negligible mainenance.
    I wanna comment that “The Hunk is the trully Engineer’s bike”.

    • It is scientifically proven bajaj pulsar ,India’s no1 sports bike ,seems ur jus looking for the average of bike.
      if not then answer to a simple question
      why bajaj Pulsar has given a title of India’s no 1 sports bike ,why not HH Hunk .
      dude you are far away.
      Pulsar Distinctly ahead and definately Male.

  25. Gangadharan: I accept your views , which is up to the reality . then why hunk is not selling in large numbers ? it is a mystery

    hi friends im goin to buy new bike.
    my choice s between hunk and unicorn.

  26. Hi Gangadharan… I hav d reson 4 dat… HH ues mouth publicity… there r no tipical adds to attracks ppl, no offers.. no creepy things.. the 2nd main reson is no Electornic features attached 2 d bikes.. Becoz of this hunk getting very slowly but a strong responce 4m d market..

  27. I think JAY, ur quite rite. We dont wanna buysthng that kicks off in 1-2 yrs..
    Pulsar, or Bajaj any bike would show signs of ageing in 1-2 yrs max. HH bikes wud be 5 years yet young..

    I hv a Pulsar as well as a CBZ Xtreme. I knwo how diff is qulty of both machnes.

    THINK Frn s!

  28. who says HH dont have adds. They have adds for all products in all aspects. Xtreme , Hunk and even the new passion + they have. I use pulsar for 3 years and i never faced any issue with the one.My room mate has xtreme which he rides Hard. so engine oil getting leaked all the time (which i never saw before in any bikes). what more to say , its laggs breaking , control (too much big in size) and milage. I personally feel unicorn is the best in HH models . HUNK again will give you some real bad feeling on full throttle.one more thing Head lamp is very bad in HH models. that any way is not comparable with pulsar. one bad thing is pulsar is turning radius in huge when compared to any bikes which some times will give frustration.

  29. dude…. unicorn s not Hero Honda{HH}. Its jus Honda.N i agree wid u dat Pulsar s awesome1. If HH Hunk was good ppl would hav baught t. I reas d above comments as wel. Guys who rote tat Hunk s a vry gud byk yet no proper sale n stuffs lyk tat.. lemme tel u.. people r not tat big fools to go n spend 65-70k Rs n get sum stupid machine! U tink ppl r fools which shows how big fool u r! N

  30. N i read 1 more comment which s given by sum mechenical engineer(i dono how far its true). Accordin to him people should frst Bcum a mechenical engineer n den c bikes as machines, analyz sum stuffs n den buy a bike…. wat a comment dude… HAhahhaahahahaaaaa

    blackpulsar is D best…..
    damn the hunk…….
    who cares abt engineering and all tat crap…..
    black pulsar RROOOXXXX……

  32. about brakes… since you are comparing bikes…why didn’t you mention brake size specs of pulsar?

    same about gears…you should have mentioned pulsar has 5-speed gearbox..not just Hunk..

    same for gas-charged rear suspension….both have it…should there should be a mention….

    you have not mentioned anything about how both bikes handle… and I mean “handling”…
    on bad roads….smooth roads…steep roads….gravel….wet…corners….emergency braking…with pillion…
    if you add these it would make your review more complete..

    “Auto Car India acknowledged that Bajaj as a whole suffers from quality problems.”
    but not necessarily bajaj pulsar?

    i think people had problem with your comment that many had to change clutch plates in two years…
    real reason for that could be rider incompetence or stunting…..cant help if stunters prefer pulsar or apache…
    because in normal riding conditions(includes riding in speeds of 60-70) such things would not happen….

  33. Some ppl think dat they hav 2 bcum an Engineer 1st n then go 4 choozing a bike… I wud lyk 2 tel them, buddiz.. Bike is noting but a machine, if u realy wanna best one, then go 4 its detail studiez… there r lot of scrap in d market, open ur eyes n chooz best of best 4m it… My vote is 4 HH-Hunk

  34. Hey guys I am planning to buy a new bike. I have three bikes in my mind. Can anyone suggest me which one should I go for. The bikes are Hero Honda Hunk, Bajaj Pulsar,TVS RTR160 and Yamaha FZ/FZs 16. I want to know which one would be better in terms of mileage and maintainance. I don’t have any idea about bikes so please suggest me….

    please send me your advice and what is the prices of these bikes

  35. For all guys here, Please go and see pulsar 2009 edition. nothing comes near to that. not even a mile away. bike is for 3-4 years. so choose the best design. you can see people staring at your bike on traffic signals. you can see glz having glaces at you for your perfect seating pos and riding. what else you want in a bike??

  36. nice reviews..people could easily understand the difference between hunk and pulsar..if i go for buying a 150cc bike.. i m damn sure that i will prefer hunk..

  37. Rakesh: For all guys here, Please go and see pulsar 2009 edition. nothing comes near to that. not even a mile away. bike is for 3-4 years. so choose the best design. you can see people staring at your bike on traffic signals. you can see glz having glaces at you for your perfect seating pos and riding. what else you want in a bike??

    absolutely rght ,,,,,,,,pulsar rocks

  38. muthu: nice reviews..people could easily understand the difference between hunk and pulsar..if i go for buying a 150cc bike.. i m damn sure that i will prefer hunk..

    yeh u r absolutely ,,,,as becoz u r a idiot

  39. pulsar is the best bike in india ,,,,,,,as it is the bestselling bike in india ,,,,,,,,,if u see 10 bikes in a rd,,,,,,,,there will be 7-8pulsar ,,,,out of 10

    so guys enjoy the pulsar mania
    …….pulsar rocks

  40. regarding the mileage aspects of the pulsar and hunk…i think u guyz better review the figures…

    hunk giving u 50-55 kmpl in economy mode n 60 kmpl on long runs is just seems like numbers in air

    am riding my p-150 dts-i for 6 yrs n clocked 121000km (ya a lakh n twenty one thousand)n it gives me 55 in city n 60 on highway

    u r welcome to test my bike any time u wish

    coming to hunk…my close friend had bought it n done abt 15600km n he gives us a party the day his hunk returns anything over 45

  41. Hi
    I am parially agree with Deepak, giving advantage to Hunk over Pulsar.I have Hunk and my friend is having Pulsar. Sitting posture and handling is better in Hunk than Pulsar. But in fuel efficiency Pulsar is ahead. Power is almost same. But I feel that gears are smooth in Pulsar than Hunk.One more thing spares of Bajaj cheaper than HH. HH bikes have better resale value.Pulsar having lots of other goodies like digital tacho (Not very good utility for me) and wolf head lamp (Awesome) along with DTS-i( Main advantage) where GRS is USP for Hunk. But still my vote goes to Hunk (As I own it 🙂 )

  42. Sree Ram: @GangadharanMost people get attracted to the superficial flimpsy gadgets of pulsars than real ride value. They are mass. People who know of bike engineering will definitely go for Hunk. It’s class. Bajaj engines are designed to perform for a maximum 3-4 years, unlike Honda engines.In simpler terms, I will tell like this. If pulsar is Govinda, then Hunk is Aamir Khan (and I didnt mean looks).And,Bajaj spends a lot on marketing and world knows that. Hondas are conservative when it comes to marketing.

