GIXXER vs Xtreme vs Trigger vs FZ: Price Comparo [Updated]

At a gala event today, in Delhi, Suzuki has officially launched their first premium 150cc motorcycle, Gixxer 155. And with this, let us compare its official prices against all its competitors – Xtreme, Trigger and the new and old FZs in this article.


After reading this back to back listing of ex-showroom and on-road Delhi prices of these 150ccs, you may be up for one or two small surprises.

Gixxer vs (all) FZ vs Trigger vs Xtreme: Price COMPARO

Ex-showroom Delhi:

  1. Suzuki Gixxer: Rs 72,199
  2. Hero Xtreme: Rs 66,275 (rear drum), Rs 71,275 (rear disc)
  3. CB Trigger: Rs 65,718 (Std), Rs 68,609 (DLX), Rs 74,887 (Combi-Brake)
  4. Old FZ-16 Carb: Rs 70,411
  5. Old FZ-S Carb: Rs 72,385
  6. New FZ-16 v2 FI: Rs 76,250 
  7. New FZ-S v2 FI: Rs 78,250

On-Road Delhi

  1. Suzuki Gixxer: Rs 79,809
  2. Hero Xtreme: Rs 78,885 (rear drum), Rs 82,193 (rear disc)
  3. CB Trigger: Rs 73,057 (Std), Rs 76,212 (DLX), Rs 83,060 (Combi-Brake)
  4. Old FZ-16 Carb: Rs 80,175
  5. Old FZ-S Carb: Rs 82,318
  6. New FZ-16 v2 FI: Rs 85,604 
  7. New FZ-S v2 FI: Rs 87,800

So, Suzuki Gixxer, at an under 80K on road price is quite decently priced if we look at the whole picture, which was not clear when we viewed it in isolation.


It is one of the lowest priced motorcycle here and possibly the most impressive when we consider its specs. Great looks are its biggest plus point but it doesn’t come with a rear disc brake, even as an option! The 140 section rear tyre does look eye-catchy though!

Hero’s Xtreme is available in two trims. The one with just a front disc has been priced at Rs 78,885 while with a rear disc it reaches Rs 82,193. The Xtreme is once again a carburetted mill and makes do with very generic specs.

The CB Trigger has the broadest price range. It comes in three trims and the top of the line variant walks away with the costliest carburetted motorcycle in this comparo. The standard trim is available  for Rs 73,057 and the slightly loaded deluxe trim comes for Rs 76,212.

While both the front and rear brakes are discs, it has another ace up its sleeves. The CBS variant which has Combi Brake System, thanks to which both the front and rear brakes work together by just applying the foot brake (which reduces braking distance) is priced at Rs 83,060!


Now, we come to the meat of the matter – Gixxer’s true rival – Yamaha FZ series. Right from a price point of about Rs 80k, it spans across till Rs 88k. While the fuel injected version 2 has a higher price difference, the older carburetted FZs are priced around the similar points.

Here are the prices – FZ version 2.0 has been priced at Rs 85,604 while the FZ-S V2.0 costs Rs 87,800. The older FZ has a sticker price of Rs 80,175 and Rs 82,318 for the FZ-S.

Next up in this segment are the Xtreme Sports, Honda’s 160cc and Pulsar 150NS.

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