Breaking: Pulsar VS400 to be Called Bajaj KRATOS

Rajiv Bajaj surprised everybody when he announced that VS400 will not be marketed under the Pulsar brand, specially when, in the official document which was purported to be from ARAI, it was registered as Pulsar VS400 and the official studio shots of the motorcycle also carried ‘Pulsar‘ moniker on its tank. Clearly, this appears to be a last minute decision and may have been the prime cause of the delay of its launch.

But what will it be if not Pulsar? A friend of ours who do not wish to be named has messaged us informing that the upcoming sports cruiser from Bajaj will be called as KRATOS – either Bajaj Kratos 400 or Bajaj Kratos VS400! We tried to authenticate the veracity of this news and he sounded pretty convincing.

Quickly we banged our keyboards and found out that Kratos is a Greek son of Pallas and Styx and Wikipedia further informs that this word signifies strength and might! So, here we are almost at the brink of one of the biggest launches of all times – the Bajaj Kratos 400!

Bajaj Kratos VS400 pic

In case you are unaware, Kratos will be powered by the 373 cc mill of the Duke 390 and there will obviously be Bajaj-trademark changes like the triple spark plugs and detuning to enhance road-going usability and fuel efficiency. According to the leaked specs, Kratos 400 will churn out 35 PS of peak power however, the all important torque figures are not known at this point.

Bajaj Kratos 400 Pulsar CS400 Concept Pic

Rajiv Bajaj in the same interview also revealed that they will launch the VS400 (which we now know will be marketed as Kratos) by November. So it is just a wait of less than a couple of months after which you may witness probably the next era of relaxed motorcycling at very affordable prices! Prices…? Here we have them analysed for you…

Bajaj Kratos – All the details