    Dear Gangadharan ji

    Once use Pulsar & hunk for long time parrally about 2 years Then decide who’s aamir & who’s govinda.
    OK dear.

    I use pulsar since 3 year & Runs about 72000 KM, Till now my bike give 58 Km per litre Average on city driving. Its catch 105km Per Hour till now.

    Today recently a HUNK driver try to overtake me from his new bike but you know he not able to overtake me & about 100 mtr distance is between us when i reach 100km per hr speed. we start from same stop line.

    SO not believe on any Advertisiment. be practical on road.

    Kisi pulsar wale se panga mat lena warna muh ki khani padegi.

  43. Tam: using twin spark is not an innovation by Bajaj it was copied from other manufacturers, who used it in their higher end models.what sree ram said was correct. Bike enthusiasts know the engineering behind theproduct sure goes for Hunk.

    Sree Ram: Once use Pulsar & hunk for long time parrally about 2 years Then decide who’s aamir & who’s govinda.
    OK dear.
    I use pulsar since 3 year & Runs about 72000 KM, Till now my bike give 58 Km per litre Average on city driving. Its catch 105km Per Hour till now.
    Today recently a HUNK driver try to overtake me from his new bike but you know he not able to overtake me & about 100 mtr distance is between us when i reach 100km per hr speed. we start from same stop line.
    SO not believe on any Advertisiment. be practical on road.
    Kisi pulsar wale se panga mat lena warna muh ki khani padegi

    Neeraj: Dear Gangadharan jiOnce use Pulsar & hunk for long time parrally about 2 years Then decide who’s aamir & who’s govinda.OK dear.I use pulsar since 3 year & Runs about 72000 KM, Till now my bike give 58 Km per litre Average on city driving. Its catch 105km Per Hour till now.Today recently a HUNK driver try to overtake me from his new bike but you know he not able to overtake me & about 100 mtr distance is between us when i reach 100km per hr speed. we start from same stop line.SO not believe on any Advertisiment. be practical on road.Kisi pulsar wale se panga mat lena warna muh ki khani padegi.

  44. Here everyone have become bike experts .So nothing to comment more on them .But I would like to say that Hunk & Pulsar both bikes are quite well & road ruler & those people who like those bikes will buy them either pulsar or hunk . Before I used to think of buying a pulsar but after the launch of hunk I liked the bike & I bought it.It gave me a desent mileage about 50-55 . So it about maintaining the bike & how well u handle the bike.If I would have bought a pulsar then I would definately maintain the bike as my hunk. So both bikes are good as well as both have defects as hunk does not have digital,pulsar vibrates much,hunk’s headlight is not so sexy while pulsar sexy headlights with wolfeyes.So while bying we do have to compromise something or the other . (And to say all those guys who say that no pulsar could overtake my hunk on road or hunk could not overtake my pulsar are all disgusting. Its about the person who rides the bike & how well does he handles at high speed.)

  45. dude, u r simply being partial.. dnt know y..!! but your review starts on a partial note..!!
    whatever may b the case, i just want u to know that i hav owned a pulsar for d past 3 yrs n never did i hav to change any part till date..!!..the bike’s working fine with just the regular servicings…!! can your hunk BEAT THAT…?!?!?! and why is it, that we cant see even half the number of hunks on the road thanpulsars…!!..THINK 🙂
    anyways, u keep writing ur BIASED-n-PARTIAL reviews.. i dnt think anyone even a bit of serious attention to them..!!

  46. Hi buddies I have hero honda hunk. I was purchased it last year & i am totally satisfied with hunk than pulser. Pulser have more maintance than hunk Hunk have complete balance average & look

  47. indian people have gone mad……..
    alwys see what u yourself like…what are your requirements??
    what do u mean by HH reliability?(what extra it is giving which others dont?)
    why indians go for HERO HONDA when even BAJAJ/TVS is good?,
    why buy NOKIA when SONY ERRICSON is also good?,why buy CITY when CEDIA SPORTS rocks?

    u know the answer to all these questions is only one………
    because others are buying HERO HONDA,NOKIA or HONDA we should also buy that only…..

    its all about the mentality of we indians

    and one more thing- every one will say the thing he bought rocks,coz he would not like the other person to know that he is regretting his purchase….isnt it?

  48. guys i want to tell you my experience,i always wanted to beat pulsar so i bought cbz xtrm after studying everything about it on the net..and let me tell you its far better than the pulsar in every way but may not be its look..but performance its awsome..but i think pulsar can reach high speed initially but after a certain time hunk or cbz can takeover easilyyyyyy,,and i think there is no technically difference between hunk and cbz….pulsars life can not be more than 2 years if ride it regularly….

  49. good comparison sir,
    hunk rocks…..
    i wanna tel dis 2 every1..
    pls dnt buy pulsar for its market and lik most of the people r using that…
    pls compare the performance and everything..
    hunk just lacks 5 kms in mileage than pulsar..
    but hunk beats pulsar in style,look,performance,seating and everything….
    think of ur own and buy HUNK.bye

  50. I feel pity here. people are pleading others not to buy pulsar.Some people here really wants to prove that they are right.after all dont forget that different people have different choice.If its not so, then people will see only one model of bike in road right? coming to the comparision, if we all are able to see 10000 pulsar:1 hunk in road then defenetly that model is having some advantage. these many people are not just blind. they know what to take and what not to.bajaj made business not by pleading or giving it free. defenetly they deserve the respect that they get in road.I dont say hunk is bad. but some where it lagged in winning peoples mind.

    personally i like honda unicorn in this category(out of scope for this comparision). myself am owning a pulsar for 4 years.People those who says pulsar will be no more after 2 years PLEASE DONT TEACH A SUBJECT WHICH YOU ARE COMPLETELY UNAWARE.defenetly unicorn will beat pulsar in road so easily because i ride both bike often.Hunk cannot reach 100 Km/H so easily as both these bikes. its a fact.

    after all buying bike is ones choice or wish.noone wil blame you if u take any of this 2 bikes. so its your choice buddy.

