Latest Fazer 250 pics have created a reader uproar 

Fazer 250, the about-to-be the most economical quarter liter faired motorcycle in India, was completely busted in recent spy pics which revealed the motorcycle from almost all the angles. The red and beige dual coloured test mule carried a bulbous fairing on the body of the naked FZ25.

As soon as we shared the pics online a lot of our readers have reacted negatively, terming the motorcycle as ‘UGLY’. Here are a few comments from our website as well as our Facebook page..

CRMSo much over done and desperate for attention styling…

Zeru Looks like a bloated SS series bike with a fairing. Either the photos are s h i t or the colours are really bad – what kind of red and beige is that. And the front looks horrible.

Jonty Rajdamn this is ugly you just don’t expect this type of design from yamaha

Pramod HariThan launching this crap looking one, they could have introduced ABS version of the naked

Anoop AJ Wtf….. fz250 slept with a RayZr..!! and the new fazer is born.. !!!

Aman Tripathi – Head lamp looks too small… Clip on Handle bars could have been installed instead of plain one’s… Lastly the ugly odo meter! Yahama has lost its way

Arun Ashok Front profile looks shit!! Rather giving it a fake air scoops the plastic panels could have be extended to give it a smoother look … Disappointing design

Tirthadeep Das – Y r u breaking our hearts Yamaha

Rinrin Ralte – Side profile looks nice….But the headlamp design that is carried over from the fz25 Is a Joke….

Ullas Saran – It’s the beginning of destroying the models with pathetic modifications in Yamaha….

Shaant Mathur – I think I know the right name of this bike. It’s fugly. Right?

Arun Karthik – So sad to see Yamaha design such bikes.

Ankur Gaur – Nothing to say. I think they’re are high.

Some readers also took a dig at Hero Moto Corp

Anirudh Kamboj – Looks like some of the HERO design engineers, are been hired by Yamaha

Utkarsh Kashyap – Have you guys hired the designer from HERO ? Horrible design #Yamaha

Mannan Siddiqui – Just put existing fazer 1.5 fairing on fazer 2.0 
and u got very successful touring bike …. but nooooooo you have to f**k with the design to make something new. following Hero footsteps.

Spy pics on this page courtesy NorthEast Biking Community

These comments immediately remind us of the 2014 Karizma twins which were discarded and laughed at by most of the readers (and bikers). Unfortunately, the lash also reflected in their sales and the new Karizmas were drab sellers.

However, we would suggest you to wait for proper pics of the upcoming Fazer 250 in probably some different colours to gauge. Do also cast your vote in the following poll..

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  • Vinny

    In my opinion, the odd headlight assembly would be a principle reason for such detestation among enthusiasts. May be Yamaha could try replace the single unit with dual unit of Fazer 150. We don’t need to wait here, the photos are very clear and dislike is severe. New Apache 160 also received mixed reception from enthusiasts but that’s not even close to what new Karizma and Fazer 250 has been stirring up. Yamaha must listen and prudent enough to make necessary modifications before launching the motorcycle.

    Never underestimate the readers reactions.

  • retipser jay

    hahaha. Sometimes the 10th degree makes mistakes in judging

    • Vinny

      I don’t get it. What’s 10th degree?

      • retipser jay

        10th degree dan-

      • Vinny

        Very sorry Jay for i don’t conform to your line of humour. I still don’t get it. Who’s the master here?

      • retipser jay

        Yamaha…there is no humor associated in what i said,the analogy was overarching and overreaching at the same time. I simply suggested Yamaha made a mistake. Cheers!

  • Sachindra Gamage

    from the front its look like a Scooter….and to much of plastics

  • MatureBiker

    Fazer250 will fail for sure, loosing confidence from loyal yamaha customers. If yamaha wants to try something new to its smaller segment, they can use the inspiration of bigger CC bikes like Yamaha Diversion XJ6 or even try to use the design of R6. Remember, Hero lost its loyal customers for Karizma, CBR and Hunk bikes, due to new launches with pathetic designs. Now yamaha has given a start in this scenario. If it continues, then in future, yamaha will end up having only commuters and scooters(like between the year 2000 to 2007) in india like hero.

  • MatureBiker
    • priyanjan

      I wish they bring this design instead of the UGLY shit design being out in pics all over internet.

  • priyanjan

    Whatever color they give to this shitty design of fazer 250 , It will still be Ugly , An ugly and horrible design will be horrible no matter how much make ( color and stickers) you put on it. I am a yamaha fan and was waiting for fazer 250 to be launched to buy , but looking at this UGLY design i am highly disappointed and buying this crap is not even remotely an option.