The Bajaj Pulsar is the first bike in India which came in direct competition with the Hero Honda CBZ. Later Bajaj introduced Pulsar 150cc DTS-i with digital twin spark ignition and till today Pulsar is one of the most sought after bike in the 150cc segment. It has definitely won over other bikes, but let us justify its triumph.

How does it look?

The engineers at Bajaj realized the fact that if there is no beauty and only brawn, it is not going to sell in the Indian market. Claimed to be designed and developed in Japan, this bike does have a head turning looks. The most noticeable feature of this bike is the tank. Big tanks give a big bike feel, and when Pulsar was introduced, it had one of the biggest tanks in India.

Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i

The design of the headlamps has been viewed differently by people. Some really love it and some say it could have been designed better. The headlight comes with city lights also called tell tale lights which is a value addition to its looks. Bullet and Karizma were the only bikes with city lights before Pulsar was introduced.

The tail part of the bike… hmm, yeah, I could say it is nicely designed too. Here too there is a difference of opinion. The new razor sharp rear light, whether looking good or nor not, definitely adds to the uniqueness of Bajaj Pulsar.

Bajaj DTS-i

How does it perform?

Bajaj says “DTS-i gives high power without compromising on mileage.” and the bike lives upto this statement. Another great advantage of the Digital Twin Spark ignition is the throttle responsiveness. Definitely the throttle response is better than the CBZ. It does give a good adrenaline rush when you twist the throttle.

When I had a ride on this bike, what I felt was a feeling of insecurity. Eventhough the bike is heavy, I somehow felt that the bike is not as safe as the Karizma. I cannot technically explain why it is so, but thats what I felt. But the pickup is awesome. Karizma picks up in slow and steady pace and maintains stability at high speeds, but Pulsar jumps off pretty fast but cannot be as good as the Karizma when at speed more than 80 kmph.

Bajaj has generously provided Pulsar with good disc breaks, but the brakes are too sensitive that it has to be applied carefully. I have heard many people applying the front discs too quick and due to the type of weight distribution that the bike has, the bike topples over.

It is claimed that the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc gives a mileage of around 55 – 60 kmpl. But it greatly depends on user riding quality, service quality and frequency of maintenance.

How does it stand out?

Bajaj Pulsar was a great buy sometime ago, but right now considering the competition there are better bikes around from Honda, TVS and Yamaha. People are already bored seeing too many Pulsars in the city. It is time for Bajaj too launch a new 150cc model to its product line.

The digital console was an attraction a while ago, but now many bikes have introduced them. If you are a Pulsar fan and have admired the bike for quite a long time, then go ahead and buy it.

BikeAdvice Overall Rating: 4/5

Performance Rating: 4/5

Beauty Rating: 4/5

Pros: Trendy Looks, Fuel Efficiency, Great pickup

Cons: A little unsafe, Riding posture is not good for people more than 6 ft tall.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i Specifications:

Maximum Power: 10.37 KW (14.09 PS) @ 8500 RPM
Maximal Torque: 12.76 N-m @ 6500 RPM
Gear Box: 5 Speed
Wheel Base: 1320mm
Tires: Rear: 100 x 90
Wheels: 17″ Alloy wheels

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    • u should go for pulsar 150 though there is not big difference in millage
      but i think bajaj is better than tvs .. after three four months apache will
      give u heavy sound while riding ..look vise they r both equally good pulsar
      150 can give u 5-7km avg more than apache

      • Pulsar is only good for looks and mileage but talking in terms of performance there is not competition to unicorn no bike meets its class… friend has bajaj pulsar who is compensating for not buying unicorn……even i was told by bajaj expert mechanic that all bajaj bikes are not for long trip except 220dts-i…………..even if u carefully notice all pulsar suck at speed of 60 n above which gives out a bad cracking sound of engine n all parts vibrate….guys on top of most don’t go for any indian bikes like bajaj,TVS…except HH…

    • Boss…..go for unicorn its best in class bike…..or else options are Hunk,Xtreme,GS-150R……….don’t ever go for pulsar…its no show bike…

  1. I just want to buy new bike. I am very much confused on selecting the bike, I like pulsar but many of them saying not to go with that………. I just want some clean explanation abt that

      • hi man go for pulsar its giving 54 milege i city and best performance dnt buy apache it ll vibrates after 60 km fast and ll give only 40 milege

    • Apache RTR should be compared with CBZ extreme, Hunk, pulsar 135 etc.. Bikes from pulsar brand has no match whether in case of build quality, Paint job, mileage, style or technology. Bajaj is having the best R&D in india in case of motorcycles. TVS is not there among the the top 3. So the better choice would be pulsar pulsar 150 or a 180.

      • pulsar is nt good and it cant b compard 2 apche nd otr 150 or160cc bike… u should nt go wth pulsar save ur money dnt spnd on pulsar plszzz…

  2. The APACHE RTR 160 is the best bike which i ever seen in the indian 2 wheeler market.Whether it is a 160CC machine, it is compared with pulsar 200 or 180 not the 150.Go for RTR.

  3. I own a bajaj 150 dtsi for the past 8 months.Somebody mentioned it feels a bit unsafe while riding the bike. I totally agree with him. While taking corners especially.Otherwise the bike has no problems gives a mileage of 42km in bangalore city.

  4. Hi Deepak,
    Plz advice me on which bike to buy.The toss up is between pulsar and RTR.And plz tell me the on road price of the RTR 160 fi in chennai.

  5. wel while taking corner it’s bit feel like unsafe but dont worry
    nothing will happen… beacause of differences in tires dimension it happens…

  6. No doubt Apache is a good bike but if you go for comfort then I will blindly suggest Pulsar. The comfort level and the smoothness of Pulsar is much higher than Apache. So whoever has doubt, please go for Pulsar without thinking twice. 🙂

    • my point of view pulsar is best. .pulsar means stylish. .and also girls r like pulsar. .so batter u purchase pulsar. .

  7. somebody says(mecanics and critics) the new pulsar 150cc is not a good quality.why you are looseing the brand is there is any financial problem.please recovery the damage

    • hi beleive me i have bought pulsar 150 in 2005 i have crossed 65000 km till now the alloy wheel are not damaged and you dont have to repair it as it doesnt get damaged easily.

  8. I drive my Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSI everyday. I found a common issue with Bajaj pulsar the new version as on the picture above. The bike exhaust makes a booming noise though it is rare, it is now common in most of the new version. Can you find a solution for it. It seems like some air lock during combustion cycle makes it.

  9. pulsar 150 s really hot n stunning… astonishin one… i really luv dis terror machine. each time u ride u ll feel diferent and amazing…

  10. Hi frenz
    I do ride Pulsar 150cc DTSi the fresh alloy model, trust me that if you maintain your bike properly with the service of once in three months you wont stop loving your bike forever. My bike gives me a mileage of 54kmpl and am too much impressed with it………..

  11. I want to buy a 150cc bike.

    I am very much confused about PULSAR 150 and CBZ Xtreme.

    so, Please tell me, Which is the BEST in every aspect ??

    Bajaj PULSAR 150cc or HeroHonda CBZ Xtreme ATFT

  12. I am very much confused about PULSAR 150 and 180.
    what are the major diff between 150 , 180 ? which one do u prefer ..? plz help

  13. hi

    Really i am very much confused about pulsar and RTR.
    pls advice me about the better one ??

    waiting for ur reply… )-

  14. better go in for a pulsar 150 or 180..its the best bike of its class..i’ve a pulsar150 dtsi n hav re modelled with broader tyres and double has a roarin sound..good torque…amazing looks n wat not.!! try drivin dis beast n u’ll get addicted 😀

  15. pulsar or rtr?????

    hiii frndzz

    I own a pulsar 150 dts-i for 5 years now..i took a test ride of rtr 160 and to be frank i was v disappointed with the size and the gear box..itzz gr8 in pick up no doubt but da gear box of new rtr = gear box of bajaj pulsar at 15000 km….tvs has not updated aapacez gearbox till now…i felt bajaj has an edge over the rtrzz…

    zma is said to be better than pulsar 200,220..being frank again people talk abt da features of hh zma but not about itzz mileage … itzz really poor wen compared to any pulsar bike till date…..zma keepzz sounding even in stable on condition..i dont know if there is a rpm settin option in this has got that old fasion steel handle.. but the bike feelzzawesome for long rides..seating is v comfy and the bike keepss telling u only one thing on the hiway..””give me more baby””..u will never feel tht ur zma is getting strained no matter how much u accelerate..

    bajaj has the same features with mind blowing looks…now u decide which bike to buy..and yaa dont event think of yamahazz..u will cry at da customer care…the bike parts of r15 r said to b v cheap then wht the hell makezz the bike cost over a lakh???

    thank u

  16. Tiny and dying stars called PULSAR, spin like crazy and light up their surroundings with last burst of power, often with ghostly glows, which collapse into a tiny sphere after running out of fuel—SOUND FAMILIAR?

