Discover 150 vs Unicorn vs SZ vs Achiever: SPECS COMPARO

We compared the new Discover 150S and 150F price-wise with the Hero Achiever, Honda CB Unicorn and Yamaha SZ a few days back. That concluded that even the most expensive Discover is almost cheaper than all the other entry 150cc bikes we have talked about earlier.


However, on the one hand the Discover 150s are new and, therefore, yet to prove their worth. The other three bikes have been around for quite some time now and have established themselves as fine products. But is it just the price that Bajaj is banking on or have they loaded their products with enough oomph to create ruckus in the segment..? Let’s take a look…

DISCOVER 150 vs Achiver vs Unicorn vs SZ: SPEC Comparo

TECH SPECS Discover 150 Achiever CB Unicorn Yamaha SZ
Engine 144.8 cc, 4-valve 149.1 cc, 2-valve 149.1 cc, 2-valve 153 cc, 2-valve
Power 14.5 PS @8500 rpm 13.6 PS @8000 rpm 13.5 PS @8000 rpm 12.1 PS@7500 rpm
Torque 12.75 Nm @6500 rpm 12.8 Nm @5000 rpm 12.74 Nm @5500 rpm 12.8 Nm@4500 rpm
Gearbox 5-speed 5-Speed 5-Speed 5-Speed
Gearshift pattern All-up One-down Four-up One-down Four-up One-down Four-up
Starting system Self and Kick Self and Kick Self and Kick Self and Kick
Frame Semi-double Cradle Tubular, Diamond type Diamond Diamond
Front suspension Telescopic, 130 mm travel Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic
Rear suspension Monoshock Nitrox, 110 mm travel Hydraulic shock absorbers Monoshock Hydraulic shock absorbers
Front brake 240 mm Disc/130 mm Drum 240 mm disc 240 mm disc Disc
Rear brake 130 mm Drum 130 mm drum 130 mm drum Drum
Front tyre 80/100-17, Tubeless 2.75-18, tube type 2.75-18, tube type 2.75-17
Rear tyre 100/90-17, Tubeless 100/90-18, tube type 100/90-18, tube type 100/90-17
Fuel tank capacity 10 litres (1.9 L usable reserve) 12.5 litres (2.3 L usable reserve) 13 litres (1.3 L reserve) 14 litres
Length 2038 mm 2040 mm 2095 mm 2050 mm
Width 714 mm 760 mm 756 mm 760 mm
Height 1070 mm 1120 mm 1100 mm NA
Seat Height 795 mm NA 790 mm 802 mm
Wheelbase 1305 mm 1290 mm 1340 mm 1320 mm
Ground Clearance 165 mm 160 mm 179 mm 165 mm
Kerb Weight D150S 129/130 kg, D150F 132 Kg 138 kg 146 kg 134 kg

The first thing that you would have probably noticed is that despite displacing the least cubes amongst this lot, it is the Discover’s engine that makes the most power. Yamaha’s SZ is the least powerful in this list. In terms of torque, all the bikes are evenly matched but SZ starts churning it the earliest and Discovers the last!

All the four bikes here come with five-speed gearboxes but it’s only the Discover that doesn’t come with the universal one down four up pattern.

New-Discover-150F-Pics (14)

Apart from being the most powerful, new Discovers are also the lightest and shortest in class which provides them fantastic power to weight ratio as well as make them great city runabouts. In terms of wheelbase, Unicorn scores the brownies with Achiever having the smallest length.

The biggest shortcoming Discover faces is its smallest fuel tank with a capacity of only 10 liters. At 14 liters, SZ has the largest tank capacity. However, owing to lesser weight and claimed high fuel efficiency, we expect it to possess almost a similar travel range as the others.

The 80/100 section front tyre is also the widest and comes with a monoshock, Unicorn being the only other motorcycle to sport one here. However, Unicorn is significantly costlier than the Bajaj.

Apart from this there are minor differences between these motorcycles. For a comprehensive ride review of Discover 150, you can click hereFor pricing comparo between these motorcycles check here.

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