  51. nice rview dude…..but the point is if bajaj suffers from a bad quality, then how on earth pulsar can be an exception when its also being produced by the same company?

    and can any one tell me why hero honda is still much more popular in countrysides of india? we hv keep in mind the fact that road conditions are too bad at those places…and pulsar is much more popular in urban sides of the country, may be 4 its looks, or its specifical use 4 stunts and pick up.. be4 u buy sumthing, u must ask urself wheather u want reliability or u want better pickup? becoz according to the milage hh hunk and pulsar both r more or less same… and a big probs 4 hunk is its front plates r made of plastic…cozes more damage… and the engine of pulsar is pathetic whih requirs frequint Mobil change after 1 year use……

  52. Dear All, Read all ur comments, they are all bullshit. I have used pulsar for 2.5 yrs, Discover 125cc for 4 yrs (85000 kms running of discover)& I will tell you they are best in all aspects look, Performance, Maintanance, Mileage (as compared to power)

    The author says pulsar engine gets heated if you drive continuiously at hte speed of 60, I have used pulsar for 300 Kms running continuiously at the speed of 60-80 KM/h and the engine remains normal & never makes any greater noice

    The suspension is the best of bajaj

  53. Hi bike enthusiasts, I’m a MATERIALS ENGINEER specializing in metals.

    I’ve been a bike enthusiast since I was a little kid – and I’ve owned a total of 6 bikes. I can assure you that the Japanese bike manufacturers use better materials and better material preparation and selection protocols – and that our Indian manufacturers are behind by 9 years. This is the main reason why 2nd hand Japanese bikes are worth more than 2nd hand Indian ones.

    If any of you are planning to go for a 150 cc bike, I would suggest buying the Yamaha FZ16, or the Hero Honda Hunk 150.

    The Pulsar and the Apache are also good, but they have quite a few bugs like excessive gear shift drag, turn angle iterative collapse, and ofcourse – more maintenance.

    For the scientific sub-literate who did not understand what I was saying, just go for a Japanese bike, it’s a better investment. If you want to be patriotic, go for an Indian one.

  54. I want to Buy Bike.. but i have confusion between Hunk ,CBZ and Pulsar 150..
    plz Help me…

    which one is the best for Avg and low Maintainance

  55. M goin to buy new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc this week only… The best in India… not only by its looks even by its performance… i already have a Pulsar 150cc brought before 3 yrs havn’t got ny problem till nw… guys if u wanna go for a nw bike go for pulsar only… only a pulsar rider can feel wat the pulsar is… and no comment on hunk and cbz couze i hardly c on roads… some fools guyz who never tested the pulsar taste say the hunk good…
    i have pulsar mania… tell me guys… do u hav???

    PULSAR ROCKzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  56. hi it me too have a pulsar 150cc bike.i just wanna ask them who has told that the life of a pulsar is just 2-3 years.?hey buddy it all depends on the rider.if u’ll take care of ur bike then i m sure ur bike will take care of urs i mean it ‘ll b good for over many years..

  57. Hey neeraj u r absolutely rit man..!!!11 pulsar rocks..!!!!! i hava a p150 from 6years n no probs at all i jus love him..!!!!!!! nw i m plannin to buy a 180 or 220.. pulsar truely rocks.. ride it to believe it..!! p180 is jus amazing.!!

  58. HI
    well plz stop blaming pulsar for its maintainance, all hav forgot the basic models of CBZ,Ambition,Achiver, and all such(with very high maintainance) kind of HH bikes gives low maintainance, well HH is only popular for its 98cc engines(specially passion and splendour)dear which is modified from its basic engine from CD100.HH really upgrades nothing special other than graphics and colour scheme of bike this really stings. Regarding the 1500 cc bike CBZ its old model was totally big failure,where as pulsar launced in 2002 still is better in case of milage and maintainance.

    CBZ and Hunk are the modified models from old CBZ well they are really good to ride and maintain but its owners reviews stated here, says something like that HH never gives any kind of maintainance, come on i also have friends owning those bikes they are not some kind miracle,if u ride those just like pulsar it will sure give lil maintainance.

    Well regarding looks hunk or cbz cant be compared with pulsar,pulsar has really fresh design(agains typical looks of CBZ extreme) along with latest features whatever u say its market states & popularity states its overall sucess, well all are not the fools to buy any bike only for its looks , and already bike have completed 5 years in DTSI version, if something wrong would be in the bike’s quality public might have noticed it by now, but pulsar is still a hot cake in 150cc market and u cant ignore it,

    Bajaj have created its strong image in market on base of 150cc bike dear and HH has its image only due to its 98cc japanese engine nothing great.If well maintained pulsar also gives good milage like HH bikes.

    Well market survey is not to be underestimated, well all HH owners says pulsar it a bull shit but still it is largest selling 150cc bike in india and its truth,

    well if u wanna buy a bike other tann bajaj than go for Unicorn i really love that bike for its refined engine and performance, better than HH Hunk or CBZ.

  59. Hi Guys am really confused on wich one to buy Hunk or Pulsar …Personally i love both the bikes..am not sure on wich one to buy can any one suggest the avg mileage of both the bikes….the author states that hunk gives 55-60kmpl and pulsar 45-50….is it reallly so….??
    plz give me the correct info about both the bikes regarding their mileages….
    hope i can buy the best among these two grt bikes…

  60. HI SACHIN,

    blindly go for pulsar.. I am not a MECHANICAL or MATERIAL engineer (as seen here) to state this.. but i know you will regret one day if you dont take this amazing bike. I suggest to go for 180 CC the 2009 edition. amazing.

    N one more thing, I wanna know who on earth is blessed with 55-60 milage on these bikes.. 45-50 is the average on normal road condition (not in express ways though).and again its all depends on the way you give throttle.. if u r crazy rider yes it sucks fuel like anything. your gear shifts, your throttle, your own weight and what more to say even your tyre pressure comes in to picture when you say about milage. and 60 milage is just a dream for any condition except on smooth express way (provided you need to be in economy always).

  61. After seeing all these junks i want to say something i have HHH frm past 1 and half year riding same like a bull on the road never let anyone to pass through on me we are 3 peoples one is having pulsar180 one apache160 and mine HHH but see i made some modification on my bike i put Paper filter on the filter side and most liking thing is put a 6pice handle oh man u have to see my ride still my ride gives me 45kmpl and belive it or not i rode it for 140km/hr thats right when we all racing my friends afraid of me anybody wants to see real bull(Hunk) can contact me. anytime ready for race just ping me a mail my mail id lokesh.mj@gmail.com

  62. @Loky
    get ur speedometer checked….. P220 goes to a max 134kmph (approx) nd same goes wid R15…. if this much speed was psbl on HHH no1 will b payin 1+ lakh for R15
    nd even after these mods HHH cant beat RTR160 or P180…….. the guys riding RTR160 or P180 wont b knowin hw to ride properly

  63. Guys, whatever anyone says Hero honda bikes are much much better than Bajaj’s. The reason is their tie-up with world’s no. 1 successful bike company “Honda”. Honda engines are wonderful and almost everlasting and the entire world has accepted it. But Hero Honda without Honda is Zero. They can’t even make a 50CC bike of their own. Their R&D is nothing compare to bajaj. Bajaj is quite innovative company and as an Indian I am proud of it. Coming to comparison between Hunk and pulsar, yes, Hunk is better and it is again due to sweet engine of Honda Unicorn and not due to Hero honda’s body.

