Yamaha FZ25 – 5 Things We Like [Poll]

January was dedicated to Yamaha as they unveiled the smashing new R15 v3 in Indonesia on 23rd and a day after it was the official Indian launch of the swanky FZ25 – their only 250 cc in India. You can read the launch story here. And despite a few shortcomings, its price tag overshadows everything, almost. Here is a list of five things we like about the motorcycle…

FZ25 – 5 Things We Like


First and foremost its the availability that Yamaha has promised! Unlike Dominar 400 which is on sale only in a handful of cities in India at the moment, FZ25 will be available pan India at all Yamaha authorised dealerships. So, if it is a naked you are considering buying and Dominar 400 is not in your city yet – you can have a look at this 250 cc FZ! Deliveries are expected to commence very shortly.


We haven’t ridden it yet but those torque figures are the best for a 1.19 Lakh motorcycle. And Yamaha has said that the focus has been on the low and mid-range which means the torque spread will be in the early to mid revs – all the makings of a real good city gadabout. Understand torque is more important than outright power for almost all practical purposes (for a motorcycle like this).

Fuel Efficiency

Yamaha promises a fuel efficiency figure of 43 km/l for the fuel injected FZ25. If it returns anywhere near it it will be more that what we expect from engines of this size. And with a 14 liter fuel tank it gets a (maximum) range of over 600 kms in one full tank which is what we do not see very often. In comparison, Honda CBR250R returns an average fuel economy of 25 to 30 kmpl.

Low Weight

At 148 kg (with oil and full fuel tank), FZ25 is one motorcycle which offers the maximum torque for the price it commands vis-a-vis its weight. In simpler terms, its torque to weight ratio is fantastic and should help it in offering seamless torquey ride without the need to frequently change gears.


Yes, it is down on power and many 200s in the market churn out more power than the FZ25 but from the very inception of the first spy pics, it was clear that Yamaha’s focus was to create a cost-effective 250 cc product which would be easy on the pockets and easy it is – 1.19 Lakhs is stellar pricing for a 250 cc engine. Understand, that there is no replacement for displacement and then we never have had any doubt on Yamaha’s overall build quality!

FZ25 – What Could have Been Better…

ABS: Where is ABS Yamaha? This is a deal-breaker for many including me! It is no more a premium safety feature please! Now can we have an optional ABS variant soon…

More Power & 6th Gear – I know any major tinkering with the engine or the inclusion of new features/gearbox etc would have caused the price to go up but still 3-4 more horses and an overdrive 6th gear could have added to this bike’s appeal even more. Omission of 6th gear (and a few other bits) hint at it being a torquey city bike rather than being a power cruiser/tourer.

So, your views on FZ25?

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