Launch date revealed – Fazer 250 pics & details

It is no more a secret that Yamaha is preparing a faired version of its quarter liter FZ25. Fazer 250, as it is expected to be called as, will sport a full fairing unlike the Fazer 150 which gets a half-fairing.

In an official invite Yamaha has sent, they have organised a press conference on 21st August in Mumbai for the launch of the faired FZ25. It will be presided over by Mr Masaki Asano, MD Yamaha India and Mr Roy Kurian, Sr VP, Sales & Marketing, Yamaha India. On this page you can find all the latest spy pics and details of the motorcycle…

After the motorcycle was spotted in Red/Beige colour combination (via Northeast Biking Community) Fazer 250 has been videographed by Wheels World in a new colour shade. Following are the pics of the motorcycle (some screengrabs) followed by the walkaround video..

Fazer 250 Pics

At the front, there is a protruding glass which reminds us of the Pulsar AS200. And as we have predicted before, it is a single unit unlike the dual headlamps of Fazer 150. In fact, it carries over the same headlamps of FZ25.

Fazer 250 pics grey cyan

Further, there are two parking lamps on each end of the fairing on either side of the headlamp. The fairing is bulbous and to us it looks ‘interesting’. Rest of the parts appear to be carried over from the FZ25 including the instrument cluster.

Fazer 250 Walkaround Video

A few days back there were rumours that Fazer 250 will come with ABS but so far no test mule has shown conclusive evidence of the presence of the safety aid yet, including these. So, I believe, if it will be offered, it will be a premium variant. In fact, chances of the company offering it upon launch are low according to me.

We recently tested the FZ25. Click pic to read detailed review…

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What remains to be seen is if there are any changes to the engine tune and what alterations does it get to make it touring friendly as compared to its naked sibling.

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  • Strange, none of the spyshot revealed the front

    • Ratnadeep Gaikwad

      Seems to have the same headlights as that of the FZ25, that LED setup is really bad in terms of illumination. If Fazer had the same headlight setup then it’s going to be disappointing. It looks really nice though.

  • Reeto

    Since Yamaha has already skipped ABS on it’s R3 in India, there is isn’t any chance of an ABS unit on the Fazer 250 for sure. But the Fazer is still gonna be the perfect tourer on Indian roads. Cheers to Yamaha

  • CRM

    So much over done and desperate for attention styling…

  • Rahul Phunage

    ABS will be mandatory after April 2018 (as per my information ) soi think if somene want ABS equipped Fazer, he/she have to wait until April 2018

  • sh4m4n
  • saisachin5

    FZ-25 Doesn’t Needs Fairing But A Better And Cool Instrument Display.

  • Zeru

    Looks like a bloated SS series bike with a fairing. Either the photos are s h i t or the colours are really bad – what kind of red and beige is that. And the front looks horrible.

  • Pramod Hari

    Than launching this crap looking one, they could have introduced ABS version of the naked

  • jonty raj

    damn this is ugly you just don’t expect this type of design from yamaha

  • Sandip@pulsar

    what is this a bike or modified moped “not expected from yamaha”

  • saisachin5

    Doesnt Looks Good At All Naked FZ 25 is Great.