  64. Hi Friends i just gone through all ur comments and i am proud to say i have used pulsar 150 from starting when it came in market that means with round headlight and with out allow wheels and in
    few hundred of kilometers i have to change clutch plates of the bike i mean 600 km . then i used for 4 years but with good mileage of 45 to 50 k.m p l .

    In 2005 i have to go again for pulsar 150 with allow and gas shocks quite good after 30000 km it started to give problems like shocks and front fork , clutch plates i have changed it and
    after some days i got problem with chain spa..

    After 50000 k m the real trouble started front disk plate and back break had spoiled the allow wheel where they have told to
    change it and chain spa.. , shocks front , clutch plates oil seal and many more thou i use single hand i have many problems

    And when it crossed 700000k the ultimate problem my bike did not start at all and totally battery and corp.. and many thing
    were not going well and my bill came around 7000/- in showroom
    same happened to my friend he spend around 15000/- So finally
    i thought to change if from pulsar to Hero Honda Company (there is reason to i went to bajaj showroom in Bangalore to
    ask about exchange i waited for 20 min no one responded and it is a biggest showroom in that place so i got irritated and
    went to near by showroom of Hero Honda and i exchange my pulsar and took Hunk and it is only few day so i cannot comment on Hunk’s performance once i go through i ill get back.(Note: Management of BAJAJ please see that your Dealers
    are looking after your esteem customer who had a belief in your product now jumped to other Brand due to BAD experience in ur Dealers Showroom that to in a city like BANGALORE)

    Thank You

    A Customer from past 9 Years is no more a customer of BAJAJ

  65. hi,
    I have read all comments carefully. I have many friends who all own pulsur.most of them agree,a pulsur owner will be more frequent visitor to the sevice centre and somebody even advised me that its better to find a good mechanic in my town and be his best friend before go for a pulsur. I rode pusur,hunk,cbz xtreme and apache rtr.all are good to ride upto 100 kmph but apache is the real star when speed and handling matter.both hondas are very refined, vibe free and almost silent.rtr sounds and speeds better.hunk is no doubt, a huge bike and a clear winner in design class. honda’s mills are more reliable and bajaj’s are on the othr end.bajaj lacks meterial quality.so finally, I have bought a hh hunk,and I m so satisfied with my decision now.its fast,stylish,reliable,huge bike with good re-sale value. milage is ok 40-45kmpl.so I recommend hunk for everybody who are confused with hunk or pulsur confusion.

  66. what a comparison !! A macho Hunk with a dumb boy Pulsar.. Some one stated in one of the reviews that middle class will prefer a NOKIA 6600 even at the price of Iphone for the Nokia faith in it,,,

    I say yes. You got absolutely correct. Its the “faith”, buddy, that kept HH on top for consecutive years. Maintenance is one thing , which is different from changing ur breathless Pulsar
    engines after 2 yrs…

    and lastly get to know .. how mamy “middle class” uses 6600 and how many uses featureless iPhOne(cant even forward msgs.. hahaha…) 🙂

    dare to DHAK DHAK GO….u pulsarmaniacs..

  67. I Have used both Pulsar and Hunk for 6 months each. At the end of it if you ask me to choose one., I’d put my money on the HUNK. Longer run, the HUNK kicks the butt of pulsar. The only advantage of the pulsar over Hunk is its electronic goodies which is why people go for it.

    The only reason Y there are twice the number of pulsars on the road than Hunk is for the name “Pulsar”. Bike wise, Hunk is the Winner.


    can any pulsar owner disagree wit d below mentioned experiences.. which most of my friends including me who are pulsar owners faced(i bet that most of the pulsar owners encounter with these situations)…

    1)There will be a replacement in clutch plates in abt 2-2 1\2years(say any issue tat makes u buy spares).

    2)Every owner gets a different negatives and at a same time enjoys a different positives from their bikes(some owners say dat dey r getting good mileage nd some compliant about abnormal mileage.some say dat der is a problem in d gear box,while some appreciate that its d smoothest bike in the 150cc segment)

    3)getting the bike into neutral while shifting gears.

    4)the remarkable change in engine noise(beating) wen pulsar is already 2 years old(u compare with dat of a newly purchased pulsar nd ull certainly identify d change in beating)

    5)if the bike is not given for a service on time one can find a change in d smoothness of engine.

    6)a noticiable change can be noticed in d response of the engine wen a pulsar owner drives an other pulsar(especially new ones nd a very old ones).

    Pulsar really needs a lot of care and periodical service than that of other 150cc segment bikes(i emphasis on cbzXtreme nd Hunk)..

  69. hi friends i have extreme & i was quite happy wth it very much happy ,bcz of its performance speed look & every thing bt some of my friends saying tht pulsar is good comperately to extreme can any one plz sujjest me plz .

  70. be pretty comfortable wit wat u hav…wat ever may b d shitt dats compared between d bikes Xtreme nd pulsar are just a miniature there will b only a slight difference is the features….believe me…….both of the bikes are very gud in their very own way nd there’s nothing to be so inferior because u own a one.if it is so d case how can one find a many no. of Xtremes nd pulsars on d road….as far as d owner is satisfied nd happy evey bike is a means of bliss.

  71. hi syed
    Be pretty comfortable wit wat u hav…wat ever may b d shitt dats compared between d bikes Xtreme nd pulsar are just a miniature,there will b only a slight difference is the performances….believe me….both of the bikes are very gud in their very own way nd there’s nothing to be so inferior because u own a one.if it is so d case how can u find a many no. of Xtremes nd pulsars on d road….as far as d owner is satisfied nd happy evey bike is a means of bliss.

  72. Totally i m very much confused reading most of ur opinions.
    i wanna buy a bike. plz tell me which is better as per below conditions.
    (only 150cc)
    1. good maintaince.
    2. good mileage.
    3. long term without much trouble.
    is it unicorn, pulsar 150, hunk or apache………
    plz share ur opnion.
    actually i m worried bout this from 3 months but didnt get any…..
    i had pulsar135 in mind but many said ther is vibration prob at high speeds, so i kept it aside for time being n also u can share on this bike too……

  73. @Chetan
    As per your requirements, I suggest you to go for Honda Unicorn or Suzuki GS150R. Honda Unicorn is an allrounder bike with superb handling, extreme refinement, superior comfort, good mileage and performance. It is suitable for city as well as Highway rides. If you take good care of it, it is a zero maintenance bike. Suzuki GS150R is a newcomer and an amazing bike. It has got amazing acceleration and performance at high speed and it quite stable at high speeds. It is suitable more for highways than busy city ride. If you travel mostly in crowded city go for Honda Unicorn, if more on highways go for GS150R. Other bikes are also good but has many issues compared to these bikes.