  17. please suggest , which bike should I buy — Bajaj Pulsar 150DTSi new & Hero Honda Hunk.
    And it’s price in Ranchi.

  18. Hey everyone… I’m very much confused in buying bikes. Which one i can buy. Please suggest. Hero honda hunk or pulsar or apache?

  19. I love hero honda hunk as well as apache. But many f ma frenz are advising me to buy pulsar. Please suggest as soon as possible. Coz m gonna buy it on april14

  20. hii ,, i wanna buy a bike in a weeks’s time,, but i m confused among Honda Stunner and Bajaj Pulsar 150.. plzz tel me dat which one i buy and why. top speed doesnt bother me.. i want bike wid gud looks and milege along with long troublefree life.. plzzz reply… thanx..

  21. hey …..

    could anyone plz help me decide which bike to go for…. i am extremely confused between honda unicorn n pulsar 150cc…..

    all of ur sugestions would be greatly appriciated….

    thanx guys!!!

  22. srikhanth: can i go for honda unicorn….iam only 19….is unicorn really good….

    hey…am 20….studyin… n evn am not sure weather to go for unicorn or pulsar 150cc…..
    so if u cld help me out in this regard…it would be really helpful to both f us!! 🙂

  23. hi frienz! im a biker boy havin pulsar 150dtsi…my advice to all is please change your bikes engine oil by yourself once in a month for sure u will get above 65kmpl even it does for me exactly 65 and the condition smoothness will be damm good…why im telling this means during service period mechanic guys wont drain out the complete engine oil and simultaneously they will mix the new ones into the older ones ..thats y some guys r gettin probs like lower mileage n noise…Any bike u buy thats not a problem but handle with care and also try to be a single user….take care n do a safe ride biker boyz……

  24. just want to buy new bike. I am very much confused on selecting the bike, I like pulsar but many of them saying not to go with that………. I just want some clean explanation abt that

  25. pulsar 150 sucks……i ve been owning it for 1 year and faced much n more problems…the hard sound of the engine makes me irritated..better go for HH Hunk….it just rocks…

  26. I bought pulsar 150 on Dec 2008. The only problem which is still bothering me is gear shift.Sometimes it is very hard going down(5-4-3-2-1) and if i go to 1st gear from neutral crack sound will come(This is happening always) ,But transition from 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 is smooth.

    Also False neutrals and finding neutral is quite difficult(to goto neutral i need to move the bike a little so that i can come back to neutral)

  27. Fahad: i think Yamaha FZ 16 is better than the pulsar & apache.

    ya … only if petrol came at the price of water.. lolzzzzzzzzz
    go for it if u have petrol filling stations after every 20 kms..[:P]

  28. hi…….i want to buy a bike.but i am confused a lot.among pulsar 150cc,apache rtr or hh hunk…….which one is best…….plz some one reply me to the id “”.(i am prefering to safety and milaege)

  29. Rajan: Hey everyone… I’m very much confused in buying bikes. Which one i can buy. Please suggest. Hero honda hunk or pulsar or apache?

    Go for a Yamaha FZ-S, its sensational, the accelaration is amazing, controlling it is like fish diving into water!!, I own a FZ-S for a month now and already 30 strangers have asked me about it, imagine you break on a red light and someone having a pulser asking you about ur FZ-S! great complement…

  30. Hi i need buy a bike i am really confused can u pls help in
    and i like pulsar 150 cc and 180 cc which is better one in that

  31. Hi am amit amd iam using pulsor 150 DTSi I had taken my bike 3 years back and average giving 50 km per ltr bajaj pulsor looks good then apache apache marketing going down so isuggest to you take pulsor 150 no tention mast bike hai mere yaar koi lafda hi nahi aaram se chalao time pe service karo koi dikkat hi nahiu aayegi

  32. Hi, I am confused between Bajaj Pulsar 150cc & HH CBZ Extreme ATFT.

    At the same time which one is more fuel efficient?

  33. “PULSAR is PULSAR” is the motto of my choice while choosing or riding the bikes, i have been riding the bikes since my childhood and i had not found any bikes more pleasure giving than pulsar, who says it is not good for handling i think it the most easy and safest bike to ride in the city. it is good looking as well as sporty look, gives sensation while riding. i think you should go for pulsar than any other bikes as RTR or CBZ.

  34. Avinash: rtr is no match for pulsar 150it should be compared to 200 n 220 pulsar.

    Mr.Gokul may b u own a pulsar for over a year & its showing problems. Im damn sure u dont know how to ride a bike.
    Pulsar dosent suck………….u suck

    gokul: pulsar 150 sucks……i ve been owning it for 1 year and faced much n more problems…the hard sound of the engine makes me irritated..better go for HH Hunk….it just rocks…

  35. seejan: “PULSAR is PULSAR” is the motto of my choice while choosing or riding the bikes, i have been riding the bikes since my childhood and i had not found any bikes more pleasure giving than pulsar, who says it is not good for handling i think it the most easy and safest bike to ride in the city. it is good looking as well as sporty look, gives sensation while riding. i think you should go for pulsar than any other bikes as RTR or CBZ.

    I completely agree with u seejan………..pulsar really rocks

  36. hii deepak
    nice reviews by u bro..keep it up..i need ur n others help in buying bike..i m offered wid pulsar 150 dts-i july 2007 model costing rupees 35000..should i take it or buy new discover 135 dts-i??

    waiting 4 reply


  37. Hi..I hv bought Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i 2009 Edition on 24th june. Mileage was awesome abt 65 kmpl..So apart from my side i give pular’s mileage 10/10..It’s a wonderful bike with very good mileage..Bt still gearbox should be smoother..

    • is it giving 60+ millage? i am also looking for buy new bike but i really confused … i like RTR180/160 look i dono abt millage & performance on road, about pulsar, my friend telling that 180cc giving only 45 km/l , 150cc give 45-50 km/l & 135cc gives 53-57 km/l in city.
      and i observed the firing sound too bad in 135cc …. can you suggest me which bike is give better millage with less maintenance.

  38. Hi friends,after Riding Apache Rtr160,HH Hunk,Yamaha FZ,Suzuki GS150R and Pulser 150 new Edition,I,ll buy pulser.because of Handling,Comfort to Riding and ofcourse Milage.but I face one Regular Problem thats its Gearbox Makes Much Noise otherwise the Bike is Superp to Riding.and I also Give one Suggesion if u Have Money Go for Yamaha because its a Amazing Bike,But its Milage Is very Pooooooor Friends.

  39. i have pulsar 150 dts i , 2006 model , i want to increase purpormance of my bike, can xenon bulbs can be installed to my bike?

  40. hi
    i had one unicorn purchased in 2007 20july. it is good looking and it has a exallent controling , and good mailage

    KD: Hi Anybody/Everybody,Any suggestions between Pulsor 150cc and Honda Unicorn?Thanks for your time !!

  41. Hi i want to buy a new bike . but i m little bit confused about teh bike pls suggest me among 3which one is good bike .
    I am ride 60 km per day. Pls suggest me good mileage bike and strong bike
    1. Pulsar 150 cc
    2. Honda Unicorn
    3. Hero Honda Hunk

  42. Hi Frnds, I need ur help 2 buy my byk! I choose 2 buy a Bajaj 150cc DTSi 2009 model. But i need sum clarification frm ur Heart..

    1. Commnly ppl say, Bajaj bkys giv frequent problems after 1
    or 2 yrs?
    2. Gear box makes more noise?
    3. In high speeds, sudden apply of disk brake leads skid,
    since it gives sudden stop with little apply!
    4. Im 5’2″ hight. Handling & Controling is difficult to me?
    Is dis byk luking big as me?
    (But im hav enough skill to ride)

    Plz guide me guys.! I luv fast & sporty riding.! Is it suitable 4 me.

    Looking 4 ur valuable comments at

  43. Anil…are u looking for a second hand or fresh one…if second u will get 2008 Unicorn in that range or else you will get good pulsars as second hand

  44. If u want comfort in ur ride with excellent handling conditions even on short turns then go for hunk, if u need some quick pickup and racing then go for pulsar.

  45. Hi friends, I was almost certain of buying a Pulsar-150 DTSi..
    But one of my friends has said that due to enequal distribution of weight in the bike (more in frontal portion), there is always a chance to roll over on application of disc brakes at high speeds.. Apart from that, its all in all a very good bike in terms of performance, power and mileage.. Can anyone suggest me what to do, as I have known it to be a risky one to ride..

    Do Reply… Waiting

  46. Hey Guys…
    keeping in View Mileage+Performance+longivity which bike is recommended : Bajaj pulsar 150 or XCD 135. i got to know that XCD will have higher maintenance than Pulsar.

    Mileage & Low maintenance is what I am looking for.

