Gixxer 250 Outsells FZ25 in October 2020

Gixxer 250 vs FZ25 – It is getting interesting between these two quarter liter models as Yamaha has repositioned its FZ in the market…

Suzuki ventured in the 250cc motorcycle space with two new models – naked Gixxer 250 and faired Gixxer SF250 last year. Both of them are brilliant motorcycles but they are up against competition like Dominar 250, FZ25, etc.

From a very well priced quarter liter motorcycle with basic specs, FZ25 has become costlier in the Bharat Stage 6 era. In fact, it costs upto Rs 1.57 Lakh, only about Rs 8000 lesser than the naked Gixxer. And the specs have remained very muted!

This has resulted in a drop in interest in the otherwise utility motorcycle. In fact, in the month of October 2020, Gixxer 250 outsold the FZ25 in sales. Here are the numbers…

Gixxer 250 vs FZ25 Sales

Gixxer 250FZ25
599 units509 units

The difference is 90 units between these quarter liter rivals in the month of October. Though FZ is a better seller generally but Gixxer 250 is picking pace and is a more loaded motorcycle.

Gixxer 250 vs FZ25

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Suzuki did not offer any cosmetic changes in the BS6 transition model upon launch, however, it introduced new, funkier colors just last month which also included a 100th year anniversary edition in Triton Blue/Silver color.

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On the other hand, Yamaha has bifurcated its FZ25 in two variants – the standard FZ25 and the premium FZS25 – replicating the success of its 150cc FZ range. It will be interesting to see if the Gixxer 250 can sustain its lead in the coming months but it definitely is a more powerful and a better motorcycle, overall, than the Yamaha!