  74. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts kishan…
    How about HUNK and Pulsar 150cc(which is reliable?)
    plz share ur thoughts people……
    i ll b waiting……

  75. remember that unicorn is a much bigger bike(its size really matters).pulsar 150 is much smaller when compared to unicorn.even unicorn fuel tank is much bulky than dat of pulsar(if one do not believe dan i suggest dem to check it out personally by keeping both d bikes side by side).it means if one is short or lean dat may not suite unicorn.
    though i never ride a suzuki gsx 150 i heard dat its a heavy bike.it is 149kgs nd more dan p150 143kgs.rather dan dis i dont hav any info abt gsx 150

  76. i hav no problems wit my pulsar 150..some of d minute problems dat comes into contrast wit nly d owners of pulsar are(which i came across)
    1)d bike has low turning radius.
    2)false neutrals
    3)some times d gears are refuse to change in spite of tapping our foot.
    4)d change in engine beating vil b noticed gradually.

    apart from these these all d other features will b d same dat r mentioned in reviews.

  77. hey all, im totally confused…! nobody has a clear cut review! ive been an avid fan of Pulsar since i was teen, and after the release of the new 180cc i was seriously considerin buyin one….but now im sorta torn between the Hunk and the P180cc! if any one of u own a 180cc cud u plz specify how much mileage ur gettin??? cos mileage is a huge factor for me….im no racer, at least not yet!! but still i want a bike dat will give me good mileage, less maintenance and wid a good battery…the Pulsar 180cc, has no kick…will this be an issue after 1 year riding???!! thnx!

  78. @ gnaneshwar,
    thanks yar,
    but more than pros of pulsar u ve told its cons…..
    anyhow i ve one more bike in my mind….Gladiator ss/rs.
    so plz someone share ur opnion bout gladiator…..

  79. Some of our friends are really insane! They go to grassroots level of MATERIALS and MECHANICALS, (like they gonna check the chassis of bike with electronic microscope to confirm the atom structure of the material?), to compare the bikes? Oh come on man!

    There are 100 of pulsars to 10 of hunks, so naturally u will get more pulsars with problems than Hunks. Its simple, and more statistical than quality controlled!

    HH continuously redesigned its gearbox with same 98 cc Japanese engine for its newer model, years after years. (Along with their paint shops). I don’t see any great reputation for HH beyond its 100 cc comfort zone. Need proof? Then just check list of Ambition, Achiever, and all the paint shop sisters. Even legendary CBZ, have problem of low mileage. (Don’t need any explanation, I owned one!)

    If HH engine is so good, then why not to choose direct from parent Honda Unicorn? Rather than CROSS BREEDED Hunk?

    All so called experts give the answers!

  80. Anybody try Pulsar 135??

    If not please take a test drive, please use bike thats run about 3000 km instead of the new one for better response.

    I just take a test drive of P135 on highway. Its reach till 119Km per hour, I am use P150 since 4.5 year but its maximum speed is 115km per hour i ever drive on a highway but due to 4 value + twin spark plug P135 given better power than P150 on highway. Only a small problem i notice its little difficult to control than P150 on speed of 110km per hour & above due to its low weight & small body design.

    So Hunk walo , P150 ko chodo tum P135 ko bhi overtake nahi kar sakte.

    Be Indian Buy Indian.

    • LOLzzzz………..i doubt that you ever rode P135 in your life!!……….hahahaha….dude its very fast….but only on papers!!!!!
      believe or not but actually i have beaten P135 wid ma Honda CB Twister!!!!and you know that P135 rider was shocked wid my bikes performance……even i also….
      and yes handling of CB110( sheer110cc commuter) is greater than P135 (they call it light sports bike)
      cry pulsar baby……………………xD

  81. Well said, Gomzie. Hero honda R&D is zero compared to bajaj and TVS. They rely on Honda engines and can’t even make a 50CC engine of their own. But the quality of parts used by hero honda is much better than bajaj’s and TVS’s.
    Regarding Hunk/Extreme or Unicorn, yes, the original is much better than copied versions. The only thing is unicorn has bland styling, a decade older. Hero honda took marvelous unicorn engine upgraded its power and put it in three different packets, achiever, extreme, hunk. Neither matches unicorn in terms of handling, engine refinement, high speed stability, comfort etc. There are lot of technical things based on which an engine is designed. Just increasing power doesn’t make sense. Hero hondas have good initial pickup compared to honda but loses top end performance badly. Previously I owned Hunk, it is super till 60kmph, fine till 70kmph then it starts vibrating. All the engine refinement gone after that and takes ages to reach 100kmph. Is this what you call a performance bike that sucks at high speeds. To sum up this it has got least mileage in the 150CC category(getting between 40-44kmpl) along with the worst gearbox among all hero hondas. It stops unexpectedly without any reasons. I sold that junk, and bought original honda a.k.a Unicorn. Even though it has got less initial pickup compared to others but it performs superbly at mid and high speeds with amazing handling superb control and great comfort. It remains completely vibefree and the engine remains its refinement even speeds above 100kmph. Its mileage figures are much better. I never got less than 55kmpl. I think the only bike that comes closer to unicorn is suzuki gs150r which can be termed as true performance bike. Is pulsar better than Hunk? Previously no but currently equal and in future yes but only if bajaj continues to upgrade its product and use high quality parts. Current pulsar’s gearbox is much better than hero hondas but not hondas or suzukis. If anybody thinks it is not true test ride the bikes and consult an expert mechanic.

  82. @ joseph,
    thanks a lot for ur reviews. u almost solved my confusion.
    i might go for a unicorn(my first bike yet to buy) very soon……

  83. The best made Honda bike outside Japan is produced in THAILAND, no doubt about it.

    Honda NSR 150 SP (rape any 2-stroke bike in its class outside Cagiva or Aprilia bikes), Honda CBR 150 RR (beat the shit of any bike in its class, unless your name is Yamaha YZ 125 of Europe), Honda PCX 125, Honda Sonic 125 R, the list goes on and on ….

    I don’t know how those siamese works in their Honda’s local subsidiary, they just make great bikes.

  84. all those who are saying pulsar is better than hunk the reason that why they are saying this because they never no what a bike should have or they they dont know what is a bike other bikes are just useless in front of hunk

  85. well according to me pulsar has all the qualities what a bike schould have what the bike lacks compared to HH and the Uni, is engine Refinement .pulsar engines are not smooth
    i have a pulsar for last two years (zero maintainence)
    60-65 mailege.
    what else i can ask for.

    what say guys.

  86. You, Indian guys, some of you, are funny. You have a national product, should be proud of it, yet i’ve seen so many guys look down on it, even bash & ready to put it on a thrash can, what a pity.

    I’m Indonesian, we also have a local Honda subsidiary company here, and it’s pretty big, producing no less than 3++ mil bikes a year, and while i’m proud of it, i can also recognize that India has a worthwhile national product in Bajaj & TVS bikes, especially Bajaj Pulsar.

    I have used and experienced many local made Honda’s, Yamaha’s, Kawasaki’s, and Suzuki’s, and i can tell you, Bajaj Pulsar has nothing to be ashamed of against those products. Yes, it’s not a perfect product, still made by humankind, not the almighty God, but for the value its offered, really hard to find better offering elsewhere.