  47. hi………. iam going to purchas pular 180cc but iam bit cunfuse that i should go with 180cc are 200 can any one breif me about this what the major diffrence in between both 9972039576

  48. hi !! i bought 2009 pulsar 150 and it gives me average of 50 to 53….i hav completed around 1100kms…and got my 1st service over last week….
    i opted this fabulous machine since i need a good average bike…i generally used to drive at 4000 to 4500rpm …
    i think dats de reason y i get a good mileage….

    if u can maintain 4000rpm till 3500kms den P150 would be a great option….

    pulsar just rocks……………

  49. Hi, it’s great for youth to ride this type of the bike. I would like to know that the 150CC will come with mono shuck in the market. It better if it will come. I am just waiting for the new degine of the 150 pulsar. Keep update me.

  50. M.Gopinath: Hi. Can any one suggest me between Pulsar 150CC and Apache RTR 160

    pulsar is better to apache in styling not in terms of acceleration so if styling matters buy the brand new pulsar 2009 or for raw power get the apache rtr fi

  51. Hi guys m planning to buy Pulsar150 wid in a week…but kind a confuse b/w Pulsar 150 nd pulasr 180..which one will b a better option?
    nd whts the difference b/w dem?

  52. why cbz xtreme(63,150/-) is expensive than hh hunk(61,900/-)?is cbz better than hunk in terms of engine and good pick up? please give some advice about it and also give me the engine configeration of pulsar180.

  53. Hi guys m planning to buy Pulsar150 wid in a week…but kind a confuse b/w Pulsar 150 nd pulasr 180..which one will b a better option?
    nd whts the difference b/w dem?

  54. hi i am puspendra tiwari
    my favrate bike is pulsar and i have purchage in after 3 month and please provide the new cotation.

    and wish u
    Happy Diwali

  55. hi everyone
    i am an engg stud n i am about to buy a bike i have made ma choices as unicorn, new pulsar150 and apache, i travel about 40km a day so to me mileage n performance matter a bit more..
    looking forward to your reviews please let me no the on road prices too

  56. I think PULSAR is the best.U feel much more comfort when u ride it.Although there is some problem in neutral..other things r ok
    No body can over take u (150 segment).Brakes r too safe but some time skits..u need to apply both brake same time for overcome.Its engine maintain well go for pulsar.

  57. hai friends iam going to buy new bike i like pulsar 150cc but most of the comments about that it’s gear box gives more irritate sounds and some times struck is it true which i buy now give suggestion please .

  58. never go for hh hunk series its a flop model ……no greater news about hunk ……. i suggest pulsar 150cc if u guys r luking for a milege one then the new avatar pulsar 135cc with 4gears releasing this decemeber 8th …….. Go look for the new range of pulsar …..

    • i have pulsar 150 , its better in performance than any other in its category , but resale of hero honnda is good , but in case of bike riding i suggest pulsar is beyond ur expectation

  59. hi
    i want to finance pulsar please give downpayment & installment
    and our add.. and please urgently sent my e-mail details of this requirement.


  60. hi
    i want to finance pulsar please give downpayment & installment
    and our add.. and please urgently sent my e-mail details of this requirement.


  61. Hello sir
    I am looking for Pulsar & Apache please give me suggestion which is good one.
    i want to finance pulsar please give downpayment & installment
    and our add.. and please urgently sent my e-mail details of this requirement.

  62. hai,iam using pulsar 150 cc from the past 2 years.till date ia have no problem with it.really it is running in a very good condition.u guys just think before u comment on pulsar.
    its my dream bike.i love it

  63. HI, this is suresh, iam having pulsar 150cc one year bike and run 12000km. iam not satisfied with pickup, it is very low pick up and meleage 45km/lit what is the problem

  64. HI,i m planning to buy a 150 cc bike….
    i m confused between pulsar 150 or Unicorn.. plzzz suggest me a relly gud one which gives gud mileage.

  65. new pulsar 150 cc dts-i ug 4 is the best bike in india it rockszzzzzzzzzzzz no comparision with other bikes its a master piece successful bike and a trend setter in 2000

  66. i love my pulsar its awesome bike..and its contion will be good for long time depending on hw we maintain and use our bike… my friends have apache and hunk but they always tell tat pulsar is good..i too have felt tht pulsar is good than hunk and apache …i am getting a milage of 55/litre ..i bought my bike 3 years ago awsome pulsar is great..

  67. hi friends… While I was about to take a NEW FRESH bike in 150cc segment, I too had to face the greatest dilemma that I never experienced ever b4…. then I made thorough observations on the reviews from net as well as from users.. Also Ive gone for testing it many times…

    Pulsar-Apache-Unicorn-Hunk…… these are the bikes best compete with each other now….

    I removed Hunk from the list at first because it lack behind in racing n performance… its sitting posture also is not good for a racing youth… it comes with traditional analogue metre and weight is not proportional practically…. Eyes may fall on you because of its DIFFERENT look…but not up to my expectations…. good mileage of ~60+ will be provided by Hunk but its not the mileage alone that does really matter for a Youth Bike….

    Unicorn Is the best, I think, for one who go for comfort alone…
    Its mono-suspension give excellent comfort on ‘Indian Roads’… 😀 (comforts meets control in Unicorn.. )
    sitting posture is not so sporty and much gaming may not be possible in highways… its elegant look can attract the eyes, and I heard that their service is toooooo bad…. I think the bike may not disappoint you but the Honda People may do… though I heard about a trouble (in Unicorn) in ‘cold-start’ Im not sure of it… its breaking is not much special though not bad…. Unicorn supports well our pockets with ~60+ mileage.. its impressively silent also… But has no digi metre….

    Apache… apache is really a great piece of work and its really capable of beating all the bikes in highways.. its trendy, sporty look and 160 cc engine can keep you confident through out your ride… its smaller but really a YOUTH…. the only drawback of Apache according to me is that it comes from TVS… 🙁 [I don’t trust and like TVS]

    Apache can keep you smooth on rides till 70 km/hour, but after that it may produce slight vibrations… its almost overcame in RTR/FI model… it produces a sporty ‘drrrrrrr’ sound and people like me may not tolerate this.!(especially in great speeds and at night-rides!) its quiet usual but I dont like it… its stronger engine can make other fear of you on road-rides and is really a great piece of power+style…. breaking is really good (petal disk)in Apache and thus you can ‘break later, stay faster’… mileage also is affordable= ~50km/L…

    Next is Pulsar; the all top racer in now a day’s roads….
    Pulsar 150 dtsi is to you with all new technologies and it’ll give you comfort+control+fuel efficiency….
    its highly sensitive disk can make you still wherever you need to… its power-weight ratio is really apt for you to do really terrible races in highways…. its good pick up and power with a good looking body can keep the eyes on you…. its not so noisy, and sitting posture is sporty enough to ‘play without pains’…….. Pulsar can give you a mileage of ~55-58km/L and the Bajaj’s services are impressive….
    going for a pulsar you are getting ready to ‘do ROCK’ on the roads… its great stability keeps you ‘in-line’ even in deep curves….


  68. HI Friends I would like to share my experience with Apache 160
    The bike is good looking powerfull but it is not durable
    If u compare it with pulser 150 look wise and performance wise
    it might win ur heart
    But gradually u will start hating the bikes sound
    Disc breaks are of poor quality not good as pulser
    overall parts of the bike is not as good as pulser
    if u want to keep the bike for a year or 2 u can go with Apache
    bUt if u want to have a long term relation then close ur eyes and go with pulser………….

  69. i owned 2009 pulsar 150cc black is a powerful bike, having good luks n pickup. Mileage is also satisfactory above 50kmph.handling n gear shifting is also comfortable. It reaches easily above 100km/h having two persons. I luv this bike vry much.
    pulsar rulzzzz

  70. Hi All,

    I m on route to purchase pulsar-150cc,Black model-2007,digital, as its in condition and the owner is selling it at Rs30,000/-. mileage is 40-45. So guys I need your help as its my 1st bike.


  71. after seeing al of ur comments i am suggesting u all that u all r duffers who r suggesting for pulsar 15o rather than apache rtr…..

    seriously man, hv faith and try apache rtr…u vl feel d difference….rtr is better than the pulsar….

  72. The Pulsar 150cc bike is best bike. It is sufficient for ride, not very much costly, genuine (good) milage (average),looks amazing, all features included, best in pick-up, and overall very good bike.

  73. pulsar 150 is quite good bike, i just purchased in sep 09 , i took test ride of allmost all bikes, pulsar 220, karizma, RTR160, avenger, bus as i love speed i was about to take 220 but in test ride itself i felt problem in gear box so i decided to get P150 and believe me, it was my best decision i love my bike since 1st day, i took a long ride of 400 Kms in just 2 days and believe me in after 5 months my bike is giving me its same performance yeh it is necessory to take a good care of your bike, i use to get it wash and i do service by my self yeh its time consuming but give real satisfaction as i can trust my bike as i usually ride my bike at 60-90 kmph, and yeh please do change your Egine oil as per mentioned in manual book believe me it will give better millage i am getting 55kmpl and quite happy with it. and yeh dont forget about tyre pressure as it also helps.

