Discover 150 vs Stunner vs Ignitor vs Glamour vs Slingshot Plus: Price COMPARO

Want a premium 125cc motorcycle? Sorry but the Yamaha YZF R125 or the Duke 125/RC 125 are not available here. So what do you have to choose from? A range of Discovers, Honda CBF Stunner, Hero Ignitor, Glamour, Suzuki Slingshot plus etc….


The 125cc rose to glory in India for people who wanted a slightly better performance than the 100cc bikes but not entering the mileage zone of a 150cc! The success of this segment has attracted a lot of manufacturers to even build a slightly premium version for those who seek more. Well, this hunger for power and premium-ness is also the reason behind the birth of the new Discover 150s. It has a power figure higher than some 150ccs bike and at the same time its 72kmpl claimed mileage is good enough to even give a few 125cc the run for their money!

How About Some Price Comparo

Discover 150

The new Discover 150 is available without front disc for Rs 52,030 and with a front disc for Rs 55,030. The more stylish Discover 150F, the semi-faired version of the motorcycle, has a price tag of Rs 59,034. So how does it stand in front of the premium 125cc motorcycles in terms of prices? Look no further; this article is just what you need. For the sake of uniformity all the prices mentioned in this article are ex-showroom, Delhi, unless specified otherwise.

New-Discover-150F-With 150S


The Honda CBF Stunner has a price tag of Rs 55,969. The bike is pretty stylish but is outsold by its sibling Shine, a commuter 125cc bike which is also the country’s largest selling 125cc motorcycle.

Hero Ignitor & Glamour

Moving on to Hero, the company has always been known for providing fuel efficient bikes with good build quality. The Ignitor has a price tag of Rs 57,550 without a front disc and Rs 59,550 with front disc. They have another boring offering in this segment, Glamour. This bike is available in two versions, one with a normal carburetted engine and the other with fuel injection! The carburetted Glamour without a front disc is for Rs 53,375 and with a front disc for Rs 55,375. The fuel injected one without a front disc is for Rs 58,700 and with a front disc is for Rs 62,750.


Suzuki’s offering in this segment is the staid Slingshot plus. The bike claims to be inspired from the GSX-R series (ahem ahem)! The Slingshot Plus SEU is for Rs 56,358 (on-road, Delhi) and the Slingshot Plus SCD is for Rs 58,083 (on-road, Delhi)

So, the Discover 150, despite being a proper 150cc motorcycle, is priced very competitively. Its lower variant is priced lesser than all the 125cc motorcycles listed on this page. Even in terms of power per rupee, it beats all the motorcycles hands down. If you want to check their price comparo with entry level 150ccs , you can click here.

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