Duke 250 vs FZ25 – It will be an epic battle in the longer run in terms of sales…

FZ25 was never expected to be priced so aggressively and Duke 250’s launch was a surprise at the last moment. While there is a big price difference between these two machines – of Rs 56,000 on the ex-showroom Delhi post-GST price (Duke 250 – Rs 1,75,693 & FZ25 – Rs 1,19,335), they both are single cylinder quarter liter motorcycles. So that makes for a natural comparison.

While we know that Duke 250 outperforms the FZ in most outright performance parameters and that it is the more aggressive/sporty looking out of the duo, which one is a more preferred choice among bikers is a question that we think we should answer – because that is what defines which motorcycle is more accepted in the market. So let us present to you the latest sales figures for both these motorcycle models..

Duke 250 is a hooligan!

Duke 250 vs FZ25 – Sales

(FY 2017-18 – April – July 2017)
Model Sales Per Month Avg
Duke 250 ~2976* units 744
FZ25 10,805# units 2701
Difference 7829 units 1957
  • *Duke 250 numbers from Bajaj’s official financial results for quarter 1 2018 and official SIAM data for July 2017
  • #FZ25 numbers from official SIAM sales data

So, there we go – FZ25 is selling almost four times more than the brutal KTM so far in this financial year.

Duke 250 vs FZ25 Sales – Some Interesting Numbers..

  • At this pace, Duke 250 will take more than 3.5 quarters (or about 11 months) to equate FZ25’s single quarter’s numbers.
  • If you think KTM will do better in terms of total money earned, here is a simple calculation –  KTM earned Rs 52.29 crore** with Duke 250 whereas Yamaha raked in 128.94 crores** by selling the FZ25. The difference is, again, massive!

**figures arrived at by simply multiplying ex-showroom Delhi price with the number of units sold. These are just expressive numbers and real figures would be different.

Nobody exactly knows about the profit numbers/margins on these motorcycles so talking about them is futile.

Duke 250 vs FZ25
We recently tested FZ25. Click pic to read detailed review..

So, is FZ25 a bigger hit than Duke 250? Well, numbers speak louder than anything. And the new Fazer 25 should only add to the tally.

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So, what according to you is the reason for this..?

FZ25 Outsells Duke 250 because... (Choose any two)

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  • Obviously FZ because our market is not mature enough to give more importance to performance in a mass scale.

    • BikeAdvice

      Thats being harsh on the FZ

      • Unfortunately thats the truth. same will happen if R15 V3.0 ever comes to our shore

    • saisachin5

      FZ 25 Has Fastest Pickup And Speed 0 -100 , The Best in Its Segment. Recently Bikeindia Took FZ 25 To Ladakh And It Performed Just Fine.

  • Ben

    One correction with your income calculation. Though Yamaha earned 94 crores, it did it only with over 8,000 motorcycles. But KTM earned its 40 crores with less than 2,000 units. So, KTM is the profit maker here as the world knows manufacturing costs don’t vary massively like the sticker price.

    • BikeAdvice

      Profitability is probably a discussion for some other day… but you are right…

      • bibu

        Also not only profit some time the numbers do the strange things over 8000 mentioned motorcycle need spare parts and service so henceforth it give a good opportunity to run the service centers smoothly without have any financial issues especially the mechanic(employees salary) will get some amount of it

  • Bhargav Gor

    people are buying yamaha for two reasons
    1 – its way easier to maintain compared to KTM.
    2- Its practical to drive in and around the city. ( Plus No heating is a bonus).

    • BikeAdvice

      Apart from what you mentioned, price, as the poll suggests, is also one reason…

      • Bhargav Gor

        Agreed.. Price is indeed a factor.