    I know it first hand, switching from a Yamaha Vixion 150 (our Indonesian version of your R15, with downrated engine (15 HP) & no fairing) to Pulsar 200 DTSi, i have nothing to regret about. It has weaknesses, but nothing major and can be work around if you have just a little bit of brain to research in the web & do so.

    Basically, you have one satisfied costumer from foreign land out of your national product, be proud.

  87. “The riding position of Honda Hunk is comparatively better with raised handlebars and neatly placed foot pegs.”

    That is absolutely wrong.

    Hunk’s seating position is very much like Pulsar and Apache – you have to bend your back to hold the handle. Half-hour ride in the traffic causes lot of back pain.

    Guys, if you are planning to buy a bike, please go to the showroom and test the seating position. It is a vital consideration if you spend a lot of time biking.

    Honda Unicorn is (maybe) the only 150cc bike that has a upright Cruiser-style seating position. You can ride it for hours without feeling any tiredness.

  88. in hero-honda hunk we can not push a stoppy easily.then pulsar it’s better then it.about engine it’s better then pulsar.pop up welly in hunk it’s nice.look like hunk better and unique then other byk.

  89. I am having Hero Honda Hunk

    It’s a very nice bike & i think its very much better than bajaj bikes as it’s very smooth and don’t creat any sound in 80-100. either bajaj bikes creat vibration in that speed or bubling in handle also in bajaj

    I can say it because before this i am having Bajaj Discover 125 CC it’s horable in drive

    But after purchase hunk i found what the bike should be actually hero honda done marvalous job by making Hunk

  90. Hi guys there..,

    pls help me choosing my bike.. i have 3 options rght nw.
    1.HH HUNK
    2.PULSOR 150CC
    3. FZ16

    I owned pulsor around 2.5 yrs back..then i bought Karizma…
    now i need one more bike..pls help me guys there…..

    • if you have too much money, use it wisely. Spending on multiple bikes is worthless as it is a liability that does not give you any thing in return other than the imaginary esteam of feeling like you are on top of the world with all the bikes thats available in your nation.

      Pulser 150, Hunk, CBZ Extreem, Unicorn, Apache RTR, Yamaha FZ, R15, ETC are all good bikes, each have their own unique features. Bajaj is a very inovative company and come up with a lot of ideas each time they launch a new version of the Pulser assembly line.

      Follow your instincts when you chose a bike. And as an INDIAN i would recomend that you go with either TVS or Bajaj or Hero Motor Corp product than the Japanese company products.

      I have a TVS Fiero F2, and I am proud about having it. After 6 long years of usage it still gives me a milage of 50 – 55 km. The only thing that the big lags though being a 15o cc bike is the punch/torqe. But is a good bike to cruise in a highway.

  91. Too many pulsars on the street. It seems common these days. About Hero Honda, they have sold bikes for so long owing to Honda’s engines. So no big credit to Hero Honda. Bajaj has indeed brought about a lot of innovations.

    I’m going for a Unicorn Dazzler. Its giving more goodies than any 150 cc bike in India (Dual disk, Mono suspension, Tubeless tires, Digital Diaplay). And of-course its got a Honda engine.

  92. Haha@ 65 kmpl mileage for Hunk. Believe me it wont give more than 50 kmpl.But unicorn can deliver about 55 kmpl ,which is at par with pulsar. Since bajaj is the market leader in 150cc segment, pulsar is the way to go,because it offers more value for money than Hunk/cbz.

  93. Obviously pulsar looks better than hunk. Hunk is just a big butt
    bike. None of my friends get satisfied with hunk after 2.5 years. If you want a real racing bike with long lasting reliability go for pulsar.
    Don’t know why people hate pulsar so much while 1/3rd of 150cc bike is pulsar in the street.


  95. M usin puls180 since 2 yrs n 8 months, performance is really nice.
    no maintenance as above discribed,recently i checked down the milage after 35000 kms,it was 58 km/l(45km/h),le me tel u 1 more thing i.e my home town is 150 km away from my currnt location n whenever its on the road at that time it become more smooother above 80 kmph …… well this is my reviv about 180 n i don think ther is big deff in maintainance in 180 n 150 …n about the milage if 180 can reach to 58 then thing about 150..

  96. I am a prowd owner of Pulsar 135LS. I think people should be proud of “Desi” product rather than dacing for Japs/Euros.

    Bajaj & TVS are really doing great jobs & their quality has been improved 100 fold. I have spent 0 on maintenance for my Pulsar & had a pulsar 150 for last 7 years without any problems. Any bike can be good if maintained properly.

    Go test ride all the bikes and choose the bike which makes you most comfortable. That’s how I chose my Pulsar and she chose me.

  97. i’m havng a hunk.i hav used pulsar too.but my opinion goes 4 hunk.bajaj is capturing young minds with modifications.but hh concentrate on 100 cc sector.nt mainly in 150 and above.tats why sale got decreased.if u want a good bike with pick up,unique style,low maintenance….go 4 hunk.if u r a person who doesnt value 4 money.definitely go 4 a pulsar.
    with my experience,pulsar is everywhere in the cities.when u get a different bike with a unique name and style,it will be noticed
    an incident
    when i was using a pulsar,when somebody ask me or my friends
    “which is his bike;pulsar”then they will be having an ordinary expression”.
    but when i got a hunk it became a brand name 4 me.hunk.very unique.
    best opinion:-a bike of 150 is bought 4 perfomance and style.if perfomance is somewhat same,go 4 style.i mean unique style.if we use a bike 4 more than 3 month,all its freshness has gone without its identity.so be identical and be a male.
    LETS CHOOSE……….THE muscleS…………HUNK muscle matters.

  98. i’m havng a hunk.i hav used pulsar too.but my opinion goes 4 hunk.bajaj is capturing young minds with modifications.but hh concentrate on 100 cc sector.nt mainly in 150 and above.tats why sale got decreased.if u want a good bike with pick up,unique style,low maintenance….go 4 hunk.if u r a person who doesnt value 4 money.definitely go 4 a pulsar.
    with my experience,pulsar is everywhere in the cities.when u get a different bike with a unique name and style,it will be noticed
    an incident
    when i was using a pulsar,when somebody ask me or my friends
    “which is his bike;pulsar”then they will be having an ordinary expression”.
    but when i got a hunk it became a brand name 4 me.hunk.very unique.
    best opinion:-a bike of 150 is bought 4 perfomance and style.if perfomance is somewhat same,go 4 style.i mean unique style.if we use a bike 4 more than 3 month,all its freshness has gone without its identity.so be identical and be a male.
    LETS CHOOSE……….THE muscleS…………HUNK muscle matters….

  99. i dnt wat 2 comment on hunk or pulsar. I hav a simple question. HH have CBZ, Hunk, karizma: SMR etc bike for young generation. BAJAJ have only one Pulsar. Ek pulsar ne pure HH k nak me dum kar k rakha hai. expert says a lot of thng,bt the main thng is common people. BAJAJ is our company. so respect it. engg n expert said bajaj copid frm others. Can u guranteed me HH dos nt copy frm ohr. PULSar is the king of indian road.

