OFFICIAL: Harley Shuts Bawal Factory; To Leave India

Harley Davidson’s departure from India is a big jolt to many bikers across the nation. Falling sales – a resultant of the gloomy economy takes a toll!

In what comes as a very big jolt, Harley Davidson – the American motorcycle giant, which was present in India from 2009, has decided to curtail its operations in our country.

A press release, we just received, reads that the company has executed its global REWIRE strategy – which cuts down on excess expenditure and leave markets where volumes and profitability do not support continued investment – and focus on the ones that are doing well. Unfortunately, for Harley we could not make the cut to the top markets which it believes will serve growth and profitability!

Harley says it will close down its manufacturing facility at Bawal. It must be known that Harley had extremely serious plans for our market and that was the reason it set-up such a plant – which exported the Street 500 and Street 750 to many of the markets across the world. It was not a superficial model – like most of the premium makers follow – to simply get in a distributor and sell motorcycles.

Harley leaves India
The seriousness of Harley for the Indian market can be gauged by the fact that it had a local plant and exported smaller Street models to various countries…

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Further, the note reads that the company will ‘significantly’ reduce its sales force in Gurgaon. It says that its dealers will continue to offer service through the contract term – but it will definitely be troubled times for the owners in both service and spare parts!

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After its Rewire strategy, Harley will move onto its Hardwire strategic policy which is aimed at building the desirability of its motorcycles specially in the markets it will be present in. This strategy will commence from 2021 and run through till 2025.