  74. hey guys! 150cc full black 2009 model, 1st owner n me 2nd.. the owner is selling the bike for Rs48,000/-. Is it worth buying..? pls do sombody reply..!!

  75. new pulsar 150 launched with clip on handle bar and 15.06 ps power(due to larger carburetor and slightly different intake and exhaust techniques)

  76. HI GUYS
    pulsar 150 has 3.2 ltr reserve tank (2 ltr usable)
    what does it mean?
    exactly how much fuel is there in tank at RESERVE MODE?
    3.2 OR 2 OR 1.2?

  77. Hi pulsar gives very comfortness while driving in bangalore. I really worried while driving in bangalore.but it gives pleasure while driving i love it a lot.

  78. I tried Pulsar 135cc and 150 cc today. Strangly i feel 135 is having good pickup. I asked them is the 150cc trial bike having any problem ? They explained 135 cc having 4 volves so its pickup seems more and 150 cc is having 2 volves.

    Is it true ? any one tried these both bikes and what is your experience?

    Please help me in choosing a comfort bike with good milage and pickup

  79. hello friends pl suggest me which is best bike in performance compared to pulsar 135cc and pulsar 150cc, 15.06 ps power, is that true pulsar 135cc as more pick up than pulsar 150cc , pl sugest me

  80. Hey people how is new pulsar 150cc against 135cc.
    Can anyone suggest me between them.
    i hear tat pulsar 135 has vibration problems at higher speeds…

    and tell me one more thing, ther was a news tat pulsar 150 is goin to be upgraded wit 4 valves…is it true…

  81. @ chetan

    The latest pulsar 150 is again the 2 valve only, however they have incresed it’s power to 15.09 bhp than 14.10 bhp of before. They have also added a bigger carburettor and new fuel intake system. The throttle response has also been very nice. and quiet better than before.

    The 2010 pulsar is very cool as per riding is concerned. I have purchased one and is giving me a mileage of 50 kmpl before the first service

  82. @varun & @abhishek
    Thanks guys but i wanna own a bike which gives longivity (atleast 3 or 4 yrs),
    1. dis adv of pulsar: frequent visits to service stations
    2. dis adv of apache: vibrations at higher speeds…

    wats ur take on this……….
    i ll wait for ur comments…

  83. guys,
    if anyone have bought new pulsar 150 and ve experience of atleast 3 months or more plz plz share ur opnion……..

  84. Hi All,
    I just bought a Pulsar 150 black one month back on feb 10. Before i had a dilema of Going for apache, unicorn or Pulsar but i opted for pulsar. Belive me guys its the best decision i made. right from the 1st day. i love to ride my bike. Riding is very comfortable and the milage is also very good for 150 cc version from 55 – 60 km, and the power you get is really rocking. it rides soomth even at the speed of 100kms/hr.
    i have done 1250 kms so far and have no problem with my bike. i love it and guys i suggest you people to go for it without any hesitation. Really Pulsar Rocks!!!

  85. before reading all comments i will surely tell that in 150 180 200 220 only 150 is best in all of them so any body confuse that which i am suggested b/w 150 or 180 i will tell that 150 is best .its +point=good milege , low maintennce,sporty look mainly for youth
    -points engine will hot in few km

  86. i want to know that when i m chaning my gears on the bike on the rpm needle, red light comes out, wht does it indicates

    i am having pulsar 150 cc the latest design

  87. In 150 cc all one bike compare with the bajaj pulsar 150cc.
    It has a outstandind personality.
    It is very good bike.
    I love my bajaj pulsar 150cc.
    nirmalsinh vaghela,

  88. Hi Guys,

    I want to purchase a please tell me which is better bike? pulser150,honda unicorn hh overall performance.

    Waiting for your suggestions!!!!!!

  89. THIS BYK IS MY BREATH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  90. another difference is that pulsar nd unicorn is is like taxiz where ever u see u will find themm….go 4 CBz hh productz never dissapoint u

  91. hi everybody i need ur view plz tell which bike i should buy pulsar 150 or pulsar 180 which one is better plz kindly tell me dear so that i can take a right decision

    and plz kindly tell me the details of it and if possible then plz send me some labeled diagrams of both bike in which every thing was mentioned with name like gear, clutches, brakes

    i am new here so hope u all will help me dear

    my email id is

  92. saurabh hi i would sugest for pulsar 150 coz 180 does not have kick start. so enjoy if can u advice me for pulsar 150 or fz,

  93. hi guys yesterday only i brought pulsur 150cc
    Its look good and smooth,Don’t go for pulsur 135.this is better than 135.

  94. I recently buyed a black colored pulsar 150 dtsi.I am very much amazed by its power, feel and style.Many heads turn in my school n area.My friends also wants to buy pulsar after watching me.Seervicing the bike in every 6 months will keep its racing blood fresh n young. Go for it and i m sure that u will like it.

  95. Hi friends,, me gona buy new bike for me..My opinion is only in buying pulsar150 or 200,but i have a great confusion n mileage and some more problems ..Some were saying dat in future chain belts wil trouble u in pulsar..I have to know the truth.. So pleas kindly help me ..

  96. Hi friends….
    I am planning to purchase bike, but i am confused whether going to HONDA UNICORN or PULSAR 150cc or CBZ Xtreme,
    In market for purchasing HONDA UNICORN waiting period is 45days @ hyderabad, so i quit HONDA UNICORN. Now i am confused whether going with PULSAR 150cc or CBZ xtreme.
    Many of my friends are saying that pulsar is not good for long term. So my final option is CBZ xtreme but i am worried with its milleage as new pieces of CBZ xtreme are giving different milleages…
    So please give me your opinion and i am planning to take bike by this week end.
    Please help me out….
    Waiting for ur quick reply..


  97. i am using pulsar 150 cc from last 3 years…..& wht i feel pulsar 150 is the far better compare to other manufacturer bikes.unicorn engine is smooth,but if u like strong feeling while driving definitely go for pulsar.

    Till date i have not faced maintenance problems in pulsar, but make sure for regular services every six months & (oil changes @ 2500 kms.

    between 150 & 180 cc , go for pulsar 150 cc…better mileage.

  98. Hi guys,

    I ‘m planning to buy a new bike urgently..
    After collecting all information, review and feedback i ‘m still under lot of confusion about which one to go among 125cc- 150cc Bikes.

    My Budgets is Max. 65000 Rs Onroad (Bangalore.

    Kindly suggest me which one i can go for…

    1. Pulsar 150cc
    2. Pulsar 135cc
    3. Discover 135cc dtsi
    4. Discover 125cc
    5. HeroHonda CBZ extereme
    6. HeroHonda Glamour
    7. Honda Shine


    Please guide me.!

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  99. Chak De Pulsar !!! I’ve a new 150cc new pulsar (2009 model), I am 29 years old & from last 10 years ,I am feeling the development of Bajaj bikes. My first bike was Caliber than Discover & now the pulsar ,u can say Bajaj rock the automobile tech. with their expertise & experience.

  100. Pulsar!!!!!!!!!!

    Great Bike.. Go for it!! Dont feel later, wen u go 4other bikes..

    Mileage-55 kmpl per ltr if u ride between 45-50 kms speed.

    All smiles..;-)

  101. The Choice of 150cc bike depends on the individuals..
    And the REQUIREMENT…

    Apache 160RTR (*****)5 star..
    Pulsar 150cc (****)4 star..
    FZ 150cc (*****)5 star..

    I say.. Apache 160RTR is better for Youngsters..
    Pulsar 150cc is better for little older persons..
    >Apache 160ccRTR is sensitive in handling (brakes & road grips & rough engine & throttle responce).. but these items are needed for Young Guys.. So its good..
    Good control in 80 to 100kmph speed due to good brakes and
    areodynamic.. Engine does well in high speeds..Especially in curves this bike is good…Avg mileage is 50kmpl..

    >Pulsar 150cc scores better in road grip b’coz of MRF tyres..
    little safer in speed braking… But it lacks in power, punchee ride.. Low quality engine.. Struggles after 80kmph speed.. Aerodynamics are not good in high speed..Avg mileage is 47kmpl.. It can be tuned to get better mileage but lacks in power.. Its better to go for New 180cc Pulsar…

    >FZ 153cc is good for soft driving peoples… good performance.. Good road grip, silent engine… Competitive pick up..
    Great Looks.. Slightly lesser mileage 40-45kmpl..
    But over all great feel… to ride YAMAHA.. ya..?

    But please do TEST DRIVE all the 3 VEHICLES.. And decide..

  102. Presently i had a byke, that is road king in two wheeler Bajaj Pulsar 150dtsi. Its a myrachle byke. superb. i think nobody didnot beat pulsar byke. Its having very smooth, comfortable sitting, looking wise its a excellent & very rich look. when we compare with Tvs Apache rtr, unicorn, x-treme & hunk, this is the top byke. so dont thinking about bykes? go for pulsar, & enjoy.

