Harley Announces New Small 338cc Motorcycle: Important Pointers

Harley 338cc motorcycle details have also been revealed by the brand. We share the interesting bits about this big development…

It seems Harley is trying all it can to survive and grow! This also means venturing into segments and genres of motorcycling they are not known for! Anyway, they have officially announced a new partnership with Qianjiang Motorcycle Company of China. It must be known that in India Qianjiang operates under their ‘Benelli’ brand.

Harley 338cc Motorcycle Details

We are listing some important pointers from the press release the brand has shared..

  • They have only talked about one motorcycle for now. It will be a 338cc (how exact :O ) bike which will first be available for sale in the Chinese market.
  • They say that it will be launched by ‘the end of 2020‘ ie just next year!
  • Harley has cleared that “other Asian markets” will follow which directly hints at the possibility of the motorcycle being India-bound as we are one of the fastest growing markets in the world.
  • They say that they have chosen Qianjiang based on their experience of developing premium small capacity motorcycles, established supply base and proven capabilities in emerging markets.
  • Mr Matt Levatich has said that they intend to rope in more riders into the Harley fold with this step.
  • By 2027, Harley has planned to increase its international business to 50 percent of its total annual volumes. This step will help it achieve its goal.
  • Apart from the cubic capacity, Harley says the new motorcycle will have a ‘distinctive look’ and sound.
  • It will be completely produced in Qianjiang’s facility in China.
Harley 338cc Motorcycle

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Harley has also shared two sketches labelling them as ‘prototype model‘. It features twin exhaust pipes suggesting this to be a dual cylinder engine. It has minimal bodywork and appears to be a roadster with an upright seating posture. Features include upside-down front forks, dual disc brakes at the front, LED-like round headlamp etc.

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But the question is – with such a short turnaround time in hand (read target launch time) has Harley announced this a little late?