  100. Bajaj boasts about its twin spark technology, but folks, lets me tell you, This technology was copied by them from Aircraft engines. I did not read blogs or mag’s prior to writing this comment.I am a Development Engineer in Rolls-Royce, and I have a very good knowledge about quality and reliability. I took the bikes of TVS, BAJAJ, HH, Honda & Yamaha for a test drive (long test drives) and I personally felt TVS & BAJAJ are pathetic, worthless punks. HH/Honda/Yamaha are the manufacturers of the best bikes. No dubt in it

  101. Having said that, One may ask a question “This technology was copied by them from Aircraft engines, So what?”. But They did not do that very well!!! A strange hammering noise in the combustion chamber when the bike crosses 60kmph tells the tale. That noise is a small size DETONATION, which reduces engine life.

  102. @Prakash: That was an interesting comment, it made me chuckle.
    I agree with the claims about the Honda engine quality, that’s why I’m gonna go for CB Dazzler or the new HH Hunk. But I feel that it’s a treat to “hear” the Pulsar’s engine go vroom, however that is not going to make me buy one though.

  103. Very informative review… i was in a dilemma which one to go for.. after reading ur reviews and personally riding the two of them.. i was turned on by the performance of hunk.. Deepak u r the man…
    for guys who r looking forward for getting a new one for themselves… pulsar surely rocks.. but if u wanna own a bike for 25-30k kms widout much harassments in between and want a considerable sale value at the end of the day go for hunk.. n if u want only style and power n want techy gizmo’s in ur li’l beast go for pulsar..

  104. i accept ur comparison between pulsar and hunk.but pulsar is far beyond from hunk cause pulsar attracts the youth in india.the design of pulsar is more sporty than hunk.pulsar always keeps changing with changing generation.pulsar is a first bike to launched with digital speedometer and led tail lamps which attracts most of the youths in our country.the engine is noisy but the firing of engine of pulsar is more seducing for the youth.this is the generation of stunting and racing and pulsar have all the qualities for this.hence hunk can’t overcome pulsar.

  105. i brought new hunk this month having all new goodies equiped. n i feel very proud when ppl stares and enquires abt it. really its like a big bull on road. it has all the needs of 150cc bike(speed, comfort, style, mileage 50+ and most important countless riding experience 🙂 )

    no one messes with it – HUNK…go for it you will amazed………………

  106. why do people even try going for hero honda product from now on cuz its already been clear that with this few years there will be no more honda in hero. Hero is nothin without honda sadly nd i think that honda mark is the bigest reason for people choosing it so withinn few years time u people will be having shortage off all parts and all cuz if there is no more hero honda brand who is gonna build the parts sadly but the truth though.

  107. me too…purchased new hunk..weeks ago…absolutely satisfied…..Touch wood …no scope for any complaints…everything is top notch..I heard from unofficial source that…Pulser 150 will be relaunch after 5-6 months…! Go for hunk….!

    • Good Joke…..

      I have a Pulsar(younger brothers) as well a Honda Unicorn(mine).

      Honda Unicorn: Mileage- 50 KM in City and 55-57 Highway.
      And you wont believe , not a single penny maintenance cost besides servicing for the past 3 yrs.


      This was my brothers worst decision in his Life.
      Maintenance and Maintenance, this is how i will define Pulsar. Mileage is 42 in city.
      I would have bought a Scooty in the money I spent on Pulsar for the past 3 Yrs
      Worst Bike for a long run. Pulsar has a life not more than 3 yrs

  108. It has been 10 months since the last time i posted a comment in this article, now my Pulsar 200 has reached 32.000 KM milestone on it, after around 26 months of usage. It’s still giving me joy & satisfaction everytime i took it for a ride, whether for urban riding as a commuter for daily work, or in a long touring to far destination, finding out new places & people.

    I got a few complaints, but nothing major, just normal stuff as a customer who seeks for perfection, but fully acknowledging the value & overall performance that this bike has given to me since its purchase. I still believe in Bajaj, and eagerly waiting for another new good product offering from them, since i use to change my ride every three years.

    Best regards from Indonesia,

  109. HUNK is better than plusar. because of the power riding comfort stebility confidance. but in pulsar power riding comfort stebility are very cheap. HUNK Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  110. hunk was better than the pulsar 2-3 years back. Now, hh has upgraded the hunk and bajaj has upgraded the pulsar as well. Hunk has got a digital display, led’s, rear discs, tubeless tyres, but same 14.2Ps max.power. Pulsar has got an all black theme, revised instrument panel, clip on handlebars, 3d ‘pulsar’ logo, tank scoops and a good increase of power from 14.09Ps to 15.06Ps through these years. The older version hunk(the one in the review) looked better with those silver side panels and footpeg brackets, which now hides due to the black colour(imo). The classy looking analog display and red lens-ed tail lamps looked better than the present ones(again imo).All in all, the 2011 hunk has got some nice goodies, but messed up with looks.

    Sent on a phone using T9space.com

  111. Hello pals…. this is vasanth from Chennai. My friends are working in both bajaj and hero honda. they are not just labours but technical engineers. when i asked their suggestions about pulsar and hunk, even the guy who is working at HH had recommended pulsar 150 for me. he just told me that “I cannot waste your money for showing my loyalty Vasanth”. Hope everyone can understand which one is better… have a great day…

    • Same story with me brother…..

      Even I have been working wid Bajaj as workshop manager, we are selling out Pulsar, Platina, discover, XCD, Boxer etc etc…! but when iam moving to ma home in evening after office i found 21 Hero honda Splender and CD 100, 2 platina, 1 pulsar (old), 1 Boxer(very old) 2 CBZ n 1 Hunk (mine one) in our office parking..! so m Shocked n confuzed about even we working with Bajaj’s Bikes but we all guys are using Hero-Honda brand…. its Realy luk mysterious…!! Lol

  112. Pulsars are attractive to young as Bajaj packs the bike with usless gadgets like back-lit controls, Dog eyes etc etc., most young people who don’t know about bike engineering fall in love with these superficial features and gadgets.
    Whereas a guy who knows bike engineering will choose wisely like Yamaha, Honda, Hero Honda & Suzuki. Pulsar needs more maintainence and engine is very harsh in nature.
    Pulsar is no match to Hunk, HUNK scores hugely over Pulsar, suspension of Hunk is simply superb.
    DTSi is 90 year old and Bajaj shamelessly depicts it as NEW SPACE AGE Tech. !!!!

  113. I ridded both the bikes and both are the good in its class.
    I couldn’t compare it within one or two rides, but I think both don’t need any kind of comparison, coz people talks about that only which they have owned & not about the others had.
    The main reason is that;
    If u r the owner of the Pulsar for 2-3 yrs, u cant handled Hunk as good as u handled Pulsar and vice versa.
    And if u handled the other bike than the regular u deeply get the lacking points very early than the strong points of it. (As per the Indian people’s mentality.)
    I am the owner of Honda cbf stunner 125 for last 1-1/5 yr. It is good bike, but not the best amongst all that I can say.

