Okinawa Issues Recall Of Praise Pro E-scooters For Battery Check

Okinawa have announced recall of Praise Pro electric scooter for battery checkup… More than 3000 units affected…

So, in the past few weeks, you must have been bombarded with many videos of electric scooters puffing out smoke and then erupting into flames. These battery fires have plagued many small and big names in the 2-wheeler EV industry.

Being one of the names to have seen its product go up in flames and showing initiative, Okinawa Autotech have issued a voluntary recall of their Praise Pro electric scooters.

Okinawa Praise Pro electric scooter recall

Okinawa have issued a voluntary recall of 3.215 units of their Praise Pro electric scooters.

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Explaining, the company stated that, effective immediately, they are recalling 3,215 units of the Praise Pro e-scooter model in order to fix any issue/s related to its supplied battery. They said that this recall is part of their ‘Comprehensive Power-Pack Health Checkup’ camps.

They further shared that during the battery checkup process they will be checking the battery-packs for loose connectors or any damage. If found, the faulty units will be changed by the company free-of-charge at the Okinawa authorized dealers all across the country. 

Okinawa also added that this voluntary campaign is taking place in the wake of numerous incidents of e-scooters catching fire and they are working with their dealer-partners to ‘ensure that the repair experience is as per the convenience of their customers where they will be contacted individually by them’