FZ25’s Promo Video Reveals Few New Details

FZ25’s launch, shortly after its first spotting, was a nice little surprise. Basically, the idea was always to offer a low-cost no-frills 250 cc motorcycle at astonishing prices and Yamaha seems to have achieved their goal going by the initial excitement levels.

FZ25 – New Details

To increase awareness of the motorcycle, Yamaha has released the official promo video of FZ25 and apart from giving you a good look at how it looks on the road (and with a rider atop), it reveals the following bits, few of which may be not be known to you…

  • Yamaha has optimised the intake duct to enhance combustion efficiency which results in higher torque in the usable range.
  • FZ25’s comes with a 4-row core (compartments) oil cooler just like Pulsar 220 DTSi.
  • FZ25 also gets low-tensile, free-sliding piston rings which reduces mechanical losses.
  • The motorcycle comes with 41 mm front forks, which are most probably taken from FZ-S’ bin.

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  • Riding position – Yamaha says FZ25 comes with a streetfighter seating position which is an optimum of comfort and sportiness.
  • The all-digital instrument cluster is nice and simple and those big-lettered speed numbers look easy-to-read.

  • LED headlamps – The headlamp of FZ25, like Dominar 400, is all-LED and comes with 3 LED bulbs. Atop is the parking lamp which looks yellowish in comparison to the white LEDs.
  • Segment-best torque : Understand, by segment we are talking about the price-segment here and not the cubic capacity rivals. It produces 20 Nm of peak torque and Yamaha has time and again hinted that most of that is concentrated lower down the range for all practical riding purposes.
  • Reliable Engine – Why is Yamaha calling the new FZ25’s engine as reliable? Simply because it is an old mill which Yamaha has extensively used in other motorcycles, including their sports range. Hence, it is well over its ‘issue’ period and must be as niggle-free as anything can be.

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FZ25 Video

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