Harley’s Smallest 338cc Motorcycle Ready for Production

Harley HD350 launch is confirmed for next year and it will be the most important upcoming motorcycle for the brand since it will open new avenues for them…

Harley Davidson is very eager to penetrate developing markets of the world and that is the reason it is taking the big step of downsizing its portfolio with an under 400cc motorcycle. Harley officially confirmed that it is making a 338cc motorcycle in conjunction with its partner Qianjiang of China. It went onto reveal the sketches of the motorcycle as well.

And based on the pics, it became very clear that Harley will be using Benelli 302S’ platform for its smallest-yet motorcycle. The very specific 338cc displacement has been arrived by using the stroke from Benelli’s 300cc twin cylinder engine (Benelli is now owned by Qianjiang group) whereas the bore appears to be from the bigger 500cc motor from the TRK 502 and Leoncino 500. We have discussed this here.

In a latest update, the design of the motorcycle has been publicly signed off by both the partners. The JV partners will now prepare for its production at one of Qianjiang’s factory in China. The motorcycle is being officially referred to as ‘HD350 Project‘ by the partners and it will be interesting to see what commercial name the it gets.

Harley HD350 launch

Harley Announces New Small 338cc Motorcycle: Important Pointers

Harley HD350 Launch

The HD350 will be introduced in China first and ‘other Asian markets’ will follow which directly hints at the possibility of it being India bound. It has been officially confirmed by Harley that the motorcycle will be launched in 2020.

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The idea is to garner younger riders across these developing markets so that they can have a chance to graduate to bigger models within the range. The HD350 is bound to give Harley a new lease of life but will it come at the cost of its image of ‘big, burly motorcycle maker‘?

Source – Bennetts