  103. great bike i also own a 15occ bke and it has been around 8yrs i have been riding and till today there is no problem on my engine and whatever i still like 150cc bike its rrocckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssss

  104. Hi Guys,

    Yeah its sure if ur male then go for PULSAR may be on the high ends like 150 cc and all. I do have one. I love her more than my girlfriend and surely I do kick my girlfriend even she does a wrong thing with my pulsar.

  105. pulsar is best bike i had neveer seen……… so go for pulsar ……. i love my bike .. it gives milege 55 .. choose pulsar and enjoy the bikes guys…
    thank u..

  106. I want to buy a new bike in 150cc segment & i m not sure which bike to take >but my preference is pulsar 150.
    Anybody which has purchased it recently within 3-4 months plz reply whether it is right or not to go with pulsar 150

  107. hi friends,
    i am using pulsar for past 1 year, it is relly great ai terms of milleage and power.. i suggest u all to buy pulsar 150cc.At the same time i prefer u to buy cbz extreme.

  108. I earlier had Pulsar 150, which is a nice bike. Now I have Apache 160RTR. This is a beast.. It is in no comparison with Pulsar.. U can rock with Apache on any road.. The only prob what I faced is the ground clearance..
    My bike in economy condition gives 55 and in power mode I get 50.. I guess that is pretty good..
    It can reach a max speed of 132KM..

  109. according to me,pulsar is always the best in case of style and milage .i own pulsar 150 2009 for 11 months and i get a milage of over i often feels that some times its not smooth as that of other 150cc.but if u prefer style ,go for black colour with flaps[2009 model]

  110. I will suggest to all bike lovers that for the good iooking and performance based bike is always by bajaj only(in India). But if u want the same performance and the good condition for long term(more than 2years) then bajaj will fall back,that all bajaj bike (in any segment) are good for short term only( less than 2.5 years) !!!!

  111. i am going to buy new pulsur 150cc byke !! can i replace seat as 180 cc ie.,2 seperate seats from showroom itself ???? cn nyone suggest me !!!

  112. hi dear am serving in army and i wish to buy a motorcycle through CSD what can i do? pls info procedure and what is difference between of the rate list civil and csd price pl

  113. hi dear am serving in army and i wish to buy a motorcycle through CSD what can i do? pls info procedure and what is difference between of the rate list civil and csd price pl
    only for pulsar 150dts

  114. Hello,
    If ur a smooth/slow rider and atleast if ur toes/foot touches either left/right of the ground then u can handle without any issues. I own Pulsar 150CC DTS-i from 1 year, its simply superb but only drawback is mileage which i get 40 to 42 in bangalore city limits.U can’t expect mileage above 50 what showroom people say. Other than mileage everything is simply superb.I vote for Pulsar when comparing to weight is 60kg, I dont feel the bike heavy even if i ve the fuel full tank.

  115. hi i m 5’7′ & weight of 52 kg,
    but till date i can easisly handle my BAJAJ CHETAK but

    can i handle PULSER 15O AS my Scooter in weight level
    plz give me r8 suggestion

  116. i have pulsar 150 and purchased at 15 th of january 2009 at gwalior. i have many problems in this vision of pulsar. many time bajaj showroom worker are not satisfy me or bike also.if any company person are read my this massage plz contact to me because no one can listen any thing.
    pulsar 150 have so many problem like back suspension,average,company service,warranty replacement,not satisfying our customer and so more. these all reason bajaj bike sale are going at low level and on body cay see this market.
    i request to all pulsar 150 holder attention and take full information about this bike to the purchaser.

  117. i have bajaj pulsar
    but me sujjest karta hu ki koi ye mat kharidna the service and the parts of this bike is not good
    and in the matter of pick up cbz appche unicorn and hunk is the best
    the pick up of pulsar is not good

  118. very good bike wow but pls riders dont forget helmet and pray b4 you drive and minimize your speed,remember no good driver if you not follow,accident is prone to all drivers if careless, enjoy your drive

  119. I have bought a pulsar 150 last month. now i am facing a problem that when i ride it in rain(even if the bike didn’t get partially wet in gentile rain) the bike engine gets off. then i need to try hard to start it again and need to ride in very low speed and gear. if i try to raise the throttle the engine gets off. Even though if i ride like that it will run only for small distance and again it will get off.
    The bike will get off in the similar way that the engine gets off when the petrol gets empty.
    One of my friend who have CBZ Xtreme had same problem and he took it to HH Service center. The people at there didn’t even know the reason and solution for this problem. But after going there again and again the mileage went down from 48kmpl to 25kmpl. Yet the service people doesn’t found the reason for the problem.
    I took my bike to Bajaj service station and people there said that they never seen such problem, but they told that they will try some thing…..
    So i am scared to give my bike to the service station people since they may reduce the mileage. I am now getting 50kmpl.

    So please tell me a way to get out of the solution.

  120. Hi ….

    I am Mad of My Pulsar 150 and i also enjoyed lot with my bike.
    now plz sugest me….i want to know can i change my bike tyers to tubeless, and how to keep engine power full if possible any changes to get more power. i hope i will get answer soo, i am waiting

  121. Hi this is pradeep…

    i want to change exost of my pulsar 150 to 200 cc bikes exost….so sugest me it is wokeble rwhat?


  122. haie this is satish ..

    just go for Pulser 150 CC is better than 200 CC nd its for milage only.. and Pulser 150 CC milage is super i am getting 60 for new model…. 45 to 50

  123. hi guys i bot nu pulsar 150 cc ..its rly awesome …if u look for gud milage , gud stunnin look…jst go fo it ….its worth in getin 150 cc iiiii simlpy love it

  124. hi… all the best 150cc bike in india is Hero honda hunk .. its a gr8 bike as compare 2 pulsar150, or any other bike … so my tip 2 u all who want 2 own a 150cc bike btr go fr HH hunk it is a value for money …

    thnx Ayan

  125. Hi,frnds,i have been using the pulsar bike 4 abt 3 yrs,its awesome the look is fabulous,its pick is far greater than rtr or unicorn,although it feels unsafe while cutting bt it depends on the experience of the
    Rider,its the best bike in highways,its mileage is around 55-60,if you are confused with pulsar rtr hunk honda etc I advice you to buy pulsar its the best of all.

  126. I am 6ft5inch.I want a durable 150cc bike.I booked CBZ XTREME bike .. but i heard abt that bike had lot of problems …… please suggest me.

  127. Hi Friends!

    I would like to buy this pulsar 150cc. What is the price at bangalore and also let me know mileage of this bike.

  128. friends, I am going to buy a new 150 cc bike & i have to ride more than 80 km per day ,so Pl. suggest me between CBS XTM & PUL 150 which will be better for me in mileage, maintenance & safety.

  129. Hey any 1 pls suggest me a bike from yamah szx, pulsar135, pulsar 150 dtsi & unicorn. and why?? I m very much confused. Please help… Thanks..

  130. Hai,
    i have pulsar 150 dtsi,it is very problem for me,it has lot of problem in engine,so i want to change my pulsar and i want to buy new bajaj pulsar 150dsi,
    please advice me,my decision is good or bad and pulsar 150 is good bike or bad bike.because i won’t loose again.please reply me.

  131. plz send me attachment of all pdf or any jpeg of all the old model that i can see engine’s gear pattern frist two model’s have 5gear but that is all down reward so i can see plz

  132. hi subhasis.. dnt go 4 either of the bikes go 4 honda unicorn it gives good mileage maintance s very less nd u have gud ride control which gives u more safety…

  133. I am stuck in choosing between Pulsar 150 or Discover 150…neone?? Both are 150cc bikes. Ok by looks only Pulsar is much better looking, but with performance I am seeing not much hug difference. w.r.t mileage and all discover might be better, bt fule tank is less giving the looks of a lesser cc bike. But problem is Pulsar is around 15-20 k more than discover. But is it worth it?

    • plzz dont take discover ………dont bother abt milage if u want milage better go for dazzler….dont bother abt 15-20k wait until u get that money

  134. Can somebody suggest me on RTR 160.Some times back i had a ride on APACHE when i was at about 60KPH i felt like a heavy Vibration on foot rest.Can we avoid this by any other alternate way or is it defauld for all apache bikes?

    Please advice me Whether can i go for Pulsar 150 or Apache RTR?

    Thank you all in advance…

  135. Hello guys,

    I am planning to purchase new bike of 150 CC.
    But i am little bit confused between pulsar 150 & Honda unicorn dazzler.
    Can any one please advise which is a better one.

  136. Hi guys,

    I ‘m planning to buy a new bike urgently..
    After collecting all information, review and feedback i ‘m still under lot of confusion about which one to go among 125cc- 150cc Bikes.

