Last Minute Change: Most Powerful Bajaj VS400 Will NOT be a Pulsar!

In a last minute decision, Rajiv Bajaj spills some beans on the upcoming and the most awaited VS400.

So if you thought, the ARAI leak has told you everything about Bajaj’s next? The game is far from over it seems. In a dramatic turn of events, it appears that the real cause of VS400’s delay is the last minute decision to change its identity. It will NOT be a Pulsar!

Yes, you read that right. Rajiv Bajaj, the supremo of the Pune based bike maker has confirmed in an interview to Money Control, that the VS400 will NOT be badged as a Pulsar after all! This is surprising considering the fact that it was showcased as Pulsar CS400 at the 2014 Auto Expo and even the ARAI filing leaked earlier had the bike getting registered under the brand name of Pulsar VS400. In fact the studio shots flaunted Pulsar proudly on that contoured tank!


Here’s what Mr Bajaj had to say:

“It will be an interesting launch because it will not be in all probability a Pulsar. For now, let me just say that a 400 cc Pulsar makes as much sense as a 150 cc Royal Enfield. So, when we are getting into a different category, it would be wise to look at a new brand. So, that is a big move that I am happy to share with you today.”

Bajaj-Pulsar-400CS-cruiser-pics (9)

It must be remembered that against the expectations, probably at the last minute Bajaj changed the branding of 135LS as Pulsar. It is no secret that Rajiv Bajaj wants his company to bring up the ante against his friend Siddhartha Lal’s Royal Enfield and he is pretty vocal about it.

RE has been positioning itself as a premium lifestyle motorcycle manufacturer. With the cult fan following which they have, snatching some of it will certainly need a push from Bajaj. While some may say the Pulsar lineage could have given that but maybe being a product associated with the sports (and smaller) segment may not not have provided the VS400 the desired traction. A new brand identity may help here. He has promised its launch in November this year.


Mr Bajaj added that in order to take the fight against Royal Enfield, he does not want to have another motorcycle which is the same as the icons. He would rather have a product which is different from the crowd. So, shall we trust that 35 PS power output from the ARAI leak or you have some more surprises in store Mr Bajaj?

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Let us wait for an announcement on the new brand name and it will be interesting to see how Bajaj pushes it across. What do you think of this decision – will a new name make as strong an impact as Pulsar?