Monocross Suspension & Its Advantages

In this story we quickly discuss monoshock advantages…

A lot of the current generation motorcycles come equipped with monocross suspension at the rear instead of the conventional dual-shock absorbers which were mounted on either sides of the tyre. Let us quickly talk about this tech which is gradually becoming a norm nowadays…

Monoshock Advantages

A major merit of Monoshock or monocross suspension is that, compared to the conventional dual shock absorber, it can be positioned close to the machine’s centre of gravity to improve the concentration of mass.

Also, it enables greater freedom of positioning of the shock absorber unit and makes it possible to get greater wheel travel than the actual stroke of the shock absorber unit. It also improves the handling of a motorcycle.

Monoshock advantages

The spring is a two-stage type with a different coil pitch in the upper and lower halves. The tighter coiled section contributes to a smoother ride, while the section with fewer coils supports load at the time of the larger stroke to prevent bottoming.

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By the way, of all the motorcycle makers, Yamaha has the longest history of Monocross suspension development. It was way back in 1973 that Yamaha mounted a 250 cc motocross competition machine, YZM2SO, with a Monocross suspension and won the world championship. After that, the Monocross suspension became a standard feature on many production models. Today, it continues to evolve as a world standard on sports bikes by all makers.

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In India, Honda Unicorn, which was launched in 2004, made monoshock popular and nowadays many motorcycles are coming equipped with this tech.