    My Budgets is Max. 65000 Rs Onroad (Kolkata ) & mileage 55 kmlp to 60kmpl

    Kindly suggest me which one i can go for…

    1. Pulsar 150cc
    2. Pulsar 135cc
    3. Discover 135cc dtsi
    4. HeroHonda CBZ extereme
    5. Honda Shine
    6. Yamaha srz(New)


    Please guide me.!
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Md Hasan

  137. hey all i’m a 18year old teen looking forward to purchase a new bike. I first asked my dad for honda stunner but unfortunately i saw two of my classmates having that bike suffering from heavy repairs and spending hugesom in periodic basis! Now i went to the bajaj showroom and found pulsar 150 along with it’s new sibling pulsar 135. Please help me select between these two. My dad is always worried about my safety and is scared of the pulsar’s heavy looks and the disc braking system. Is pulsar a good bike for a city rider like me?? I;ve been handling a MAX 100R for nearly 3 years now and i’m 5foot 7inches tall and weigh average. Is pulsar a best suit for me??

  138. no other bikes can beat pulsar, pulsar bikes looks also good and gives average also good, bikes like yamaha fz, karizma are looks good but they r very poor in average, so pulsar always rocks

  139. Hi guys,

    I ‘m planning to buy a new bike urgently..
    After collecting all information, review and feedback i ‘m still under lot of confusion about which one to go among 125cc- 150cc Bikes.

    My Budgets is Max. 63000 Rs Onroad (Kolkata) & mileage 55 kmlp to 60kmpl

    Kindly suggest me which one i can go for…

    1. Pulsar 150cc
    2. Pulsar 135cc dtsi
    3. Discover 150cc dtsi
    better looks & better mill

    Please guide me.!

    • hey hi Jerry,sanjay,shubham, riyaz and monty
      dear all
      trust me according to my past experience i have ride pulsar 150 ,hero honda hunk and unicorn CB dazzler,

      i suggest you should go for YAMAHA SZ R the reason is simple in terms of Quality i very much impressed with yamaha fz but not in milage ,but now in FEB yamaha launch SZ R the same engine which FZ have replace in SZ R ,and earlier Fz have technical 14 BHP power now its converted into 12 BHp In SZ R nd result is SZ R new model is giving milage is very good that is around 55-60 trust me it will give u at least 55 or more depend upon
      riding in city or in highway
      in yamaha SZ R u will enjoy great pick up, smooth engine and gear shifting with speed 100-110 like YAMAHA FZ and also look wise it is very good than old and new Pulsar 150 or 180 my one frend bought SZ R IN LAST 15 days i riding in speed 50 kmph very smooth in pick up and good feeling while riding this byk seriously yamaha win in quality and economy in terms of petrol price raise in every month
      i check this riding Quality in test drive in speed of 100 110 in highway in for 3 km after i got permission to test in highway
      dear all i suggest you just go for it

      but remember dont ride more than 50 kmph for first servicing get it done in your new bike and don,t worry about yamaha spare parts its is eazily available in dealer and service center but little more expensive than bajaj

      thannks and regrds
      nilesh sawant

  140. Pulsar is Pulsar. Nothing is comparable to it. The new handle model of Pulsar 150 (My Bike) is awesome. Thanx Bajaj for inventing such a great and smooth bike. I will suggest all to buy it.


    First 3500km – speed limit 40-50kmph [4000 rpm]

    First Servicing – 700 1500 2700km after

    Regular Servicing – After 2500km

    Regular servicing check – Tyre pressures, chain tightness

    Mobile change – 800km after [MOTUL 300V FL is consider BEST]

    Regular maintenance – Chain oiling, Body wash, petrol use from trustworthy pump(bad oil gives smoke from exhaust)

    Parts change – after 20,000km for BETTER performance [air filter, clutch plate, spark plug, valve etc]

    every day use only-
    1. kick start in the morning [for rest piston properly]
    2. Never push throttle in high rpm to the first gear (do it after 3rd gear) [for cluch plate]

    I think every 150cc bike in india is good. Go for any bike you like. You just have to MAINTAIN your bike with care.
    If you don’t than it will be your worst nightmare. QUALITY PROBLEM the famous word use for Pulsar apply when you
    don’t know how to ride and maintain a bike. Most people buy pulsar because of popularity and cheap parts. And, after
    1-2 year they start to complain BECAUSE they didn’t care for their bike. And every bikes mileage depend on how
    you ride(speed). The more you speed up the less mileage you will get. I think it’s the time you stop reading blogs
    about bike and start maintain your bike(I’ve spent 6 months on it!!!).

  142. my height is 5.5 ft and weight 65 kg now i am going 2 buy new pulser 150cc bcoz i like pulser but my friends telling that my persanality not suitable for 150cc bikes . pls any one bike experts suggest me argent

  143. Dear All,

    I am going to buy PULSOR. But confused of 135CC and 150CC. Which is best? Pls compare it with mileage, handling, and long drive ( 350Kms i ll go for long drive every 3 months). Whether engine gets over heated?

  144. Dear All,

    I am going to buy PULSOR. But confused of 135CC and 150CC. Which is best? Pls compare it with mileage, handling, and long drive ( 350Kms i ll go for long drive every 3 months). Whether engine gets over heated?

    Pls compare the seats of Pulsor 135 and 150 CC. My pillion seat will always occupy by someone .

  145. Hi, i am planing to buy a bike, i am bit confused b/w FZ S and Pulsar 180 cc.
    I have one more query that both these bikes don’t have kick start,what if the battery of the bike gets diffused.
    Do reply..

    Bye Date- 28 MAY 2010, TIME- 05:55 PM.
    Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTS ¡ is Good Beter Best Bike i like Pulsar 150cc.

  147. RAM PRATAP SINGH Mo.09452426195,
    Bye Date- 28 MAY 2010, TIME- 05:55 PM.
    Bajaj Pulsar 150cc DTS ¡ is Good Beter Best Bike i like Pulsar 150cc.

  148. Go for Pulsar if you want to be very stylish!!!! Go for Unicorn if you want SOFTNESS & Gentleness extra millage, Safe & resale value !!!!! But dont go for apache and all, its vibrate while riding above 100kph.. DO Very Economy or go very stylish luxury!!! dont stay btwn the both!!!

  149. There is no strong lock system in bajaj pulser bykes, that lock is not hadning metal n its soft metal n from hacksaw blade can cut with in 10 minutes My bike was theft on feb 2011. its very low level locks are using no security for that locks and also if kick the handle strongly that lock can be cut. i request to BAJAJ Company pls do strong lock system because we are paying more than 70.000 rupees for that , pls do some ante theft lock system for bike

  150. hi my name is Ishank Newton and i m having bajaj pulsar since 2 yrs the bike is perfectly allright but the only problem i have is when i start my bike in the morning and try to keep the bike run for 1-2 mins to let the oil rotate properly the engine stops and when i try to ride and used the first gear it engine stops. please advice me i just serviced my bike 2 days ago from SK MITTAL’s authorized show room from Nerul sec 10….. please advice me what shall i do.

    do i have to change the spark plugs as it had been 2 yrs now.

    when should we change the fork oil. and when should we change filters

    please advice…..thanks

  151. Guyzz, i’m a biker …….. i ride most of d bikes on d indian road.i think pulsar is d king of bikes .but it lacks of engine refinement and mileage and also after 20000 km d smoothness will also gone.beter 2 choose d new models like unicorn,hunk,Gs150r,cbz xtreame…………maintenance is greater than others …..

  152. Hi, i am planing to buy a bike, i am bit confused b/w FZ S and Pulsar 180 cc.
    I have one more query that both these bikes don’t have kick start,what if the battery of the bike gets diffused.
    Do reply..

  153. hi everyone,want to buy old pulsor 150cc in chandigarh have u any one want to sell his pulsor so pls call me on this within two days 9779171477.

  154. Hi All

    I have been riding a Pulsar 150 since 2005 and have never been disappointed till date (though every bike will have a few hiccups if you do not treat the bike with respect).

    1. Never had a flat tyre till date (touchwood)
    2. Have been having decent 60+ kmpl mileage if riding within city limits and averaging between 45 – 60 Kmph (in the green zone of the RPM meter)
    3. Engine oil used have been good grades and always emptied and refilled, else the sediments of old burnt oil gets mixed with the new one
    4. Idling (which is so very important) in the mornings for a minute or two and utilizing that time to wipe off dirt from the surface of the bike :-). Looks like nobody has time for that these days, and off in a ziffy as soon as turning on the ignition
    5. Preferably kick start as the first start in the day and button start later
    6. No sudden braking even in city conditions (pumping the brakes as well as simultaneous application of front disc & rear drum brakes)
    7. Immediate pulling off the throttle can be very damaging to the engine (smooth turning always helps)
    8. Avoiding regular gear shifts

    Yeah, and a few more which I guess will be too long a list. But what’s on the flip side:

    1. Oil leaking with high speeds at long stretches (viz., more than 150 kms at speeds averaging 90+)
    2. Vibration on high speeds
    3. I read about someone mentioning about cornering. I second that, is not the most stable (or may be you are not too confident to tilt it beyond a particular angle)
    4. Factory fitted tyres Zapper are not the best in the breed! Not complaining but they do harden if used beyond 15 – 20,000 kms (even if the treads are intact and haven’t balded yet)

    For the first time buyers, I would not like to make a “gyaani” statement that go for a Pulsar blindly. It totally is upto the requirement and usage.

