Government Directs EV Manufacturers To Defer New Product Launches

Government Of India have given their second directive to all EV brands of India… Many brands have been recalling products…

So, due to rampant instances of electric scooters of various brands catching fire and causing harm to the owners and/or bystanders, the Government of India has directed Electric Two-wheeler brands of our country to suspend the introduction of new electric scooters and/or motorcycles. This suspension extends to all the electric two-wheeler manufacturers, with no exception.

This directive was communicated to the EV brands after the conclusion of the meeting which was held to discuss the recent fire incidents that occurred across the country. 

Interestingly, this directive was given to the EV manufacturers verbally. This means that the directive is unofficial in nature, or it would have been on paper and would have been sent to each manufacturer individually. The EV brands were further instructed to recall the entire batch of vehicles, even if one unit was involved in any incident of fire. 

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This decision of suspending new EV launches is the second directive given by the Government to the EV manufacturers since the fire incidents have begun to ramp up. Few days back, India’s Union Transport Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, gave a stern warning to all EV manufacturers to voluntarily recall and check their EVs to discourage further fire incidents, or face heavy penalties. 

Till now, many brands have issued voluntary recalls of their electric two-wheelers. Okinawa Autotech have issued the recall of 2000 Praise Pro e-scooters, while Ola Electric have recalled 1414 S1 Pro scooters for voluntary check-ups of the battery systems. Additionally, Pure EV have also issued recalls of two of their electric scooters, on which the company is going to perform exhaustive checks and re-calibrate a lot of the systems related to Battery Management System (BMS).