First Ever Faired Discover F150 May Launch Next Month!

Bajaj has been playing mind games in the marketĀ for a long time now, and it seems that they will continue to do so for some more time. As per a report published on, Bajaj is planning to launch the Discover F150, the bike which came to light around mid-March, next month.

faired-Bajaj-Discover-F150 (2)

Discover F150 will be the first semi-faired Discover model for the company and will be a cheaper alternate in the 150cc segment under their Pulsar 150.

While the Pulsar 150, with similar engine displacement is set to become a naked sport more premium version (most probably will be called as Pulsar 150NS), the new faired Discover F150 will take care of the commuter crowd. The Discover F150 will be the second semi-faired motorcycle after Pulsar 220 and is based on the Discover 125ST.

The bike will, in all probability, have a new heart and not a detuned version of the Pulsar range. Expect multiple sparks with multiple (4) valves! Sharing the chassis as well as the body of the Discover 125ST allows it the further birth right to share almost all the parts like grab rails, black alloy wheels etc.

faired-Bajaj-Discover-F150 (1)

The fairing, or should we say mini-fairing, does not really look very appealing on the camouflaged mule pictured here (credit, but hopefully Bajaj will whip up some real nice magic to make it a sporty looker.

But will its fairing game work? Its recent loss of the third position in the domestic market to TVS may just be termed as a one-time phenomenon but it clearly indicates that their sales are falling with respect to the market.

However, history tells us that Indians love faired motorcycles and this may do the trick for the company, if the overall product is luring and priced competitively. They also have many interesting products lined up for launches in the coming times, click here for the New Pulsar Line-up.

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