    If you are a regular commuter, then P150 sure should be on top of your list as it is great for city / town commuting conditions (irrespective of road conditions). Also RTR 160 / 180, Honda Unicorn, Hunk, Karizma (even the ZMR), are good bikes to consider.
    If you need a sports bike or are into stunting, possibly an R15 is the best bet anyday given its maneuverability and low position riding conditions, also the almost naked looks making it much better for cornering and negotiating better. Also you could chose the good ol’ reliable Yamaha 100 CC (of course out of production, you might get a good deal in the second hand market)
    If you are a tourer, there are a bunch of them on offer these days. The entire range of the Bull family (including the new breeds of Classic 500 & 350s), Yamahas (FZ / FZ-S / Fazer), Avenger (200 / 220), P150 also is pretty decent in this class, Unicorn is quite comfortable too…

    As I mentioned earlier, to one his (also read her, as there are many women riders these days) own. Sorry to be a little longer, but I guess you need to understand your own requirement as well as discover the biker in you to make the right choice before investing. The best is to spend a little more to understand yourself and invest in the right bike of your choice.

    To me, Pulsar 150 has been truly a versatile bike that combines the best of all the worlds and sure can be considered for any kind of biking! Hope this is useful, happy & safe biking!!!

  155. Hi. I want to buy a new Pulsar 150cc bike. But i heard some thing bad about it. Please clarify below doubts.
    1) Is it unsafe when riding in corners, turns because of tyres structer?
    2) Is there much maintenance cost after 2 years?
    3) Is there any problem in gear box?
    4) I heard like after 20,000 KM smoothness will go. Is it true?

    Please let me know your comments and do the needful help.

  156. Stunner is gr8 for city riding… awesome handling and pick up..
    But it gives unpleasant sound after 60kmph being a 125cc bike…
    If u can endure it it’s a beast with beauty.

  157. Hi,
    This is Rajguru. I am interested in upgrading my bike Bajaj CT 100 to either Bajaj Pulsar 150cc or Bajaj Discover 150cc. Please let me know which one of them is good to buy and WHY?

    I am looking for safety while driving on road (I do not drive beyond 50kms/hr), mileage, maintenance free and good torque driving in slow traffic.

    Thanks and regards,

  158. Any one Can suggest me between Pulsar 150CC and Honda Unicorn 150cc?
    I just want to buy new bike. I am very much confused on selecting the bike between pulsar and unicorn.
    plz suggest me which bike is better for me in long drive & performance vice?

  159. hi,
    please suggest me which bike purchase from tvs rtr 160 vs pulsar 150. i like tvs rtr 160 bike but some people says tvs bike spare part not found in market and no resale value. they are says pulsar 150 is good. so please suggest me which bike choose by me. my email id is

    thanking you

  160. pulsar is the worst bike, i m experience this worst experiences from last 3 years. on hilly area cycle is better than pulsar. my suggestion is go for apach

  161. If you want to sell your pulsar with 150 CC then inform me…….Prize list should be below 25000 Rs. You can inform me@+918882065229

  162. i recently purchsed pulsar 150 is too good 4 ridin n lookin so hot…
    its performance is much more than honda uniocorn…i love my pulsar tooo tgreee four much..
    indias no 1 bike…

  163. hi i like pulsar very much its give mllage upto 56 but apache and unicorn give only 45 and 47………………….. its looklng better , super, beautiful, etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  164. Hai Guys I bought a Pulsar 150 cc recently. I suggest plz don’t go for its. Apart from looks ,performance and price the main problem I am facing with that bike is its having very less ground clearance. when ever there is a speed breaker I have to literally stop and go.

  165. hello guys,
    i’m going to buy a bike so can anyone suggest me between ‘pulsar 150’ & ‘honda unicorn Dazzler’ ….
    which one is better in performance nd better in mileage…??? nd i need to ask, everyday i hv ride 30-40 km a time so which one is comfort…???? please suggest…..
    my E-mail Id –

  166. I have own pulsar 150 dtsi in 2007. Till now no bike in this category is as good compared to Pulsar. It really performs as “definitely male”….. old caption of pulsar.

  167. i have purchased bajaj 150cc pulsor recently the byke was very good looking after changing model but the the chassis was very down to road it was touch to speed braker even it is little on double’s

  168. i got pulsar 150 ug4.5 . i got 60-65 km in every riding condtion with my buddy.i use pure nitrogen only for tyres & 95 octane petrol .

  169. hi,i want to buy pulsar 150,between 2009 and 2010 models.budget is around 35k.If anyone want to sell his bike please contact me 9550017357

  170. Hi Friends ,
    I decided to buy the 150 cc bike but i have confusion in selecting the bike ….
    from my list pls suggest which is the best in performance and mileages and in handling , low maintenance…
    HH Hunk
    HH CBZ
    Bajaj Pulsar 150
    Honda Unicorn
    Tvs Apache

  171. Hi friends……….
    i want to to buy new bike…nd m confuse which 1 is best from pulser 150, pulser 180 , apache160 ,cbz Extreame ………….
    plz give me ur review regarding maintance and average………………

  172. Hi, I am a rider in motorbike. but i am not ride to bajaj pulser 150 cc. i am afride to ride to this bike. b-coz my hight is 5.2″ & weight is only 42 kg. pls sugest me bying the bike pulser 150 new. pls pls pls.

  173. i am rakesh ,i plan to buy a new bike ,which schould be looking good,comfort ride,milege cc-150-160, so i my choice i had ( CB Unicorn DAZZLER,Apache RTR 160 HYPER EDGE,Pulsar 150 DTS-i) plz guide me which is best.-

  174. sir, my bike is consuming a huge amount of Mobil oil
    it got serviced & filled it with 1000ml of Valvoline (all by bajaj) and was empty wen i checked it at 1000km
    again i serviced it & filled with 1000ml of racer4 Mobil oil (racer4-Hindustan petroleum product)
    it is empty after 450km.
    ride it to bajaj service station, they adviced to change its cylinder (whole piston assembly) which would cost me 4000rs.
    please suggest something affordable as i dont think its whole assembly need to be replaced.
    please guide me regarding the same.
    thanks in advance.

    • Hi Amit,

      Seems there is some problem with your bike’s build quality. Kindly contact bajaj for warranty to replace the parts which is suggested by your mechanics, if it is a new one.

  175. guys i have yamaha fz 16…n m planning to buy a new bike ..dat will be both gud in mileage & looks n shud be economic!
    can ne 1 suggest me which byke 2 go for…m thinking 2 go for hero impulse &pulsar 150…
    but lil confused.

  176. HI friends,
    compare to any other bikes bajaj bikes are very good in the terms of maintenance & cost of Any components is very less and gives long life… once again prefer bajaj bikes for less maintenance cost at rough use also

  177. hey frnd’s ,
    i bought a new pulsar dual color bike 150cc .
    around 45 days back and now its giving around 37 kmpl.
    i’m worried if there is some prob with bike or else i common.

  178. Hi Friends,
    Really i am also planning to buy a bike in 150 cc segment but i am dammmmmmmmmmmm confused….As the options which i have in front of me is CBZ-X,Pulsar,Apache RTR and FZ-16…but i have conformed from few mechanics whom i know very well and they have sugg me to go for pulsar(good average and low maintainence) but still i was wondering to have a online advice from u guys. so plz help me frnds

  179. Hey Guys, I hv seen almost all reviews on pulsar 150, but there was no proper review which tells exactly Pros and Cons of Pulsar150 DTSi.
    I am thinking to buy a bike and confused between CB Unicorn and Pulsar150. As I want bike in 150cc segment with good millage and performance with low maintenance. Till now what I have seen is Pulsar150 has good performance but maintenance cost is too high and is problematic.
    Kindly advise so that I can decide which bike to opt.
    I searched for below bikes:
    CBZ Xtreme: No kick start, poor millage, vibrations: rejected
    FZ: Poor Millage : Rejected
    Apache: Vibration, Not reliable: Rejected
    Suzuki GS : High Maintenance, not reliable
    Plz correct me if I am wrong somewhere.

  180. Hi Everyone,

    I hv seen some of the above reviews & they are really good.
    for me please suggest, for which bike I shud go…. Pulsar 150 or Fazer 150???? please specify some difference so that it can help me making decisions…… thanks….

