Gixxer 250 Teased in a 6-Second Clip

Gixxer 250 teaser video gives us a sneaking view of its headlamp and exhaust note…

Suzuki has teased the upcoming Gixxer 250 in a new video on its social channels. Of whatever little could be made out of this clip, it appears that it adorns a wide, single, non-split headlamp, similar to the Xtreme 200S. However, in the limited view we have, it can not be ascertained.

It must be remembered that, through a lone spy pic of the motorcycle, only its sides have been revealed and the complete picture is still to be revealed/unveiled. Apart from this, the exhaust note, most probably of the Gixxer 250’s, has also been heard for the first time, as it changes a gear midway in the video.

It must be remembered that it is a single cylinder 250cc and considering that the exhaust note sounds ‘nice’. Apart from this, our source informs us that 300 motorcycles have been produced till date and dispatches to dealerships have either commenced or will commence in the coming 2-3 days. These motorcycles will go to the top 100 dealers of India, which means every dealer will get 3 motorcycles to start with.

Suzuki has also asked dealerships to develop special bike zones for the retail of Gixxer 250. We already know that Gixxer 250 will produce 26.5 PS of peak power from its oil cooled SOHC engine. The fuel injected motorcycle is paired with a 6-seed gearbox and it weighs 161 kilogram kerb.

Gixxer 250 Teaser Video

The biggest question in the minds is – how much will it cost? Considering that it doesn’t appear to be a too tech-laden engine, and that economies of scale (since 2019 Gixxer SF would share parts) would bring costs down, it should be priced attractively. If we take Fazer 25 as a benchmark, Gixxer 250 could find good initial traction at around 1.50-1.60 Lakh ex-showroom.

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Launch is on the 20th May, followed by its ride next day, which is when we will come to know everything about the quarter liter!