Harley LiveWire Cracks New Record at EV Racing; Tops at 178 kph

Harley LiveWire created a new record at an Electric Vehicle Racing event. It was ridden by an ace racer Angelle Sampey…

Harley Davidson is future ready with its electric motorcycle LiveWire which is now available in dealerships of United States, Australia, Canada and many other European countries.

In a latest, in its outing at EV Racing Exhibition at the Denso Spark Plugs NHRA US Nationals at the Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, the LiveWire set new world records for the quarter and eighth-mile – it covered the eighth mile distance in just 7.017 seconds. Further, the full quarter mile was completed in only 11.156 seconds at a top speed of 110.35 mph which corresponds to almost 178 kph. It must be known that LiveWire is speed limited to 110 mph.

The performance electric bike was ridden by Angelle Sampey who is Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle /Vance & Hines rider and three time Pro Stock Motorcycle champion. Sampey said that this was his first tryst with the LiveWire and he was surprised with the ease with which the motorcycle can be ridden.

Harley Livewire racing

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The LiveWire has no clutch or gear system and simply needs a twist of the throttle to experience that sudden burst of torque. It can do a 0-100 kph sprint in 3 seconds flat and the 100-129 kph (60-80 mph) acceleration comes in 1.9 seconds only. LiveWire has a range of upto 146 miles or 235 kms.

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LiveWire was also showcased in India last year, however, with the future of the Indian division uncertain, it is not known when and if it will come here…