EBR to Bring 2 New Products Soon; Is One of them a Sports Cruiser

If you thought EBR was a name which you could forget, think again. The US originated sportsbike maker has announced two new models! Post the pressure due to restructuring the ailing brand, EBR has not only able to keep the clock ticking, but developed new products. Now that is a feat which many manufacturers can learn from!

The current line-up includes 1190 RX, the faired monster, 1190 SX, the naked beast and range-topping 1190 RS which can be used for racing. There have been words about an adventure tourer version too but the whole bankruptcy issue has kept them tight lipped about it.


Here’s what the management had to say:

“Our quality is continuously improving, our supplier relationships established, and now we are looking towards the future.This fall, we have something ‘Quick, Dark, and Low’ in the works that should be exciting for urban street riders, and we are making real progress on expanding the range of models of the 1190 platform, as well as developing and delivering accessories that our EBR riders want.”


So what exactly is this Quick, Dark and Low product? The adventure tourer? Unlikely. A sports cruiser? Well, that certainly seems possible. With the strong racing lineage, and Harley Davidson association in the past, it will be really interesting to see what Eric Buell spins out.

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Eric Buell Racing earlier had a technical collaboration with the Indian two-wheeler giant Hero. In fact, the HX 250R concept was developed by the American. Hero though later bought the IP rights of the deal when bankruptcy problems were at its peak.