  114. i own a HH Hunk myself and believe me, i have beaten pulsar 150 in almost 10 drag races. for the first 7 to 8 seconds pulsar aheads me by 50 to 60 meter but after that i always stay miles ahead. its becoz my Hunk gives me a rapid response fro 60kmph to 90kmph while pulsar gives that response between 0 to 60kmph but after Pulsar touches 70kmph, its cramps and it becomes noisy…just like a generator…….

  115. ur ideas are completely biased u r underestimating pulsar and overestimating ur hunk….. pulsar is a great bike low maintenance worth every penny feature loaded and much better engineered than any hero honda bike in 150 cc segment…….. why do you think pulsar is a more successful bike commercially just bcoz of marketing strategies… no man , pulsar is actually winner on the roads as well, u actually dont know much about pulsar and are unnecessarily praising ur hunk………. meet real bike enthusiasts and they will tell u what pulsar is actually all about……..and stop critisizing pulsar when u dont know about it u will face criticism from people like me i m a pulsar maniac dude……… go learn something about bikes ur reviews are baseless and ur knowledge level is zero i advise evrybody reading this review dont trusst this its completely fake………….

  116. M. Swadhin Kumar, ORISSA. comparision between HH CD DELUX, HH PASSON, HH SPLENDER, HH GLAMOUR, HH HUNK, HH CBZ x-TREM (up 2 150 cc) with BAJAJ PLATINA, DISCOVER (100,125,135,150CC), PULSUR (up 2 150 cc) BAJAJ COMPANY is far better than HeroHonda in all circumstances such as high technology, ligh system, break system, pickup, heavy, length of seat, heandle style, stylish sitting of driver, seafty from muds on rainy day, and main factor is milage is too higher than Herohoonda bike. etc. But one de-merit is on BAJAJ bike requirs maintance regularly but HH once (expanses is same) SO I LIKE BAJAJ BIKES. After 15-20 years BAJAJ company will became leading coy. on world.

  117. Guys i know that pulsar is nice and most of them have it but sorry to say this it sucks after 25,000 km the pulsar engine turns into a generator the engine is so bad you will suffer my bro has a pulsar. The bajaj is tricking us with words like dtsi,tec bullshit .they keep on making new ones before you have even used old pulsar’s because their engines sucks .coming to hunk this bike is a hero honda which will definately stay to comfort you no matter what it is good cause its a hero honda they make hot bikes technically and physically .go for HUNK IS BETTER WAY BETTER.

  118. I have a unicorn november 2005 model.It is run about 60000 km. For this I change its kit 3 times (life of a kit is approx 20000-25000 km).
    No guaranty that new kit is also success or not. In mathura, honda service is worst and i can not get any solution till date while I register 6 complaint in Honda

    customer care.

    So I suggest to all


  119. Dear friend,

    please can you tell me any one which is the best bike pulsar or hunk becouse i am going to buy this month so i want know which is the best……..

  120. Indian public is a real fool as it has raised the sale of bajaj’s sale. The twin spark plugs are used because bajaj’s engine is not able to give better combustion with a single spark plug. Other bikes of 150cc are using single spark plug and are having better engine life. Hero Honda engines can able to produce better combustion with a single spark plug.
    As in case most of people think that bajaj 220cc engine has new technology of oil cooling. But the truth is that bajaj’s 220cc engines produces so much heat that it is not able to cool by air. Even bullet 350cc engines are air cooled then why 220cc engines requires liquid cooling.
    I have an advice to people that before getting inspired by adds & new technology first think why this new technology is used & what is the need of it.

  121. Think again pulsar has a generator not engine it sucks hunk is way better . All hh bikes are Honda technology . I know pulsar sells better . But hunk is better.

  122. Friends,
    Its Bajaj Pulsar who actually boosted the 150cc market in India. Before that we were settled with 100CC bikes. “Pulsar Classic” is still one of the best bikes

  123. Hunk is giving only 40-42kmpl but pulsar is giving anywhere between 45-55kmpl. I rode my friends 1.5* year old hunk and its smooth and feels gooooood… when i rode a pulsar 1. there is a tuck, tuck, tick, tick, sound constantly coming from engine! 2. when i reached 90kmph its sounded like i am riding 90 at third gear!! definitely not like Hunk 3. The gear shifting is hard and irritating, i scolded my friend for ill maintaining the bike but he insisted its like that for quite sometime? 4. Trying to find the neutral is a think we have to get used to for pulsars and apaches. The same thing i found easier on a old model gladiator… For some reasons i think its better screw the mileage thing and choose a machine that gives you hassle free enjoyment for years.

  124. hunk is better than pulsar…….not only style matter,there many more thing .like,mileage,hanling,price,comfortability,better services.etc……..over all all the muscles hunk

  125. I have been using Hunk for the past 4 years and I love it and no complaints about it. It gives me good mileage and I have reached top speed at 100km/hr…
    Many criticized me for getting this bike then but now everyone praises me.. I have rided the pulsar only once and didn’t feel comfortable.. but few of my friends who own pulsar have little complaints.

  126. there are many middle class family . they realy need average bike nothing costly bike . apparently costly bike preferred by interested person . which r persented less than middle class family . so you want to launch average bike with fully lookabe and attrective and comfortable . which type bike like younge person. And digital with minimum cc and durable and reliable . so i beg to you . i hope you launch new model of this type early andearly . and you give a fantistic reply for other companly.i am sachin tiwari . and i m b.e electronic engg. now i m perchace predict bike. thanks

  127. i have a muscle Cherry Hunk. jab se mane hunk li h meri sari problems door ho gaye h. pehle mere pass bajaj Pulsar 150. thi. m presan ho gaya tha.usse pehle appache RTR160 thi .but i realy like Hunk. it is total best bike.

  128. Beaing a Pulsar which i have took on 2006, I have changed my chainspocket , and a battary, Still my bike can give up to 50-55 Km/pl , on long ride it can go up to 60. Ofcourse smooth ride. Still



    U see in mechenical workshops , U can hardly find HONDA bike come for repair, More offen u can see cretical prob.s in BAJAJ


  129. No comparison between Hunk and Pulsar… Pulsar is for male and Hunk is for shemale… Pulsar is sporty in riding and Hunk is supportive in riding… Pulsar is raw and hunk is cooked in performance… Pulsar is sporty in styling with no nonsense looks and Hunk is non sporty with lots of style… Be sporty or be stylish is up to you people…bye

  130. hi guys, i have also purchased a new version of HH hunk.
    i am getting good performance and chipper maintainace.
    i am happy with my bike,

    but ,i am looking for the some changes in HUNK, like as rear side design of bike.
    once it comes in changes model, it will difinetly make the king of road.



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