  181. hi friends , i have Pulsar 150 dts i bike of 2004 and till now i am getting mileage of >60 Kms/lit and once i got 72 kms mileage with a speed of 70 kms . for better mileage change engine oil for every 2000 kms. and now i am trying to go for Avenger 220

  182. M riding pulsar for last 7 gives me joy,strength and satisfaction of riding such a wonderful bike….!!till my last breath pulsar would be my favourite bike…

  183. I m using pulsor since 2006. great bike. now i prchased again new pulsor 150 on 20 january.I think pulsor 150 is best. it gives 55 kmpl milage nd better pickup nd smooth driving. if u want to buy 150 cc bike. dont think dont wait buy pulsor 150

    • Go ahead for purchasing new Bajaj pulsar 200, damn good, racing bike. if you are looking forward for mileage, cost effective with stylish look then bajaj pulsar 150cc is a better choice.

  184. I have Bajaj pulsar 150cc bike, purchased on 31st December 2010, it has ran 6100km and I have completed all 3 services but my bike is giving only 44km/ltr mileage, I am staying in Bangalore, so can you please give me some tips to improve my bike mileage?????

  185. Hello everybody, I have purchased new pulsar 150 cc (which was my dream), last week on Feb 14th,, running smoothly but what I feel is gear is hard to shift and lot of noise is coming while shifting the gear,,,

      • Hi sandeep and raghu there is a min. speed limit at which you shift the gear please read at your maunal . If you shift gear at low speed it will always give u some noise or problem .

  186. Hi All, I had pulsar, it is just a good looking bike, not a good bike, people are thinking it’s a performance bike, that is not right. it is a big task to cross the 100 in pulsar. i struggled with my pulsar to cross even 90 with pillion, but good in traffic condition. but i never faced this in my new unicorn, even it is little bit lazy in traffic, i am able to cross the 100 easily. and on highway pulsar is nothing in front of this legend. and no need to say abt unicorn quality. unicorn, cbz, gs, they are far better than pulsar. i sold my pulsar. since it started to suck my pocket heavily. so please dont go for this bike, unless you want to waste your hard earned money.

    • I think you don’t know how to use the bike in proper way. whole world is saying pulsar is the greatest bike of all time and i am surprise that you are having such problems. I have a great experience with Unicorn, it sucks our money and low pickup bike i had ever seen for that price.

  187. Hello,

    I got a new pulsar 150 on Feb 14, 2012, dream bike of my life. From the day I took, I am disappointed with bajaj since they are not improved yet in gearbox and gear shifting, I am getting the same harsh sound which I was getting in my old bike while shifting the gear and also I need to press hard to shift the gear. Why Bajaj is compromising with quality where competitors like honda and hero are offering the excellent quality for the same price. I agree bajaj lookwise is excellent cant compare to other, it has standard look. After having the first service still have the same issue. I asked service guys to fix this issue, they are telling it cannot be fixed it is trademark of the bajaj(souund while shifting the gear) they are joking with me. I feel very bad since I paid more then half lakh to them. This is my second bike, i was used pulsar 150 2007 model, again the same problem, I spent more then 10,000 within 1 year 3 months.. finally I sold it. Thought that new one wont give any problem since they will improve year by year. Very disappointed, I was Pulsar fan, but now no more.. I came to conclusion pulsar is for those people who ride the bike harshly for 1 or 2 years and sell it.. cant prefer to use for more then 3 years no matter how you ride…I am thinking of selling my new one, but it is very hard bcz its my first new bike, I thought to use it for more then 5 years… 🙁

  188. indrajith, please dont go for second hand pulsar more then 3 years old… u will definetly spend more then 10k if you used second hand pulsar for one year.. if you have more money then go for new one. my suggestion to dont go for bajaj, go for yamaha or honda

  189. hi,

    Finally I sold my new pulsar one month old for 72k, bought for 77k, Good bye Bajaj………… will never go with Bajaj in my life….

  190. hi, i am wanna buy a 150 cc bike .i have shortlisted with pulsar, apache,cbz,fz.pls anyone suggest me . i am interested in pulsar

  191. i hav pulsar150 aug2012 model,
    and i want to modify it like 22o cc pulsar,
    is it possible near by hyderabad
    plz help me 9440915200

  192. i hav pulsar150 aug2011 model,
    and i want to modify it like 22o cc pulsar,
    is it possible near by hyderabad
    plz help me 9440915200

  193. 6500 km completed. My pulsar amaze me. U r too good for me i love my pulsar.
    So smooth so comfortable the new pulsar is a revolution.

    thanks bajaj

  194. Bajaj pulsar: is a good bike.,göod for professional pple.,pick up is awsome,mileage is superb is gives around 50 in hayway and 45 in city that’s the best we can accept frm pulsar.,bajaj pulsar 150 dts-i look r average compare 2 r15 and karizma zmr.,and spare parts of bajaj cheap if u r planning for buying a bike go for bajaj pulsar 150 its an all rounder bike…. but the disadvantages r also at place after 2 service the bike started mkeing some sound in engine after driving atleast 10km , after 2 service the bike started giving 35-37 milage, if u keep the bike up2date replacing engine oil right time,graceing chain,water service,and heatup the bike early morning by keeping acceledration @ 3rpm hold it for constant 10 sec and move,results it increase the milage and smoothness, dont go more than 60 it reduce milage.. So tke cre

  195. I purchased a new 150cc pulsar on 23-5-2012. This bike is too good. I fall in love with pulsar when it was launched in 2002. This is awesome bike. None other bike can match pulsar’s look ever. I like its front wolf eyed headlamp console very much. I just love this bike.

  196. Hi all ,

    i need to buy a pulsar 150 dtsi…….please suggest me the specifications and details regarding the features of the bike………..


  197. dear frnz,

    i want to buy a 150cc bike. my hight is 5’11”. which one is suitable for me? pulser or rtr 160 or discover 150? please help me

    • i would like to suggest u that pulsar 150cc is best, look wise and performance also.
      if you will get market review in between three biks you will go with Pulsar 150cc.

  198. My fav bike SUZUKI hayabuza
    but i cant bought it……
    I have 2 bikes pulsar 150 DTS-i
    and Apache 160 RTR-racing DNA.
    And i am very happy 4 i have very famouse 2 bikes.

  199. I have SUZUKI HAYABUZA.
    And in my collection…there are 17 bikes…..and pulsar 150 DTS-i buy tommorrow.
    This bike sporty and i like!

  200. I just want to buy new bike. I am very much confused on selecting the bike, I like pulsar but many of them saying not to go with that………. I just want some clean explanation abt that and ma height is 5.11, i need a bike how give average between 55-45. and good looking also

  201. this bike is awesome……. this is ultimate bike without an alternatives…!!!

  202. my brother have pulsar 2009
    i have extreme 2007
    and my cousion have unicorn 2007

    i feel unicorn and cbz both are almost same, easy in handeling, and good in braking.
    if u driving in 1 hand and another hand ur holding mobile phone talking to some1 then also you can drive easily …

    now about pulsar dont have above advantages, only good look and little more mileage .

    —–i will suggest you to go for any bike but not pulsar.

    but you can fix bajaj spare to xtreme . i have fixed pulsar150 shocks to my xtreme
    extreme price was 2500 for 2nos
    bajaj price is 1500 for 2 nos

    guys anybody know what is superbike and what is sports bike.?????

  203. pulsar cbz
    look : best look : average
    mileage : good mileage : good
    pickup : good pickup : excelent
    controls : average controls : perfect
    horn : good horn : bad
    meter : digital(v. good) meter : analog (no style)
    silencer : good silencer : bad look
    biker : looking good biker : feeling good for biker,
    for outsider, but good comfortable.
    not comfortable
    for biker

    most of girls says sitting on cbz is good then pulsar
    and new cbz is having, good look + little more mileage and digital meter which was not present in earlier xbz Xtreme.

    HH parts are costly but run for a long time,, whereas bajaj motercycle need regular maintenance..and i dont think spare parts will run for a long time.

    so dont think twice ask some1 trice what is good ?

    before i purchased cbz i ask many people same question specially who have pulsar.
    “Q : if the mileage of pulsar and cbz was same then which 1 you would have purchased?”
    and 80% people asnwer was CBZ not pulsar.

    i feel cbz is good but dont go for it because i dont like to see some1 who is having rocking bike like me!!!

  204. Hi Guys ,

    I need to buy a bike, i need a sporty look with a good mileage and also for safe driving. Iam don’t know how to drive a bike, iam in learning process. Could u plz suggest me either pulsar 150 or rtr which is the one satisfying all my criteria’s

  205. I have to buy byke.which one is best in bajaj pulsar 150cc and hero honda xtreame 150 cc. pls suggest which one is the best

  206. Dosto mai. PULSAR 150cc bike lena chahta hu krpa karke koi batayega ki iska kya milagae hai . ye lu ki na lu………

  207. Thank you for some other informative site. The place else may just I get that
    kind of info written in such a perfect method?
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