2019 Gixxer SF (150) Also Revealed

2019 Gixxer SF spy pic reveals the all-new design of the 150cc motorcycle. It shares its looks with the quarter liter sibling which should be good news…

It was on 6th May when BikeAdvice, in an exclusive, revealed that the upcoming Gixxer 150 will also share its looks with the impending quarter liter sibling. Here is a link to our story. Gixxer 250 was busted recently (pic in this story), and today let us present to you the 2019 Gixxer SF 150, revealed by DCV.

It carries over the same body panels, along with that protruding nose. The design is an exact replica of the quarter liter sibling and this will definitely help Suzuki in economies of scale. Here is a list of what differentiates it from the elder sibling…

  • The alloy wheel design is different.
  • That front disc is smaller.
  • Monoshock is not properly visible for the 150 which probably means that the length/wheelbase of the Gixxer 250 may be slightly longer.
  • That handlebar looks to be slightly raised in this pic, however, it may just be an illusion.
  • Both the tyres appear to be thinner (they may continue with the current spec).
  • Crankcase cover is different.
2019 Gixxer SF spy pic
This is the Gixxer 250. Click pic to know about its specs..

Those graphics also, kind of, reveal it. The Gixxer 250 has a big ‘250’ written on the fairing whereas this 150 has a more prominent ‘SF’ tag. We are not sure if there will be any changes to the engine but this, first comprehensive update to the full faired motorcycle should spice up things in this segment after the entry of the Xtreme 200S by Hero.

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2019 Gixxer SF spy pic
The current Gixxer SF for reference…

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This also hints at almost the certainty of the 2019 Gixxer naked getting the same design, sans the fairing obviously! Launch of the new Gixxer range is on the 20-21st May which is when we will also come to know about the prices of all these new models, including the 250…